Baby Sis Ch. 2

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As you might have guessed, this summer vacation has been the best I’ve ever, ever had! After Megan and I had our first encounter as lovers, our bond grew closer. Mom and dad came home Sunday afternoon, so all we had a chance to do over the weekend was our first initial bout of hot sex, and then just getting to know each other all over again.

Megan and I sat down and got talking. She told me all about her fantasies she’s had about me ever since she was a young adult. I don’t mind telling you that some of them were pretty damn amazing for my sweet, virgin sister. (Well, virgin when she thought up those things!) She recalled her few sexual experiences to me and I told her mine. I also found out she was on the pill, which was a huge relief!

It seemed now that a whole new world had been opened up to us. No longer were we just brother and sister, but we were consenting adult lovers. We started going out to movies together, shopping, eating, hiking and swimming, and our parents loved it! They unsuspectingly thought it was just all a part of my homecoming, and catching up on the past two years since I had been home.

I had gotten a job working at one of the local hardware stores and was making good money as the floor manager. Megan picked up her usual summer job of lifeguard down at the swimming pool, and that kept us busy during the day. At night we talked and did as much as we could besides having sex. It was killing us both! When our parents were home we would sneak pinches and grabs, and if caught just laughed and acted like goofy siblings. But the sexual tension really began to eat away at us, and we couldn’t wait for another chance to be alone together. Really be alone together.

Friday evening after I got off of work, I saw a Suburban sitting in our driveway. I didn’t recognize it and parked on the street. In the kitchen I saw mom with the Walkers. I smiled and said hello to the family friends, but didn’t see Megan’s best friend Jessie.

“Hey mom, what’s up?” I asked.

“Well the Walkers have asked us to their cabin on the lake for the weekend. There’s that boat show your father and I want to hit, and the flea markets are up this weekend too. We just figured you and Megan could hang out over the weekend here at home. But you two are welcome to come if you’d like.”

Home alone over the weekend with the hottest, sexiest woman I could imagine! I’m stayin here!

“I’d have to head out tomorrow after work maybe,” I lied. “Craig wanted me to come in early and do our stock count before the 4th coming up. What’s Meg up to tonight?”

“She’s at the pool ’til 9:30, then I think she’s just coming home. You two can decide later on if you want. You know where the cabin is. Here, take some money for some food and a good time. The Walker’s number is on the fridge, just call if you need anything. We have to run.”

“Bye mom, bye dad!” I called out as they left.

Oh god, I couldn’t believe it! I practically jumped up in the air, and I was already sporting an erection. Damn, I was excited!

I looked at the clock and saw that it was about 6:30, which didn’t mean Meg would be home for about 3 hours. So I took the time to take a shower and get a few things in order before she got home. I vacuumed and dusted my room, cleaning up some trash and then moving on through the whole house. That spent some energy, but I was still a ticking timebomb. With 15 minutes to go, I lit some candles in my room and put on some nice pants (no underwear) and a J Crew shirt that Meg had bought me for Christmas. It wasn’t long before I heard her pull up into the driveway. I looked out the kitchen window and saw my cutie with her hair pinned up in a clip, some jogging shorts on, and a white tank top over her swimming suit. I immediately fell in love with her all over again.

As soon as my sister stepped inside the door, I surprised her by wrapping my arms around her waist and lifting her into the air. She screamed out in fright, then melted when I planted a kiss on her lips. Her muscular legs found their place around my hips and she forced her tongue into my mouth. She came up for air and looked quickly around, then met my eyes with a questioning glance.

“Mom and dad are gone for the weekend. Walker’s cabin, we’re free, you and me.”

Her face lit up as she realized the possibilities and squirmed out of my grip.

“What’s up?” casino siteleri I asked.

“Well just look at you! You look so incredibly sexy and her I am just off of work. I stink and I need to clean up if I think we’re going to do what I hope we’re going to do.”

She blushed at the last words of her sentence.

“Okay. I have some things planned, but I’ll let you do your thing. Don’t be too long.”

“A girl’s gotta look pretty for her man.” She teased, stripping off her tank top and letting it slide to the floor.

I stood there as she dropped her shorts and kicked them into my face. We both laughed, and I lunged for her. She ducked and held up a finger to keep me at bay while she tugged free her bikini stop. I stood frozen as her breasts bounced free and she crossed her arms. She raised her eyebrows, then bounced through the living room and into the bathroom. I once again had an aching erection, but I was saving this one for my baby sister.

“Please hurry!” I cried through the door.

Megan opened it a crack and popped her head out.

“Don’t worry lover-boy, I’ll be ready in no time.” And she flung her bottoms onto my head.

I suddenly grew dizzy as I dragged the crotch of her bikini bottoms over my face. I inhaled deeply, and even licked along the inside seam. That was my sister all right. My beautiful baby sis that was mine, all mine.

Soon enough I heard the shower shut off and I paced back and forth in my room excitedly. Megan scampered quickly into her room, and all I could do was wait. I put in an instrumental jazz cd in my Bose CD player, and the smooth melodies filled my room. The lights were off, I re-lit the candles, and all was set. I lay back on my bed with my laced behind my head, when there was a soft tap at my door.

“Come in,” I said.

Slowly, my door inched open and Megan revealed herself inch by by-god-sexy inch. Her leg slid along the doorframe, and my mouth went dry. My eyes followed her tan, glistening legs up to her thigh, where the hem of a silk teddy brushed her golden skin. She eased into the room and there she stood, my sister the sex goddess. Her hair was still wet, but swept back behind her ears. The white teddy was such a contrast to her skin and highlighted everything. Her full breasts rose and fell succulently with each breath. Her eyes met mine, and I saw again the unsure youth that she was.

My voice was barely a whisper as I croaked, “Megan, you are the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen.”

Instantly her shyness was shed and she walked over to the bedside. I placed my hand on her waist and stood. My hands shook as I caressed her smooth shoulders and her eyes closed as I ran my fingers lightly across her cheek.

“Jason,” she whispered. “This is more than I ever could have imagined. I want to be with no one else but you.”

My heart took a plunge and I leaned in and kissed her. She turned her head and opened her mouth and soon my tongue was invading hers. She whimpered softly as I placed my hands on her hips and brought her in closer. We kissed deeply for who knows how long, the music flowing, and our love strengthening. Megan broke the kiss and sat at the edge of the bed and looked up into my eyes. I looked down and saw the cutest face with big brown eyes and dark brown hair looking back up at me. Meg smiled, closed her eyes again, and pulled my hips up to her face. She held me close there, my pulsing erection tenting my pants and burning against the skin of her face. Meg moaned and continued to rub her face on my crotch, then opened her mouth and ran her tongue along the seam.

I couldn’t believe this sight! I moaned out loud and my head fell back, as I felt her trace the outline of my cock with her tongue through my pants. After teasing me, she delicately unzipped my fly. My rock hard cock sprang out and smacked against the side of her face.

She giggled, “You ARE my BIG brother,” then continued to laugh as she hummed my 8″ cock into her mouth.

I could have died right there and it wouldn’t have mattered. Nothing in this life has felt so great as having my cock sucked by my teenage sister. Her tongue flicked around the crown, then her mouth sucked down the shaft. She began to jack her fist up and down the length, pausing every now and then to lick along the underside of my cock. She fondled my balls with her left canlı casino hand, and I ran my fingers through her hair and slowly pushed my hips back and forth. She moved her head along with the rhythm, and there was no chance in head I would be able to hold out much longer.

“Ohhh, Megan. God, you’re so great! You’re gonna make me cum!”

“Am I big brother? Am I going to make you cum in your lil sis’ mouth?” she asked, smiling slyly while jacking me.

“Oh god Meg, can I?”

“Jason, I’ve wanted to taste your cum for so long, don’t hold out on me now.”

With “Dirty Meg” coming back out, it wouldn’t be long before I shot off.

“Suck my cock sis! Suck it hard, milk my balls baby!”

She whimpered and shook as I talked, sucking harder and rolling my nuts.

“That’s it Meg, use that tongue of yours to drain my, uhhhhh, drain my nuts! Shit Meg, I’m cumm—” and with that, I blasted the first shot straight down her throat.

She screamed around my prick as she swallowed and jack and suck and slurped on my cock. It almost hurt I blew so hard, load after load of hot jism. She drank as much as she could, with the rest dribbling down her chin. Megan looked up at me with such a look of lust and nearly cried as she said, “Ohh, you taste so good. Taste it!”

Megan swiftly stood and thrust her tongue into my mouth and I sucked on her tongue. She crammed her tongue in as far as it would go, pressing her tight breasts into my chest. She reached down and pulled my pants off the rest of the way, undid two buttons on my shirt then pulled it off over my head. Caught off balance, she threw me back down onto my bed and straddled my hips. My cock was still hard even after her incestuous cock sucking, and it pressed into the crack of her ass. She squirmed and ground her pussy down onto my cock and sucked onto my nipple.

My sister’s hands ran along my chest and she tickled and kissed and touched and groped.

“Your baby sis is going to fuck you now big brother. Can she? Can she ride your big cock brother?”
“Do it Meg, I need you so bad!”

“That’s what I wanted to hear.”

She lifted her hips, aimed my cock at her glistening pussy, and sank down. She gasped loudly and just sat there, her mouth hanging open, her eyes pinched shut, head laying back. I was breathless as her fingers became claws and dug into my shoulders. She didn’t breath for maybe 10 seconds then let in a shuddering breath.

“Jason,” she cried, actual tears streaming down her face. “Jason you’re in me soooo deep, it feels soooo AHH!”

She nearly jumped as I gently thrust my hips upward. Another thrust and she gasped louder.

“Shit, you’re fucking me soooo good! Ohhh, fuck me harder, please? Please? I need that cock in as far as it UNNNnhhhhhhAHH!”

I grabbed onto her hips and fucked upward into my little sister. Her tight pussy was stretched around my cock, and I stared in amazement as her pussy lips sucked in and out with each thrust. Megan pulled her teddy off and began pinching and rolling her nipples as I fucked her sweet pussy.

“Jace, this is so FUCKING gooooood, why didn’t we do this years ago?” she moaned.

“We’ve got time to, unhh, make up sis. Anytime at all, you’re my bitch.”

Hey eyes popped open wide and her mouth hung open.

“You mean it? Am I really your….bitch?”

She bit her bottom lip and held my face between her hands.

“Can your baby sis be her big brother’s bitch?”

“Fuck yeah!” I yelled.

Megan grabbed me by the wrists and pinned me down as she began to ride me with force.

“Fuck you Jason! I’m fucking you whenever you want me too!”

“What a fucking mouth you have sister!”

“You like that? You fucking, unh uhn, mmmmmm, like it when I talk dirty?”

“You’re filthy!”

“Only for you, my sexy big brother, only for you. Oh, my, god, I’m cummmming! EeeeeeEEE!”

Megan writhed and squirmed on my sweaty body but kept pounding away at the rod of hot fleshed trapped between her cunt lips.

“Aren’t you gonna cum big brother? Cum in your hot fucking sister? I need your cum in me pleeeeeeeease!”

“Oh yeah! C’mon, fuck the cock in your cock! Fuck my big fucking cunt Megan!” I yelled, grabbing her tits and pulling on her nipples.

“Just like that, Jace! You’re gonna make me cum again. Fuuuuuck me AUGH! AUGH! AUGH!” She suddenly kaçak casino started gasping loudly, and my balls crawled up and simply exploded. She screamed as I blew load after load into my precious sister’s belly.

Megan collapsed on top of me, her hair lying in my face as she rested on my chest. She shuddered and cried for a moment before she could catch her breath and speak.

“My sweet, sweet brother. That was amazing.”

“Megan, that was incredible. Unbelievably incredible! I don’t think I’ve ever cum so hard.”

“Really? Thanks.”

She leaned forward and kissed my lips. We lay there like that for maybe half an hour. Our sweaty bodies just melted together while we kissed and petted and listened to the soft music play.

“This is how I wish we could spend every weekend.” She mumbled.

I just laughed, and when I did, my cock jerked upwards.

“Again?” she asked.

Megan raised up into a sitting position and smiled as I jerked my member again.

“This is good. This is reeeal good.” She nodded.

“Let me show you something.” I offered.

I gently lifted her off and rolled her onto her tummy. Her arms were folded in by her sides and she kicked her legs up and down.

“What? Show me what?”

I simply smiled and walked around behind her at the edge of the bed. She crinkled her forehead and looked over her shoulder.

“You…you’re not going to fuck my butt, are you?”

I couldn’t help but laugh and shake my head.

“What? I was just asking.”

“It’s just that it sounded so cute. And coming from you, it was a surprise too. No, I’m not going to ‘fuck your butt’ as you put it. It’s called doggy style hon.”

“Oh. I’ve heard girls talk about that. Guys really like it, don’t they?”

“I know I do, and I think you will too. Just get on your knees and spread them a little.”

“Like this?” she asked.

I stood mesmerized as I looked at my darling sister, legs spread on the bed, looking over her shoulder and smiling at me.

“Yes, I like it a lot!”

She laughed and rested her head on the pillows. I crawled up behind her and began by kissing and licking her smooth ass. She sighed as I traced my tongue all along her wonderful butt, then started to shake as I got lower. I gently massaged her swollen pussy with my hand as I dragged my tongue down through her ass crack. She jerked as I passed over her anus, and I cautiously licked back up.

“Jason!” She started.

I smiled and circled her anus with my tongue.

“Jason! Dammit, that feels good!”

I simply nodded, then inserted two fingers into her pussy as I began to ream her asshole. Her skin smelled of lavender soap, with sex and sweat mingling in to make an intoxicating perfume. She was now dripping between her legs and I raised myself up to mount.

Megan felt the tip of my cock press slowly into her, and looked directly into my eyes as I pushed in. They then closed and she moaned as I slid in all the way. She lay her head down on the pillows and turned her ass up as much as she good. I couldn’t help but reach out a hand and spank her cheeks. She yelped loudly, then giggled as she pushed back into me. We soon had a nice rhythm going, and kept this up for 10 minutes.

During that time her pussy clenched around my dick twice, and right about then I was ready to spew. I began to pump furiously, and she was taken by surprise. She sprawled out face down on the sheets, the raised her arms and shoved back into me. I nearly fell off the bed, then rammed back into her.

“Fuck!” she yelled.

We were now in a sexual shoving contest, me thrusting forward, her shoving her hips back as hard as she could. Megan soon began to scream with each backward thrust, and my grunts turned into yells as I pounded her now red backside. Our bodies noisily slapped together with each collision, filling the room with the sound of flesh on flesh.

Soon her knees began to shake, and she wailed out in orgasm while fiercely milking my cock.

“Fucking fucking fucking GOD!” Megan cried.

We both cried out in orgasm and toppled onto each other on the bed. I was gasping for breath as I rolled off and brushed the hair out of her eyes. She smiled weakly and crawled over into my embrace. I kissed her forehead and stroked her hair.

“Was that good?”

“Is that a trick question? Ummmm, yeah, that was fucking hot Jason. Anytime you need a dog, I’m your bitch in heat!”

I laughed. “I love the way you sweet-talk me!”

Megan and I lay there spent in my bed, brother and sister for years and finally lovers at last.

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