Black Friday at the Border Crossing

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It is “Black Friday” and my cousin Cathy and I are driving to the border crossing leading into Montana. We both love the State of Montana as it holds special memories for both of us. There is no way we could know what is about to happen to us, but the term “Black Friday” is going to take on a new meaning. It will be something we will never forget. My cousin Cathy is always the one to create new adventures for us when we take trips together.

I am driving the car as we pull up to the border crossing, and we come to a stop as we wait our turn to talk to a customs official. I am always nervous when we cross over into the U.S.A. Those officers always ask questions and look at a person in such a way as to make you feel like you have committed a crime. Today is no different as I nervously wait behind the wheel. I keep telling myself to calm down and relax which is something I have a hard time doing even at the best of times. The fact is that I have a hard time sitting still, as I am a bundle of nervous energy. That nervous energy is about to be used in a way that I have never experienced.

After waiting in line for about 30-minutes, it is our turn as I pull the car up to the window. The customs official is a big black man and he looks delicious. Big powerful forearms, a thick neck, broad shoulders, and a wonderful sexy round ass – I can feel myself starting to stare at him more than I should under these circumstances. I am nervous as I sit in the driver’s seat waiting for him to start asking questions.

“Good morning, may I see your passports, ladies.”

“Yes, sir, here they are.” I watch his every move as he checks over our passports.

“Do you own everything in your vehicle?” His question takes me by surprise.

“Yes,” I stammer. Oh, I hate it when I start to stammer, but I was so nervous. I hadn’t even thought about the contents of our vehicle. Of course we were not driving around with stolen items. As I had stated, these customs officials always make me nervous.

“Why are you entering the U.S.A.?”

My cousin Cathy could see I was starting to “crash and burn” under the pressure of his questioning, so she leans over me a bit and looks up at the customs officer and replies, “We are here for pleasure, not business, and we will be staying within Montana to do some shopping. We will be here for two-nights, sir.”

“What do you have in your trunk?”

“Only luggage, sir,” I replied. casino siteleri

“Ladies, I want to inspect the contents of your vehicle, so pull up over into that area and turn off your ignition and wait for me,” he states as he waives his hand over towards a parking lot.

I respond with a polite, “Yes, sir,” as I feel my heart starting to race. I pull over to the parking lot and turn off our vehicle and wait.

“Cathy, I have never been pulled over like this for an inspection at the crossing. What do you think will happen?”

“Oh, I just thought of something. Brenda, I am so sorry, but I packed my special 9″ strap-on dildo and a big bottle of lube. I knew I would be aroused at some point during our little vacation, so I brought it along. I was hoping we could take turns using the dildo on each other, and I wanted to introduce you to sucking up my pussy juice and swallowing it. I should have told you. I wonder if that customs officer will find the dildo and the jar of lube?”

“Cathy, oh, no. What will happen to us?”

“Brenda, just calm down. Don’t start talking to him, just wait for him to ask us questions. You need to relax. Do you think he has never seen a dildo before?”

“This will be so embarrassing, and especially if he starts asking questions about why we have the dildo. Are you going to tell him we are cousins, and that you have plans for us to use that dildo on each other?”

“Brenda, relax. You are getting ahead of yourself again. Be quiet and let me do the talking unless he asks you something specifically.” Cathy’s confidence did begin to calm me, as I sit there taking in a few deep breaths and exhaling slowly.

Suddenly he appears outside our vehicle and says, “Ladies, step out of the car and go sit down on that bench over there. But before you go, open up the trunk so I can have a look at what you were planning to bring across the border.”

“Yes, sir.” I open the trunk and then Cathy and I make our way over to a bench and sit down waiting for our ordeal to be over.

“Oh, no. He is going straight for the suitcase that has my special 9″ dildo,” Cathy says as she bends over and whispers into my ear.

It did not take long for our humiliation and embarrassment to begin. Within a few minutes, after carefully looking through our luggage, he stands holding up Cathy’s 9″ strap-on dildo. He waives his fingers at us, as he instructs us to come back over to where canlı casino he is standing by the rear of the car. I think that perhaps he is smiling slightly, but I am not sure, as we walk up to him.

He looks each of us over, “You want to take this dildo with you on your vacation?”

Smiling up at him, Cathy is looking into his eyes, as she responds, “Yes, sir. Brenda and I are cousins and we have a special relationship with each other. I want for the two of us to use that dildo on each other while we spend time at the hotel during the evenings when we are done our shopping.”

He smiles back at Cathy as he replies, “I will let you cross the border, but it will cost you a favour or two. Are you willing to give me some special favours while you are on your vacation?”

“Yes, sir,” we both reply while gazing up and looking into his eyes.

He then takes a card out of his pocket and slips it into Cathy’s hand. “Now you ladies meet me at the address on that card in about two-hours. We are going to have a great time together. The key is under the front doormat. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” we reply as our voices sound as one. He places the dildo back into the suitcase and tucks it back into the trunk. We quickly get back into our car after saying our goodbyes and drive off.

“Mmmm, I cannot wait to be with him. I want to crouch over his face and have him give me a good pussy licking,” Cathy whispers almost to herself. “I wonder if he will shove his big cock down my throat. I would love the feeling of him forcing his big cock into my mouth and pushing it down into my throat. I love the feeling of being forced to suck cock. I am getting wet thinking about it.”

“This will be the first time the two of us are together with a black man.”

“Cousin Brenda, you just follow my lead. Stay calm and do try to relax. Mmmm, I hope he is a forceful type of a guy, as I am in the mood for being controlled and used.”

Cathy and I are both becoming increasingly wet as we anticipate what will soon happen. We arrive at his home and let ourselves in. Time goes by quickly as we shower together, and each of us gets on our knees and gives the other a pussy shave. While shaving each other, we take some time to finger each other and the pussy juices start to flow.

We make our way to his bedroom and make ourselves comfortable on the bed as we finish drying off. “Brenda, I need you to hurt me just kaçak casino a little, okay? I am in one of those moods where I need to feel some pain and discomfort in my pussy, as it will help me to get ready for when he comes home and we start having some intense pleasure.”

“Cathy, what would you like me to do exactly?”

“Brenda, put on that strap-on dildo and lube it up nicely. I need you to ram it into my pussy. You don’t need to go deep, just push it in a few inches, then pull all the way out, and then push it back in. Something has just come over me and I really need to feel some force and some discomfort. I can’t stand waiting, please I need this quickly.”

I follow Cathy’s orders quickly and put on the dildo and give it a generous amount of lube. As Cathy lies with her legs spread apart wide and bent at the knees, she holds her pussy lips apart with her fingers urging me to hurry up and ram into her. As I force the lubed dildo into her, she let’s out, “Mmmm, fuck, oh, please make it hurt. Oh, I need this so bad. Ram it in and out quickly. Please, I need to feel some pain.”

Following her orders as she seems increasingly crazed, I push it inside her a few inches, then pull it all the way out, and then keep repeating the movement, as she begs to feel more pain from the quick and forceful movement. I have never seen my cousin Cathy like this before, and I think she must be consumed with the thoughts of a big black man coming to use her body.

I keep repeating the rough and forceful movement as Cathy keeps begging me to keep it going, she yells out, “Oh, hurt my cunt and make me moan, oh, I love this, Mmmm.”

Suddenly, I hear movement behind me, and as I look over my shoulder I see our new friend has arrived home. “Baby, let me take over. I see this bitch needs a man to use her. I can give her the pleasure and pain she needs. But if it is only pain she is looking for, I can deliver with my big black cock.”

He skillfully takes over and pushes Cathy legs apart wider as he forces his big black cock inside her pussy with one swift and forceful movement. “Oh, oh, oh, more.” I stand there stunned at what seems to be Cathy becoming more and more possessed with wanting to be used and abused with a big cock as she keeps moaning loudly and writhing beneath him.

I can hear Cathy’s wetness making a sloshing noise and our new friend’s balls start to slap against Cathy’s ass as he rams himself in and out of her. He gives her a hard slap across the face as he says, “Hey, bitch. You really need some pain don’t you? The pain you need will come from me fucking your ass. This will be one Black Friday you never forget.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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