Black Auntie Seduces White Nephew Ch. 05

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He lay back on the bed and listened to Auntie May’s car go down the driveway, and thought about what he would find in the photo albums on the computer. He thought about getting up, but was too tired and decided on a few more minutes of sleep. He rolled over and went back to sleep.

When he next opened his eyes, it was almost 10:00 am, but he felt a lot better. He got up, went into the bathroom took and quick shower, walked nude into his Aunt and Uncle’s room, found a pair of briefs in the dresser Auntie had put them on, then went back and sat down at the computer to find out what it was that May thought was so important that he know about. She obviously knew he had gotten past the password, he wasn’t quite sure how she knew, although the computer was very likely to tell him if he looked in the right places, but that could wait.

He logged on using Max’s DOB in reverse, and opened the main photograph file folder. Sure enough, just as Auntie had said, there were folders with names for him, Max, May, his Dad Jack, his Mom Rosie, and his grandfather John-pa, and then there were folders for several other names he didn’t recognize.

He decided to try a “Troy,” a name he didn’t recognize, but he got the password screen, and when he couldn’t crack the password after 5 minutes of trying he gave it up. If need be, he’d ask Auntie what was in it, and if he could see it.

Then he tried to open his folder. It too required a password, but it only took him a minute to find it. It was his DOB, but what he saw in his photo file caused him to break out in a cold sweat.

There were photos of him and Bryan, his current room mate and lover, in every sexual position it was possible for two young males to use. How had this happened? He and Bryan had always been very careful, they had never taken photos of themselves, and as far as he knew, no one else actually knew he had been having an affair with Bryan.

He checked the photos carefully, and saw they all seemed to be taken from a position above the window leading out of his dorm room onto the fire escape. They also only depicted him and Bryan on his bed, but nowhere else in his room, even though he and Bryan had engaged in sex on every piece of furniture, and location in the room. They had clearly taken over several months, all the photos were perfectly exposed no matter what the lighting conditions were, and all were in perfect focus.

His cock hardened as he scrolled through the photos and he began to vigorously masturbate when he found several of him with different girls, in various sexual positions, both of him screwing the girls doggie style, or them riding him, and one or two of his regular casino siteleri girlfriend Paula, riding his cock and then a few of her using a strap-on dildo to fuck his bottom doggie style. The photo of Paula fucking his bottom trigged his orgasm and his cum shot up all over his belly.

Had Uncle Max done this? Somehow he didn’t think so. Max didn’t strike him as a sneak, neither did Auntie, and anyway they were too far away. Someone else had to have placed the camera on the window frame and spied on him for months. He thought hard.

His first regular lover on campus was Billy, but he had dumped him after only a couple of months. He still remembered the note Billy had left him one Friday afternoon, giving him only the brutal explanation that Tom was not experienced enough to hold his interest, and that Billy was moving on with someone else that was better looking and a much better lover.

Billy was certainly capable of doing this. He had been electronics major, his family was in the private investigator business, and hence Billy knew a lot about surveillance cameras. Then about six months after Tom had met Bryan, Billy had suddenly dropped out of school with the lame explanation that he was tired of school and had decide to join the Navy. Then, Billy had just disappeared.

According to Bryan, who had been curious as to what happened to Billy because Billy owed him money, no one at school knew where he was and the Navy had declined to confirm or deny Billy had joined. Not even his family would say where he was.

So assuming Billy had taken the photos, how had Uncle Max gotten them? There was only one answer to that. Billy had sent them as blackmail, for revenge, or just to cause him trouble. He relished the memory of Bryan breaking Billy’s nose one night at a party when Bryan had overheard Billy tell a friend of his that Tom was a worthless piece of selish ass that didn’t know shit about how to please his lover.

He pulled up the thumbnails of all the photos in his file and noticed that last few were taken of Billy alone, near, and then on a Navy ship, with the caption under one of them noting, “In port, Saudi Arabia.”

Wondering how Uncle Max had gotten the photo of Billy in Saudi, it dawned on him that Billy had sent the photo to Max. Obviously, Uncle Max had had something to do with Billy leaving school and joining the Navy. He would ask Auntie about it later.

But one thing was perfectly clear, both Auntie and Uncle Max knew he was bisexual and enjoyed giving and receiving regular anal sex from both Bryan and Paula. Well if Uncle Max knew it was a good bet Dad knew too. He wondered what his Dad and Uncle Max canlı casino would have to say about his deviant predilections. Worried about how he was going to deal with that, he decided to check the other photo files to see what the big deal about them was, that Auntie wanted his to see.

He opened the folder marked, Jack, his father, and stared in shock at the first photo in the file. There was his father, Jack, his cock penetrating Max’s bottom doggie style, while Max on all fours was sucking John-pa’s enormous cock. The photo was clearly very old, since Dad appeared to be in his early twenties, Max was obviously a lot younger than Dad, and John-pa appeared to be in his late 40s or early 50s at the time.

The rest of the file contained photos of variations on the same theme over many years; either or both Jack and Max with John-pa in various positions, and then there were several with just Jack and Max together in various positions.

Tom’s cock jerked erect, he couldn’t help it, there were Dad and Max fucking another male, the very thing he had secretly fantasized about doing before he went off to college, and had been dong very secretly for the last couple of years.

He looked closer at the photos, his father’s cock was clearly bigger than Max’s, but Max didn’t seem to have any trouble taking all of Dad’s size up his bottom, and from the look on his face, and his cum shooting all over himself Max clearly enjoyed it.

Then there was Dad on his back, his legs spread wide with his knees raised to his chest watching Max fucking his fully exposed bottom, while Max jerked Dad off and his white streamers of cum had shot all over both of them.

Tom grabbed his throbbing cock, and jerked off while staring at another photo of Max’s cock penetrating his father doggie style as his Dad’s hands reached back and spread his cheeks wide for Max.

Tom saw another photo of Dad sitting astride Max’s cock, while Dad’s cock shot cum all over Max’s belly, his excitement became overwhelming and he shot his cum all over the carpet under the computer desk. Then it occurred to him Auntie probably wouldn’t like having the carpet in her guest room smell like cum.

Having cum twice in a just a few minutes, he was a little more relaxed and thought, no wonder, Dad had insisted that he spend Spring Break with Uncle Max. Dad had obviously known about the photos of Tom, Bryan, and the girls, had and decided it was time Tom was told the of his family’s secret sexual interests.

Best of all, this explained his need for having his bottom fucked; and the photos told him he didn’t need to hide his desire for having a cock shoved up his bottom from kaçak casino his parents anymore. He was free. Now he knew what Auntie had been hinting at when she said Max would take care of him. Max wanted to fuck him, and he couldn’t wait for Max to come home – and do just that.

He glanced at the clock, it was about noon. But now, after what he’d just seen in his Dad’s file, he was curious about what he would see in Auntie’s file, so he open the file marked May. It was also password protected, and it took him awhile to find it — “chocolate ecstasy.”

The entire file consisted of photos of Auntie engaged in Lesbian sex with a tall, good looking, redhead that one caption identified as Brianna. Brianna was as different from Auntie as she could get; she was a little older than Auntie, her vibrant red hair was cut shoulder length, her skin was creamy milk white without even hint of a freckles or suntan, she had bright emerald green eyes, well shaped but average size breasts with small pink nipples, average width hips, a shaved pussy with short triangle landing strip covering her mound, and a plump, smooth, wide, bottom, above long slim legs.

Staring at a photo of Auntie and Brianna, with Brianna astride Auntie’s lap surrendering her breast to Auntie’s dark chocolate lips surrounding one nipple as her dark face pressed against Brianna’s milky breasts and one dark hand fondled Brianna’s other breast while Auntie’s other dark hand reached around Brianna’s milky white bottom and her fingers penetrated Brianna’s rear slot.

It was the precise position Auntie had been in with him when she had the huge orgasm last night. His cock twitched with each heartbeat, his pre-cum leaked down his cock as he stroked himself. He stared at the photos of Auntie and her lover, getting hotter by the second. He wondered if he’d get to meet her, or watch them make love live and in person. Then we wondered if Auntie would let him suck Brianna’s nipples and lick her pussy while Auntie watched him do her, or better still, while Uncle Max fucked his bottom and Auntie watched.

He was gonna cum again, but this time he coved his cap and shot his entire load into the palm of his hand. Then he raised his hand to his mouth and licked his cum off his hand, thinking he’d really like to be licking his cum of Auntie’s tits.

Suddenly feeling a bit tired after his third orgasm that morning, he decided to go out to the Jacuzzi and relax a while before his did a little workout in the gym. Then, then later, before Auntie came home, he’d check out the photo albums titled Max, Rosie his Mom, and Grandpa John-pa.

Twenty minutes later he was still sitting in the hot tub, too relaxed to move, using Max’s field glasses to watch a hawk make lazy circles high in the sky about a mile away, when he heard his uncle’s voice behind him, ask suggestively, “Mind if I join you?”

To be continued …

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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