Awakening Michelle Ch. 01: Intro

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I’m not sure where to begin the story of me and my wife’s journey into the lifestyle, so I suppose the beginning is as good a place as any. My wife Michelle and I have been together for almost half of our lives. We started dating when we were seventeen, high school sweethearts. We dated for a few years and have been happily married now for ten years. We are both in our mid thirties and have started a family of two children. We were always happy and deeply in love with one another. However, we weren’t necessarily in the ‘prime’ of our lives although we wanted to be.

Nearly two years ago we started a journey of bettering ourselves by exercising and changing our eating habits. I was 5’9″ and overweight at 255 lbs. My wife was 5’6″ and almost the same at 245 lbs. We decided we didn’t want to miss our children’s weddings and got to changing our lifestyles. I can happily say that I’m now down to a healthy 175 lbs muscular build. It is hard to imagine that I had muscles that were lying dormant under all of the fat. Luckily I don’t have any loose skin as we did it slowly and used different methods to keep our skin tight during the weight loss. Not to boast but it feels good that my frame now matches my blonde hair and blue eyes. My wife was always hot to me, even when she was overweight. But now, holy shit! She is a bombshell. She’s trimmed herself down to 135 lbs and kept all the right curves. Her hair has always been blonde with some type of highlights and always just at or above her shoulders. She’s always picked colors that highlighted her hair well and complemented her blue eyes. If you ask her the only thing that she is unhappy with is her breast size. She’s always been about a B cup but she’s always been a nice handful for me. However, she’s even more critical now that she has a thinner frame.

As a congratulatory gesture I suggested that she get a breast augmentation. I was afraid she’d blow up but she actually agreed with no argument. She opted to go from the B cup to a D cup breast size. I can’t say that I was complaining before but her curves are even more accentuated now that she has larger curves up top as well. The recovery took a little longer than normal but now that she’s healed she loves to show the puppies off. She never was much into two piece swimsuits before the weight loss and breast surgery but now she wears them every opportunity she gets. I can’t say that I don’t enjoy it. I think watching her and the attention she gets is what got me thinking about the lifestyle more seriously.

Before our transformation I had always been interested in the lifestyle. The thought of seeing her with another man was always enough to get me instantly hard. Sometimes I would imagine her sucking another man’s cock while I was fucking her. I had brought up the idea of swinging but she was always one guy kind of gal and never thought about being anything but monogamous. So, I always bided my time and imagined my little fantasies, if she only knew!

It would happen that about 9 months after her breast augmentation a local swingers club was hosting a ‘meet and greet’ where those that were curious about the lifestyle could tour the club and talk to the current members. The nice thing about the event is that it didn’t require any pre-registration like most clubs do before you join. The hosts asked that you email them the pertinent information such as names, age, sex, etc. Then you had your spot reserved for the event. I was able to talk Michelle into getting a sitter for the kids for the night and going to ‘this new dance club’. I knew if I tried to ask her before she would flat out turn it down and it would be a no fly zone. I played it cool and that is where we will pick up our story.

“Ugh Mike, where is this place? It seems like a long drive compared to other clubs that are closer. How much longer? I think I can feel my teeth floating I have to pee so bad”

I suppress a chuckle “We’re almost there. But I have a confession to make.” I can feel the blood rushing from my face as I know I’d have to tell her where we are going. The club’s name is ‘Desire’ and she’d either think it is a strip club or a swingers club and the jig would be up when we get there. I decided to tell her before, so we can get the formalities otherwise known as a spat out of the way.

“Umm, Ok…” She says curiously but hesitant of my response.

“The club we’re going to isn’t your basic, run of the mill dance club. It is an open house for people that are into swinging. Now, before you yell at me, hear me out.” I can sense an outburst while I say that but keep going on. “I am not doing this to fuck some other girls tonight, or to ever fuck someone else for that matter. I just believe we owe it to ourselves to learn more about something we know nothing about. If you remember you said you’d never use a sex toy and now we have a whole binful under our bed. Again, I’m not saying we’re doing anything, or that we ever will do anything. But there is more to swinging than fucking other people. casino siteleri You can be a voyeur or an exhibitionist and never touch another person. Plus there is so much that even I don’t know that I’d like to learn.”

“Babe, I love you and no one else. I can’t imagine that I’ll ever think about being with another man or being naked in front of a group of people for that matter. Plus, owning sex toys and watching you put your cock into another woman are two completely different things. Can’t we just do something else?”

She’s always been somewhat of a frugal person so I decide a little white lie wouldn’t hurt in this situation so I say, “We can, but I had to put $50 down to reserve the spot. I’ll owe you one. You can think about what I need to do to pay you back. All I’m asking is you give it a couple of hours to talk and learn and then we’ll go home.”

She lets out one of those ‘you owe me big time’ sighs and says, “Fine. But don’t expect alot from me and you owe me. You owe me big for this one.”

We pull up to the club and there are just handful of cars out front. This is it! My cock is twitching at the prospects of testing our boundaries and learning more about this lifestyle. I honestly am not expecting anything but it has been a fantasy for so long I can’t resist being turned on by the idea.

I notice the club has a grey facade with the words ‘Desire’ etched in purple neon cursive with a mirror backdrop. Not too strippy, but not sophisticated either. We open the large black door at the entrance and we can hear the low thud of music as we enter the building. I can sense Michelle tensing up as we enter so I take her hand to let her know I am there and I love her. Inside is a hostess stand made out of glass and I can see straight through to the person standing behind. The hostess is a gorgeous 20 something brunette with her hair in a pony tail. She’s shorter than Michelle and probably weighs 120 lbs soaking wet. She is wearing a short blue dress on that hugs her frame and her tits are probably a B cup but look amazing on a small frame.

“Welcome to Desire. My name is Kennedy. Are you members or are you here for the open house?”

“Um… we’re here for the open house.” I croak. I feel like a nervous teenager at my girlfriend’s parents house.

“Names?” Kennedy asks with a cute smirk on her face.

“Mike and Michelle” I reply.

“If you’ll please take a seat and I’ll go get Charlie and Alex, they are the hosts for the event and they’ll give you the tour and introduce you to some of the members that are already here.” She gestures to a long red leather bench that sits against a purple wall. The room is lit with a dull white and blue lighting and about as big as a single car garage. It is decorated like a strip club meshed with a 50’s diner.

“Kennedy, is there a restroom I can use?” asks Michelle.

“Sure, follow me and I’ll show you where it is.”

Michelle plucks a kiss on my lips and tells me she’ll be right back. I decide to sit while trying to make out the music coming from somewhere in the club. I wipe my sweaty palms on my pants to fight some of the nervousness as I wait for Michelle to come back and for the hosts to arrive.

An attractive couple walks into the foyer from the main club and they each have such welcoming smiles. The husband, Charlie, stands about 6′ and is very muscularly built. Based on his jet black curly hair I could tell he has some Italian ancestry. He looks to be in his early to mid forties and you can see that distinguished grey starting to show in his goatee. I have to do a double take as his wife looked like Michelle. She’s about an inch or two off of Michelle and probably the same weight and frame. Her breasts seem to be unaltered but she knows how to accentuate her C cups. Her hair is raven black like Charlie’s and her lips could suck start a leaf blower.

I stand up, extending my hand to shake both Charlie and Alex’s hands.

“Good evening! You must be Mike. I’m Charlie and this is my wife Alex” Charlie says while gesturing to his wife.

“Nice to meet you. My wife, Michelle, had to run to the restroom she’ll be right ba-” No sooner than I say that, she walks around the corner and I hear Charlie mutter “Wow” under his breath.

“Michelle, I was just introducing myself and my wife to your husband here. We’re the hosts for this evening. I’m Charlie and this is my wife Alex. And, I hope I’m not too forward but you look amazing.” Michelle is wearing her sexy, tight fitting black dress and her mid height heels. She definitely looks amazing.

Michelle blushes and lets out a muted “Thanks” as she walks up beside me. She huddles up against me and I can sense that she is tense.

“If you guys will follow us we’ll take you to our office and we can get to know eachother a little bit and discuss the lifestyle and some of the rules for tonight. Come this way” Alex says as her and Charlie lead us down a hallway. The hallway is in the same decor as the foyer but canlı casino lit by recessed L.E.D. rope lights near the ceiling. The lighting gives this soft white glow to the hallway.

I feel Michelle lean into me and whisper “Wow, they are a gorgeous couple. It is like looking at a mirror when I look at Alex.”

“No kidding.” I say.

We enter an office that has that porn audition feel. Not opulent but sufficient to run a business. There’s a desk with 2 chairs on one side of the room and a couch with 2 plush chairs separated by a coffee table on the other side. Charlie and Alex take the two plush chairs which left the couch for Michelle and I.

“Tell us what brought you to club Desire tonight? What is your experience with the lifestyle?” Charlie asks.

“I’ll admit this was solely my idea. My wife and I have never considered entering the lifestyle and it took a bit of persuading to get Michelle here. I’ve always been intrigued by the lifestyle and wondering if I had the capacity to feel jealous if another person were to be intimate with Michelle. I’ve been on websites that talked about the lifestyle, watched reality shows, etc. I found your club’s website awhile ago and would check back from time to time. I saw your announcement of the open house and thought it would be a good time to check things out. I don’t plan to act on anything tonight and I’m letting Michelle set the pace. If we walk out of here tonight more educated and decide to never look at the lifestyle again, then I will be fine with that. I love Michelle more than anything and I would never jeopardize that.”

I see Michelle glance sidelong at me now that I elaborated a bit on my personal history with the lifestyle. I feel some of her tension melt away. Let’s push it a little bit further…

“Admittedly, the idea does turn me on tremendously though. There have been times where I’ve day dreamed about sharing Michelle with another man. The thought of two of us running our hands up and down her body. Giving her our undivided attention is a huge turn on for me. I would love to experience giving her our undivided attention and letting her get all the sexual pleasure she can handle. She’s got the most delicious sex and the thought of another man tasting that while I’m gently sucking on her breasts, slowly biting her nipples is immensely arousing. Add to that the feeling of me deep inside her while another man is kissing on her neck and sending goose bumps up her back, she likes that by the way, is enough to push me to the edge. Finally, watching her climax with her nails dug into the chest of another man while I’m standing behind her and tweaking her nipples can usually get me to cum.”

Alex clears her throat and says “Wow, sounds like you’ve thought about this alot. I can tell by Michelle’s expression you’ve not admitted this before.”

I look over at Michelle expecting a flying fist to my face but I am greeted by this look of confused arousal. Her legs are pushed together and her nipples are visible through her bra and dress. She looks at me like she wants to say something but she shakes her head and changes her mind.

“No… he hasn’t.” answers Michelle without taking her eyes off of me. “You’ve really thought about this haven’t you? You wouldn’t be jealous at all with me being with another man?”

“Honestly, I don’t know yet. That is why we are here. I might see two men and a woman together, in real life, and be scared out of my mind and realize what I’ve imagined isn’t meshing with reality. I’ve figured though, that we owe it to ourselves to fully explore our boundaries. You only live once. I don’t want to sit on our death beds fifty years from now wishing we would have at least been courageous enough to try new things.”

“Well, this dialog is exactly what we encourage here. You’ll find tonight that our members have all been in your shoes at some point in their journey. Some learned it together, however, everyone has learned to accept their feelings and explore their desires. Which leads me to the most important rule in the lifestyle, no means no. It is a rule that is not to be taken lightly. In an environment such as the lifestyle, where all desires are welcome, it is important to let people know where you are and where you aren’t comfortable. Before you can leave this office and mingle with the club you need to be confident in saying ‘no’. Mixed signals can lead to alot of confusion and second guesses.” Charlie says.

“Yes. The second most important rule is no touching anyone without first asking for permission. This is close to the first rule since the simplest act of touching is crossing the first boundary people have. How can you be sure you haven’t made someone uncomfortable unless you ask first? Both of these rules are strictly enforced here. If a member or non-member for that matter does not ask explicitly if you are OK or touches you without prior permission then they will be made to leave the premises. We take our guests privacy very seriously here.” kaçak casino Alex says with a smirk. “Yes, one can be private while nude.”

Alex hands both of us a clipboard with a sheet of paper attached to it and a pen. “This is a simple one page rulesheet, kind of our bill of rights if you will. Please read over this and if you are comfortable with the rules, sign and date below.”

I notice rules one and two are right up top and it bold type. The other rules are more ‘housekeeping’ rules such as lost belongings, refrigerator usage, etc. While reading the rules we hear a soft knock on the door.

Kennedy peeks her head in saying “I’ve just finished discussing the rules and got signatures from our other new couple. Let me know when you are finished and I’ll take Mike and Michelle with Levi and Alyssa around the club for introductions.”

“Sure! We’re almost finished. They’ll be out in a minute or two.” Alex says.

Kennedy closes the door as Charlie turn to us and asks “Do either of you have any questions?”

“I don’t think so.” I say “At least not yet anyway.”

“Fantastic! We will pass you into Kennedy’s expert hands. Enjoy the club and if you have any questions ask the members, Kennedy, or Alex and myself.” Charlie says.

We all stand and shake hands and Michelle and I walk out to the hallway to find Kennedy talking with who I presume are Levi and Alyssa. Levi is a tall man with straight red hair. He has somewhat of a pompadour with taller hair on top of his head and shaved sides. He is slim built but very attractive. His wife is probably a few inches shorter than Levi and looks petite. She doesn’t have large breasts but her form is very fitting for her stature. She has shoulder length, curly red hair that reminds me of a summer sunset. I notice her ass as they turn around to shake hands with us as Kennedy makes the introductions.

Kennedy waves us down the hallway and talks about how we are the two non-member couples here tonight. She mentions that there are probably ten other couples here and possibly a few more on the way. Kennedy mentions that on normal nights there are fifteen to twenty couples and during events like New Years Eve there is double that.

The hallway opens up into a larger dance room. There is your typical bar to the left with a dance floor directly in front of us. To the right is a corner with benches and coffee tables. On the opposite side of the room in the far left corner is a DJ booth. In the middle of the room to the far right corner are more benches and tables. Finally there is a hall opposite of us that leads to other parts of the club I presume. The room has the same purple decor with white and blue LED lighting. Soft dubstep music is playing. The tone of the room is like a familiar party with conversation and laughter.

Kennedy leads us to the bar and explains that typically we are encouraged to bring our own alcohol and they can store it for us and keep it cold during our stay. She introduces us to the bartender and all of us order a drink.

I’m sipping on my usual rum and coke while Kennedy explains that the club permits nudity throughout the premises, except outside of course, and not to be shocked if people get a little raunchy as the night progresses. She reminds us that the rules always apply but watching is highly encouraged.

Kennedy dismisses herself and leaves the four of us to our own devices.

“Have you guys ever been to a club like this before?” asks Alyssa.

“No, this is our first time. What about you?” I ask in return.

“This is our first too. However, we have been with another couple once before. That was at home though so we’re a little nervous in this public setting.” Alyssa says.

“No doubt.” muses Michelle “Mike thought this all up and surprised me with coming here. We’ve never done anything with another couple and I found out tonight how much Mike has thought about it. I’m not sure how I feel about letting another man touch me or another woman touch him. How did you guys feel about your first time?”

“It was amazing. I used to feel the same way that you do. I probably would have knocked Levi out if he was brave enough to try what your husband did.” Alyssa says “Would you like to hear the story of how our first time went? Maybe it might put your mind at ease hearing our first time and how we felt during and afterwards.”

“Sure!” I say “I’m always curious to other people’s journey and how they’ve processed things once the sexual energy died down.”

“Ok, it happened after a work party. One of Levi’s co-workers was a woman who Levi always had the hots for. I’d always rib him on how much he wanted to have sex with her but it was always more in jest. During the party we hung out with her and her husband who was drop dead gorgeous. One of those tall dark and handsome type of guys. While at the party we really hit it off well. We found out that we had similar interests. Normally there is that discomfort of being the spouses of two people that are co-workers. However, her husband and myself had alot of hobbies that we shared. As the night progressed the party died down inversely with our drunk levels and we decided to go back to our place and talk some more.

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