Bet Your Sweet Ass Ch. 03

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Breakfast was no tame or normal affair now, of course. In the past, though I never admitted, I might have sneaked lustful looks at my sister, but then she was clothed and it probably hadn’t occurred to her back then (or so I thought). Now, however, everything was in the open, everyone was buck naked, and we had all been at least somewhat intimate together. More to the point, we would be very intimate together as well, and very soon, in fact. All of this knowledge made breakfast a very eroticized business, with the sexual tension hanging in the air from four people who had already committed lewd acts with each other and planned for much more.

“I was just thinking, until Mom and Dad return, we don’t have to wear a stitch of clothing at all indoors, do we? So, we can snuggle up naked all we wish, watch TV together, have several more rounds of hot, sweaty sex with each other, eat whatever we want, it can be the prequel to our honeymoon, which I trust will be a four-way affair when it happens. It can be truly awesome!” Natalie thought aloud.

“That’s very true, sis! I wonder how many times four people can mix it up, sexually speaking, I mean. Sometimes, me with you, sometimes, me with Bianca. Sometimes, you with Aaron. Sometimes, him and Bianca. And well, sometimes, you and Bianca together,” I grinned while eating my bacon.

“And sometimes, you and Aaron together. That can be fun as well. I so fucking want that to happen, too. But, yes, I want more lesbian fun with Natalie. Maybe we can do that right after breakfast for a bit, give you guys a chance to recover a bit more before you slip us the sausage again,” Bianca encouraged such fantasies, making Natalie smile and blush, but also nod in agreement.

“I would definitely like to see you ladies go all the way with each other,” Aaron confessed now.

“So would I, teddy bear!” I teased him.

“He is such a fucking teddy bear, too, isn’t he, but then so are you in your own way,” Natalie snickered as she let her hand caress Bianca’s while they ate.

“So, as soon as breakfast is over, time for some lesbian action, huh? Want to film it, guys? Then we can film a swap back and forth, to maximize the fun. Doggy-style swap this time. Back and forth. We can start with my boyfriend plowing me this time, and then he can pull out and fuck Natalie, and then back to me, and the same with Aaron and Natalie. They can start out doing each other, even if the doggy position is unusual for them. It’s nice to mix it up now and then, right? What do you say, guys?” Bianca urged us.

“I like that idea for sure,” I concurred.

“I’m down with it!” Aaron threw his support to the idea.

“Are you kidding? It sounds awesome!” Natalie enthused, even as she leaned over to give Bianca a kiss, not caring that my girlfriend still had orange juice on her tongue.

Bianca put her hands on my sister’s face and made the kiss steamier still, tangling her tongue up with Natalie’s as they made out with no shame or guilt at all now. There wasn’t even a sign of embarrassment, just very intense lust for each other, even some love. There wasn’t any doubt that my two ladies desired each other that way now. There was an unmistakable lust there, as the girls swapped spit together, sharing a soul kiss more than worthy of the name.

“Wow, now that was some kiss!” I exclaimed, just seconds before Bianca planted a similar one on me and I couldn’t help but return her ardor in full.

While my girlfriend and I made out, so did my sister and Aaron. Natalie made her boyfriend know, once more, that she still adored and craved him, still wanted casino siteleri to be his, even if she was also mine. Bianca and Natalie were now both mine, but they were also both Aaron’s, and each other’s, of course. There was a fourfold intimacy now, instead of simply what most couples possessed. The four of us had shared more than bodies by now. Since the night before and this morning, somehow, our relationships had all woven together into some new seamless fabric, a love affair where one couldn’t tell where one couple ended and the others began. We were all bonding together completely at last. It was natural. It was right. It was healthy. It just was what had to be, as was demonstrated next when Natalie and I made out while Bianca did the same with Aaron.

“So, this is really happening, isn’t it? It’s begun. The four of us, a quad, lovers for life, committed to each other for the rest of our days. Growing old together and everything. But are we closed or open?” I spoke our thoughts, and just as quickly, Natalie spoke the fateful suggestion that seemed so proper and right that none of us disputed it.

“Open. But together. As a group. You make love to one of us, you do it with all of us. You have casual sex with one of us, you do it with all of us. Deal? I think that it has to be this way, because there might be experiences in life, people, and such, that we would miss if we didn’t do this. This way, we could cross them off our bucket lists. It’s quite simple. We approach a person, as a group, and we make a clear offer … join us in bed. Fuck all of us.

“Sometimes, it would be a man. Sometimes a woman. Sometimes a couple, even. What do you say? Let’s have our adventures together. Our lives’ experiences as a group. As a family. If they can’t handle it, that’s their loss. But rather than risk dividing us, we do it all as a group. No chance for lies and cheating that way, is there?” Natalie proposed, extending her hand to invite us to throw our support her way.

“I’m in!” I put my hand over my sister’s.

“Me, too!” Bianca agreed, putting her hand over mine.

“Well, where Natalie leads, I must always follow. You know that. My heart can’t stand to do anything else,” Aaron put his hand on top of Bianca’s.

“But we need to test regularly, then, or else use protection with others,” I pointed out.

“Condoms if we have short notice, testing and bareback if we have enough advance warning, then. If there are any reasonable cases for exceptions, such as virgins, well, then we can decide that as a group, I think,” Natalie agreed, bringing out some champagne to pour in a celebratory toast, “To us, a quad that will play together, always. The four of us. And when it’s just us, no rubbers allowed, right?”

“No rubbers among us, true. And no birth control,” I added as we clinked our glasses together.

“I’m game for that! No more taking the Pill or nothing of the sort. We play together, fuck together, snuggle up together, eat together, go out together, breed together, etc. We’re a team, the four of us, right?” Bianca declared.

“I love the way that you think, baby doll!” I told her, swatting her on the tush as we drank our champagne and the girls grabbed each other for another intense make-out session.

We gentlemen cleared the plates now, the breakfast finished, so that we could watch as the two ladies in our lives exchanged more bodily fluids through their Sapphic French kiss. After the plates were cleared, we all adjourned to the living room, where Natalie pushed Bianca onto the hideaway bed and started kissing her way downward to Bianca’s canlı casino mons Veneris. It was not rushed, either. It was very slow, sensual kissing combined with licking, a sort of sweet, seductive, romantic brand of oral pleasure as my sister blazed her trail down to her intended target, the sweet honeypot full of feminine nectar between my girlfriend’s thighs.

I could sense that Natalie did everything to Bianca that she wanted done to her, and it more than worked. I saw beads of sweat form on Bianca’s flesh along with the goosebumps on Natalie’s skin, as the latter made sweet lady love to the former, a sensual experience bar none from what I could tell. It was tender, it was sensual, it was very erotic, and it was also quite natural, quite beautiful in my eyes. How anyone could ever think that what these two ladies did together was wrong or harmful or bad or whatever was beyond me. It was one of the most delightful, visually arresting things that I had ever witnessed in my life. The moans that escaped Bianca’s lips in such a moment of true intimacy were difficult to describe, but they spoke to an intense need that had never quite been satisfied until now.

It wasn’t that Aaron and I were inadequate lovers. It was just that everyone present had needs, and one of the needs of the women was this type of slow, sensual lovemaking, the soft womanly touch that no man could provide either of them. Needless to say, we made sure to capture it on film through the camcorder on a tripod, so that we could replay and even let the ladies witness it from the outside looking in later. We wanted them to see what we saw, an act of eroticism so purely sensual as to approach the ethereal. I didn’t know how this could be seen as ugly or disgusting when it was anything but those things. It was glorious!

When the girls finally broke it off, both of them stood rather unsteadily, as if dazed by what both of them had just done together. I was impressed for sure, but now they seemed to grasp as well, and even Aaron was aware to an extent that they had fully bonded in a way that was quite irrevocable. This was beyond just another way to pass the time while the menfolk got it up back again. The girls were completely in love; they were lovers, too, in every sense and on their terms as well as ours. They looked at me first, and then at Aaron, so when we gave them the thumbs-up, they both broke out into shy, but satisfied smiles.

“Honey, that was beautiful!” I told Bianca, “Both of you, in fact, quite lovely together, especially how you did it. Slow and sweet,” I informed Natalie as well.

“Yeah, I think that we hit a turning point,” Aaron concurred, “You’re now girlfriends in every sense of the world, totally, and even more than we anticipated.”

“Well, don’t worry, boys. We haven’t changed. We’re both still bi. We’re not lesbians,” Natalie assured us.

“Yeah, as if we could ever give up dick! But, yeah, we discovered a new side to our sexualities. A more intense, more complete attraction to each other, a burning passion for one another. I’m in love with Natalie now and she with me, I do believe. It’s not simply lust anymore,” Bianca elaborated a bit.

“I know, girls. I’m not worried about it. Are you, Aaron?” I asked my future brother-in-law.

“Hell, no! I thought that it was awesome! The damnedest sex I’ve ever seen in my life! Besides, I trust Natalie too much to ever suspect anything of her. I have complete faith that she would never wrong or betray me. I have to believe in her. She’s my goddess!” Aaron told me without any embarrassment at all about his complete confidence kaçak casino in and worship of my sister.

Natalie blushed at that part and then gave him a French kiss that certainly made his already stiff dick even harder, even as Bianca did the same to me. Then they switched, Natalie swapping spit with me while Bianca did the same to Aaron. Before we knew it, we were back on the bed, the camcorder still taping us as I slid my cock inside Bianca for the first round, while Aaron gave Natalie his very best. There was no thought of foreplay right then. Both ladies were in a very different moment than they were in earlier. They bonded then, but they were in heat now, and what they wanted was to rut, to mate with us guys. Aaron and I did our best on every stroke, determined to do justice to our ladies, even as the first swap took place and I ended up inside Natalie’s twat while Aaron invaded Bianca’s.

Once again, it was tough to tell who was more enjoyable to fuck, Natalie or Bianca, as both women had their charming ways during the act. They both showed more than a little lust for me, though also for Aaron, albeit in a different manner. It might have been rough, doggy-style sex, but their passion for us was indisputable. Their pussies felt silky soft and very slick to me, at least, and I suspected that Aaron agreed, judging from his groans of pleasure and pain as he started to have trouble holding back. My precum already started leaking, and no doubt, the lesbian activity hadn’t helped with our self-control.

“God damn, this feels incredible, but it’s a good thing that we’re stopping to swap, because otherwise, I might come too fast,” Aaron confessed as he strained to hold back while inside Bianca on this turn.

“You got that right, buddy,” I laughed as I thrust in and out of Natalie this time.

“Just keep it up a little bit longer, guys, please!” Natalie pleaded as I pulled out of her and entered Bianca again.

“Si, por favor, papi!” Bianca exclaimed in Spanish in the heat of the moment, as I thrust into her after Aaron slipped into Natalie.

Of course, that was the very moment that the phone rang again, and this time, it was Dad. Something about that news actually did the trick and Natalie came first, followed by me, and then Bianca, with Aaron cumming hard on her heels. It was probably the taboo twist of talking to Dad so soon after I fucked my own sister, but we all came in quick succession, which was good thing, because Dad might have otherwise suspected something. As it was, he wondered if I had been lifting something heavy.

“Son, I hope that you’re not straining yourself too much with your asthma. I know that you want to help out and be a good friend, but there are limits, you know,” Dad cautioned before saying anyone else (aside from the obligatory greetings).

“Thanks, Dad. You’re right and I’ll be careful, of course,” I smiled and fought back a chuckle, even as Natalie and Bianca tried not to giggle and Aaron ran to the bathroom because he was in danger of pissing himself.

I had the feeling, judging from the way that Aaron shoved his tongue into my ass and the girls got busy with my cock and balls, that they easily found ways to stop the laughter. For me, well, it was a little tougher, since my amusement was now partly replaced by arousal, but thankfully, I had just come inside my girlfriend. That gave me at least a little self-control, even if I was being rimmed by Aaron and sucked off by our sweet ladies. I was just glad there was no video function on the landline. We would have been in some trouble then for sure. Even so, it was both sexy and funny to enjoy some oral sex while talking to my father over the phone, just as it had been for Natalie to speak to Mom while I pumped deep inside her glorious cunt.

It was certainly one hell of a day, and it had barely begun…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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