An Unforgettable Weekend

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© 2002 JW Omnimedia. All Rights Reserved.

Becky understood that her job was just a stepping stone to something better in her career, that if she really wanted to get ahead she had to start at the bottom, she just wished it wasn’t such physically punishing work. She spent long hours at the zoo for little money and she was always left physically exhausted at the end of everyday. She loved the animals and it made her feel good to care for them and know that she was contributing, but still, she wished it wasn’t so hard on her physically. At least all the physical labor made it much easier for the petite brunette to stay in shape. Her 5’3” frame had always been trim and petite, but from working out, and just plain working, she was sculpting her hard body into a work of art. Becky wasn’t over-defined, but her arms were cut and her tummy was getting there. Even though Becky was happy with the effect all the work was having on her body she still needed a break and when a friend gave her a three-day trip to a spa in the nearby Poconos she jumped at it. Of course she told him that it was too extravagant and she really couldn’t accept it, but she was dying for it on the inside and was relieved when he refused to take no for an answer, as she knew he would.

Becky threw everything she thought she would need into a bag and headed up the Turnpike to the resort. She packed mostly casual clothes, but there was supposed to be a nice restaurant on the premises, so she did bring one nice outfit. Becky drove up on Friday afternoon and arrived in time to take a swim before her first scheduled activity, which was a massage she was dying for.

It was an unusually warm spring in the mountains, but Becky was still glad the pool was heated when she dove in. She wanted to do laps, but she was so worn out that mostly she just ended up floating for a while. When she’d dropped her clothes on the chaise lounge she’d caught a couple men checking her out in her little black string bikini, which made her feel sexy. A guy sneaking a peek was cool, but she hated it when men leered at her, especially dirty old men. Actually from what she’d seen there seemed to be twice as many men at the spa as women, which made Becky happy. She’d be able to relax much better knowing the place wasn’t going to be a meat market. When she climbed out of the pool, the chilled air instantly hardened Becky’s nipples to little points that stuck through her bikini top and self-conscious she wrapped a towel around herself.

The small beeper clipped to Becky’s bikini bottom buzzed and vibrated, making her jump. The spa issued vibrators to all their guests to make sure they did not miss any of their treatment appointments. The beeper was powerful and with a naughty smile Becky wondered if she should have clipped it somewhere else. The scrolling message on the side reminded her that her massage appointment was in ten minutes in Room Four. That gave her just enough time to rinse and change.

The door to Massage Room Four was open, but no one was there, so Becky went inside and sat on the massage table. It was a small room with a curio in one corner holding oils and towels and an Asian screen in the other corner. The walls were painted a soothing peach colour. Becky saw a stack of CDs beside a player on the curio and went through them. She wondered if she was allowed to pick her own music. Becky liked quite a few of the CDs and decided that their owner had taste.

“You can put on anything you’d like,” came a voice from behind Becky, startling her. She turned around and found a beautiful woman standing behind her, closing the door. She looked very casual in cotton running pants with a stripe down the side and a tank top. Her long dark-blonde locks were pulled back in a ponytail and with her clear blue eyes she looked startlingly like a young Sheryl Crow, whom Becky had always found quite sexy. The woman smiled and said, “You must be my four o’clock, Becky. I’m Tricia.” The wattage of Tricia’s smile nearly matched Becky’s own brilliant smile and it set Becky right at ease. Tricia gave Becky a firm handshake.

After Becky selected a Jewel CD, Tricia handed her a towel and said she could step behind the screen and remove her clothes. There was a small table back there and Becky took the folded her clothes and laid them on it. She took her shoulder-length auburn hair out of the scrunchie and let it down. It felt kind of funny to be getting naked with a complete stranger just feet away. Becky had never had professional massage before and was apprehensive. Usually she didn’t like strangers invading her personal space. But she did love massages. She was glad that her masseuse was a woman. She knew that if it were a guy taking care of her she would have been much more tense.

Becky came out from behind the screen and saw Tricia heating a bottle of oil. “Just hop up on the table and I’ll be with you in a second.” Becky laid face down on the cushioned table and unwrapped her fluffy white towel casino oyna so that it was just draped over her back. Tricia dimmed the lights and Becky closed her eyes. She must have nodded off because the next thing she was aware of was Tricia’s strong, gentle hands rubbing warm oil into her shoulders. Becky’s towel was pulled back so that it just lay over her ass.

Tricia’s hands were magical. Tricia was only about Becky’s size, maybe an inch or two taller, but she had power in that slim body. With strong fingers Tricia worked deep into the knotted muscles in Becky’s back, unrelenting until the muscles relaxed under her firm touch. There was a gentleness to Tricia’s touch too that Becky didn’t think a male masseuse would have had. When she wasn’t giving Becky a deep massage, Tricia gently caressed the smooth skin of Becky’s back, brushing aside the hair at the back of her neck and going all the way down to the cleft in the small of her back. Becky thought she might drift off again, but the massage felt so good that she didn’t want to miss a second of it. She felt a wave of complete calm and peace wash over her.

Tricia skipped down to Becky’s legs and worked her fingers into her calves, moving up to the backs of her knees and thighs. It felt like she was working with different oil now because it wasn’t just warm, but it left Becky tingling. And it was a very pleasant tingling. Slowly, Becky realized that she was tingling everywhere Tricia touched her, from her neck to her ankles and she blushed as she realized that Tricia’s touch had her turned on! She was glad the lights were so low that Tricia couldn’t tell she was blushing.

“So how long are you here for?” Tricia asked as she massaged Becky’s left leg.

Becky had trouble finding her voice, but she finally said, “Just the weekend.”

“Are you here with anyone?”

“No, it’s just me. This weekend was a gift from a friend.”

Tricia’s fingers were reaching higher and without realizing it Becky parted her legs just a little further. “Must be a good friend.”

“He’s a very good friend,” Becky answered with a soft sigh. Tricia’s fingertips kept brushing Becky’s inner thigh, one of the most sensitive places on her body and she fought to stay still. Was it normal to get so turned on by a massage, she wondered. Should it make a difference if it was a woman giving it? Becky decided it didn’t. She was just reacting to a touch and it didn’t matter if it was a man or a woman doing the touching, it just felt good. Really, really good. Becky was breathing heavier and she could feel her heart pounding. She wished Tricia’s hands would go just a little higher. As if she read Becky’s mind, when Tricia moved to her other thigh, she did reach higher, her fingers dipping past the towel that barely covered Becky.

“You’ll find that the people here are really friendly. I don’t know if you just wanted to keep to yourself this weekend, but if you feel like company I am sure you’ll find people to talk to.” Tricia’s fingers were so teasingly close to where Becky really wanted them that if she didn’t know better she would have thought the masseuse was teasing her on purpose. The tingling Becky felt was replaced by waves of warmth that passed through her body in time to Tricia’s massaging hands.

Becky was shy and she didn’t think she would have as easy a time meeting people as Tricia suggested, but she hoped the woman was right. Becky always found getting to know new people really interesting when she got comfortable with them. She felt very comfortable with Tricia, but she knew a lot of that was because of how relaxed and turned on Tricia had made her.

Tricia moved to the head of the table and Becky was disappointed that her hands left her thighs. Tricia leaned forward to rub Becky’s upper back and her snug tank top rode up. A little gold ring with a blue gem glinted in Tricia’s bellybutton, drawing Becky’s attention. Getting her belly pierced was an idea Becky had been toying with for a long time.

“Did it hurt when you got that done?” Becky asked. She found that although Tricia wasn’t rubbing her thighs anymore she wasn’t any less turned on. She couldn’t help but wonder how those wonderful hands would feel on her breasts. Feeling silly, she wondered what Tricia would do if she just turned over.

“Just for a second. It really wasn’t that bad.” Tricia’s hands were pushing down her back and under the towel, stopping just short of Becky’s cheeks.

“Really? I want to get it done, but the idea of that needle going in scares me.” Becky liked the way the piercing looked in Tricia’s tummy. Tricia’s tummy was very flat, like Becky’s, but it looked softer, not as cut.

“You can touch it if you like, I don’t mind,” Tricia said, noticing Becky staring at her stomach.

Becky was hesitant, but she reached out and touched Tricia. Her tummy was very warm and soft. The ring looked really good against Tricia’s tanned skin. She pushed at the ring with her fingers and it flipped canlı casino over. Becky thought it looked very cool and decided that she had to get one as soon as she got back. Tricia was more caressing her back than massaging it now and without realizing it Becky was massaging Tricia’s soft belly herself, centering on the piercing.

“Does it feel weird when people touch it?” Becky asked, transfixed by the golden ring. Touching Tricia back while she was being massaged turned Becky on even more. She knew that if she touched herself at that moment she would have been soaking wet.

Tricia laughed. “Not at all! I kinda like it, actually. What you’re doing right now feels nice.”

Hearing Tricia acknowledge what she was doing made Becky self-conscious and she held her hand still, but did not withdraw it. Tricia gave her shoulder a squeeze and told Becky, “Hey, you don’t have to stop. I said it felt good, remember?”

Becky went back to gently rubbing Tricia’s belly and the blonde masseuse had given up massaging entirely in favour of caressing Becky’s back. Tricia’s gentle hands were giving Becky chills. Becky was so completely lost in the sensation of being touched and touching that lost track of the passage of time. The gentle beeping of the alarm brought Becky back to earth.

“I’m sorry, but our time is up,” Tricia said.

Forgetting she was essentially naked, Becky started to sit up, giving Tricia a nice, long flash of her pert breasts before she remembered and covered up. “Thank you so much. That was the best massage I’ve ever had. Seriously.”

“I hope you’re scheduled for the rest of your time here then. I had a really nice time talking to you too.”

“I know I have massages scheduled, but I don’t know who they are with.”

“I will go over the schedule and make sure they are with me. How’s that?”

“You don’t have to do that. I wouldn’t want you to go to any trouble.” Becky hated feeling like she was getting special treatment or that she would owe someone something.

“Really, Becky, it’s no trouble at all. I really want to, you’re one of the best clients I’ve had.”

“Well, if it’s really no problem, thanks Tricia.”

“It’s my pleasure.”

Becky dressed behind the screen and when she came out she was disappointed to find Tricia gone. She was looking very forward to her massage tomorrow.

Returning to her room, Becky took a long, hot shower to wash the oil out of her skin before dinner. While she showered, Becky’s thoughts kept going back to her massage and how good Tricia’s hands felt. Again she wondered what it might be like to feel the woman’s hands everywhere and to touch her back. It was not the first time Becky had thought about being with a woman, but it never seemed so real before and she had never been as turned on. Becky rarely touched herself, but as she washed her hands did linger over her breasts, massaging her super sensitive nipples. She leaned against the cool tile wall of the shower, but Becky resisted the temptation to touch herself anywhere else. To her, it just wasn’t as good as the real thing.

She dressed casually for dinner that night, planning to just grab a quick bite and return to her room with a good book. Sometimes Becky felt like life was so hectic she never had time to just be and she planned to take advantage of the time she had to herself this weekend. Of course she was so tired that she was only a few pages into her book when she was fast asleep.

Becky awoke the next morning lying on her stomach with the book wedged painfully underneath her. Aside from that, she felt completely refreshed and better than she had in ages. She knew she had a facial, which she was really looking forward to, and a mud bath, which she was dubious about, scheduled before her afternoon massage, but her morning was free and Becky decided to grab a quick breakfast and a morning swim before her day started. She changed into her bikini, wearing a tank top and sarong over it, and after a light breakfast of fruit and juice headed for the pool.

It was a chilly morning in the mountains and Becky shivered as she set her things down on a chaise lounge. Not too many people were willing to brave the crisp mountain air for a swim and there were only a handful of people around that morning. Steam rose from the heated pool and Becky did not waste any time stripping down and diving into the heated water. She did some laps and then simply floated, reluctant to exchange the heated water for the cold morning. She was floating on her back, with her breasts just breaking the surface of the water, when Becky heard her name called. Her gaze followed a pair of shapely legs up a terrific body until she came to Tricia’s smiling face.

“It’s nice to see you’re not scared of some chilly weather,” Tricia said, standing at the side of the pool in a blue tankini. The swimsuit flattered the soft curves of Tricia’s trim body, hugging her taut butt and making her breasts seem larger kaçak casino than they day before. Tricia’s dark-blonde curls were free and tumbled past her shoulders.

“Honestly, I’m still in the pool because I don’t want to get out and freeze.” Becky admitted.

“I see. Let me help you out then. Is that your stuff over there?” When Becky nodded, Tricia went over and retrieved the giant fluffy white towel Becky brought down from her room and carried it over to a ladder at the deep end of the pool. Becky swam over and as she climbed out of the water Tricia wrapped the towel around her, which surprisingly turned into a quick hug. Being in Tricia’s arms, even for an instant, felt very nice. “That’s a great bikini,” Tricia remarked, opening the towel to check out Becky’s swimsuit.

Becky was wearing a string bikini in several sunset colors with beads on the string between her breasts and her hips. Tricia touched the beads between her breasts, saying, “That’s a nice accent,” and Becky’s heart raced. Somehow Becky got the feeling that Tricia wasn’t just checking out her bikini.

“Thanks, I’ve had it for a while, but I used to be kind of shy about wearing a string bikini.”

“That’s crazy, you’ve got a fantastic body,” Tricia said, making Becky blush.

“So do you,” Becky said. She noticed Tricia’s thick nipples standing out through her top and looked away before she was caught staring. “You must be freezing, though.”

“The cold doesn’t really bother me, but I do want to get in the water. I start work in an hour.”

“I’ll let you go then. It was nice running into you again. Oh, and thanks for the towel.”

“No problem,” Tricia smiled. “I’ll see you this afternoon.”

Becky noticed a lot of the spa guests were walking around in just the big, comfy robes provided by the resort, so instead of dressing before her appointments she just slipped into her own robe. She only wore a pair of panties beneath it and kept a tight grip on the knot she made in the belt.

The facial felt wonderful and Becky wished it lasted longer. It was done by an attractive woman in her forties and Becky began to wonder if they only hired attractive people at the spa. Becky felt like putty in the woman’s hands. Next came the mud bath and Becky found it surprisingly relaxing. She found out too late she should have worn her bikini bottoms to her appointment and Becky was forced to wear her panties into the mud. At first it felt very weird oozing up all around her, but as she lay in the special mud she could feel it doing its thing and opening all her pores. Becky settled down into the relaxing greenish mud and even ended up taking a short nap before the attendant woke her and said she was due for her massage. She stepped under shower to rinse the mud off and realized that she couldn’t walk around in her wet panties so she rung them out and slipped them into the pocket of her robe. Somehow she felt different, a little sexy, walking around the spa completely naked under the oversized robe.

When Becky returned to Massage Room Four Tricia was already there this time, dressed similarly to the day before. But she did notice Becky’s change in attire. “I’m glad to see you’re getting more relaxed around here,” Tricia commented.

“Just trying to fit in,” Becky joked.

Tricia had already lowered the lights, lit some aromatherapy candles and put on a CD of piano music. Becky found the atmosphere very relaxing, almost like the mood was custom made for her. She decided that she and Tricia must have very similar tastes indeed.

“I’m ready to get started if you are.”

Becky nodded and before she could step behind the screen Tricia was standing behind her, slipping the robe from her shoulders. Startled, Becky just stood there and let the robe fall away. She was very conscious that she wasn’t wearing panties now. Even though her back was to Tricia, Becky still dropped a hand in front of her pussy by reflex. Tricia said she could go ahead and lay down and Becky’s heart was beating rapidly as she crossed the small room naked and laid face down on the massage table. When Tricia came over and laid a towel over her butt it did not calm her much.

Tricia started much the way she had the day before, but this time Becky responded to her touch immediately. Even as Tricia’s massage relaxed her, Becky could not help but fantasize about what it would be like to make love to her masseuse. She squirmed under Tricia’s touch, feeling the heat growing between her legs as the blonde’s hands dipped beneath the towel and touched her ass. It seemed to Becky that there was something different about the way Tricia was touching her today, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. Tricia’s hands lingered in one place longer, seeming to touch more to excite than relax. That’s crazy, Becky told herself. I’m just projecting my fantasy. Still, when Tricia was massaging her thighs it definitely felt like Tricia’s hands were slipping higher. The oil now coating Becky’s skin made Tricia’s hands glide over her effortlessly and Becky thought about how easy it would be for Tricia’s hands to slide just a touch higher.

“You can turn over now if you’d like,” Tricia said.

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