An Incest Birthday Chapter 26

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This chapter has a lot of talking, so it might be a little boring to some, but all the talking is necessary to set up for the finale.

I spent another two weeks in the hospital after the doctor told me of my miraculous recovery, two more weeks of rank food, boring days, and lonely nights in that room. The only upside besides visiting hours was that I had my phone, so I could video chat Rita every day. Ashley even came in after visiting hours on some days to keep me company, she most likely paid off the staff, but it was still a nice gesture that she made the effort to come see me. I went through countless tests, sleepless nights, and tons of other hospital stuff, but it was all worth it in the end, because the day finally came when I was able to go home.

Since I was leaving that day, the doc let everyone come in early to get me. I was up early and by time everyone got there I’d already showered (washed up in the sink), packed all my stuff up and cleaned the room of any evidence I was in there, the only thing I had left to do was sign the papers. Everyone showed up except mom, who was at home making me a big welcome home breakfast as I was told.

“Ok, everything is all go here, all the tests are done and submitted. Once you sign the release papers, I’ll release Randy with a clean bill of health,” Dr. Garrett said entering the room.

I couldn’t sign the papers fast enough. I grabbed a pen and signed everything as fast as he flipped the page around, but dad took his time in an attempt to mess with me. Once he finished Dr. Garrett looked it over, smiled, and shook mine and dads hand.

“He’s all yours, I wish you both the best of luck.”

“Thanks for all your help doc, I would say see you soon but you work in a hospital soo…”

“I know what you mean Randy, take care of yourself, and your sister.”

“Thanks doc, will do.”

Everyone helped me grab what little stuff I had and we walked through the hospital and out the front door. After being in a room with no windows for so long the sun seemed extra brighter than it usually was, but it was a good feeling having the sun touch my skin again.

“The same thing happened to me when I first left too,” Rita said.

“It feels like I’ve been gone for years, everything looks brighter,” I said.

“That’s what happens when you spend three months locked in a hospital,” Aunt Lisa joked.

“Yeah well believe me I don’t plan on doing that again.”

“Ok everyone let’s get home, your mother is just about finishing up your big breakfast right about now, and the Wilson’s are coming over for dinner,” dad said as we got to the car.
I put my stuff in the back and hopped in the back seat with Rita as we drove off from what has been my temporary home for the past three months. Everything we drove past seemed like it had just been built, or we were in another city, it all felt different. As I stared at everything out the window I felt Rita’s fingers interlock with mine as a turned just as she leaned her head on my shoulder. I leaned back into her and just soaked it in, happy that at least one thing didn’t change, that she still wanted me as much as I wanted her. As we neared our house we came up on the spot that almost changed our lives forever, the ice cream store. It didn’t frighten me or anything, but it did give me this eerie feeling, knowing everything that took place there.

“We don’t have to go back if you don’t want to,” Rita said.

“No its ok, I’ve had enough time to get over it, I will stick to going in the daytime though,” I said.

We pulled into the driveway and I got out of the car and soaked it in, I was home, I was finally home. I went in and immediately smelled breakfast cooking, and then mom came running around the corner and gave me another death grip hug.

“My baby’s home! My baby’s finally home!”

When I say death grip, I mean death grip. “Ok mom, if you don’t let me go you’re gonna send me right back to the hospital,” I coughed out as she choked me.

“Sorry honey, I’m just so happy you’re home. Well I know you wanna put your stuff up and get to your room and all but breakfast will be done shortly so don’t start anything just yet.”

“Ok, just yell up there when it’s ready and I’ll come down.”

She bounced back into the kitchen and I took my stuff upstairs and into our room for the first time in a very long time. It was spotless. It looked like a room on display. There was nothing out of place except for a blanket and pillow on the floor.

“I haven’t slept in the bed since Ashley’s party,” Rita said as she came up behind me.

“Haha, neither have I,” I laughed at the simple irony.

“Do you really think we’ll be able to trust her, I mean fully trust her?”

“She made a huge flip personality wise. Not even she is that good of an actor. With what she’s done so far and everything she promised to do I think eventually we can.”

“What about Becky, Carina, and Dana?”

“I can’t speak for them, I haven’t seen them since the party, but no doubt Ashley told them what happened so they’re definitely aware of the situation.”

“They were her sidekicks, they did everything Ashley did, they copied her behavior…”

“So maybe they had a change of heart like Ashley did, but if not, I don’t want anything to do with them. Enough of that, I wanna play one of these games the new Ashley got me.”

“Let’s play a co-op so I can play too, we haven’t played together in a while.”

I sifted through the games and found a good one. “Monster Hunter 3 it is then.”

“RANDY! RITA! BREAKFAST!” mom yelled up the stairs.

“Well so much for playing now, we can play after breakfast I guess, I’m starving anyway.”

“You said you didn’t plan on anything today anyway, so we can make today a relax and play video games all day while we get fat on junk food day,” Rita said.

“I like it, but let’s go get fat on breakfast first.”

We went downstairs and into the dining room to see mom and Aunt Lisa sitting in front of a humongous spread of breakfast that was big enough to feed a small platoon of soldiers.

“You think we have enough mom?” I joked.

“I told you I was gonna make you a huge breakfast, it doesn’t get any bigger than this!”

“Yeah really, even with as much as we eat that’s a lot of food between the four of us.”

“That means there’s plenty to go around, you’re gonna need your strength,” mom winked.

Before I could respond dad came into the dining room in his walk around the house clothes, and it was well past time for him to go to work.

“Dad aren’t you gonna be late?” Rita asked.

“Nope, the office called and gave me the day off while they get my new office and papers in order, so now I get to feast on this gigantic breakfast your mother so patiently slaved over.”

Almost immediately I saw both mom and Aunt Lisa frown. I couldn’t believe it, I haven’t even been in the house for an hour and those two nymphos were already thinking about sex. Clearly they didn’t count on dad staying home so whatever plans they had were now down the drain. Rita cracked a smile in her seat as she glanced at both mom and Aunt Lisa, pretty much gloating that their attempt failed, and I had to admit it was kinda funny, but if I knew them, and I did, neither mom nor Aunt Lisa would let it end like that, but with dad here I was pretty much safe, I just basically had to stay out of their rooms alone and I was good to go.

“Are we gonna look at the food or are we gonna eat it!” dad said as he piled up his plate.

We all took dads cue and dove into the massive breakfast mom laid out for us. She had bacon, sausage, that other kind of sausage, eggs, waffles, rice, and french toast, we all had to get a second plate just to get some of everything. I wasted no time eating as I was already starved from going to sleep hungry last night and not eating anything this morning, and I didn’t care how sloppy I looked eating, I had some real food, and I was taking advantage of it.

“So your promotion is official now dad?” Rita asked.

“Yep, as of today I’ve officially made partner. They’re setting me up at the office now.”

“So Ashley’s father bought the house after all?”

“Not just that one, he bought one next to the beach and a high rise downtown, he pretty much guaranteed me a spot in the big boy office.”

“Remember, new car, bigger TV, way bigger allowance among other things,” I said.

“With as big a raise as I’m gonna get that probably won’t even be a problem.”

“Then I want a raise in my allowance too,” mom said.

“To what, infinite and a half? You’d do nothing but shop all day.”

“Isn’t that what life is all about for a woman, getting the things she desires?” Aunt Lisa asked.

“To a certain extent, maybe I should cut you off for a month so I can…”

“Rita why don’t you let Tibbles back in the house,” mom said cutting dad off.

She laughed as she got up and went to the back door and let him in. he came barging into the dining room and crashed into Rita’s chair, then sat down and waited for a piece of food.

“He’s a lot bigger than the last time I seen him, well not a lot but it’s noticeable,” I said.

“Time goes a lot faster for a dog Randy, three months is like two years for him,” dad said.

“What else have I missed?”

“Nothing really, it’s been really quiet around here with you and Rita not here. That’s how it’s gonna be when you two finally decide to move out,” mom said sadly.

“Those were different circumstances honey, we had our minds occupied on Randy’s health, now that he’s fine, we don’t have to worry. When they move out, we party,” dad said.

“I didn’t know old people could still party,” Rita joked.

Mom gasped. “Don’t you ever use the O word in this house!”

“We’re barely twice your age, still in our early thirties,” Aunt Lisa said.

“I’m just kidding guys, you actually look better than a lot of people our age.”

You’d better be kidding. So Randy you have any plans your first day back?”

“Yeah, I plan to do absolutely nothing, I don’t want any stress today.”

“That’s exactly what I plan on doing, nothing. Might clean out the garage maybe,” dad said.

“I need to go check on my house, the inspector wants to meet with me later,” Aunt Lisa said.

“I’ll figure out something, there’s no need in all of us sitting around the house,” mom said.

We ate as much food as we could but as expected there was no way we were gonna finish everything she made. We were all so fat that we didn’t even bother with the dishes, we just went to our room and plopped down on our beds and hope our stomach didn’t burst open. It was the first time in a long time I actually laid on my bed, and it felt so comfortable at that moment. Rita came in and plopped down right next to me, having eaten just as much as I did, if not more, she always did have a bigger appetite than me.

“I can’t move, I can’t even sit up to see my feet,” I groaned.

“Fatty,” she said as Tibbles came into the room and lay at the foot of the bed.

“You’re just as fat as me, you can’t move either.”

“Hospital food, it’s not the best. After almost two weeks of it anything else would taste good.”

“Hey you got to leave two weeks ago, that’s not gonna fly, you didn’t get to try the new Salisbury steak deluxe meal. But yeah, if breakfast was like that, can you imagine dinner?”

“Especially since Stephanie and them are coming over. What game were we gonna play again?”

“Monster Hunter 3, it’s supposed to be badass or something like that.”

“Well assuming you can get off the bed to turn the xbox on…”

“I’m working on it, there’s no rush, I have all day to get up from this spot.”

Tibbles made his way between us and begged to be petted. He turned on his back and cried out in joy whenever Rita or I ruffled his ears or rubbed his stomach, spoiled dog.

“Maybe we should take him for a walk first, it’s been a while since we last took him.”

“Ok, but let me lay here a little longer, I’m not quite ready to move just yet.”

“You’re such a fatty, but you’re my fatty, and you’re the only fatty I wanna be fat with.”

“Umm, I don’t know how to respond to that, so I’m just gonna say ok.”

I laid there until I was able to sit up without problem and then got up and grabbed Tibbles’ leash and we were out the door. We took the route I would always see Rita either taking or coming back from, but we mostly let Tibbles lead the way. He led us pretty much through our whole neighborhood and tried to break free from us when he saw the park across the way from where we were at. We took the hint and walked to the park where there were other people there with their dogs who were chasing each other while their owners watched them from park benches. All the other dogs were off their leashes so we figured why not and let Tibbles off his. He took off into the pack of other dogs and they did their sniff thing with him and before long they were all running around again, looking like they were having the best day of their life.

“I don’t remember the last time we came to this park,” I said.

“It was a while ago, one of our first dates, after we left the movies, remember?”

“Oh yeah, we sat on top of the hill at the other end when the sun was going down. It wasn’t that long ago was it?”

“It was a while back, six months at least.”

“Our birthday is about to roll back around in no time, man time flies.”

“Well at least we’re having fun,” she said as she put her hand on top of mine.

“Awww you two make a cute couple, holding hands in the park, that’s so sweet,” an older lady said as she walked by with who was probably her husband.

“Actually, we’re…”

“Thank you, he’s my better half,” Rita cut me off and then kissed me.

“Aww that’s sweet! It’s good to see young couples in love,” the lady said as they walked away. “How come you don’t hold my hand and say stuff like that to me?” I heard her say as they left.

I turned my attention back to Rita, a little shocked by what she did. “What was that?”

“You were in a coma for nearly three months, I haven’t kissed you for even longer than that, and then she came and said what she said, I just, reacted. Are you mad at me?”

“No I’m not mad at you, not even a little bit, it just caught me off guard that’s all.”

“I wish we could be like that more often, out in public, where everyone could see us.”

“It did feel nice so someone to actually think we made a cute couple.”

She paused for a second and looked at the ground. “You ever thought about moving.”

“Moving? You mean like across town or another city?”

“I mean to another state, or even another country.”

“It’s never crossed my mind, we’ve been here our whole lives.”

“Exactly, we don’t know anywhere else but here, don’t you think it’s time for a change?”

“I never thought about moving, but now that you mention it, it does sound like a good idea.”

“That, and we could be like this all the time, out in the open, without looking over our shoulder or worrying if someone we know is gonna see us, we could actually be real.”

“But where would we go? We don’t have nearly enough money to just pick up and leave…”

“We could go anywhere we wanted to, mom and dad would help us get started, dads a realtor for christs sake, and Ashley’s dad said if you needed anything just let him know, and once we got wherever we wanted to go we could get jobs, or apply to college.”

“That’s another thing, what about mom, dad, and Aunt Lisa, and what about the Wilsons? If we leave we won’t see them except on skype, you know they won’t be happy about it, and dads not gonna wanna leave after he just got promoted.”

“I know, I won’t wanna leave them either, but we deserve to be happy. We’ll still come back and visit, and they’ll come visit us wherever we are, so it’s not all bad. Stephanie and Chris could even come with us, it would save a lot on getting a place.”

“You have it all figured out don’t you?” I laughed.

“I thought about a lot of things while you were sleep, our future being the main thing.”

“Well we don’t have to decide anything now, we can wait a little while and think it over, and then let everyone in on what we plan to do, and go from there.”

“I think it’s a good plan, once we get all the pieces together we can do it.”

“It is a good plan, but are you ready to leave this place behind? This is our whole life.”

“I thought about that too, I don’t know, but I don’t see how we can be a true couple here, like you said, our whole life is here, there’s people that know who we are.”

“Not to mention Facebook and all that, we’d have to make all new profiles.”

“That’s the easy part, the only people I really know on there is everyone is our circle, everybody else is from one of the games on there.”

I paused for a second, actually taking the time to think about if we moved out of the city. “Did you have somewhere already picked out, or is it whatever pops in our head?”

“I had a few ideas, like if we stay in state we can go to San Diego, if we don’t we can go to Seattle, or somewhere on the other side of the country with snow like Cleveland or Chicago, or if we go out of country, we could go to England, I hear it’s nice over there.”

“So we have five options then…”

“Six, if we choose to stay.”

“How long before we make a decision?”

“I wanna at least know what we’re doing by our next birthday, whether we stay or not.”

“So we have a little over three months. Let’s not worry too much about it right this moment, it may end up working itself out. It’s nice out, everybody is occupied with their own thing, we have our time together, hell even Tibbles is happy, lets enjoy it.”

She leaned her head on my shoulder as we watched Tibbles and his new friends chase each other around trees and dogpile on each other, it was actually a relaxing sight to watch. We had sat there for close to an hour when we finally decided to leave, and even though we didn’t want to, we put Tibbles back on his leash and walked him back the other direction away from his new crew, he was pouting for a while, but once we got back around all the buildings and other people he perked back up. Rita brushed my hand a few times while we were walking but she never grabbed it, it was too risky. Things like that made me really consider what she said, we could be ourselves and not have to worry about who was watching, that right there would be reason enough to leave, but was it what we wanted? Decisions like that needed to be thought out over time, we couldn’t rush something that important, we both knew it, but all the waiting wasn’t gonna make anything easier.

I put it out of my mind when we got back to the house and unhooked Tibbles off his leash. He ran to the backyard so fast you would’ve thought he was getting chased by something. We let him do his thing and we went back upstairs to get in some Monster Hunter 3 before Chris and everyone came over, I was suffering from some serious video game withdrawal.


“Don’t start it, I’ll be right back,” I said as I got up and went to moms room.

I opened the door and was about to ask her what she needed when I saw a bunch of boxes on their bed with a bunch of her old clothes in it. “What’s all this?”

“Clothes I can’t fit or don’t wear anymore, I need you to help me take them out to the garage, your father is gonna run them up to the goodwill with some of his stuff later.”

I sifted through the clothes she packed, there were twelve boxes, and they were all full top the top. “Where did all this stuff come from, your closet isn’t anywhere near that big!”

“Up in the attic, it’s like my second closet. I decided to do some spring cleaning.”

“I forgot we even had an attic, I don’t think I’ve ever been up there.”

“You probably haven’t, you wouldn’t even know it’s there unless we pointed it out to you, your father is the only one who really goes up there, and that’s only to put my stuff up there.”

“Twelve boxes though mom? I mean who has this much clothes they don’t even wear?”

“Your Aunt’s stash is probably way bigger than mine, she shops more than I do.”

“I find that very hard to believe.”

“When you see her ask her, she’ll tell you. Now these boxes over here are all ready to go, I still have to sort through these two, just take them down and put them up against the wall.”

I went to pick up two boxes at a time but they were heavier than I thought, at least the first one was, so I put one down and took the heavier one down first. When I put it in the garage I looked in it to see what was so heavy and saw some old school hair machine with a bunch of little contraptions to go with it, and on top of it was five leather trenchcoats that looked like they came straight out of the Matrix. One actually looked my size so I tried it on and bam, once I found some sunglasses, hair dye, and a decent pair of those clunky boots they wear I had my next Halloween costume. I took it and another one that looked close to Rita’s size and put them on the shelf on the other side of the garage so they wouldn’t get accidentally grabbed and went back to moms room to grab the rest of the boxes. The others weren’t as heavy as the first one but it still required me to make a number of trips just to get them all down there. I grabbed the last two and took them down and stacked them against the wall with the other ones and made sure they didn’t fall, and while I was fixing them I heard the garage door closing. I mashed the boxes against each other and headed for the door before I got closed in only to be met by mom, who was holding the switch in her hand, smiling.

“Mom what are you doing?”

“Don’t be naive Randy, you know exactly what I’m doing,” she said as she walked up to me.

“In the garage though mom? You wanna mess around in a place where dad comes all the time to work on his car! Come on mom that’s not a good idea!”

“You mean this car,” she said as she lay down on it, completely ignoring the last part.

“I can’t, it’s too risky, I can see if dad wasn’t here but he’s right in the house.”

“Don’t worry about your father, worry about me.”

She lid off the car down in front of me and hooked me by my shorts. Since she didn’t have a belt to unbuckle she had my shorts off within seconds and was holding my hardening cock in her hand. She dropped to her knees and started stroking me, which I was trying really hard to resist, but you know how these things go, and once she licked the tip, I was putty in her hands.

“Oh I missed this, I have to make up for three months of lost time,” she said.

“Can we please do this somewhere else? If dad comes out here he’ll… shit!”

I lost my train of thought when I felt my entire cock slip down her throat. She held it there using my ass to slide it as far as it would go, then she slowly let it fall out of her mouth, keeping eye contact with me the whole time as I stood there trying to keep my balance.

“I’m sorry, were you saying something?”

“I uh… I… continue.”

I probably sounded like an idiot but it felt so good that it was too late to turn back now, I just hoped dad was occupied with something else and didn’t need to come to the garage for anything because that would be one hell of an awkward sight to walk into. She took me back in her mouth building up a steady rhythm of sliding me all the way in her mouth and pulling back out to just the tip and repeating the cycle over and over again. After not having sex of any kind for three months I didn’t know how long I would hold out, so whenever I would get that familiar feeling I would grab her head and slowly pull her off so I wouldn’t come yet. I think she knew what I was doing because the next time I tried to do it she moved my hands and eased me back until I was up against the wall, and then she held my hands and went faster sliding my cock in and out of her mouth. She dropped a hand to play with her pussy as she moaned on my cock, which made it extremely hard to hold out. She sped up a little more and when the feeling came back I went to grab the side of her head to stop her, but she moved it to the back of her head saying she wanted me to come in her mouth.

“I’m gonna cum if you don’t stop mom,” I groaned as she continued sucking my cock.

She grabbed my hips and kept that same pace, and I slowly went from her sucking me off to me facefucking her, and we both enjoyed every second of it. I got to the point where I couldn’t hold it anymore and sped up to where my balls were slapping her chin, and then in an instant I sucked in my breath and let out a little groan while trying to be quiet and shot my load inside her mouth. Three months of built up cum went streaming down her throat and she looked like she didn’t miss a beat swallowing it. my legs started to give out but she held me up, making sure she got every last drop out of me before she let me go. After an eternity I finally felt the last drops slide out and she finally let my limp cock fall from her mouth, but she didn’t stop, she sucked on it some more like she wanted to get it back hard again, and even though I was still sensitive, I let her. I relaxed while she continued to suck my cock, and when my senses finally started coming back to me one completely overrode the others, my sense of smell, the smell of a horny woman. After a while it filled the entire garage, and I knew she was extremely horny by now. She finally stopped sucking my now rehardening cock and walked to the front of the car.

“That was absolutely amazing, that made me even hornier than before, now it’s time for you to return the favor,” she said as she lay on the hood of the car and lifted her dress.

As per mom, she wasn’t wearing any panties, and her pussy was extremely wet. She spread her lips with one hand and signaled for me to come to her with the other. She pulled me into a kiss, swirling her tongue that had just been on my cock around in my mouth and pushed my head down her body until it was right in front of her pussy, which she then smashed right into my face, smearing all her pussy juices on my face.

“Eat my pussy baby, I need it, I haven’t felt your lips on me for a long time,” mom said.

I stuck my tongue out and licked her pussy up and down in long, slow strokes, making her groan each time my tongue dragged across the top of her lips.
“That’s it baby, lick that pussy, oh that feels so good!”

I gripped her thighs and let her feet rest on my back (I don’t know why I love that so much) and attacked her pussy; spreading it open and darting my tongue inside, flicking at her clit, sucking on her lips and scraping my tongue against it, I even started playing with her asshole a little bit, sliding my thumb in with no effort on my part at all. She always love anal play, and I knew that, so when I pulled my thumb out and slid my middle finger in I wasn’t surprised when her legs locked around my head from the pleasure (I love when that happens too).

“Oh Randy you’re gonna make me cum if you keep doing that,” she moaned loudly.

“You’re gonna get us caught if you don’t keep it down!”

“Ok ok I will, I promise, just don’t stop, it feels so good right now.”

My cock was now fully hard again, which surprised me because it’s only been about fifteen minutes, maybe it was from my involuntary abstinence but I was once again ready to go. I grabbed her thighs again and went back to eating her slippery pussy. As much as I begged her to be quiet, it seemed like she got louder and louder with each lick of the lips or suck of the clit, and if she kept it up someone was bound to hear her. I tried to reach up and use my hand to cover her mouth but she just sucked on my on my fingers as she held my head firmly in place on her pussy. No matter how much I licked her pussy, she just stayed really wet, and she wouldn’t be quiet, and my cock was throbbing from all of it, so I unhinged her legs from around my head, stood up, and plugged her pussy within a five second span.

She screamed, but she caught herself. “Oh my fucking god! Yes! Where did that come from?”

“I had to do something, you were making way too much noise when I was eating your pussy!”

“And ramming your cock in my pussy is the perfect way to make me be quiet?”

“I could always pull it out and leave…”

“If you take that cock out of me you’re grounded for a month!”

I was a little shocked at the combined nympho and motherness of that sentence, but it was oddly a turn on at the same time. “Ok, you wanna play like that?”

I took hold of her hips and slammed my cock into her with so much force it made her titties bounce up and hit her in the chin. I did it over and over again and each moan started to get a little louder than the last one, so I leaned forward and put my hand over her mouth and squeezed one of her huge tits with the other. I couldn’t see her mouth because my hand was over it, but the look in her eyes said she was beyond turned on. We held eye contact as I slammed my cock in her pussy over and over and kept my hand firmly over her mouth, and she moaned as loud as she could into it as her eyes slowly glazed over from so much pleasure. I realized her eyes weren’t just glazing over, she was cumming, and she was cumming hard. Her pussy squeezed my cock as she looked for anything to grab, settling on my arms on her tit and on her mouth. She moaned whatever she could through my hand as her pussy juice splashed all over both our groins, making a wet, sloppy sound each time I pushed my cock into her. I looked at my cock slide in and out of her pussy and couldn’t help but enjoy the way her pussy clung to my cock every time it slid out. When she came, her pussy became so tight it was like fucking her for the first time, and she gushed so much it was almost ridiculous. I had never made casino oyna her cum that fast when we were fucking, never, so whatever I did, or she was just that horny, or both, pushed her over the edge faster than normal, and I had to admit she looked damn good going over. I took my hand from over her mouth and after cumming so hard just a little while ago her moans were really low, so I didn’t have to force her quiet anymore. I pulled my cock out of her and just looked at her for a second, I smiled to myself as it dawned on me that I just figured out one of moms dirty little secrets, the dominator herself like to be dominated! I never in a million years mom would’ve thought mom was submissive. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to give her away, and it made me wonder what else I could try on her. I wasn’t gonna say anything, but I think she might’ve caught on by the way I was smiling, so I tried to play it off and get back to what was going on in front of me. I turned her over doggystyle on the car and pushed my cock back into her, grabbing her shoulders as she planted her hands on the hood of the car. By now she was starting to come back because her moans here getting louder, but now she was better at keeping them down. I slammed into her at the same time she pushed back into me and the result was a loud wet clap that echoed through the garage. I reached under her and grabbed her massive tits as I fucked her dripping pussy.

“Oh yes, I needed this, grab those tits, squeeze em hard while you fuck me,” mom moaned.

“You like me squeezing these big tits while I fuck you don’t you?”

“Yes, yes I love it!”

“Then say it, tell me you like when I squeeze your tits.”

“I love when you squeeze my tits while you fuck my slutty pussy, I love it!”

I didn’t expect her to say all that, but once again it was a turn on that had me ramming her harder. She leaned back into me so far that she was almost standing up with my cock still inside her, but it would’ve been hard to stay inside her and really fuck her, so I turned her around and held her leg up and let her find her way back onto my cock. She didn’t have any trouble getting my cock back inside her as she found my lips and smashed them against mine while she impaled herself on me. She was going crazy, every little thing seemed to make her even hornier than before, and it only seemed to calm down when my cock was buried completely inside her.

“It’s so good, it’s so fucking good, you always fuck me so good baby!”

At this point she was doing all the work, I was just making sure we didn’t fall over. She worked her pussy muscles on me, really squeezing tight like she was trying to hold on to my cock so it couldn’t leave her pussy. With her tongue in my mouth and her still fucking me vigorously I tried to focus on anything but cumming, but whenever I did that I still came, and we’d been hiding in the garage long enough, so I didn’t fight it when the feeling came.

“I’m about to cum mom, I’m about to cum again,” I warned her.

She dropped to her knees and started stroking my cock just as fast as she was fucking me. Her eyes were locked on me waiting for my facial expression to change so she knew when to attack. Not long after I gritted my teeth and shot my load all over her face, each spurt hitting a different part. My legs actually did give out this time. Right after mom squeezed the last drop from me I dropped to the floor with my legs feeling like jello. She hovered her cum covered face over me and some dripped off her chin and dropped down on my face.

“Aww mom it’s dripping on me!” I complained.

“It’s your cum, what it’s ok to be on me but not you? I have mine on me.”

“It’s different with men, we don’t want our own cum touching us.”

“You big baby, fine. You shouldn’t have come so much then.”

“I wouldn’t have come at all if you didn’t trap me in the garage, you nympho.”

“I don’t regret it one bit. I needed that bad, I was aching to be fucked hard.”

“You have a husband who would be more than happy to do that for you.”

“It’s not as appealing as having your son plow you until you come all over his cock.”

“And all over the hood of dad’s car I might add…”

“It’ll dry. Hand me one of the towels so I can wipe your cum off my face.”

The feeling finally came back into my legs for me to be able to get up without needing to hold on to anything. “Can you let me out of here now before someone comes out here? It needs to air out it still smells like sex in here,” I said as I handed her the towel.

“Fine, that bought you a little time, but don’t be surprised if I come to you again.”

“Again? I wasn’t ready for the first time!”

“Is anyone ever?” she said as she opened the garage after she fixed herself up.

“Aren’t you coming out too?” I asked when I saw her open the door of the car.

“I need to lay down first, I loved every second of that but I need to lie down for a minute.”

“I would say I’m sorry, but I know it’d be useless.”

“Yes it would. Go back in the house now, I’m sure Rita’s been looking everywhere for you.”

I did as she said and went back in the house through the back door and back up to the room. My phone was still sitting on the dresser but Rita’s was gone, along with her purse and the shoes she’d been wearing that day. I grabbed my phone and fell on the bed and called her, it didn’t take but two rings before she answered.

“Where are you? I couldn’t call you because you left your phone here,” Rita said.

“I got cornered in the garage by mom, she locked us in there.”

“I fucking knew it! she was dropping hints all day! Aunt Lisa said you probably took the stuff to goodwill but her car was still there, I knew it! The only place I didn’t go check!”

“I think she planned on it since she knew everyone would stay out of dad’s space, even dad on his day off. Where did you go?”

“I went with Aunt Lisa to the store, we’ll be back in around twenty minutes.”

“Perfect, that gives me some time to lay here and do nothing until you get back.”

“I can’t believe her, but then again I should have expected this, it is mom after all.”

“Yeah it kinda doesn’t surprise me anymore, I just wait and see what she comes up with next.”

“We’ll be on our way back soon, try not to let her seduce you until we get back.”

“Ha-ha, I don’t remember you ever turning her away, remember at the cabin when you…”

“Blah blah, we’ll be on our way back soon blah blah, gotta go bye…”

I laughed as the call ended and did my traditional stare at the ceiling when I didn’t feel like moving. I’d pretty much worked off that breakfast and them some thanks to mom, and she helped relieve some pressure before I had a serious case of blue balls, which I don’t think is why she did what she did, but it had the same outcome either way. I actually started to relax a little and felt myself nodding off, and jumped myself back awake so I wouldn’t accidentally sleep most of the day away, but I nodded off again and took a small nap. I don’t think I was sleep long enough to call it a nap because I woke up a second time just as Rita was coming back into the room with a big bag of candy and a couple of pops.

“That should give me back a little energy,” I said as I sat up.

“Yeah I just came from talking to her, she just basically admitted you fucked her until she was sore. Not even out of the hospital one day and already picking up where she left off.”

“She always had to beat you to the punch.”

“That’s because she knows I can have you anytime I want you, she has to make time. I don’t have to fuck your brains out all the time, I’m just happy being around you.”

“Awww, and the violin cues in, and the lights dim, then you start singing to me…”

“You wish I’d sing to you, you aren’t that special.”

“But the violin and lights still stay, I’ll take it. I’m happy just being around you too.”

“You’d better, I waited three months just so I can be around you again.”

“And I’ll never forget it. that’s why noone will ever hold a candle to you.”

“Stop trying to get me into bed, you aren’t slick. Let’s hurry up and play this game before somebody else decides to call us.”

I took the game out of the case an put it in the system, I didn’t even get a chance to log into my profile before dad was yelling up the stairs for me.

“You jinxed it! why did you say something about them calling us!” I said.

“I was saying just in case, I didn’t think they’d actually do it!”

“At this rate I’ll never get to play any of these games…”

“Well look on the bright side, at least he didn’t call me.”

I flipped a pillow at her as I headed downstairs to see what dad wanted. I couldn’t find him in the house so I went outside to look and I found him moving stuff around in the garage. I wondered if he had any inclination of what happened in there earlier, but he was moving around normally, so I tried not to think about it as I walked up to him.

“Yeah dad, you called me?”

“Yeah I need you to help me clear out the garage. I know you said you didn’t wanna do anything today but we’ll be done before you know it and you can go back to slouching.”

“It’s cool, the sooner we do it the sooner it’s outta the way I guess.”

“That’s just what I was thinking. Hey do you smell that? It smells kinda funny in here.”

My heart stopped in my chest for a second. “It’s a garage dad, it does that,” I improvised.

“Yeah I know that, but this is different, it smells like somebody’s been…”

“So what are we getting out of here,” I cut him off before he could finish his thought.

He kept smelling the air, pretty sure about what he thought it was, but he let it die so we could get the garage cleaned out, much to my relief. “We’re gonna take all these boxes and all this stuff over here to goodwill since I don’t use it anymore, I need to clear out some space.”

“Clearing up space for what? You gonna make it into an actual garage?”

“I wish, I’m gonna put an office in the back in case I need to bring work home with me.”

“You want all your tools gone? The saws, the wrenches, the toolboxes, everything?”

“Yep, I’m getting a brand new set of everything free and it’ll all be in one big chest.”

“Well why can’t I keep it? I don’t have any tools of my own.”

“This is all the older stuff, you can have my newer stuff over in the other corner.”

“Oh ok then, I’ll go grab my phone and we can get this knocked out.”

I went back to our room to see Rita looking through Netflix on the xbox. “What dad want?”

“He wants me to help him take his tools and stuff to goodwill. I came back to get my phone.”

“What? I thought you were coming right back!”

“Me too, but he wants to get it done now while everything’s already separated. You can come.”

She sucked in her breath in mock disappointment. “Lifting grimy heavy tools? I’ll pass on that. I guess I can take a bubble bath or something.”

“It’ll go a lot faster if we had a third person, plus there’s boxes of clothes, not just tools…”

“Ok I’ll come, you don’t have to beg, even though I do like it when you do,” she said as she turned everything off and hopped of the bed and walked out of the room, glancing back to catch me watching her as she knew I would be.

We went back to the garage and informed him that Rita would be helping, so while dad and I grabbed all the tools and loaded them in the minivan, Rita grabbed the boxes and fit as many as she could in the car. Once we had everything packed as best as we could we drove off to the goodwill. When we got there they pointed us around the back of the store where they already had their own crew waiting to unload the cars, which was a big relief on my part seeing as some of the stuff was really heavy and it was a long walk into the store. They finished unloading everything in about ten minutes and we went back to the house and loaded the rest of the stuff in the minivan. We made it all fit but Rita had to sit in the space between the two front seats because it was so packed in the back. We pulled back up and did the same routine as the first time, and when they finished, the guy wrote dad a receipt and we were on our way.

“See now that wasn’t so bad was it,” dad said as we left the goodwill.

“Not for you guys, my little body can’t handle that much exertion,” Rita joked.

“Don’t even try it, I’ve seen you pick Randy up with ease, can’t handle that much exertion…”

Before I could respond my phone beeped with a text message from Stephanie. I opened it and was surprised to see a bikini shot of her acting like she was pulling off her top. I tried to catch myself before I made any expressions giving myself away but it was too late, both Rita and dad saw my face and I knew one of them would be anxious enough to question me.

“What was that? Somebody sent you a naked pic or something?” dad asked.

“Not naked no, it was a bikini shot,” I said trying not to give up too much information.

“From Stephanie I’m assuming? You don’t have to be all secretive it’s normal.”

“She doesn’t usually send pictures like these.”

“She will now, after everything that just happened? It’s kind of almost expected.”

“What do you mean expected?” Rita asked.

“She almost lost her boyfriend, she’s gonna be doing all kinds of stuff to show him she loves him now, pictures are but the first step. She’s not gonna beat around the bush anymore.”

“I don’t think she was beating around the bush in the first place,” I said.

“Well now it’ll be even more obvious, I wouldn’t be surprised to walk in on you two having sex.”

“Dad! Come on, really! I don’t wanna think about Randy having sex with someone!” Rita yelled.

“I’m just saying, we don’t know how long we have, don’t waste time hiding.”

His words hit home with me for a number of reasons, I’m living proof we don’t know how long we have, and the time we do have we shouldn’t have to be secretive about it, no matter what. I looked at Rita who was a little disturbed about what dad said about walking in on me and Stephanie having sex, I knew she wouldn’t want to hear that. She took my phone and looked at the picture Stephanie sent me and then gave it back to me. She didn’t say anything, she just looked at me and smiled, and then pulled out her phone and started texting, but she wouldn’t let me see what about, it had me a little anxious and a little worried at the same time.
We pulled back into the driveway just as mom was finishing up watering her flowers and stuff. She saw me sitting in the front seat and winked, causing Rita to mock threaten her with her balled up fists, which mom shrugged off without a second thought.

“Thanks for helping out guys, I’ll leave you alone to your nothing of a day now,” dad said.

“Yeah, because it’s been going just as I planned so far,” I joked.

Dad walked over to mom and Rita and I went back upstairs to finally get away from everyone. She was still texting Stephanie and it was eating at me a little not knowing what was going on.

“So what are you guys talking about?” I asked.

“Nothing you’d know about, you were gone with the guys when it happened.”

“When what happened? What are you talking about?”

“It’s no big deal, just a girls only funtime story is all.”

“No big deal? That’s a very big deal? Come out with the details!”

“Nope, I’m not telling. I don’t want dad giving you advice on how to not get caught.”

“Oh. He was just talking, that’s how guys are when it comes to sex.”

“Really? So that means you’re like that too?”

“I didn’t say all guys, I don’t go bragging to Chris every time we do something.”

“Are you sure about that? Women aren’t the only ones who like to gossip.”

“I’m positive. Are you gonna give me any details, anything at all?”

“Nope, you’re just gonna have to suffer your pretty little mind about it,” she mocked.

“Then if you’re not gonna tell me let’s play so I don’t have to think about it.”

We grabbed the controllers and turned the game on. I paused to see if I would be interrupted yet again before we got the system on, nothing, so I relaxed and logged into my profile. I went through all the messages that had piled in my game inbox while I was gone and went back to the main screen to click on the game when there was a knock on the door.

“Good, you’re back, Randy can I borrow you for a second,” Aunt Lisa said poking her head in.

I knew it was coming. I tried to psych myself out but I still knew it was gonna happen. She saw the look on my face and knew she picked the wrong time to come in. “I was just about to…”

“I won’t take that long, you’ll be back in here before you know it.”

When she said that Rita’s phone started ringing the song we had set for Stephanie, and she waited a few rings before she answered it. “Should Rita come too?”

“Nooo trust me she’s not gonna wanna come, plus she’s on the phone, she’ll be ok.”

“I’ll stay here if it won’t take that long, it’s Stephanie so I’ll be ok,” Rita said.

“See, she’s fine. The sooner we leave the sooner we can get back.”

I gave in and followed her downstairs out to her car that she had already parked on the street ready to go. “So what’s this thing that’ll only take a second?” I asked.

She paused for a second and looked straight ahead. “I need you to come to my house with me.”

“What? Your house? That’s not a second, you live forty-five minutes away!”

“We’ll be in and out I promise. An inspector’s coming to check out my house, while I’m with him I need you to cut the grass, it probably looks like a jungle by now.”

“Jeez Aunt Lisa, that’s a long way there and back. You can’t get mom to go?”

“She’s making dinner for when the Wilson’s come by later.”

“What about dad? He’d probably be more help than I am.”

“He’s still trying to get the garage in order, he’ll be out there all night, and you know Rita can’t work a lawnmower. Come on Randy, help out your favorite Auntie…”

I sighed, that was cheating and she knew it. “Ok I’ll help, but you owe me!”

“Ok no problem, whatever you want. Let’s go before he’s sitting there waiting for us.”

We got in and she drove off down the street and before long we were on the freeway headed to her house. I pulled out my phone and texted Rita I’d been swindled into going all the way to Aunt Lisa’s house, and just as I expected she wasn’t too pleased.

“What? Her house? Why?”

“She’s got some inspector guy coming to look at it or something.”

“What does that have to do with you?”

“She wants me to cut the grass so the house looks more presentable.”

“What am I supposed to do until you get back?”

“Watch TV I guess? I didn’t think I was gonna be coming out to her house.”

“I guess I can take a bubble bath or something. Try not to be gone too long.”

“I’ll try not to, especially after you just put an image of you covered in bubbles in my head.”

“If you get back here you might get to see the real thing. ;)”

I put the phone up and tried to focus on anything but Rita sitting in a bubble bath, which was extremely hard, no pun intended.

“Rita I’m guessing? She knows you’re coming out to my house?”

“Yeah, so we really need to step on it so we can get back.”

“Bribed you with sex huh? Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time for all that later.”

“So what exactly are we coming here for?”

“An inspector is coming out to see if my house is livable again.”

“Is it finally finished?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t seen it since the week I moved all my stuff out, but if he’s coming it must be close to finished. That grass probably looks awful.”

“How am I cutting the grass if you moved all your stuff away?”

“I left some stuff in the garage since it wasn’t damaged, the lawnmower being one of them. It should be a quick pass of the house then tell me what’s going on then we’re on our way.”

“Now that you just said that the exact opposite is gonna happen now.”

“Then we’ll make the most of it, a couple hours won’t kill us.”

We managed to shave some time off getting to her house since there was pretty much no traffic and we hit a lot of green lights, and when we pulled up there was already a car sitting in her driveway, so that saved more time from having to wait on him.

“Ok I’m gonna go talk to the inspector and find out what’s what with the house, you can go ahead and get started on the grass, do the front first. I knew it would look horrendous. The gas is in the back, we should be finished before you if all goes right,” Aunt Lisa said.

I took the gas can and she handed me the key to the garage and I went in past all the stuff she had blocking the lawnmower and pulled it out, making sure to avoid damaging any of her stuff in the process. I filled it up and rolled to the front to see they were already in the house, a good sign, so I started it up and went to work cutting the front grass. Her front yard was kinda big, and the back was even bigger, but the grass was like a foot high from not being cut in so long that I had to take my time, or the lawnmower would keep cutting off. I had the front yard done in about fifteen minutes and swung around to the back, and in all that time they were still in the house. It looked pretty good on the outside, but I guess the insides a different story since that’s the part that’s always occupied. It took a little longer to cut the back and as I was finishing up they both popped out the back door for a second and looked around, then they were back in the house. I finished up the back and checked to see if they were done. The inspector’s car was gone but now Aunt Lisa was standing in the front yard on the phone, so I put the lawnmower up and got the weed whacker to get the parts the lawnmower couldn’t. Another five minutes passed and I’d finished with all the grass, and worked up quite a sweat while I was at it. I put the whacker back in the garage and closed it and went back to the front just as Aunt Lisa was getting off the phone.

“So what’s the verdict? Is your house finished?” I asked.

“Yes and no. It’s stable but there are a couple issues with the electricity that need to be fixed, and I need to put in a carbon monoxide detector, other than that everything looks good.”

“Well I’m finished and I put everything back, I just need to wash my face off before we leave.”

I went in the house and she followed behind me. The entire downstairs was empty except for a table and some chairs the people who rebuilt the house probably used, but she’d probably throw that away when she moved her stuff back in. It didn’t look like the same house, everything was brand new and looked professionally done; the walls, the floors, the fireplace in the living room, the sink and cabinets in the kitchen, it probably cost a fortune for all of it.

“This looks amazing Aunt Lisa, how much did it cost you?”

“Practically nothing, insurance covered it all; I just paid for the cabinets and the sink.”

“Where did you put all your stuff, you only brought some stuff to our house.”

“It’s in storage around the corner. I’ll bring it back when the house is cleared livable again.”

I grabbed a rag and took off my shirt and splashed water on myself, wiping off the sweat as best I could without soap. “We’d better get back, it’s been almost two hours, any longer and everyone’s gonna be blowing up our phones looking for us.”

I felt Aunt Lisa press her body into my back and put her arms around me, feeling on my bare chest as she moaned in my ear and kissed me on the neck. “What’s the hurry?”

“Aunt Lisa no! What are you doing? We have to go back!”

“Says the boy who just took off his shirt in front of his extremely horny aunt…”

“I was just washing the sweat off of me, I wasn’t thinking about anything.”

“Sure you weren’t. Your mother told me what you did.”

“What do you mean what I did? What did I do?”

“She told me how you seduced her,” she said as her hands worked down to my crotch.

I flung around in disbelief. “She what? She said I seduced her? She tricked me into going into the garage and then locked me in, he held me hostage! I seduced HER!”

“Ooh you look so sexy when you’re angry! Why don’t you take your pants off and tell me all about how she seduced you,” she said as she tugged at my pants.

“It’s not gonna work Aunt Lisa, you’re not gonna trick me like mom did.”

“I don’t have to trick you, as hard as your cock is right now I can tell you wanna fuck me as much as I wanna fuck you, you just don’t wanna admit it.”

She got face to face with me and pushed my shorts and boxers down in one push and wrapped her hand around my cock. There was no point in trying to resist, she had her hand firmly gripped around it and was stroking it as she kissed the sides of my face.

“I guess somebody doesn’t wanna leave,” Aunt Lisa said in my ear.

“I can’t, Rita is waiting for me back at the house, we have to go…”

“Don’t worry, I’ll save some for her, I can’t promise how much though as horny as I am.”

She pulled her Betty Boop shirt over her head and unhooked her bra from the front, then she dropped down to her knees and squeezed her tits together around my cock and started giving me a titjob right there, I hoped that inspector didn’t have a reason to come back.

“See? I haven’t even really touched you and you’re enjoying yourself.”

“You shouldn’t be touching me at all, I said no and you basically ignored me.”

“Well next time say it like you mean it, and not like you really mean yes,” she grinned.

She took the tip of my cock in her mouth and put an end to anything I was about to say. Her nipples were extra hard by now and were rubbing against my legs as she jerked my cock with her tits. She took her heels off and slid out of her jeans and was kneeling in front of me holding my cock in nothing but a thong that her ass was too big for.

“How the hell are you still single?” I found myself asking.

She smiled as she stood up in front of me. “You should already know the answer to that.”

She smashed her tits to my chest and kissed me, and I kissed her back. She was rubbing any part of me she could get her hands on, and they finally stopped on my cock. She broke the kiss and turned us around so she was against the counter and hopped on it. She pulled her underwear to the side with one hand and pulled me towards her pussy by my cock with the other and slapped it against her pussy, making her cringe whenever I hit her clit. I grabbed the sides of her hips and shoved myself into her, which she didn’t expect, and threw her head back and screamed out loud as a reflex.

“Oh fuck! That hurt a little but it felt so good too!”

She let her legs dangle beside me and bounce around on their own as my cock filled up her pussy over and over. She was leaning back on her elbows with her huge tits swinging around from the force of being fucked. I grabbed ahold of them like I did with mom earlier and squeezed them, which made her a lot hornier since she loved having her tits played with.

“Oh yes, squeeze those big titties while you pound that pussy! Squeeze them harder!”

I did as she asked and squeezed them harder, molding them like play doh in my hands as I rolled her nipples through my fingers. I leaned down and took her left nipple in my mouth and she lifted it up like she was feeding it to me as she cradled the back of my head. Just like in the garage, the smell of sex was quickly filling the air the more I slammed into her wet pussy, but I didn’t think that, the fact that the windows were uncovered and anyone who wanted to look in could have, or someone making a surprise drop in would’ve stopped her. She used my neck as leverage to pull herself up and stopped me from fucking her so she could get off the counter.

“I want you to bend me over the counter and fuck me.”

“What, no please or trying to seduce me, just straight bend you over and fuck you?”

“Are you gonna ask me a bunch of questions or are you gonna shove that cock back in me?”

“I was just asking, but if that’s what you want…”

I pulled her thong to the side only to reveal that she had a butt plug lodged in her ass, and it wasn’t one of those real tiny ones either. “Where did this come from?”

“Your mom’s dresser. I’ve been trying to get a feel for them lately.”

An evil thought crossed my mind. If she wanted to get a feel for it, why not give her the real thing? I slapped her on the ass and grabbed the plug and slowly started to pull it out of her ass. She let out a small shriek when I pulled it all the way out and dropped it in the sink, then I put the head of my cock at her asshole and slowly pushed in.

“You just always have to fuck me in the ass don’t you?” Aunt Lisa moaned as I entered her.

“You wouldn’t let me do it if you didn’t like it,” I retaliated as I pushed all the way in.

She reached behind me and grabbed my wrist and squeezed tight as my cock sat in her asshole, and when she got used to me I pulled all the way out and pulled her all the way back to me.

“That’s it, just like that, fuck me in the ass just like that, nice and slow.”

I kept up with the long slow strokes to give her time to get adjusted to me since she wasn’t big on anal like mom was, even Rita liked anal more than Aunt Lisa, but that would change in time. She slowly started grinding her ass into me and in no time was keeping up with my thrusts, even egging me to go faster, and so I did. I grabbed a chunk of her hair and put my hand in the small of her back to make it arch and fucked her faster. It was taking her a while to get used to the hairpulling and back arching, but she slowly started to warm up to it.

“Fuck! My ass is gonna be so sore after this, but it feels so good!”

“You had a buttplug in all day, your ass slot oyna was gonna be sore anyways.”

“It was just sitting there, not driving itself in full force while it pulled my hair!”

“Good point, but you brought this on yourself, if we left, you wouldn’t have a cock up your ass.”

“And that’s exactly why we didn’t leave, I’d rather have a cock than a buttplug any day.”

“Be careful what you ask for.”

I let her hair go and grabbed hold of both her titties and squeezed them so hard that I thought I might’ve really hurt her, but she just kept moaning and moaning as if it was the best feeling in the world. I knew she loved having her tits squeezed but that was insane, either she really, really loves it or she’s just that horny, or both, any other woman definitely would have taken my head off for a stunt like that, well, maybe mom would’ve liked it too.
She bumped me back off of her and I pulled out of her ass and was just standing there with my hard cock pointing straight at her. She grabbed the wet rag off the counted and used it to stroke my cock clean, and then grabbed my hand and walked me into one of the chairs that was left behind in the living room and sat me down in it.

“You’ve done enough work, now it’s my turn to fuck the shit out of you,” Aunt Lisa said.

I went to say something, but she covered my mouth with her hand and positioned my cock under her pussy with the other and sort of dropped her weight on it. I wasn’t expecting her to sit down the way she did, and she kinda tapped my balls on the way down, so the whole thing made me scream obscenities into her hand, and she just grinned at my pain.

“That’s only a small taste of what you’ve been doing to me so far.”

She moved her hand from my mouth and replaced it with her lips as she started riding me. I put my hands on her ass to both squeeze it and help her bounce up and down on me. I wanted to do more, but sitting down in a chair with her slamming down into me there wasn’t much I could do, and she knew it, so she took pleasure in taking her time lifting herself off me and slowly sitting back down, grinding in little circles until she sat down on my legs.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you?” I asked.

“Oh you mean the teasing? Yes I am, but I’m enjoying the slow penetration too. Being a man you will never know the amazing feeling of a cock slowly filling up your pussy, a nice thick cock stretching you open and sliding all the way up in you, so fucking good, it makes you even hornier and wanna fuck like you’ll never have sex again.”
She kissed on my neck and did just what she was talking about, she slowly built up speed until she was slamming my cock in her pussy. Her moaning so close to my ear was definitely making my cock harder inside her, and I responded by helping her slam down onto me. As hard as she was fucking me, I knew I could fuck her a lot harder, but sitting in a chair I had no give or leverage to do anything, so I grabbed as best grip of her as I could and stood up, folded my arms around her legs as I gripped her ass and pounded her right there.

“Oh my god! You’re all the way in me! Pound that fucking pussy!”

I felt my balls smacking against her ass over and over as she held on to me for dear life while I rammed her pussy. She bit into my neck and squeezed around my shoulders I’m guessing to keep from screaming, and I wasn’t letting up. She wanted me to fuck her, so I did just that, I slammed her pussy over and over getting new energy every time she moaned and groaned in pain and pleasure as she bit down on my neck.

“I’m cumming Randy, I’m cumming! Don’t stop, don’t you fucking stop,” Aunt Lisa whined.

“You’re about to cum all over my cock, are you?”

“Yes! I’m gonna cum all over your big fucking cock!”

“Then do it, don’t hold back, cum all on your nephews cock while he keeps fucking you.”

“Yes…yes…yes…yes…yes…I’m cumming, I’m cumming, oh god Randy!”

She dug her face into my neck and squeezed me tight as she came right there with me still sliding in and out of her. Her wetness ran down my legs, giving me a chill as it hit the air, but I didn’t slow down in the least fucking her. After all that time holding her up in the air I had used up so much energy that my legs were getting tired, so I sat us back down in the chair as she kept cumming on me. With my legs finally taking a breather and with her finally regaining her composure, she sat up on me and looked me in the eyes grinning from ear to ear.

“You beautiful, beautiful boy. That’s why you have three women chasing you all the time.”

“Then I’ll just have to slip up so you’ll get bored with me.”

“That won’t happen, even if it did it wouldn’t last long.”

“You sure about that? I might catch a cramp or I might not get hard…”

“If either of those ever happened trust me, we’re more than prepared.”

“Ok we’ve been gone too long now, we really need to get back.”

“But you didn’t come yet, I may be devious but I’m not unfair.”

“It’s ok, I came enough for the entire day earlier and mom didn’t waste a drop.”

“That slut, I bet she didn’t. Are you sure you don’t wanna stay a little longer? You still feel really hard inside me,” Aunt Lisa asked as she slowly rode me in the chair.

“I know there’ll be other times, and you came, so I can live with it.”

“If you’re sure then ok, you’re better than me, no fucking way I’m stopping if I didn’t cum,” she said as she got off my still hard cock. “What a shame to waste a still fuckable cock.”

“If you didn’t live light years away we would’ve had more time.”

“Yeah yeah I know you’re just trying to get back home to Rita, you aren’t fooling anyone.”

“That too. Aside from the obvious, we’re still twins. We need to be close to each other.”

“If anyone knows about closeness, it’s this family. Well since you stopped short on me, let’s get back before everyone throws a hissy fit.”

She grabbed her buttplug from the sink, washed it off, and stuck it right back in her ass. She did it as if was the most normal thing in the world, which made it that much hotter; I’d have to see if I could get Rita to do something like that. We put our clothes back on, which felt gross being covered in all the dirt and sweat from working outside, closed up everything and made sure all the doors were locked and we got back in the car and drove home. Just as we turned off the street my phone beeped with a text message from Rita, it was a picture of her from the neck down in a bubble bath with her foot turning the hot water knob, I mean talk about sexy.

“Where are you? It’s been over two hours!”

“We’re literally in the car on the way home now.”

“Do I have to guess why it took so long to get back?”

“You could, but you already know the answer.”

“Where is your will power? You let two women trick you into having sex?”

“You try turning them down and see what happens, you know how they get, mom especially!”

“First day back. I can’t really blame them but then again I can, just say no next time.”

“I did that, in one ear out the other both times. They weren’t listening to anything I was saying. I probably sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher to them.”

“No more trips out, no matter what. You’re staying with me the rest of the day.”

“Deal. My day of relaxation turned into everything but.”

“Hurry up and get back, I’m starting to run out of hot water.”

“Yeah I can tell by the hard nipples.”

“That’s not because of the water. ;)”

I closed my phone up with a smile on my face. Even after everything that happened today with mom and Aunt Lisa, I was still excited to see Rita. We still made each other horny with almost no effort and we didn’t have to have sex to show we loved each other, how many people could say that? I didn’t know the exact statistic, but I was glad I was one of them.

“Wondering where you are is she?” Aunt Lisa asked.

“Talking like Yoda now are we? She wants me home now… and she knows you seduced me.”

“So quick to assume, for all she knows you could’ve came on to me.”

“Yeah there’s no chance she’d believe that, not with the history you and mom have.”

“All it takes is one time. Either way it all worked out for the best; I came, your mom came, you’re going home to Rita who’s gonna make you cum later, your dad got a promotion, and my house is almost finished, you couldn’t have planned a better outcome, everybody wins.”

“You have a funny way of making everybody win.”

“Do I? Rita knows you just fucked me, and she knows you fucked Anna earlier, and she doesn’t care, she just wants you home with her, you’re Charlie Sheen winning right now. She knows with us it’s just sex, but with you two it’s love, you’re a lucky little bastard is what you are.”

I sat in silence the rest of the ride home and thought about what she said. It was true, we had a unique relationship. No matter what we did with mom or Aunt Lisa or Stephanie, or even Ashley for that matter, we knew we would only love each other, not to say we don’t love anyone else, but you know what I mean, a different kind of love, in love.

We pulled up to the house a short while later, around 6:30 to be exact, and didn’t see the Wilson’s car outside so we beat them back, which meant I had time to take a shower.

“Please don’t go talking about what happened in front of Rita,” I said to Aunt Lisa.

“Why not? The gossip after is one of the best parts about sex!”

“Because she didn’t get to that yet, you and mom did, it’ll be like bragging.”

“Because it is! Unless the guy was bad, then it’s laughing at his expense.”

“Aunt Lisa come on…”

“Ok fine, I won’t say anything around her, but behind closed doors is fair game.”

She walked in the house before I could respond to her last statement. I didn’t quite know what she meant by that but I would have to take it in stride. I went upstairs to our room and tried to open it but the door was locked. I had a little flashback to the fight when I was locked out and she wouldn’t let me in, I shook the image and knocked on the door hoping that my extra-long time getting back didn’t upset her.

“Is that you Randy?” Rita asked from the other side of the door.

“Yeah, I’m by myself if that means anything, let me in.”

She opened the door wrapped up in a towel with her hair tied up in another one and went back to sit at the computer desk. “Lock the door back.”

“Why’d you lock the door in the first place? Noone’s up here.”

“I’m looking at all the pictures and stuff Ashley had on the SD chip she gave me, there’s a lot of stuff on here. She had almost every naked picture and every video we recorded.”

“We’re gonna have to be way more careful with stuff like that, it could’ve been a disaster.”

“You’re telling me. I password locked my phone, and if that somehow got cracked I locked my media files and messaging apps and I didn’t save anything to the SD card.”

“Yeah remind me to do that too. I see why you had the door locked now, look at all that!”

“I know! I didn’t want dad or Jim or Marie walking in seeing any of this.”

“Well I think we’re safe with Marie, but I know what you mean.”

“That was a long time ago, she might not even remember it.”

“Highly, highly unlikely. You don’t forget fucking your daughter and her friends, and their family. She might not talk about it, but she definitely remembers it.”

She stood up and took the towel off her head and let the one around her waist fall to the floor, then walked to the dresser and pulled underwear, and I was watching her the whole time.

“Why don’t you just take a picture?” she asked when she finally saw me staring.

“You already sent me one, remember?”

“That was when I was all hot, covered in bubbles, rubbing myself thinking about you touching all over me…” she said in a sexy voice as she started touching herself. “Oh yeah, I was so wet, thinking about you stretching me open and sliding the big cock into me as I screamed your name over and over… uhh Randy, Randy, Randy!”

Without knowing it, I started rubbing my cock listening to her talk about touching herself. I sat down on the bed and waited for her to finish her story, getting the image of her rubbing her pussy in my head, wishing I was there to do it for her…

“And then I came, practically filled the tub up with my girl cum.”

The sudden confession caused my boner to wither away. “You’re evil, you know that?”

“If you were here you could’ve seen it for yourself, it was a good one too!” she teased.

“Just evil. Well since you just silenced my boner let’s try one more time to play the game before some more unbelievable timing happens and I jump out of a window.”

She got dressed in a bra and panties and I turned on the game, logged in and actually hit the button to play the game without any interruptions. We got all the way to the start-up screen, but never got the chance to hit the button as Aunt Lisa knocked on the door and let us know the Wilsons had just shown up. I gave up. I tossed the controller back on the bed and just gave up. We’d been trying to play the game all day, each time getting a little closer only to be interrupted each and every time.

“I’m done trying, it’s just not gonna happen today,” I said.

“Yeah I kind of figured it would happen again since it’s been happening all day,” Rita said.

“I’m just gonna go take a shower, I feel disgusting anyway.”

“There probably still isn’t any hot water left, I got out just before you got back.”

“I could probably use a cold shower after the day I had.”

“Ok, I’m gonna go downstairs with everyone, just come down when you’re done.”

She threw on a shirt and some shorts and went downstairs to greet everyone while I stripped off the dirty clothes and grabbed a towel as I headed for the bathroom. I’d gotten to the door when my phone started to ring; it was the default ringtone so I didn’t know who it was. I went over and picked it up to see it was Ashley calling, probably calling because she knew I got released from the hospital today, so I let it ring a little more and then answered it.

“Hey Ashley.”

“Hey. So you got released today?”

“Yeah, about to get in the shower, as per your usual timing.”

She laughed because she knew it was true. “Yeah, I was just calling to see how you were.”

“I’m good, didn’t get to relax at all, but at least I’m not cooped up in that small bed.”

“That must have been a nightmare.”

“Not as bad as being in a coma for nearly three months, but it still sucked.”

“The real reason I was calling was to see if you guys wanted to hang out tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow? Hang out where? What did you wanna do?”

“I don’t know, we could hang out here at my house and do a Fat Tuesday or something?”

“But tomorrow’s not Tuesday, wouldn’t that kind of defeat the purpose?”

“We could make an exception this one time, anything you want.”

“I gotta tell you Ashley, it’s gonna take a while to get used to you being nice.”

“I know, I’m still getting used to it myself. So you think you’ll come?”

“Tomorrow might not be good. I think Stephanie and Chris have other plans.”

“Do they really, or do you just not wanna come?”

“I think they do, but I could be mistaken, I’ll have to ask them.”

She was quiet for a second. “Randy, I don’t expect you to be all buddy buddy with me, but I wanna try to be friends with you guys. You probably still don’t believe I can fully change, like I was making fake promises and stuff, but in all the time you knew me, even as nasty as I was, I never lied to you, any of you, not even once. When I promised to be a new Ashley I meant it, but I can’t prove it if you won’t give me a chance to.”

Now it was my turn to be quiet for a second. “Well now I look like the bad guy.”

“I wasn’t trying to make you look like the bad guy, I just wanted to hang out, that’s all.”

“What about Becky, Carina, and Dana, will they be there?”

“If it’s ok with everyone they will be. They all know what happened. They avoided you because they all helped frame you at the party and was scared to show their faces at the hospital.”

“I actually do believe you changed, but it’s not up to just me, I’ll ask everyone else and if they’re ok with it we’ll come, if not we won’t, either way I’ll be calling you back.”

“Ok. I’ll talk to you later then I guess?”

“Yeah, I’ll call you back when I get an answer from everyone.”

“Ok sounds good, take to you in a little while.”

I hung up and stared at the phone for a second. She actually went well out of her way to try to hang out with us. She was right, if we wanted to see how much she changed, we had to be around her to see it, and from what she’s done so far she’s been making good progress. It might take a little convincing to Stephanie and Chris on my part, or I might just call her back and let her tell them everything she just told me, including the part about Fat Tuesday, they’d give in.
I put it off for the moment and hopped in the shower to wash the funk off of me before I grew accustomed to the smell. Rita wasn’t lying, there wasn’t any hot water left, not even a little bit, but I didn’t have a choice, I couldn’t be in front of everyone smelling like I did, so I sucked it up and got in the shower. The water was freezing. I left the hot water knob on to try and psych myself out as I sped through washing up so I could hurry and get out. When I finally finished I was a shivering mess with shampoo still in my head, but I didn’t care, I just needed to get clean and get out, and that’s what I did. I dried off in the bathroom, giving myself extra time to warm up and then went back to our room to see Rita, Stephanie, and Chris playing the game.

“What the hell is this? I wasn’t even in there that long!” I complained.

“What’s up man, we had time to play before dinner so here we are,” Chris said.

“Well can you at least get out so I can get dressed?”

“We’re online, we can’t pause the game. Noones gonna look at your scrawny ass.”

“He won’t, but I know Rita and I will,” Stephanie grinned.

“Everybody’s just a bunch of perverts today,” I said to myself as I pulled on some clothes and went downstairs to say hi to Jim and Marie. They were sitting at the table with
everyone else talking about who knows what when I walked in, and Marie came over and hugged me.

“It’s good to finally see you out of that hospital,” she said.

“Yeah, I plan on never going back for anything like that ever again.”

“You look good son, it’s like you were never there,” Jim said as he shook my hand.

“That’s still a mystery even the doctors couldn’t solve.”

“Well either way, it’s good to have you back, our kids got their running buddy back.”

“Speaking of, I need to go kick them off my Xbox, I’ve been trying to play all day and they just walked in and jumped on, I’ll see you guys later.”
I went back upstairs to see they had switched to playing Super Mario Brothers on the Wii, and they were still on the character select screen, finally some good timing on my part.

“Make that four players, I’m not gonna sit here and watch you all lose over and over.”

“Yeah right, what happened the last time we played?” Chris asked.

“That was some cheating shit, Sub-Zero’s x-ray didn’t hit and it took my whole bar down!”

“All I remember is Kung Lao cutting you in half nuts first,” Chris laughed.

“Yeah whatever, I had that game won and you know it. On a side note, Ashley called about wanting to hang out with us, what do you guys think, yes or no?”

“When did she ask you? When she say?” Stephanie asked.

“She called before you guys got here, she wants to hang out tomorrow.”

“I don’t know man, I still don’t trust her, but if you want to I’ll go,” Chris said.

“Believe it or not she actually did kinda turn over a new leaf, she paid all my hospital bills, bought me a bunch of games I wanted, and even came to visit me in the hospital a lot.”

“I didn’t believe it either, but it’s true. She even gave up all the incriminating stuff she had on us and smashed her phone, this change might actually be for real,” Rita said.

“It better be, Randy got shot for fucks sake! If she was playing us NOW after everything that happened SHE’D be the one going to the hospital this time,” Stephanie said.

Chris shrugged. “It’s whatever you wanna do man, if you say she changed we believe you, but if she fucks us over that’s it, no more chances, I’ve just about had it with her. LET ME GET THE ICE FLOWER! DON’T GET IT YOU ALREADY GOT THE FIRE… YOU BASTARD.”

“That’s for bringing up Mortal Kombat. So we’re giving her a chance?”

“I guess so, but remember, any of that old bullshit and we’re done,” Stephanie said.

I dialed Ashley back and put her on speakerphone so noone would be confused to the situation.

“Hey Randy, what did everybody say?” Ashley asked as she answered the phone.

“They’re all here, you’re on speakerphone, they all agreed,” I said.

“Ok. I’m glad everybody agreed, I wanted to…”

“We only agreed because Randy said you changed,” Chris cut her off. “If you’re playing us tell us now, we’re not coming over there to be made fools out of again.”

“I’m not playing you, I swear. I really just wanna hang out. I know you don’t trust me but after a while you’ll see I’m telling the truth.”

“I thought we were dorks? Now all of a sudden we’re the “it” crew? What gives?”

“I’m not proud of the way I used to be. You guys are actual friends to each other, and I wanna be a part of it. I don’t remember what it’s like to have actual friends.”

“What, Becky Carina, and Dana aren’t actual friends?” Stephanie asked sarcastically.

“They just did whatever I told them to do, or would drop each other if a guy or something came up, we were more of a mean girls gossip clique than friends. I told them how Randy almost died and they were ashamed of how they acted like me. They might not make an immediate change like me, but they definitely won’t act like we used to.”

“She almost sounds convincing. Well like Randy said, we’ll come, but don’t expect us to be all close friends or nothing, that’s gonna take more than one day,” Chris said.

“I get it, and I know it’ll take time, but it’s worth it. I want you guys to think of me as a close friend. I promise we’ll all have fun tomorrow, watch, you’ll see.”

“Alright we’ll see you tomorrow afternoon then ok?” I asked.

“Ok, see everybody tomorrow,” Ashley said then ended the call.

“So, what do you guys think?” Rita asked. “Sound believable or not?”

“Kinda, the old Ashley never looked for approval like that, but it’s too early to judge. HURRY UP! POP MY BUBBLE BEFORE I GO OFF SCREEN!” Stephanie said.

“I’m with Steph, it’s too early to tell. I wanna believe her, but she burned us too much, I don’t wanna let my guard down and it happens again,” Chris followed.

“This is definitely genuine. You should’ve seen her at the hospital when you left, it’s like she had a mental breakdown. It finally sunk in how rotten she was and that she almost cost Randy his life and she broke down, she actually cried right in front of me, I mean fully crying.”

“And she came to visit me almost every day, that right there is saying something. The hospital bills and the buying the video games don’t stand out as much since she’s rich and that probably didn’t phase her, it was the fact that she remembered almost every game I talked about, and she took time out of her day to come see me, if that doesn’t say change, I don’t know what does. I’m willing to give her one more genuine chance without suspicion,” I said.

“Well when you put it like that I guess we don’t really have a choice do we?” Chris said.

“I’m just saying, one legit chance, and if she messes up it’s on her, she can’t say we didn’t fully trust her or nothing, besides, we could actually have fun, it’s possible.”

“Yeah when there’s no ulterior motives, we did have fun once or twice,” Stephanie said.

“Ok, we’ll go with it, I’ll go with this blind faith you have in her, watch the thwomp, don’t push me into the thwomp, DON’T PUSH ME INTO THE THWOMP! Asshole,” Chris said as I laughed.

“OK EVERYONE, DINNER’S READY,” one of the women yelled up the stairs.


“Why are the only saves after you beat a castle? That’s so dumb!” Stephanie complained.

“Let’s hurry up, she made bbq chicken and I’m starving again,” I said.

We flew through the next two courses without trying to get power-ups or anything just so we could get to the castle and save, which took a little longer since Chris seemed to gravitate to every hole on the map. We finally got it saved and headed downstairs right around when they just about finished setting everything on the table. What a spread it was; fried bbq chicken, macaroni and cheese, green beans, orange pop, and for dessert there was a chocolate cake on the table, my absolute favorite meal laid out right in front of me.

“Mom this looks amazing!” I said as I soaked in the buffet sitting in front of me.

“I told you I’d make your favorite meal when you came home,” mom said.

“Mom, take notes, every Friday, we have to have this,” Chris joked.

“Then you should have been here taking notes,” Marie replied.

We laughed at Chris as we sat down ready to load up our plates, but before we could reach for any food Marie held out her arms over everything to get our attention.

“Everyone wait, I don’t know if you usually do it or not, but since it is a special occasion, I thought it’d be nice if we had a toast of wine before we ate.”

We all looked around at each other. “No not at all, you wanna do the honors?” mom asked.

She nodded as she pulled a bottle of wine from under the table and grabbed a set of wine glasses from behind her. She filled up ten glasses and passed them around to everyone at the table and we all raised our glasses in unison.

“A toast, to this wonderful looking spread of food we’re about to devour, to life, to happiness, and most important, to Randy making a full recovery, we weren’t ready for you to leave us yet, the world just wouldn’t be the same without you. TO LIFE!”

“TO LIFE!” we all said simultaneously as we downed our glasses of wine.

“There’s an extra glass, who’s that one for?” Aunt Lisa asked.

“Well since noone wants it…” Marie said as she finished off the last glass.

In response to her finishing the last of the wine, everyone started filling their plates the second she tipped the glass back. Pretty soon we were all chowing down on the mouth-watering spread mom had prepared for us, and even though she made another army size serving, we knew there wouldn’t be much left over when we were done since everyone’s first overflowing plate serving took away half the food.

“So Randy, now that you’re a free man again you gonna pick back up where you left off, or are you gonna do something different now?” Jim asked after he swallowed a mouthful of food.

“I thought about that, I have a couple options I’m considering,” I responded.

“Oh yeah, like what?”

I looked at Rita to make sure it was ok if I told everyone what we’d been talking about earlier, and she nodded yes. “Well Rita and I were talking earlier today, and we’re thinking of moving.”

Mom, dad, and Aunt Lisa looked up surprised, and so did Chris and Stephanie, but Jim and Marie looked excited. “Oh well that’s great news! Do you know when? Where?” Marie asked.

“We don’t know yet on either, we’re not sure if might follow through on it yet, right now it’s just a thought until we can figure out some stuff.”

The look on everyone’s faces eased a little, but I could tell they’d be asking us some questions later, mom especially. I tried to think of a way to slowly ease into another conversation, but nothing was coming to mind, and I didn’t wanna have an awkward silence moment.

“So does anyone else have some news they wanna share?” Rita jumped in.

“Yeah we do,” dad said. “You all know how our anniversary is coming up in a couple weeks right? We weren’t sure what we wanted to do, and I was having a hard time thinking of something, then a commercial for a getaway cruise came on, so we checked, and they had slots open for our anniversary weekend! We’re going on the three day Carnival cruise!”

“That’s great dad! I’m glad you guys decided to do something!” Rita said.

“We almost didn’t, we thought it wouldn’t have been right going on a cruise with Randy still in a coma, but we knew he’d wake up, and going would give us something else to think about, so we said what the heck and signed up, the tickets came last week,” mom said.

“Oh that’s amazing! I always wanted to go on one of those cruises, but every time we got around to it something came up to mess up our plans,” Marie said.

“Well you know, it might not be too late to get some tickets,” dad said.

“Oh no, we couldn’t impose on you like that! It’s your anniversary weekend, you should spend it alone with each other not with us,” Jim said.

Mom perked up. “No that’s actually a good idea! I’m sure we could all use the time away from the kids, you should come, Lisa you should come too, I mean if you’re not still…”

“I am, thanks but no thanks, I’ll be staying away from open ocean thank you,” Aunt Lisa said.

“What happened with the ocean?” I asked.

“That’s a story for another time when I’m not around, or possibly drunk.”

“So you guys wanna come? We’ll have a great time we just know it,” mom said.

“Are you sure it’s ok? It’s your… how long anniversary?”

“It’s our fifteenth, we’ve been married since we were twenty, wow how time flies. Yes we’re sure Marie, how you two have to come, so get online and buy tickets!”

“As canlı casino siteleri long as it’s ok with you then ok, we’re going on a cruise! Are you sure you don’t wanna come Lisa? It would be a lot of fun?”

“I’m sure, besides, my house is just about repaired, I’m gonna be moving back home soon, I need to be here to finalize any details that come up.”

“Oh well now you have to come! Please Lisa, it’s not just any cruise, it’s a Carnival cruise!”

“Yeah Aunt Lisa, you should go, if anything comes up we know how to get to your house, and with technology now we can send you any paperwork they have,” I said.

“Now you have everyone pulling for you Lisa, so what’s it gonna be?” Jim asked.

She sat there while everyone stared at her waiting for an answer. Whatever happened that was keeping her from going on the cruise was weighing heavily on her, but on the other hand she could see how much everyone else wanted her to go, how much they wanted her there, and in the end that overruled any fear she might have had. “Ok fine, you all win, I’ll go,” Aunt Lisa said.

Marie did that excited schoolgirl clap and squealed. “Yay! This is gonna be so much fun! We can have a girls day, lay out on the deck and have all the men check us out…”

“Hey now, there will be no “checking out” by other men, other women now…” dad laughed.

“Quick question, while we’re on this trip, what will the kids be doing?” Jim asked.

“We’ll be fine, we’re all adults, we don’t need a babysitter dad,” Chris said.

“We could all stay at the same house, either at our house or here,” Stephanie said.

“Yeah we can have a sleepover for the whole weekend, just us,” Rita added.

“Yeah and once we’re gone our house will filled with all types of kids breaking our stuff, stepping on our furniture and having sex in our room,” mom said.

“Come on mom, we don’t even know that many people. If any, it might be a few more people besides us, and after the last party we went to that definitely won’t be happening,” I said.

“Don’t worry about us, we’ll be fine, you’re the ones who have to be worried. You have to hope they have three tickets left, hope they have three spots available on the same days as theirs, hope they have extra rooms available, hope that they still have the buffet thing open, AND you have to hope they don’t charge extra for last minute, that’s a lot of hope,” Chris said.

“They’ll be fine, we’ve trusted them with stuff way more important than watching a house and they came through with flying colors, they’ll be ok,” Aunt Lisa defended us.

“Yeah you’re right, we have no reason not to trust them. Ok then it’s settled, trip for five on a Carnival cruise, with all the brats left behind,” Jim joked.

“I think this deserves another toast,” I said brazenly.

“Unfortunately Marie killed the whole bottle,” dad laughed and we all followed suit.

We spent the rest of dinner talking little details of what we were all gonna do on that weekend as we finished off the rest of the feast mom made for us. As usual we cleared everything on the table, barely having enough room left for cake, but we made it work, and combined with some vanilla ice cream, it put an end to a perfect dinner. All the parentals were still discussing the trip while dad grabbed his laptop so Jim could get tickets for the rest of them, and I was stuffed and was getting a little hot, so I excused myself and went to sit on the porch to digest my food and cool down, it wasn’t long before Rita, Stephanie, and Chris were coming out behind me. Rita squeezed in the same chair as me and lay her head on my shoulder and Steph and Chris sat in the rocking chair, it was silent for a second, but we knew what was coming.

“So uh, when are you guys gonna move?” Stephanie asked.

“We don’t know, we don’t even know where we’re going,” Rita replied.

“Is it somewhere far? Like out of state or something like that?” Chris asked.

“We thought about a few places out of state, but nothing definite yet.”

Stephanie looked concerned. “What about us? You’re just gonna leave after you just got back? In case you haven’t noticed, you’re our only friends, unless we’re counting Ashley.”

“We were just entertaining the idea, we haven’t even thought it through,” I said.

“Besides, we were gonna see if you guys wanted to come too, I mean we can’t leave town without our running buddies! We need you guys out there,” Rita added.

“We are still technically dating each other so it makes sense we’d be there, unless you went to another state or something, oooh that’s why isn’t it! so you don’t have to hide!”

“In a nutshell yeah, we had a scene in the park earlier where an older couple thought we were together, and that sparked the whole idea,” I said.

“What about our parents? Can we just leave them like that? Especially you Randy, fresh out of a coma and talking about leaving, your mom will cry,” Chris said.

“We know, that’s why it’s just a thought right now, but it’s a serious one.”

“We should go to Seattle, I always hear good things about Seattle, and we could drive back in a day to visit. It’s just far enough, but not too far,” Stephanie said.

“We were thinking Seattle too, or maybe the east coast, like Chicago or Cleveland, somewhere with snow, all this heat gets old after a while. We could even try Philly.”

“Let’s not jump the gun on anything, one thing at a time. We don’t even know what we’re gonna have for breakfast tomorrow,” Chris laughed.

“What are we gonna do once we don’t have to hide in public anymore?” Stephanie asked.

“Whatever we want, that’s the driving force behind this,” Rita said.

“Like getting caught having a threesome in the park? Or at the beach? Or at the mall?”

“Hey, you have your own brother to push up on, leave mine alone!”

“When are you gonna share? I’ll share mine, here, take him, we’ll trade.”

“I’m sitting right here!” Chris said.

“Yeah that’s the problem, go over there and sit with Rita!”

“Stop trying to pimp me out, I’m not a piece of meat you can…”

“Oh boo hoo like you’d really put up a fight, You’d have your head between her legs in a second if you could, you’re not fooling anyone!”

He held a stern face, but broke in a smile. “Ok you’re right, but that’s not the point.”

“Yeah that’s what I thought. All jokes aside though Rita you know I’m just kidding, I wouldn’t push up on Randy unless you and Chris were ok with it.”

“I know you wouldn’t, I just need more time is all. I don’t know if I could watch Randy with someone else yet, and I promised I’d never let another man inside me, I’m sorry Chris.”

“Hey it’s no problem, there’s always other stuff, like Stephanie said.”

“Really? You’re ok with not having sex with me but Randy can have sex with Stephanie?”

“I don’t own her, and she still loves me only, so why not, it’s only one time, unless you take yourself completely off the table, then I have to put my foot down.”

“How did we jump from talking about moving to sex so easily?” I asked.

“Simple. We’re all perverts. No ifs, ands, or asses about it,” Stephanie laughed.

“I can just imagine us all living in the same house.”

“We’ll get a first-hand look a couple weeks from now, if they can get the tickets,” Chris said.

“Let’s go back in and see before we get excited and can’t do it,” Rita said.

We went back in to pretty much the same scene we left; everyone was sitting at the table planning the trip with Jim in front of the laptop. They were all still in good spirits, even Aunt Lisa who was skeptical about going, so everything must have worked out.

“So did you get the tickets?” Stephanie asked.

“Yep, and they had a special for birthdays and anniversaries, each room you get could be upgraded for another hundred dollars, so we’ll all be staying in the best rooms, with unlimited food and activities, and five passes to the casino, all for two hundred less than I planned on paying for the basic rooms, and if we can sell your mom and dads tickets they already bought, it’ll be even cheaper! This is gonna be a fantastic trip!” Jim said happily.

“You sound really excited dad, maybe we should come with you guys,” Chris said.

“Now that I think about it it’s gonna be crowded, they probably won’t have any decent cable, no other kids anywhere, nothing but seafood, yeah you kids won’t wanna come,” he retorted.

“Fine, we know when we’re not wanted, we have plans anyway,” Stephanie said.

“See, there you go, you wouldn’t wanna come anyway. We’re just about set with the hard part, now all we need to do is pack some clothes, which is gonna take Marie the whole two weeks until we leave to decide which six outfits she’s gonna look best in.”

“Six? We’re gonna be on a boat for three days, that’s at least twelve outfits, plus bathing suits, plus lounge clothes, plus all my hair care needs, there’s so much to pack!” Marie said.

“See what I mean, the entire two weeks. She’s gonna have six suitcases for a three day vacation by the time she’s done, eight when she’s done buying stuff on the boat.”
I saw the moment to slip in some words of wisdom, and humor. “Welcome to adulthood Jim, just remember, a happy wife is a happy life,” I laughed as I pat him on the back.

“I always liked you Randy,” Marie said as she grabbed my face and kissed me on the cheek.

“Yeah make fun now, when you get in our position those words are gonna come back and bite you in the ass, so enjoy this moment now,” dad said.

“Ok, that’s enough vacation talk for now, it’s past a few of our bedtimes, Mike,” Aunt Lisa said.

“Yeah it is getting pretty late, we’ll call you with the rest of the details and whatnot tomorrow, then we can check on what’s all gonna be available on the boat so we know exactly what we need to bring, correction, so we know exactly what to make the men carry,” Marie laughed.

“Why do I get the feeling our anniversary is gonna turn into a girls weekend?” dad asked.

“Because it is, don’t worry, I’ll make sure you get one of those nights to yourself,” Jim said. “Ok, up and out, let’s go before it gets too late.”

They all gathered up their things and hugged each other goodbye. When Stephanie came around to hug me she squeezed a little tighter than normal, and even though our parents we’re there she still kissed me on the lips, which made Chris kiss Rita as well. I suppose it was just to keep up appearances in front of our dads who were still clueless to our true relationships, but I couldn’t help feeling there was something else attached to the kiss. We waved at them from the porch as they got in their car and drove off, and went back into the house. I looked at Rita who was staring back at me, not saying anything, just standing there softly looking at me.

“I just know you’re all gonna be on the phone all day tomorrow talking about every little part of this trip, good thing I have work,” dad said. “I’m going to bed, early day tomorrow, goodnight.”

“Goodnight dad,” Rita and I said as we started to follow him upstairs, but was stopped by mom.

“Not so fast, we need to talk about this moving away you two plan on doing,” mom said.

“Not you guys too, we just got yelled at by Stephanie and Chris!” I complained.

“Well this is big, we’re not gonna just let this get swept under the rug,” Aunt Lisa said.

“Us? You just told us you were gonna be moving back out!” Rita said.

“Yeah but I didn’t live here in the first place, I already have a house. You didn’t think I was gonna stay here the rest of my life while I have my own house did you?”

“No, but we figured you’d stay a little longer at least.”

“And we thought you’d be staying too, at least you knew I’d be leaving eventually, you guys just sprung it up out of nowhere, with no warning to anybody!”

“We understand that, but can we talk tomorrow? I’m all tired and stuff, and this is probably gonna be a long, thought out talk. We’ll be better with a clearer head,” I said.
Mom and Aunt Lisa looked at each other, and then back at us. “Ok, we’ll talk tomorrow, BEFORE you leave to go anywhere, not after,” mom said as she and Aunt Lisa went upstairs.

“Well we knew it was coming,” Rita said as we followed behind them and went to our room.

I sat down on the bed that was still messed up from when we were playing video games earlier and lazily stripped down to my boxers. Rita closed the door and stripped down to her bra and panties, and then we cut off the lights and got into bed where she immediately cuddled as close as she could to me, to the point where she was almost laying on top of me. She wrapped her arms around me and laid her face in my neck, kissing it and my cheek every few seconds.

“I know what you’re thinking, and yes I’m gonna do this until we fall asleep, I finally have you all to myself, and I’m gonna take advantage of it,” she said.

“I wasn’t gonna say anything, I like when you get like this,” I said back.

When I said that she stopped kissing me and felt for my hand, and when she found it she interlocked our fingers. “Stephanie really wants to have sex with you.”

“Yeah you picked up on that too? It’s like she wasn’t even trying to be subtle about it.”

“What do you think?”

“I don’t know what I think. I mean yeah, earlier on I thought about sex with her, but a lot has changed since then, and it’s not what do I think, it’s what do we think.”

“Well you already know how I feel. I don’t wanna share you anymore, mom and Aunt Lisa already get their claws in you, and I don’t know if I can handle another person, let alone another person unrelated to us, but on the other hand I don’t think that’s fair of me to be selfish like that, and if there was anyone I would rather you have sex with, it’d be Stephanie.”

“I feel exactly the same way, if you wanted to have sex with Chris, I’d be ok with it.”

“I meant what I said, you’re the only one I’ll ever let inside me, but I wouldn’t be opposed to other stuff. They aren’t in the same spot as us yet.”

“I’m not gonna try and convince you to let me sleep with her, if that day comes, it’ll be because you two agreed to it, if not, I’m ok with that too. Like you said earlier, I can just do other stuff too, there’s plenty to choose from besides actual sex.”

“Try telling that to Stephanie, she wants you. She stopped for a while, but the whole hospital thing turned her back on to you ten times over.”

“Whatever you wanna do is completely fine with me, and she may not like it, but if you choose not to share me Stephanie will understand, it’s not like she absolutely has to have me.”

“Maybe we could work her into a threesome? I might be kinda ok with that since I’d be there.”

“Ok now it sounds like you want her involved…”

“I’m just trying to be fair, I don’t know. I’m not gonna worry about this right now.”

“That’s ok too, it’s not like you have to make a decision now.”

“Everybody wants a piece of my Randy, well they can’t have you, you’re all mine,” she said as she hugged into me and kissed me on the cheek again.

“Ok now you’re just flip flopping. That’s our cue to go to sleep.”

I turned on my back and stared at the ceiling as I’ve done so many times. My first day back I got seduced by mom and Aunt Lisa separately, help dad clear out the garage, cut down the forest that was Aunt Lisa’s yard, ate two super spreads of food mom made, set up a “play date” with Ashley, got hit on by Stephanie in front of Rita AND Chris, and opened up a possible life changing discussion about moving, but the best part of the day was this moment right here, with me holding Rita as she rested on me. Everything good would be amplified and everything bad would be forgotten when we were like this, in our own little utopia. It would really be utopia if we didn’t have to hide our relationship to the world…

“This is the first time in a long time we’ve been like this,” Rita said breaking my thought.

“Yeah it has, the first time in a while we’ve been in the bed.”

“You stopped breathing. That night at the ice cream shop, you stopped breathing.”

“I don’t remember it clearly, there was a lot going on, I couldn’t focus on one thing.”

“I remember it perfectly, no matter how much I wanna forget it. You looked at me, and you took one more breath, and then you…then you died, right in front of me.”

I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t imagine being in her position, let alone watching the person you loved most in the world die right in front of you.

“I wanted to die. I couldn’t believe what just happened right in front of me. I didn’t know what to do, what to say, who to say it to, I just wanted to wake up, like it was just a nightmare in my head. I tried to take the guy’s head off who shot you, but the police held me back from really doing anything, then I walked back to where you were, hoping the paramedics could do something, then one said they had a pulse, and I was so happy I almost had a heart attack.”

“Wow. I can’t remember any of that. I remember getting shot, and then it goes dark.”

“You died. For at least three minutes you had left this world.”

“Better me than you. I told you I would die for you,” I said as I squeezed her into me.

“Please don’t ever do that to me again. I can’t go through that a second time.”

“No you’re stuck with me now. We have the rest of our lives together, me and you.”

I kissed her on the cheek this time and held her with both arms. I recalled the image my conscience showed me in the dream of her sitting ay my bedside begging me to come back to her. I’d never seen so much hurt in her eyes in our whole lives, and I never wanted her to feel like that again. I would do my best to protect her, and at the same time keep myself out of situations like that at the ice cream shop, which was easier said than done, now I had the only incentive I needed laying on my chest. I could feel her heart beating faster than normal, and her body was hotter than usual, and I was a little concerned, but when I tried to check her out she stopped me in my tracks and pushed me back down on my back.

She turned my face to hers and kissed me, soft and slow, really making sure our lips touched each centimeter of the others. She moaned into my mouth as she climbed on top of me, her hair falling around our faces as we stayed locked with each other. By now our eyes were adjusted to the dark and she pulled back over me, and I could see her looking back at me with her sad, yet wanting eyes. She got up in the dark and walked over to the door and locked it, and then stuffed something under the door to block the light from being seen under it and cut on the lamp next to our bed, then she climbed back on top of me. I rubbed along her back as she ground her crotch into mine, letting me know just how much she wanted me. She took my arms and held them down with her hands as she kissed along my neck.

“You have no idea how much I love you Randy,” she whispered.

I went to say something, but she stopped me with her finger on my lip. She replaced it with her lips as she continued grinding on me, her smell quickly filling the room. She sat up and unhooked her bra and tossed it on the floor, and grabbed my hands and put them on her tits, helping me to rub them and squeeze them and do whatever else I wanted as she tried her best not to moan too loud. Mom and dad being twenty feet from us held no matter in Rita’s mind at this point. They could walk right in and she probably wouldn’t break from what she was doing. She rubbed all over my chest and scooted down until she came to my boxers. I took the hint and lifted myself off the bed as she pulled them off and dropped them where she threw her bra. She then got off the bed and slowly pushed her panties to the floor, and straddled my legs as she jerked my cock slowly, trying to get it as hard as she possibly could, which took almost no effort at this point. She slid up my body until her pussy was directly over my cock and started rubbing on it, giving me a cold air chill as each time she left a trail of her juice on me. Without looking away from me she reached behind me and grabbed my cock and pointed it at her pussy. Once she had the tip in she let my cock go and put both her hands on my chest and pushed back until I was buried completely inside her.

“Uuuuuungh, yes!” she moaned as she squeezed her eyes shut.

I threw my head back against the pillow and closed my eyes like she did so I could focus on the amazing feeling of me slowly penetrating her to the hilt. When I opened my eyes she was staring right at me with a look of pure love on her face. We’d had sex and fucked more than we could count, but whenever we made love, it was always ten times better. She slowly lifted herself off me and just as slowly let herself be penetrated by me again, each time resulting in an eye squint, a low groan, or a lip bite from her and a low moan from me. She was so tight, but at the same time she was so wet so I still slid in and out of her with no effort.

“It’s so good, oh my god it’s so good!” Rita whispered as she threw her head back.

I grabbed her tits and she cupped her hands over mine and helped me play with them again, and then took one of my fingers in her mouth. I grabbed her waist and lower back and pulled her down to me and mashed my mouth against hers as my hands found their way to her ass. I held her tight as she worked her ass on me in small circles and roamed my hands up her back to her face and cupped it with her hair splayed everywhere and kissed that spot on her neck I know she loves, and she kind of growled in retaliation, but in a sexy kind of way.

She turned on her side and I held her leg as I got behind her and slid back into her. I nibbled on her ear and pushed as deep as I could into her each time I went inside her.

“Don’t stop Randy, please don’t stop, oh my god please don’t stop,” she begged.

“Tell me you love me,” I whispered directly in her ear.

“I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you,” she moaned over and over.

I kept nibbling on her ear and playing with her tit with my free hand. The smell in the room was so strong I was scared it would seep under the door and alert everyone to what we were doing, but Rita was so far gone I don’t think she even noticed.

“Oh Randy, Randy! No one else I swear! I’ll never let another man inside me no matter what! I belong to you Randy, I’m yours and noone elses!”

“And I’m yours, for the rest of our lives I’m yours.”

She turned on her back and pulled me on top of her and reached between us until she had a hold of my cock, and then she scooted down until the tip was in, then grabbed my ass and pushed me in until I was balls deep in her. Her hands immediately went to my back as she whimpered and held on to me as my cock again invaded her pussy. She curled her legs around my waist and thrust against me as I thrust down into her. I put my weight on my elbows and held my face above her, looking her in the eyes and watching her beautiful face groan in the pleasure of me sliding in and out of her. Her breath slid off my cheek in spurts that timed with each push I made into her. I could just barely see her tits jiggling underneath me and I leaned myself down just enough to get her left tit in my mouth. She cupped my head and ran her fingers through my hair as she continued to match me thrust for thrust. She was so wet by this point that each time I slid in and out of her I could feel her juice sliding off of us and into the bed, and we would definitely have to open a window to help get the strong, pungent smell of sex out of the room or it would definitely be there until morning. I dropped my weight on her and locked lips with her as she welcomed me with open arms that curled around my back.

“Oh yes baby, right there, keep going right there,” she moaned.

She was about to cum, and I wanted it to be back breaking, so I slid her arms out over her head on the bed and held them down and held her gaze as I slowly and fully gave her every inch of her I had at a steady pace. She moaned over and over, and I went a little faster each time, but I was still going relatively slow. She wanted to close her eyes so bad but I wouldn’t let her, not yet. When she tried to I slowed down a little, and she immediately got the message and held her eyes open at me. She squeezed my hands and her pussy started to clamp around me, and I took that moment to once again nibble at that spot she likes on her neck, and that did it.

“I’m about to…oh my god I’m gonna…”

“Go ahead, let it all out, don’t hold back,” I said.

I let her hands do and they immediately went to my back. She dug her nails in my skin and held them there as her orgasm ripped through her, and then her through me. She dragged her nails along my back, maybe not enough to draw blood, but there would definitely be a few welts there. I could feel her pussy spasming around my cock as she buried her face in my neck so she could have something to scream into. She was having an amazing orgasm, and I didn’t care if I had one, as long as she got hers. Each second that passed made it a little harder to push into her while she was cumming, that and her entire body had a deathgrip on me from her nails locked into my back, her legs in a vicegrip around my waist, and now she was biting down on my neck, I couldn’t get away if I wanted to. When she finally eased up and let go of me she had this dreamy/drunk look on her face, but she still looked absolutely beautiful nonetheless. When she got her strength back she flipped me over so she was back on top and perched herself on me and rode me slow and hard. She had a look of determination on her face, like she was going to make me cum if it was the last thing she did. She put so much effort into grinding my cock into her. She wouldn’t let me help; when I tried to grab her hips she put my arms back on the bed and rode me harder. I watched her titties giggle as she dug her nails in my chest and shook her ass a little on my cock, which felt really good, and she noticed my expression as soon as I made it, so every few strokes she would life up and shake her ass.

“Baby I’m gonna…” I started to say before she put her hand over my mouth.

With her being so wet and riding me so good I was on the verge of cumming, but when I tried to tell her she covered my mouth, like she just wanted me to do it, kind of like how I just did with her, so I obliged. The closer I got the harder it was to keep my hands on the bed; I’d lasted a long time until she did that last shake on me, then I knew that was it.”

“Cum in me Randy, cum inside me,” she whispered as she fell by my ear.

I couldn’t hold back anymore. I grabbed her ass and plunged my cock in three or four times before I lodged it inside her and squirted deep in her pussy. I groaned each time I squirted and she gasped each time. My arms curled around her back and she let her weight drop on me, giving herself to me as me seed invaded her body over and over. I could feel her shaking and her pussy spasming again and I knew she was cumming for a second time, it might not have been as strong as the first one, but cumming feels good no matter how big or small. When I slowed down to a complete stop she worked her pussy on my cock to make sure she got every last drop out of me, and when she was sure she brought her face to mine and kissed me. My softening cock fell out of her and behind it my cum dripped out of her pussy onto my skin. Rita rolled on her side and propped herself up on her elbow and started at me, smiling.

“What?” I asked blushing a little.

“Nothing, I just love you that’s all. I just wanna look at you.”

“Soak it all in, you’re stuck with it forever,” I played along.

“That’s the main benefit. My whole body is tingling right now.”

“Not to mention the cum running out of you as we speak.”

“We have a washer and dryer, we’ll be fine. It’s no hot in here.”

“And sweaty, we need to crack the window anyway, the smell is still way too strong.”

I got up and opened the window and turned off the lamp and crawled back into bed to a waiting Rita who was wrapping herself around me the second I pulled the sheet over us.

“Are you gonna miss this place if we leave?” Rita asked.

“Of course I am, we spent our whole lives here, we’d be crazy not to miss it.”

“I know, that kinda makes me not wanna leave.”

“Yeah, but we could also start a new life somewhere else, and it’s not like we’d never come back, we’d come back and visit everyone, and they’d come out to visit us.”

“Can you imagine living with Chris and Stephanie? Nothing but late nights, video games, junk food and sex all the time, we’d never get anything done.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing, that sounds like the perfect life, well when you throw in some outings and movie nights and stuff like that.”

“And you know every visit from mom and Aunt Lisa will end up with one of getting raped, and by one of us I mean you. I wouldn’t even be able to fight them on that.”

“They’ll get you too, not just me. Do I have to refer back to the cabin…”

“No you don’t have to refer back to the cabin, I know what happened, I was there remember?”

“Yes you were, and I had an undiscovered front row seat to it all.”

“Stephanie was right, we’re all perverts. We were talking about moving just a second ago and just like that we jumped to sex.”

“We have our moments, but we can be serious when we need to be. When the time comes we’ll know what to do, until then, let’s enjoy life here.”

I kissed her on the forehead and squeezed her naked body into me and pulled the blanket over us as the night air made the room cold really fast. She laid her head on my shoulder and slid her hands down my chest, much softer than she’d done not too long ago. I could still feel my skin burning from how bad she locked her nails in it, but it was a pain I’d happily endure.

“If we do leave, there’s one thing we have to do before we go,” Rita said breaking the silence.

“What’s that?”

“We have to tell dad about us.”

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