Business and Pleasure

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“This is what I was telling you about.” My eyes opened wide as Adrienne handed me a magazine with her finger pointing to a picture of a black leather collar with chains attached to bind the users hands up around their neck.

“I’m completely shocked,” I confessed. “I would NEVER have guessed you were into that sort of thing.” Adrienne smiled, a pink hue staining her cheeks in admission. She sat down on the cement right next to me, her leg and arm pressed against my own. She looked over her shoulder to make sure no one could see the erotic pictures we were now looking at during our last break of the day. As she flipped through the pages, images of dildo’s, penis enlargements, breast enhancers, “realistic” vagina’s (with hair included), even pills to make a man’s cum taste good, I believe it was called “yummy cum”, a tingle began to spread through out my body.

“Here’s the other thing I thought looked good.” She said as I leaned in closer for a better look. Nipple rings, was the current item of viewing. “They’re supposed to keep your nipples hard” she said as she read the excerpt next to the picture. I was in complete amazement. These words were coming from this girl who, up until recently, had been extremely innocent in the subject of sexual accessories. I suppose I had something to do with this transformation, after all, I did take her to my cousin’s sex toy party. “Do you think Frederick’s of Hollywood might have something like this?” Her words brought my mind back to the magazine.

“I’m not sure, but a sex shop might. I’ve seen things like this in the shop near my house.” I could tell she was a bit surprised that I’d been in a shop like that.

“You went by yourself?” She asked.

“Oh no, I’ve been in once with my Best friend Laurie and once with my aunt.” I could tell by the look on her face, that she was interested in the idea of that, so I asked her if she wanted to go sometime.

“Yeah, are you free to go tomorrow?” That is how this whole experience started. Once we’d set plans to go to Buda’s Bizarre, I called up Chris to tell him of a plan I’d had. Adrienne and I would be coming back to my place after our little shopping spree, and I thought it would be fun if he showed up after we’d returned. He was all for it, so we set the time for him to show up for around 10pm. Erotic thoughts filled my mind that night as I drifted to sleep. So many possibilities were awaiting me after work the next day.

The workday took forever to be done, but it finally was, and Adrienne and I were now about to step through the doors of Buda’s. She was so much fun to watch, Like a kid in a candy store as she hurried from one erotic thing to the next. Examining each item as if she casino oyna never knew such a thing existed. I couldn’t count the number of times she said “Bran; you HAVE to see this!” We walked out of the store with two brown paper bags filled with items only a select few would ever see.

Before we headed back to my place, we stopped at the liquor store under Buda’s and stocked up on a variety of liquids, sure to inebriate anyone. The first thing we did once we were back in my apartment was to make up a blender full of some new concoction we’d gotten the recipe for. We clanged glasses to salute our shopping adventure and within minutes, we needed a refill. I used the opportunity to unlock the front door for Chris while Adrienne made a second blender full of our newly acquired drink. It was now time to take another look at our purchases. I suggested we sit on my bed, so there would be room to spread out our items, and so we’d already be situated once Chris came in.but I didn’t fill her in on that part. So we sat down with our drinks (third glass each) and our paper bags, and began the show and tell. Adrienne pulled out the first item on display. Two sapphire jeweled nipple clips, with silver edging. Already in a tipsy state of mind, she held them up against her tight white shirt, over her more than ample breasts and asked, “How do they look?” I laughed and replied,

“Ooooh, nice. But I bet they’d be even better actually ON your nipples. Why don’t you model them?” She took a large swallow of her drink and said,

“What the hell, why not?” She slowly removed her shirt, revealing her lace clad double d breasts. I couldn’t help but to look at them with admiration. My mouth went dry as she removed her bra. They were even more exquisite than I’d imagined them being. I wanted to tell her to forget about the jeweled clasps, and allow me to taste them, but I didn’t dare. She wasn’t ready for that yet, perhaps in a few more drinks. After she’d placed the jewelry on, she arched her back, sticking them out further than usual and asked, “So? What do you think?” Smiling I replied,

“Perfect! Whoever gets to see them is one lucky son of a bitch.” That’s when she confided in me that she hadn’t had sex in almost two years, and how she’d been SO horny that she was basically ready to fuck the first person who showed interest. It was my turn to take a large swallow from my glass, as my hope for the evening’s plan grew stronger.

An hour had passed and all of our bag contents were now strewn across the bed in no particular order. There were dildo’s, vibrators, clit stimulating cream, body paint, hot lotions (edible and hot to the tongue and skin), a whip (I won’t divulge who’s it was), wrist and ankle canlı casino ties, feathers, if it was kinky, it was there. Oh, and Adrienne also found the collar with the wrist chains as well.

“Why don’t you put this on? I asked while holding up the collar. Her hooded eyes told me that not only was she drunk, but also she was aroused by the thoughts these items conjured up.

“I’ll need some help.” She said, and that was all the invitation I needed. I took the item out of its package, my hands shaking slightly in anticipation. I purposely brushed my fingers against her neck as I moved her hair out of the way. Once the collar was on, and her hands bound, I asked her if she wanted another sip from her glass. It was amazing, it were as if when I put the collar around her, she slipped into the roll of subservient.

“Yes please.” She whispered her eyes as wide and innocent as a doe’s. I put the glass to her lips and she drank deeply, licking her lips when I pulled the glass away.

“No, don’t. Let me do that.” I suggested, as I lowered my mouth to hers. Her lips were soft and supple, and there was a feeling of need as she pressed them firmly against my own. All the need, all the desire and want that she’d been denied for two years was showing itself in this kiss. When her tongue slid into my mouth, I pulled back.

“Not yet” I said as I removed one wrist from its bindings. I slid the chain between a spindle on my headboard, and refastened the chain to her wrist, holding her arms up over her head. “I want to taste what is under those clasps” I confided, “but first, I need to do a few things.”

I immediately began removing her pants, and then tying her legs to my bedposts. I then proceeded to remove my outer clothing, leaving only my black bra and panties on. Her eyes never left my body, and it sent shivers of pleasure through me.

“Now isn’t that better?” I asked as I nestled myself between her legs, my head placed near her breasts. She could only nod in answer. I ran my hand up her side slowly, and she softly moaned and closed her eyes. I took off one clasp, and immediately had to have her hard nipple in my mouth. I sucked on it, I licked it, I kissed it, as her head turned from side to side. As I began doing the same thing to the other nipple, I heard Adrienne gasp. At first I thought it was in pleasure, but when I looked at her expression, I knew it was a startled sound. Her eyes were looking over my shoulder, so I turned so see what she was looking at. And there was Chris.

Completely nude, squeezing his hard cock in one hand while bracing himself in my bedroom doorway. My attention was drawn back to Adrienne when I heard her whimper.

“Shhhhh,” I reassured kaçak casino her, “We’re going to make sure you are completely taken care of tonight. No more aching to be touched. No more needing to be filled, tonight is going to be all about you.” I saw resignation in her eyes before my mouth descended upon hers once again. She kissed me with such passion, I nearly came undone. When I pulled away, I noticed Chris was sitting on the edge of the bed near us. He idly stroked her thigh, almost reassuring her of the words I’d just spoken.

“Chris, taste her nipples, they’re delicious.” I encouraged. Without hesitation, he lowered his mouth to her breast, her back arched, thrusting it into his mouth. As he pleasured her breast with his tongue, his hand slid into her red panties, and began tracing the outline of her clit. Her moan came from deep within as her hips rose up to accept his probing fingers.

She was so wet; Chris just HAD to taste her. He was able to lower her panties enough to get his face up against her. The moment his tongue touched her eager pussy, she nearly came off the bed. Thrusting her hips so high, that Chris had to hold her down by wrapping his muscular arms around her thighs.

I began licking, and kissing her neck as Chris slid his tongue up and down her clit. Her moans were so heartfelt that each one hummed through my blood, sending its vibrations through out my body. I moved back to her lips and devoured them with my own, which was perfect timing, because it was then that Chris slid a finger deep inside her, and her scream of pleasure was consumed within our kiss. She came quickly, and hard. Her spasms engulfed Chris’ finger and sent pleasure up his arm and threatened to come shooting out of his throbbing cock. He needed release, and soon.

I myself was on the brink of blissful release. As he slid his cock into her tight, wet pussy, he rested his face in between her breasts, pacing himself. Not wanting to cum quite yet. He wanted to be able to fuck another climax out of her.

I stood back and watched for a few moments, my fingers finding my own slick pussy. I watched as his cock slid slowly in and out of her, her moans driving me wild. It was then that I released one of her wrists, positioning my pussy next to her. Chris watched as Adrienne slid her finger in and out of me, mimicking his cock inside her.

As his thrusts became more powerful, more intense, so did her welcome assault to my pussy, which was nearly at the pinnacle of pleasure. One hard deep thrust, and she was sent over the edge, her contractions squeezing his penis so tightly, he was brought to an earth shattering finish, and the sounds of them at the height of pleasure, in addition to her finger curling within me, wracked spasms from my entire body, ones like I’d only read about.

That was only the first of many sexual encounters for the evening, and come Monday, it was back to work as usual.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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