Another Promise Ch. 02

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The guys were ready for us. They were pretty well organized. First each guy had written the name of the girl who would be his first choice on a little card and then the guys turned in all the cards to James Bradley and Dave Wallace who were the two organizers and if one girl got ten or fewer picks then all the guys who had picked her got her. That was because there were sixty guys and six girls so the guys decided they should divide things evenly and not make one girl get screwed more than ten times just because she was prettier. So, if a girl got more than ten picks, then the guys who had picked her, and just those guys, drew from this box that had her name on ten of the cards but all the other cards were blank. Then all the guys who had picked a blank card plus the guys who hadn’t picked any particular girl picked cards with the names of all the girls who were available. Well, as you might expect, Jenny was the only girl who got more than ten votes. She got 41 of them. I got eight, Marcy got three, Mary Lou got one which was her boyfriend, probably, who really wanted to pick Jenny but didn’t dare to, and seven guys didn’t make any pick at all and just went right into the general draw at the end. That meant that for that last draw there were only two cards in the box with my name on it, seven with Marcy’s, nine with Mary Lou’s, none with Jenny’s and ten for the two other girls, Margaret and Sally.

Of course I didn’t know anything about this at the time. I thought it was going to be like a free for all and I was especially worried about Jenny who I knew wouldn’t want to be there at all and might end up getting screwed by fifty guys! I would have to do something to keep things more balanced, I thought, but what would I be able to do? Oh, well, Jenny had made the promise with the rest of us so it was her own fault she was in this mess. I couldn’t help it that she was totally beautiful and would be everyone’s first choice to have sex with, which made me a little jealous, I have to admit.

I should tell you a little bit more about Jenny. She is a natural light blonde with big blue eyes, five feet seven and very curvy. I got some picks probably because some of the guys liked me but they wouldn’t have said that I am prettier than Jenny. They might have said that my legs are as nice as Jenny’s, though they are a little slimmer, and maybe they would say my face is as nice as hers, but Jenny’s boobs are a lot bigger than mine and they have just as nice shapes as mine and are just as firm as mine. They are the most amazing boobs I ever saw. Plus Jenny has everything else to go with them. She is just overall more shapely than me. And she is a very sweet person besides (most of the time). I felt bad about leading her into an orgy but I couldn’t dwell on it that much. I had my own concerns. I had never been in an orgy before myself. It was like overwhelming to even think about and when we reached the parking lot and got out of the car I could hardly walk in a straight line I was so nervous and excited.

“Gee it’s such a beautiful morning, Elle,” Jenny said, happily. She skipped ahead of me toward the gym. Her skirt swished up on her thighs as she skipped. Her sweater was loose at her trim waist and I thought about the guys waiting to put their hands up that sweater, which would be just for starters.

“Jenny, I have to tell you something,” I said.

Jenny stopped and turned around. I took a deep breath and then I told her. Jenny’s jaw dropped and she just blinked at me in disbelief, not saying a word, as I explained everything.

“I’m sorry, Jenny, I should have told you before. We made a promise and I thought this was the only way to keep our word to the guys, by fooling you I mean. I made a mistake. Come on, I’ll take you home.”

I never saw Jenny get mad before. She always has the nicest disposition. But now her face got red and I could see she was angry, and I thought she was angry at me, but she wasn’t.

“All those guys ever think about is sex. If they were gentlemen they would have said, girls, thanks for giving us that encouragement, you girls are great, but of course we don’t expect you to have sex with us just because we won a stupid football game.”

Jenny was fuming she was so mad. She started walking very fast toward the gym door.

“Jenny, what are you doing?”

“I am going to give these guys a piece of my mind. And that includes, Chuck and those custodians, I mean grownup men acting this way. It is disgusting!”

“Jenny, I wouldn’t go in there if I were you,” I said, running to catch up with her. But Jenny pulled open the metal gym door and we both went in. The other girls were waiting for us in the vestibule, which is like this little room just before the gym. A couple of the girls were looking through the glass at the crowd of guys milling around the gym floor. I casino oyna took a peek too. They had wrestling mats spread around, three of them.

“They’re going to fuck us on those mats,” Mary Lou said, excitedly. I could see that Mary Lou’s attitude about the whole thing was pretty different from Jenny’s.

“Let me see,” Jenny said, pushing between Mary Lou and me to look through the window.

“I think this the most awful thing I ever heard of,” she said, with total disgust. Jenny’s face was redder than ever and her eyes were blazing mad and then she looked at me.

“I’m going in there and tell those guys what I think of them. And you girls are a bunch of sluts. Elle, I am surprised at you. I’m going to report this whole thing.”

“Jenny, you better not. I even offered to give you a ride home, Jenny, and not trick you into coming in here like I was going to, I admit that, but I changed my mind. So don’t be mad at me.”

“I will be mad at you, Elle, if I want to. I think you are a slut for doing this. I think all you girls are sluts!!”

Well, Jenny just huffed away and lifted her chin in the air and then she pushed open the door and went inside the gym while the rest of us girls followed her. A huge cheer greeted us. Guys were pumping their fists and laughing and shouting and being obscene of course the way guys always are. Most of them were looking at Jenny. A lot of them couldn’t believe we had actually come. They didn’t know yet what Jenny was up to.

Jenny stood there with her hands on her hips leveling her gaze at the crowd of guys around us, waiting for them to quiet down. Marcy and I looked at each other and shrugged. We didn’t know what to do. After a while, the guys could see that Jenny had something she wanted to say and the shouting and laughing and blabbing gradually died away and then it became almost totally silent. I was watching Jenny most of the time and I saw that the redness in her cheeks had begun to fade. She became whiter and whiter and she was almost like a ghost when she finally began to speak.

“You…you guys….are…are….,” she said, and she began to sway on her feet and then…Jenny fainted. She just dropped to the floor. Plunk.

Margaret was the first one to react. “Come on, let’s get her on the mat,” she said. Then Marcy and I helped her and we all picked up Jenny and carried over to the mat and laid her down on her back. Some of the guys started coming over and pretty soon there was a crowd around the mat with Jenny lying there with her eyes closed, looking totally beautiful of course. Well, I always suspected that Margaret liked girls as much as she liked guys and Margaret’s idea of giving Jenny CPR, if that was what Jenny needed to begin with, was to push open Jenny’s legs and push up her skirt, exposing Jenny’s purple cheerleader panties and then get down between Jenny’s open legs and begin to blow her breath into Jenny’s panties and then lick and kiss them right where Jenny’s cunt would be. The guys all thought this was a great idea on Margaret’s part and they started whopping all over again.

“Come on girls, give Margaret some assistance in helping out Jenny,” one of the guys said.

Marcy laughed and knelt down beside Jenny and pushed up Jenny’s sweater. She knew what everyone wanted to see so she pushed up Jenny’s bra and Jenny’s beautiful tits popped out for everyone to stare at until Marcy’s head got in the way and she started to suck on Jenny’s nipples and lick her tits all over. Meanwhile, Margaret had pulled down Jenny’s panties and was blowing her breath right into Jenny’s cunt. Then Margaret lowered her head and began to eat her almost best friend, which Jenny was by the way. The two girls just had never had sex before.

Guys were yelling or just watching and then there was pushing and shoving around the mat as the ten guys who were going to fuck Jenny squeezed into the front and started taking off their pants. One of them was Coach Chuck and one was Joe the custodian. Jenny’s eyes blinked open. By now she was squirming and moaning from having her cunt eaten and her nipples licked.

“Oh no! Please don’t,” Jenny moaned. She looked up frantically and saw me.

“Elle help me,” she said, as if there was something I could do about it. This kind of thing happens to me all the time, I don’t know why, I mean people asking me to help out them out in some way when there’s a problem. Well, usually I will try to help if I can but I wasn’t going to help Jenny.

“You shouldn’t have called me that name, Jenny,” I said, and just as I said it a big arm wrapped around my waist and I felt myself being pulled backward. I looked over my shoulder to see who it was and saw Howard, who is one of the biggest guys on the team. He had this funny look on his face. Then David Barnes was in front of me feeling me up through my sweater. I was instantly embarrassed canlı casino because David sits next to me in psychology and we are friends there, always kidding around and sharing notes and stuff and there had never been anything like romantic between us, I mean nothing at all. I knew he thought I was cute because Marcy told me he had said that to her but he never gave even a hint he would like to go out with me and now he was going to fuck me. Boy, these orgy situations are something, I was thinking as I was being pulled toward my mat, no doubt, and being felt up along the way.

“David!” I squirmed and kicked and then I remembered I wasn’t supposed to resist these guys. What kind of a promise keeper would I be if I did that? So I smiled at David and lifted my foot up and bumped him with my sneaker, not hard, but in a teasing way where his hardon was making a bulge in his pants.

“Mmmm, what is that, David?”

“Hey Elle. We’re going to fuck you,” he answered, getting his hand under my sweater and under my bra, too. “Ten of us, Elle. We’re going to turn you into a cum bucket.”

They were dragging me to someplace and as we moved through the crowd Dave told me in an excited voice how they had picked us, using the little cards and all. He wanted to let me know that he had picked me over Jenny and didn’t just get me in the general draw. “I always wanted to fuck you the most of any girl in the whole school,” he smiled. We bumped into some guys along the way who were busy getting their owns girls and then the next thing I knew my sweater was off and my bra was off and I was lying on my back on one of the mats looking up at a bunch of horny guys with their dicks out. I almost fainted even though I was lying down.

In a daze, I turned my head to see who was next to me on my mat. It was Marcy. Her guys had dragged her off Jenny and already stripped her and one of the guys was getting between Marcy’s legs and I looked just in time to see him start fucking her. Marcy just closed her eyes and bit her lip and let the guy screw her. It was a new guy on the team who had transferred from another school and neither Marcy nor I knew him very well. But he was good at what he was doing now, you could see that, and pretty soon I heard Marcy moaning and gasping. Well, I was about to be in the same situation Marcy was in. I looked around the circle of guys standing over me to see who they all were. Alex was there. I had been afraid that he would be. His cock was out just like the other guys and it was hard and Alex looked at me with a look that was as hard as his cock.

“Don’t worry, bitch. I didn’t pick you. I picked Jenny. I got you because everyone else wanted Jenny too and I lost out and got you.”

This was my boyfriend talking. I just looked at him. Alex told me to get up on my knees. He said he wanted me to introduce myself to the cocks. I was supposed to go around on my knees and say hello to each of the cocks and give them a little lick and tell them I wanted them to fuck me. Some of the guys seemed to like this idea and they were laughing. So I was going to be humiliated as well as screwed. All right, I thought, why argue. I will just do it. It seemed exciting, to be honest, so I didn’t really mind saying hello to the boys’ cocks and giving them some licks if that is what they wanted and I was pretty sure that they did want that. What I minded was Alex’s attitude.

I shifted on my knees and found myself in front of David. His cock was almost poking me in the face. I looked up at him and smiled. He didn’t smile at me.

“Lick it, Elle.”

“Ok.” I put out my tongue and put it underneath David’s cock which was about six inches long, I guess. I liked the way his cock felt heavy on my tongue. I lifted his cock as I licked it and when the tip of my tongue came off the head of David’s cock the cock dropped a little and I opened my mouth and let it in me. I gave it one long suck and then pulled my mouth away.

“I guess your cock and me know each other now, David,” I said, softly. David didn’t answer. He just looked at me as I moved on my knees to the next boy. I went down the row of cocks, licking them and even talking to them. It was very strange. I knew all these boys. I had gone to school with some of them since kindergarten and we were all friends. At least I thought we were friends. Alex was the only boy in my group I had gone out with. And now…this! Phew! The boy I was most aware of as I said hello to the cocks was Luke Tatum, who was standing next to Alex at the end of my line. His cock was the biggest and the handsomest and the fiercest I had ever seen in real life. I got dizzy whenever I glanced at it. As I got closer to Luke, I couldn’t stop thinking about his cock and when I would say hello to the other boys’ cocks, it was always Luke’s cock that would be on my mind.

By now I was the only girl who wasn’t kaçak casino being fucked yet. My guys had a whole program worked out for me while the other groups were pretty chaotic. I heard guys yelling things like, “my turn, you asshole!”, and “I’m next. The fuck you are, I’m next.” And I could hear the girls moaning now and then. I saw Marcy next to me being fucked by two guys at once and I saw Jenny over on her mat being fucked by Henry, who is this giant fat boy who almost never gets to play because he is so slow and who has bad breath and could never have gotten a date with Jenny in a million years. Well, he was having a pretty good date with her right now! Next to Jenny, Sally was giving a guy a blow job while another guy was fucking her. On the other mat, Margaret was being fucked and Marcy Lou was being fucked by two guys at once.

Well, I had my own situation to think about. My guys had worked something out for me and they were taking their time. Not a single person had fucked me and I still had my skirt and panties and sneakers and socks on. Finally, I was there, kneeling in front of Luke with his amazing cock a few inches from my face. It seemed right to me that a person should be on her knees in front of a cock like Luke’s, I mean it seemed like the respectful thing to do.

“I…I couldn’t help noticing him,” I murmured, looking up.

“Yeah, I saw you looking at it. You like big cocks, don’t you?”

“I like them ok, I guess.”

“You love em.”

Too bad Luke wasn’t as interesting as his cock, I thought. Oh well, you can’t have everything. My heart was going so fast I thought it would have an attack. I opened my mouth and closed my eyes. Luke’s cock was so big all I had to do was stick out my tongue and move my head forward. I couldn’t miss it. Licking Luke’s cock was almost like a religious experience. After that one lick, someone came up behind me and pulled me down on the mat. Then guys were all over me, holding me down and pulling off my skirt and panties and sneakers. They didn’t bother with my purple socks. And then Luke was getting down on top of me. Besides wanting to fuck me themselves, the guys wanted to see Luke fuck me so they had decided he would go first. Before then, everything seemed to be going at a nice slow pace and now it was happening too fast for me.

I looked up over Luke and saw Alex staring at me.

“Guys want to see you fucked by a cock that’s too big for you, bitch. I’m looking forward to that myself.” There was nothing I could say or do. I just closed my eyes while Luke opened my legs and stuck his cock against my cunt. Then he pushed into me as hard as he could. I felt like I was being split in half. His cock went totally into me. He pulled back and drove it in again. And again. And again. Mmmmm. It started to feel good. Then it started to feel great. I heard myself moaning and gasping. I wrapped my legs around Luke and just let him pound me until I came, and made my little spurt all over his wonderful cock that I wanted to fuck me forever. I came a second time before Luke did. I make funny noises when I have an orgasm. I can’t help it and it was like an announcement to everyone, so it was kind of embarrassing when you remember it afterward. Anyway, Luke shot off in me and just filled me up with hot cum and then he lay on me, panting and getting his breath back, and then he rolled off me, and the next boy took his place.

A couple of the guys wanted to fuck me in my bottom but I didn’t want them to. I said they could fuck me the regular way and I would give a blowjob at the same time but that was all I wanted to do, and I really did want to do that. But Alex was being real mean and he told Steven and George they could fuck me in my bottom and they both did. I didn’t like it, really, but it wasn’t as awful as I thought it would be. Anyway, the whole experience begins to blur in my mind as I try to think about it. All I can really tell you besides what I already have is that all ten of the guys fucked me and they all came in me or on me – a couple of guys just shot their cum in my face and on my breasts and I was sucking a couple of other guys when they came so I swallowed quite a bit of cum that morning. I was the last girl to finish.

I noticed this crowd growing around our mat toward the end. I realized I was putting on a show for all the guys whose groups had completed their orgy and they had nothing to do except watch me. The girls were watching, too. Even Jenny was standing there. She had some of her clothes back on and her face had cum spots on it and her eyes were in la la land. I wondered if she would ever be the same again and then I forgot about her and I forgot about everything and I just closed my eyes while the guy on top of me fucked me. I am not sure who that last boy was, though I have a pretty good idea. All I really remember are his arms and his chest and the feeling of his big you know what going way inside me and then almost out again, over and over and over. Boy, I thought, just before I had my last orgasm, I better be sure that I go to confession tonight!

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