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She walked out of the bathroom to the middle of the empty room. It was a bedroom of sorts, but completely devoid of furniture. The carpet on the floor was thick and plush and a dark rich chocolate brown. The paleness of her skin contrasted nicely with the dark carpet. Almost the reverse silhouette.

It was a sweet sight; the soft nakedness of her skin in contrast to the darkness of the carpet, slender curves of her body outlined in silhouette, the shine of her hair reflecting the light is tones of gold, her nipples hard and erect from the chill in the air. Her only clothing a pair of lace top thigh high nylons.

The closet doors at the back of the room were open displaying a wide variety of sexual toys. She looked toward the closet and studied the contents and wondered what he would use on her tonight. A little tremor of anticipation surged through her. She stood in the middle of the room and turned to face the door, placing the blue velvet sleeping mask over her eyes. She knelt in the middle of the room resting her butt back against her heels and clasped her hands tightly behind her.

She drew a deep breath and let it out slowly lowered her head in submission to wait. She didn’t have to wait long. It was only a few seconds before she heard the door knob rattle and felt the cool breeze of air as the door pushed inward. She heard his quick intake of breath and knew he was pleased at the sight of her.

He walked into the room and stood naked in front of her enjoying the vision she made, he inhaled deeply the scent of her that drifted up from her bent head. He felt his cock twitch and start to harden. He walked around her slowly resisting the urge to touch her, his naked stiff member bouncing with each step, teasing his balls. He returned to his position in front of her only now his erect cock was millimeters from her head. He wanted to lift a hand full of her silken hair and rub it against his cock feeling the softness of it as it slid over the shaft. But that would come later.

Finally he spoke. “Lift you head.”

She did as he commanded not realizing that his cock leaked lubricant just in front of her face. She could sense how close he stood, could smell the male muskiness of him, her mouth watered at the scent. She waited for a further command. She itched to bring her hands forward and search for him, to feel the smoothness of his ass in her hands. But tonight she was at his command, just as he had been at hers last time.

He studied her face, it was a lovely face, well defined cheekbones, a slim straight nose, her eyes were hidden behind the blue velvet mask which contrasted sensuously with the dark red of her lips; full lips, slightly parted as she breathed through them. He could hear the elevated excitement in her breathing rhythm.

“Open you mouth and slowly lick you lips, make them nice and wet for me.”

She did as he bade. He watched fascinated as her lips parted and her tiny pink tongue slowly circled the red of her full lips leaving a shiny trail of saliva. His cock jumped and grew harder, if that was possible, at the thought of him shoving the head of his dick into her mouth feeling that tongue brush against the tip.

He waited and looked seeing the canlı bahis pulse at the side of her neck throb in her excitement. “Lick them again, get them really wet.”

Her tongue snaked out and wet her top lip then she drew it in and sucked it making it extra wet with additional saliva. Opening her mouth again she wetted the bottom lip.

“Keep it open, I like the look of it.”

He leaned forward and touched the dewy tip of the head of his cock against her bottom lip and then leaned back watching the string of moisture stretch between her mouth and his cock. “Lick that off you lip.”

Her tongue slipped out and the pointed tip lapped up the dew he had deposited there.

“How does that taste?”

She closed her mouth and rolled the liquid on her tongue. “Mmmmmm, it tastes like a small drop of honey, your honey.”

“Would you like to have more?”

“oh, yes I would like that.”

“Stick out your tongue.”

Her lips slowly parted and she extended her tongue and wiggled the tip at him. He laughed. And stroked his hard cock a couple of times to encourage more fluid out. As it oozed from the tip he leaned forward and rubbed it on her tongue. The soft bumps of her tongue sent little tingles up his cock and he felt his balls shift. She curled the tip of her tongue up and he rubbed the head of his cock around it. He withdrew and stood in front of her again.

“Is that enough?”

“No, you know how much I like cock honey. I never have enough.”

“So you want more then?”


“Lean forward and you may have more.”

She leaned forward and felt the wet tip of his cock brush her lips. She parted them and sucked the head into her mouth. The sweet salty taste of him filled her mouth and made it water. Her tongue played over the tip and traced the heavy vein on the bottom. She sucked harder drawing more of him into her mouth.

He watched the head of his cock disappear into the hot wet mouth, the sucking at the tip, her tongue teasing the sensitive spot on the underside sent a shiver through him. He gasped as she sucked harder pulling more of his shaft into her mouth.

His mind centered on the sensations of her sucking, the sight of his cock passing between the dark red lips, her tongue massaging against the bottom of his shaft.

Suddenly he stepped back pulling his cock from her mouth with a loud pop, she moaned in disappointment. “Give me your hands.” He commanded.

She brought her hands from behind her back and extended them toward him.

“Make an easy fist.”

She curled her fingers into loose fists. He took a black nylon and began to slip it over one fist. He put a second nylon on the other. “Open your hands and rub my legs and balls.”

She opened her mouth and leaned forward. He swatted her lightly on the head. “No, I didn’t say you could suck on it any more. Just rub my legs and balls. Do it slowly like I like it.”

Flexing her fingers inside the stockings she stretched them to accommodate her opened hands. Still unable to see she tentatively reached forward until her fingers touched his legs. She rubbed her nylon clad hands up his thighs until she felt his balls. Not touching his stiff cock or his testicles bahis siteleri she slid her hands up his stomach as high as she could reach from her kneeling position. Slowly making small circles flexing her fingers as she did it she covered every inch of his abdomen and the fronts of his thighs.

He was in heaven, the silken feel of her nylon covered hands caressing him seemed to hypnotize him, transport him to a quiet peaceful place. It was sensual, serene, exciting, relaxing and stimulating all at the same time.

She continued her slow ministrations to the backs of his legs as she leaned forward to reach all the way around his cock brushed against her cheek. She like the soft damp feel of the tip against her skin and pressed closer against him. Her hands traveled up the backs of his legs to his butt. He moaned softly when she cupped his ass in her hands, the velvet smoothness of the nylons against his skin contrasted exquisitely with the steadily tightening grip on his butt cheeks. She kneaded them harder rubbing her cheek against his cock as she did so.

It was so hard not to just turn her head and suck him into her mouth. She loved the taste of him, the feel of his hard shaft against the roof of her mouth, the soft skin against her tongue. She never failed to get excited at the tiny muscles twitches from his cock when she flicked her tongue rapidly over the tip. But he had said she wasn’t allowed to suck him. It was because he didn’t want to come too fast.

He did love the feel of nylon on his flesh, his breathing was faster now and he lowered his hands to her head and filled them with the golden silk of her hair. She knew now was the time and brought her hand to the front of his legs and nudged them farther apart giving her greater access to his balls and ass.

A soft groan escaped him as she cupped his shaved balls in one black nylon covered hand and smoothly moved the other between his legs pushing her middle finger up against his puckered hole. She felt it flex, and contract.

He took her hair and grasped his cock with it. The sight of him stroking his shaft with her hair elevated his heart rate yet again and he began to rock his hips in a stroking motion humping her hair in his hands. He liked the little tickles the ends made on his balls on the inside of his thighs.

With gentle pressure she slipped the tip of her finger into his ass and he moaned again. She mimicked the rhythm of her finger thrusts to the strokes he used on his cock.

“Oh, you do that so perfectly.” He whispered. “Soooo perfectly. By my right leg is a bottle of lube and a toy for you to use.”

She felt for the toy and found it and the bottle of lube. Squirting some of the spicy smelling liquid on her finger she slipped it up the crack of his ass and rubbed it on the opening to his butt. Squirted a little more on her finger and massaged it into his hole. He moaned at the slick feel of the lube on her nylon covered fingers.

He watched as she felt for the toy and explored its surface for the size and shape of it. It was a full sized cock dildo, not the usual butt probe he liked.

She licked the inside of his thigh, teasing the edges of his balls with her tongue as she bahis şirketleri continued to massage them with her nyloned hand. His breath had elevated to a quick short pant blended with continuous moans.

“I want to taste you, I want to suck you, feel your cock slide down my throat.” She said softly.

“Put the vibe in my ass first.”

She picked up the bottle of lube and squirted it on the dildo and rubbed over the end and down the shaft. She turned the vibe on low and rubbed it over the under side of his balls and up the stem of his cock. She played it around his ass and started to slowly push the head into his hole. He flinched.

She stopped.

“It’s ok,” He said. “Just go slow, lick my balls as you do it.”

Sucking one testicle into her mouth she pushed until the head of the dildo popped into his ass. He gasped and stiffened. She turned up the vibration on the toy and continued pushing it in a little and pulling it out. Stroking deeper each time until the toy was all the way up his ass.

“God that feels so good. Just be still a minute and let me get used to it.”

She stopped moving the toy, but continued to lick and suck his balls while petting the inside of his thighs with her other hand.

He let out a breath he had been holding in a long slow sigh. “Ok, suck my cock.” He said and released her hair.

She leaned back and looked up at him. His eyes were half closed and dark black pools of hunger and he smiled down at her and continued to stroke his cock “Suck me, let me fuck your mouth.”

She smiled back at him and in one swift swallow sucked his cock into the warm wetness of her mouth. Her tongue stroking the under side as she slid him in and out, her lips forming a perfect seal around him.

He cupped her jaw in his hands, his thumbs resting on each ear and he held her head and pumped his hard cock in and out of her mouth, fucking it as he would her pussy later in the night. She felt his ass contract around the toy, felt the pulse of the muscle against the vibe inside his ass as his body neared climax. She increased the pressure against his balls with her other hand and felt him tense, grow still a second, and with a loud grunt he thrust forward embedding his cock all the way down her throat as he came.

Each spasm stiffened his knees and thrust him in her mouth, she sucked hard at each thrust, each pump of cum into her mouth, forcing the plastic cock into his ass as each spasm shook him. The last quiver of his orgasm came and his knees started to shake.

She pulled the dildo out of his ass and gripped his butt as he slid to the floor on his knees. She continued to suck his cock which still jerked with each quick hard suck. His breathing was ragged gasps. He relaxed back against the floor, and still she sucked prolonging his climax. As his cock softened she took just the tip in her mouth and with quick jerky movements sucked rapidly it in and out of her mouth as quick as she could.

He grunted several time and finally grabbed her head and said ” Oh, God I can’t cum any more. Let me rest.”

She sucked his softened cock into her mouth and rubbed it with her tongue. He moaned again, “please stop.”

“As you wish.” She chuckled and retrieved a comforter and pillows from the closet. She cuddled against him seeking his warmth and pulled the cover over them. He would satisfy her later but first they would rest a while. And then start again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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