Black Magick Ch. 14

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Victoria pressed the head of the gigantic dildo against the entrance to Nick’s anus. His rosebud was quite tender and it looked like it was going to be a very interesting penetration. Victoria pressed her finger into his anus to test it and then another and yet another. Her own butt was sticking up in the air, as though it was trying to touch the bedroom ceiling, and one of her pussy lips was sticking out from underneath her lacy black underwear.

Damn, his ass stretched well! It was almost as though he had been born to be a woman or something.

However, Nick obviously didn’t think so. He began to get nervous, and his anal muscles clamped down hard around Victoria’s fingers, so that it was very tight indeed for her delicate little hand. It was like something a porn star might do with her pussy to push her partner to climax more quickly. Of course, that didn’t work as well with hands as it did with cocks.

Victoria pulled her hand out as quickly as possible and held the dildo ready, as though she wanted to jam the whole humungous thing in all at once. She had an evil grin on her face and was getting more than a little wet between the legs.

Suddenly, just as Nick thought that all was over for him, there was a horrible screeching noise and the room began to distort, like waves on an otherwise clear pool of water. Victoria gasped as the second room appeared, the one that looked like room in a broken-down hospital, with an elderly man asleep on a bed.

Mary screamed and Victoria caught sight of a black shadow passing out Nick’s body and into the body of her new older sister. She clicked her tongue in irritation, apparently quite annoyed at losing the pleasure of anally raping her older brother.

Nick sat up, slowly massaging the back of the head as though he had a bad bump from being hit with a blunt implement. He massaged his butt a little too, since he knew all too well what Victoria was about to do before this new phenomenon occurred. The air was thick with fog and resonated with powerful magick.

The man in the bed came more and more into focus while Nick’s bedroom seemed to fade into oblivion, and when the last of Nick’s blue bedroom carpet had been transformed into cheap linoleum, Mary began to stir a little.

Victoria held the dildo firmly in her left hand, as though she was readying a dagger for a kill. She handed the jar to Nick and told him to hold it while she checked out the room. Nick tried to convince her that as a man, it was his job to take care of the three of them, but since his pants were still hanging around is ankles and his cock was more than slightly hard, his words didn’t quite hold the punch they could have.

Victoria walked over to the picture on the table and gasped.

“What!?” Nick stammered pathetically.

“It’s Mary,” Victoria said darkly. “We’d better get the hell out of here.”

“Hey, let me see that,” Nick said, pulling up his pants and walking towards Victoria. The girl in the picture was young, cute as a button and very blond. She looked nothing at all like their new older sister.

“What are you smoking?” Nick said, trying hard not to laugh. It was obvious to him that Victoria was totally out of her mind about the photo.

Victoria sighed and slapped herself on the forehead. “For crying out loud, Nick! You think I looked like this when I was your grandmother? Come on, have you become a total moron from jacking off too much?”

Nick puffed up defensively, but that was about all he could do. It wasn’t his fault that his sisters were experts on all the creepy black magick stuff, and that Victoria and Mary had just come back from the dead! Obviously, they’d know more about this kind of stuff than him.

“Oh well, I suppose I can’t really blame you. But really, you’d better start working on your magick skills if you ever want to be more than a hard cock for us.”

“And what if I’m happy just being a hard cock?” Nick said, pushing his hand though one of the elastic bands of Victoria’s bedtime lacy panties, startling her slightly as he fingered her wet hairless pussy from behind.

Victoria pulled his hand away from her crotch and turned around to grab Nick by the balls. “Honestly, dickwad, that monstrous package of yours will only get you so far in life. If I didn’t work my ass off protecting you at the church tonight, you would be dead meat. If I hadn’t been stupid enough to overestimate you, then we wouldn’t be in the strange predicament we are in now.”

“Huh?” Nick asked. His heart sank at the thought of how pathetic his sister must think him to be.

“Quiet!” Victoria said in sharply, in a hushed voice. She was staring at the man in the bed, who was beginning to wake. He was holding a stuffed teddy bear that had at one time been on the little table next to him.

At the same time, Mary began to stir as well, and Nick noticed a liberal view of her pussy was from beneath the bottom of the jersey shirt. He also noticed that she was more than a little wet between casino oyna the legs, and that made his ever-hard cock especially happy.

“Fuck! I shouldn’t have wasted time arguing with you! We should have just grabbed Mary and run!” Victoria hissed, staring at the man as he used his elbows to sit up feebly.

“I don’t understand!” Nick said, stamping his foot in irritation.

“Fuck that, you don’t need to! Stop being such a fucking pussy!” Victoria said, grabbing Mary and swinging her over her shoulder. She rushed to the door, but as she made to open it, a dark shadow pushed her backwards and she fell into Nick. Mary tumbled onto the ground and began to writhe.

“Damn! Damn! Damn!” Victoria swore loudly. “Now there’s nothing we can do until that damn spirit has it out.”

“I still don’t understand,” Nick said. He thought Victoria ought to be more concerned with informing him about the situation.

“Damn it, be quiet for a moment!” Victoria spat. “Why don’t you just shut up and use your own eyes and your own brain for once?”

Nick thought about that for a second, but it seemed like a total waste of time. Why did he need to bother trying to figure out all this strange incomprehensible magick crap when he had women like Elisabeth and Victoria for sisters? Of course, he realized they were more than ultra-sexy bodies, with tits to die for and pussies and asses he’d give anything to fuck. They were brilliant, and Nick was clever enough to notice it. What sort of insane power trip was this bitch trying to play on him, anyway?

Mary began to raise unnaturally, as though she was a puppet on a string. Her head was the last thing to rise, and then she opened her eyes and they glowed bright red.

“Shit! Now you’re really going to have to tell me what’s going on,” Nick said to his younger sister, his jaw hanging open. “What’s going to happen to Mary?”

The jersey shirt ripped and flew off Mary, revealing her very large breasts. Nick no longer felt much urgency to have his question answered. When she started walking towards the old man’s bed and he got a beautiful view of her butt moving up and down as she moved, he felt like he had died and gone to heaven.

“She’s going to rape her father,” Victoria said to Nick, who had a glazed expression on his face and was drooling slightly.

“Huh? What were you saying?” Nick asked stupidly, staring at Mary’s naked body as she mounted the old man’s bed.

Victoria stepped in front of her brother so that she was blocking his view of Mary and ripped open the blouse of her nightgown, so that her breasts fell out into the open air, just an inch in front of her brother.

Nick gulped and his balls began to tighten.

“The man in the hospital bed is Mary’s father, the one who raped her over twenty years ago. She’s possessed by the spirit of her old desire for vengeance. We’re not going to get out of here until the spirit gets its way.”

“Wait, everyone knows that it’s impossible for a woman to rape a man! Women are not equipped,” Nick said, somehow managing to remove his gaze from Victoria’s creamy white breasts long enough to look her in the eye.

Victoria gestured towards the dildo in her left hand and then threw it towards the bed. Mary reached and grabbed it with almost supernatural acumen.

“See? Well equipped,” Victoria said with a little grin. “I don’t suppose you want to sit in a chair and masturbate while it happens? We obviously have time to kill.”

“Eew! I couldn’t,” Nick stammered. “That would just be wrong.”

“Oh, fine, don’t be any fun,” Victoria said, her lip pouting, so absolutely cute that Nick wanted to jump forward and kiss her, or perhaps pry her mouth open and force her to blow him instead. “And here I was going to give you a striptease, just because I was bored, but if you’d rather not take advantage, I suppose I could sit in a corner and twiddle my thumbs instead.”

“I couldn’t convince you to give me a lap dance?” Nick asked, obviously getting his hopes up, but at the same time trying hard not to sound too desperate.

Victoria chuckled slightly, but navigated Nick towards one of the chairs someone had set out in case the bastard ever got any visitors. She proceeded to rub herself against him seductively.

On the bed, Mary rolled the man that used to be her father over and ripped a hole in he back of his pajamas.

Nick tried really hard not to look. He didn’t have a thing for watching other men get anally penetrated. Who did, for crying out loud? But for some reason, he couldn’t take his eyes off the scene that was unfolding in front of him. It was like an auto accident. It held some sort of morbid fascination for him. And besides, somehow the fact that his sister was practically using him as an oversized dildo was capable of making anything a little more stimulating.

He could tell that Victoria was really, really aroused. She was dripping pussy juice all over his lap, and it made his cock rock hard to even think about it. canlı casino It didn’t matter that, only a few feet away, Mary was thrusting an unlubricated dildo up her elderly father’s ass, or that the words that were coming out of her mouth sounded distinctly like something her father might have said to her many years ago.

Nick felt a tear beginning to well in his eye at the thought of how much Mary must have been hurt, betrayed by someone she cared about so much, but he forced himself not to let it fall down his face. He was a man, after all, and refused to be a pussy.

His cock, which had gotten a little limp, quickly reared up, and he concentrated on Victoria’s lovely body gyrating in front of him. She ever-so-slightly rubbed her breasts and pussy against him, as though she was only teasing him.

Nick remembered how delicious it was to fuck her. He wanted to pin her to the floor and have his way with her right there, but somehow it felt wrong to use force while the man in the bed moaned and Mary continued to pound him in a state of reckless abandonment only achievable through magick.

Still, her sweet pussy was calling him and it was all he could do to seriously keep himself from having his way with her on the spot. He was that fucking horny! As it was, his hands kept running into her panties and his breath was becoming very ragged. His cock ached like it had almost forgotten how to come, but the sensation of his balls tightening reminded him of just how multi-orgasmic he really was.

“Do you want me to fuck you again?” Victoria cooed in his ear. “Is that what that bulge in your pants is saying to me, brother?” she added, with a coy wink.

Nick was so out of it with arousal that he just nodded his head and gasped his consent.

Victoria smiled and began fishing his cock out of his pants, but a moment before she could navigate him underneath the elastic of her underwear and into her pussy, his cock decided that it had quite enough and came explosively all over Victoria’s lacy underwear.

Victoria laughed, perhaps a little bitterly, and slipped out of her panties. Nearby, Mary had dildo-fucked her father so thoroughly that he had passed out, yet she was still forcefully pounding him with the dildo, as though she didn’t notice.

Victoria stuck her panties in Nick’s mouth and ordered him to suck as she wandered off to see if she could somehow persuade her possessed sister to stop raping her incapacitated father.

She chanted three lines of Enochian, and Mary’s eyes turned back to normal. She looked down at her father’s sleeping body, first with surprise, and then with comprehension and complete loathing.

She spat on him, but only once.

Leaving the dildo where it was, Mary scooped up the teddy bear, which of course had been hers. The three siblings walked out the door.

Nick had half-expected to find himself in the hallway of whatever building they had been in, but the other half of him figured that now that the spell was broken, the three of them would end up back in his bedroom and it would be as though nothing had happened. He was proven wrong on both accounts.

The three of them stepped through the door into a beautiful dark forest filled with trees with gold and silver leaves, and branches that looked suspiciously like dildos. After hardly more than a moment of surprise, Mary walked over to one of the branches and began licking the tip of the phallus. It soon squirted a glob of hot white liquid into her mouth. She moaned appreciatively and moved to another branch and then another, still hugging the teddy bear she had taken from her sickly father.

Victoria found a tree that bore fruit resembling a women’s genitalia. She dissected the plant with her black painted fingernails and examined it closely, peeling back the skin in a suggestive manner and even putting it up to her nose and smelling it before taking a bite. Her eyes lolled back and she began to moan and stroke herself between the legs. Mary giggled girlishly, broke off a large phallic branch, making the tree groan terribly, and began thrusting it in and out of her little sister.

“Oh yes, oh yes!” Victoria moaned. “Oh! Oh! This is so delicious, I can hardly bear the pleasure!”

Mary smiled and continued pumping. Nick fished his hard cock out of his pants and offered to give the two a hand, but they just glared at him and continued with the strange branch.

“Fuck it!” Nick thought and began stroking his cock wildly. If the girls wanted to have fun all by themselves, fine, free lesbian show. He’d just have to have his fun by himself too. He rubbed his fist up and down the length of his cock while he watched Victoria put the fruit up to Mary’s lips so she could have a share of its sweet nectar. More than a little of the juice dripped down Mary’s chin and soiled the jersey shirt she was wearing.

Victoria, too, broke a branch off of one of the mysterious trees and began to fuck Mary back, first slipping the branch through the elastic kaçak casino band of her panties and running it back and forth, making her sister whimper in anticipation.

The girls began power fucking, and neither one was really steady on her legs.

Nick drooled all over Victoria’s panties, which were still wedged in his mouth. His cock was so hard he thought he might explode again. He slowed his pace on his cock so he could hold out a little longer.

The moaning continued and the girls were both swaying. It was obvious that they were so aroused that they were losing coordination.

This continued for another several minutes, and the girls clung to each to other, grabbing each other’s breasts with their free hands, though Mary never once dropped the teddy bear she was holding.

Then, suddenly, Victoria came, and that pushed Mary over the edge to climax. Nick gave himself one last tug on his cock, and his sperm shot out and fell on the ground. Where his sperm landed, the grass began to glow bright silver, like moonlight. Victoria and Mary both fell to the ground with the force of their orgasms.

The silver grass began to spread throughout the forest, and Nick swore he could hear the sound of women laughing and moaning in rapture. He even thought he saw a naked woman with a golden aura, long blond hair on her head and none on her pussy, before his legs buckled beneath him and he passed out on the silvery grass.

Nick awoke, standing up on his feet as though he’d only been daydreaming, but when he looked around he wasn’t in his bedroom, nor was he in a hospital, nor in some mad perversion of a fairy tale forest. No, he was in Amber’s townhouse, standing in the corner of her bedroom!

Elisabeth was sitting on the bed, trying to push Damien, Amber’s brother, off of her best friend, while Amber, who was evidently very horny, was protesting wildly to the interruption. Damien was poised, cock pressed against Amber’s moist pussy lips, preparing to take his sister’s virginity. His breathing was very erratic and his long thick hair was sweaty and more than ragged. It was obvious that he was very, very aroused. His cock was positively trembling with in the anticipation of fucking his little sister. This was something Nick had every sympathy for, especially when he got an eyeful of Elisabeth.

Elisabeth was wearing only a t-shirt and thong panties. She was spitting curses as though she was a pit viper, digging her fingernails into Damien’s back through his shirt in a wild attempt to protect her friend’s magickal oath not to have sex or have an orgasm until the summoning ritual in two weeks. But damn, did she look hot when she was angry! Nick’s cock was pulsing just thinking about the fire in these eyes of hers. Why was he blessed with such a hot little minx of a sister?

“Please help me,” Elisabeth said after the initial surprise, when she noticed Nick standing near the bed. “I don’t know how you got here, but I need help. The whole spell is riding on having two virgins perform the ritual.”

Of course Nick was going to help! The look of sheer need in his sister’s eyes went straight to his heart and loins, and he knew he would do anything for her if she’d just look that way again for him.

He grunted inarticulately and pointed at Damien threateningly. He saw that Mary had somehow materialized in another corner of the room and was watching the scene unfold in front of them, in much the same way as he was.

With her help, the two of them were able to push Damien to the ground and Mary surprised him by performing a very good arm bar technique that police officers use on criminals. Nick was also very taken by the liberal view of her butt and damp hairless pussy when she bent over, as lethal as he knew she was now that he had seen her rape her own father.

Amber gasped and tried to get them off her brother, and since she wasn’t wearing very much clothing, that was sort of fun to look at, too. Her brown nipples hung out of her top as she half heartedly-beat on Nick, and he couldn’t help but nibble on them a little as they presented themselves to him, casing Amber to moan in ecstasy.

Victoria, who apparently also magickally appeared in Amber’s bedroom, picked up the teddy bear Mary had dropped and pinned it to her nightgown with a couple of safety pins she just happened to have on hand. It looked strangely morbid against her white frilly nightgown. Her pale breasts with slightly hard nipples were still hanging out of her top, from when she had pulled them out to impress Nick. It was really a pity that everyone else was far too busy trying to subdue Damien to take advantage of the fabulous sight.

Elisabeth pulled out the bag of sex toys Nick had stolen for her before and extracted some leather straps and other bondage implements Nick didn’t recall being among the collection. She tied Damien up tightly on the townhouse carpet, cut off his underwear with a dagger and stuffed it in his mouth as she tied the ends around his head so he couldn’t get free.

His cock was still hard as he struggled futilely for his freedom, and Elisabeth took a sort of sadistic pleasure in sitting on his back and pretending to hump him while slapping him on the ass.

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