Buffalo 08

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Buffalo, of all places, Buffalo. I started a new job several months ago, and they are sending me for training in Buffalo, New York, in the middle of the winter. I think the temperature is only 6 degrees during the day. I was only going for three days, and even though it was cold I was kind of looking forward to the interaction with other adults and the quiet time to myself at night.

To back up the story a bit, I am a 43 year old mother of three, living in a suburb of Stamford, Connecticut. As everyone knows the economy has been tough. Oil is costing us over $1,000 each delivery, and gas is hovering around three dollars per gallon. My husband of 16 years works but his income is up and down as a salesman for a large company. The financial stress has forced me to seek work and contribute financially to our bills.

The financial stress does affect our lives in many ways. I find we are fighting more about little issues and our sex live has become more routine and less frequent. Although, when we do make love, I still have overpowering orgasms, and I always love the feel of his cock in my pussy after I come.

My main outlet for the stress has been running and exercise. To say I am addicted is an understatement. I have run 15 marathons in the last 8 years and when I am not running, I am working out with weights or at the gym.

I was excited about the hotel the agency was putting me up in. It has a restaurant, bar, heated pool and most important a 24 hour workout room.

When I arrived at the airport in Buffalo, a car service was waiting to take me to the hotel. I felt so important and so far away from packing lunches and doing homework with my kids. Even though we will be in meetings and trainings 9 hours a day, this was a vacation to me.

I was at the hotel in 20 minutes. I did not realize that a lot of companies have large offices in Buffalo. The hotel lobby was filled with mostly men in suits from all over the country. After I checked in I went up to the room and was happy to see a large room with a king size bed, flat panel TV, and a great bathroom with an enclosed shower and whirlpool bath. Everything looked brand new, and the floor seemed very quiet.

That night I went to the restaurant to get some dinner. When I walked in, all I saw were men grouped together at various tables eating dinner and drinking beer. I am not used to being out without my husband or kids, and I was feeling very self conscious. The waiter asked me how many, and I said just one. He was very nice and offered me a table by the bar. I had to walk through the dining room and felt a lot of eyes looking at me.

I was wearing white leggings and a black thong, which I was now sure, was visible, by the looks I was getting. My husband would comment to me when I wore these leggings that my “camel toe” was visible. I hated these slang terms, because it was just another term created by men to describe the women’s vagina. I made sure I kept a book I took with me in front, just in case he was right.

When I sat down at the table the waitress came over to me. I was so happy to see another female. She was very friendly and was chatting for a while about Buffalo and the two feet of snow that fell just the week before.

Her name was Angie, and she was born and raised in Buffalo and was very interested in hearing about New York City and Long Island. After a while some of the men at the tables she was handling got agitated that she wasn’t coming over to take their orders. Angie smiled and said that Verizon was having a big meeting and all these guys were here till tomorrow.

After she walked away, a man who was staring at me from the bar came over to talk. I was friendly but told him I just wanted to read my book and have some dinner. He had to be 10 years younger than me, and I saw his friends at the bar all watching to see what would happen when he walked over.

He was very smooth and pretended to have read the book I was attempting to read. I knew it was bullshit because the book was written by Jodi Piccault and I don’t think a man has ever read canlı bahis one of her books unless he was gay. This guy wasn’t gay, because he was trying too hard to talk to me. I was very uncomfortable and was not sure how to handle the situation.

His name was Mike and he wanted to buy me a beer and discuss the book. I told him I was married and just looking for a quiet night at the hotel. He smiled and said he could be very quiet although with a women like me, it might be very hard. He emphasized the word hard with a smile. His buddies were all laughing at the bar.

At this point Angie came back to take my order and Mike saw the look on her face and went back to the bar. I thanked her, although it was very exciting to have a young good looking man try to pick me up. I never thought as myself as a very pretty girl and felt that my body, which I worked so hard at, was all I had going for me. My husband would tell me what a great body I have and how pretty I was, but I never believed him.

I decided to order the food to be delivered to my room. Angie laughed and said it would probably be quieter. When I got up to leave the guys at the bar that were with Mike began to fake crying. I did feel very sexy with all the attention I was getting. I made it back to the room and room service showed up 15 minutes later. I stayed in the whole night and just watched American Idol and went to bed.

I got up early the next morning to go down and use the fitness room. It was only 5 am and I did not expect to see anyone besides hotel staff around. I wore a pink bra top and runner’s shorts. I had my IPod and was set to go. I would normally run outside but 6 degrees was too cold for me.

I got on the elevator and was almost at the bottom level when the elevator jerked a little and then stopped. I did not panic and pressed the B button again and thankfully the elevator made it to the basement and the doors opened up. The fitness room was empty and I was able to work out on the treadmill for one hour straight.

In front of me was a full length mirror and I was noticing that my body did look good indeed. I have 34b breasts that are definitely smaller than they were before I had children, but they still looked good bouncing up and down as I ran. There was a vent over my head and the cool air felt good as I was running, but it also made my nipples rock hard. My husband would have told me that my headlights were on, (another slang expression, that I was not crazy about).

I did 8 miles and then went and used the universal. I think I have better muscles then most and my stomach is rock hard. It is my ass that always bothers me. While I was looking at all the mirrors in the fitness room, I was mostly checking out my butt. I am a size 2, but to me, my butt is too big. Since I was all alone, I pulled down my shorts to take a better look. My husband has wanted to do things to my ass since we started having sex, but this is one area I never felt comfortable about, and therefore I never let him get his dick or tongue anywhere near my butt.

I was done with my workout and was heading to the showers when I suddenly felt like I was being watched. I looked back at the exit door and saw a young man dart away from the door. My heart stopped beating and ran into the girl’s locker room. I was wondering how long he was there and how much he saw. Did he see me checking out my ass and my breasts? Oh god, I hope not.

I took a long time in the shower with the hope that he would be gone by the time I came out. I then put on my bathing suit and was going to go into the pool. I was wearing a one piece bathing suit, that rose very high on the sides and very low at the chest. I looked in the mirror again and felt I looked damn good for a woman in her early 40’s.

When I walked into the fitness room the man was still there, and was working out with the weights. When I looked harder at him, I realized it was Mike from the bar the night before. I don’t know why but my heart raced a bit. He was now joined by a friend and they were bench pressing what looked like twice bahis siteleri my weight. These guys were both fantastic looking and had muscles that I could not see last night in their suits at the bar.

I made it to the pool which was deserted and swam a couple of laps. I was finished swimming when all of a sudden I felt a hand on my shoulder and a hard object pressed against my butt. I tried to turn around but the person was too strong. I assumed right away that it was one of the guys from the weight room.

The person whispered that they saw me checking out my ass and that an ass that perfect should be admired by all. I couldn’t breathe and he held both of my arms behind my back. I now knew that the hard object I was feeling was his hard cock pushing against the thin material of my bathing suit. He was naked and I was very nervous. I asked him to let me go, and he said very quietly that I have been teasing him and his friend since last night at the bar. I told him I just want to be left alone. He laughed and said, I think we know what you want.

The pool was deserted except for me, Mike and his friend. I was nervous but also so excited at the thought of having sex with these two young muscular guys. My feeling was I was going to be raped, or I could give in and enjoy the experience.

Mike walked me out of the pool to a spot behind a cabinet filled with towels. While holding my arms his friend, whose name I never heard, came over and proceeded to pull down the straps of by bathing suit. It was wet and came down easy. I was now standing with my arms held tight and completely naked.

I felt Mike hard cock working to get into my ass. I was clenching my butt cheeks tight out of fear of penetration. Mikes friend removed his shorts and now we were all naked. His friend had a smaller penis then my husband, and the feel of Mike’s penis on my ass, made me feel that it might be very large.

Mikes friend began to kiss and fondle my breasts. He was not as rough as I expected him to be. He slowly worked his way down to my vagina. He pulled my legs apart and proceeded to lick the sides of my vagina. I was so turned on and powerless. He slowly started to move his tongue closer to my clitoris. The sensation was almost making me pass out. I was so dizzy. I started to moan as he hit the spot. He licked faster and faster. I couldn’t stand any more.

Mike released my arms and put is arms around me and held me up with his hands on my breasts. I picked up my legs and rested them on his friends back. The juices were flowing out of my pussy in such quantity that it sounded like someone was pouring a bottle of water onto the floor.

Mike’s cock was still trying hard to get into my ass. The position I was in did not allow me to clench my butt cheeks, so the head of his penis was pressing up against my ass hole. I was so dizzy as the first wave of orgasm came over me, that I did not even notice until it was too late that Mike had gotten his cock head into my ass.

His friend kept licking until I came two more times, although it might have been one long orgasm that they did not let me recover from. Mike kept pushing from behind and now I think at least two inches of his cock was up my ass. It hurt and I asked them to stop. Mike whispered in my ear repeating what he had said earlier, that he saw me checking out my ass in the mirror, and that they had to get inside me. I offered to do anything else but anal sex. He just laughed and said I was not in a good position to negotiate.

His friend got up and took several towels from the cabinet and laid them on the hard floor. Mike then pulled out the little of his cock that was in my ass . I breathed a sigh of relief until he had his friend come over to hold me. Mike then lay down on his back and instructed his friend to position my pussy over his cock.

This was the first time I was seeing Mikes cock. It looked to be as long as my husband’s cock but thicker. I was so thankful he did not get that thing in my ass. I was still so dizzy as I straddled his cock. They slowly lowered me on to Mike bahis şirketleri and his cock slid into my soaked pussy. The sensation was overwhelming, and I think I could actually come again. I have never come without clitoral stimulation. I lowered all the way down on to him.

They were both commenting on how hot my body was. At this point I was overcome by sexual desire. I struggled free from Mike’s friend and lay on top of Mike kissing him and riding his cock. This went on for a while and I was so close to coming. Juices were exploding from my pussy onto Mike.

Mikes friend was taking the juices that were running down my legs and started rubbing them onto my ass. The sensation was great. I never realized how sensitive my ass was. He then proceeded to insert a finger into my ass. I just kept kissing Mike. He was now going in and out of my ass with his finger. The feeling of a finger and cock in me was phenomenal. He pulled out his finger and I then felt the tip of his cock pushing to get into my ass. I asked them to stop, but they didn’t listen.

Mike now held me tight so I couldn’t struggle away. While Mikes cock was all the way up my pussy, his friend started to put is cock in my ass. I think I started to cry. It was not because of the pain but because I had never let my husband do this, and now a complete stranger was pushing his way in.

Both of their cocks were now inside me, and I could feel them rubbing against each other as they slide in and out of my holes. I felt like I was going to pee, but started to squirt liquids out of my pussy. I was having an orgasm like no other I have ever had before. Having a cock in my ass felt so good.

I can’t imagine how it looked to see me with a man below and one behind pounding my pussy and ass in perfect rhythm. I was praying that no one would come into the pool. Please just let us finish. After a few more minutes and my body was getting sore, Mike started to come inside me. I was on the pill, so I was not worried about pregnancy.

Mikes friend slowly pulled out his cock from my ass and he used his hand on his cock and squirted come all over my ass and back. It felt so warm, and I felt so dirty. I fell off Mike to the side and just laid there shaking form the experience I just had. Both Mike and his friend asked if I would spend the rest of the morning with them in their hotel room. They were checking out at noon, and we could fuck all morning.

At this point my mind was getting clearer and I told them I had to go. I had to be at work in 1 hour. They tried to pull me back down but I had already grabbed my bathing suit and started running to the lady’s locker room.

I stood in the locker room, again looking at myself in the mirror. I had such mixed emotions. I felt so totally spent sexually, and so guilty for giving in and having sex with two strangers. I haven’t had sex with another man since three years before I got married. How would my husband react if he knew what happened? What is he going to say when I beg him to put his cock in my ass? I laughed and realized that he would maybe thank these guys for opening up a new era in our sex life. I got dressed and headed back upstairs to my room. Both Mike and his friend were gone. I felt relief and sadness at the same time.

I went to the training class, and sat in the back row. It was all women at this agency, and they were all staying at the Marriot Hotel next door to the office building. I guess the Marriot was out of rooms so I had to stay further away. I had trouble sitting and repeatedly had to shift myself in the seat. My ass and pussy were so sore. I couldn’t concentrate the rest of the day, as my mind wondered to the morning experience.

When I got back to the hotel, it was after 6pm. The hotel was very quiet. I guess like Angie said, all the people from Verizon were leaving. I felt sad but was looking forward to a quiet night alone. I called my family and was happy to hear everyone was doing great. My husband asked if I learned anything. I took a minute to answer, and then with a smile on my face, I said more than I could have imagined. I think the experience will change me forever. He said he loved me and would talk to me tomorrow.

For now on, I will never think of Buffalo as a cold place, but a place that made me very hot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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