Catherine Ch. 35

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Alina Li

Catherine I live for the moment when I hear the catch in her throat with our first kiss. Her breathing gets heavier with each caress, touch, or stroke, of her sensitive places, I wait for those words she will say…, but not yet.

Catherine – Chapter 35

Carly – And C’

Two pillows propped under my head giving me a delicious view of this amazingly flexible thirty year old blond, pony tailed bundle of beauty and energy is. Who, right now demonstrating it by straddling my hips while doing a backbend like she could fifteen years ago; just like she’s doing it right now.

Carly, her knees bent, squeezed tight against my hips, her head thrown back, her belly and chest thrusting up towards the ceiling supporting herself with her arms behind her, hands gripping my knees. Tight tendons in her neck betraying the orgasmic crisis that hasn’t become audible yet; number two in less than thirty-five minutes — she did say she was horny! “Girls are fun, she’s told me, but your big cock is what I’ve needed to cum like this.”

Oh My God… what a beauty she is; not a single extra ounce on this girl. Her tight round ass that was filling my hands, her firm breasts with their coat button size areolas, brown M&M nipples brushing across my face, where right now those breasts are just tight mounds stretched over her chest.

Carley’s smooth bald pussy holding my eyes; her tight, glistening pink slit stretched around my thick cock buried in it. Sweet pinky finger tip clit; “Suck it, suck it Swaggart,” she was saying to me over and over the whole time she was grinding that smooth, bald pussy back and forth over my mouth.

My hands gripping those tight round ass cheeks held her down against my mouth as my tongue licked all over her slightly gaped cunt and pink butt hole. And oh, how delicious it was nursing on her pinky finger tip clit.

Orgasm one, was her cuming on my mouth.

Arms bent back over her head; how does she do this? I question.

Tight, stretched thigh muscles, tight well defined belly muscles heaving up and down pulling, pushing each heaving breath in and out of her lungs announcing orgasm number two.

The lady did tell me she was horny for some cock, and mine is what she wanted; what an ego booster to hear! Where right now her very stretched pussy is filled with it.

“Oh… My… God, Swaggart!” Carly at last sitting up, her legs straddling my thighs, her hands coming down onto my pillow, slowly lowering her head to crush her mouth onto mine.

“You,” she says, “were exactly what I needed,” telling me when breaking the kiss.

“Well then, I’m happy to have been of assistance.”

“You certainly have been! She tells me. “But Oh…, my pussy! And after taking you on, she says, it takes time for it to recover.”

On hearing that I can almost believe it; she is so deliciously tight!

“Now sit up,” she’s telling me, “I need to do some serious cock riding! But please don’t cum in me; it’s the wrong time of the month; if you know why.”

“I have very good self control, lady; so rut away!”

And Oh…, does she ever!

This sweet toned gymnast has more moves than her gymnastic floor exercise. And she’s using all those moves on my tortured cock right now.

And, Oh, My God… what a sweet, fuck she is!

Minutes of her gyrating hips and bouncing ass — smack, smack, smack the sound of those round ass cheeks landing against my thighs; only pausing long enough to tease her tits in my face; where I sometimes, catch a nipple as she rubs them across it.

“My God Girl, you’re killing me!” Where just in time it’s lifting her up and off my exploding cock, spurting streams of cum up between us. And now with cum slick bellies and mutual heavy breathing and where it was the sounds of many, many body bouncing bed noises, it’s now only our heavy breathing.

Loosening my hold on her, she leans back, “You must have been saving that up,” she says. “Look at me… I’m covered with you!” She says,” has both us laughing together. “No lady, it’s just the usual me.”

“Now tell me about the tour,” asking her.

One hour later, and very reluctantly waving good night, it’s Carly driving up the driveway to a momentary stop before her left turn and car tail lights disappearing down the road; thank you, Carly! You were just what I needed too.

But now it’s back in the house to find my cell phone buzzing on the island top; Catherine, displayed on the screen

But instead of answering her call, I’ll get the coffee maker set up and ready for morning. Then weather the storm I’m going to hear by ignoring her; she hates when I do it. “How dare you ignore me!” I’ll hear.

My phone buzzed again. And with a glance at the time displayed on the coffee maker I’ve just finished with; it’s late. So why call me now?

“Hello me!”

“Where have you been and why haven’t you answered my calls!” Is what I get, instead of her usual; “Hi it’s me.”

“I’ve had a busy evening, Catherine. You know, my class over at the college. And after that, I stopped by the gym to see a friend; maltepe escort she’s the assistant coach to the women’s gymnastic team. Who had been on a cross country tour of exhibitions. Who got in late last night; as I found out on my morning phone call to Erin. Where Sally came on, after my saying goodbye to Erin, to tell me the team was back. Sally got a late night call from Carly; who’s a long time friend of Sally.”

“Oh… you could have at least found a moment to answer one of my calls.” Catherine, sarcastically telling me

“One of your calls.., how many did you make?”

“Enough that you could have found time to answer at least… one of them,” she says very afirmetaly.

“Catherine… I was ah… kind of busy… with Carly. You know how that’s been; you with Richard in town. The same way with Carly, who followed me home so she could show me how much she missed fucking me. So it took us a long time to catch up; she really loves riding me. And where she just left a few minutes ago.”

“Yeah… well, I’m glad everything got caught up on; good night Bob!”

Damn, I wonder what Catherine wanted to tell me?

“Late again, huh Swaggart?” John Wearing is coming up to me as I’ve just finished hanging up my jacket. “Another fender bender?” He asked.

“No John, not this morning,” replying.

“Oh then, forgetting to set the alarm again,” his sarcasm in it.

“Not that either, John. All railroad trouble this morning; signaling issues up and down the line; at least that’s what they were telling everyone.”

“So how’s the girl friend, her friend still in town?”

“John!” Sharply turning to him. “Questions like that will get your ass tossed out — pick any one of these eighth story windows! Remember I told you I survived one from higher then that!”

“I thought you told me it was eight stories?” John’s questioning.

“I didn’t want to scare you, John; because it was much higher. But with the blowing, swirling dust and sand obscuring the ground I knew was rushing up at us. Where it was only quick glimpses of that ground that was rushing up at the same time I was counting, one thousand, two thousand, all the way up to, I forget now. Is when we slammed into the ground and skidded nose first into the rocks. Like I told you, all of us were pretty banged up, especially the two pilots, where I told you too, that we had to break, bend, and disassemble, seats, instrument panels and anything else we had to do; with whatever we had at hand, some of us with our own bloody hands, in order to get them free and patch up ourselves too.

“So when I say I was lucky, John. It’s because if we had crashed into those rocks instead of skidding across the ground first, the outcome for the pilots, and maybe the rest of us on board would have had a very different outcome.”

“But you’re asking about Catherine and her friend…it’s been the same as always with them John; him and his wife. Who had been out of the country for some time, so there was much to get caught up on. Although, she did come by my house to give me a taste of what they’ve been up to.

“You mean…” John leaves hanging.

“Mean what John?” Asking him.

“Well…, you know, I mean… old friends and stuff,” he says.

“John, my feelings for Caterine go very deep; but, I don’t own her. She’s married, John. And I’ve understood from the very beginning, everything would be on her terms. Just like this friend and her other friends are on her terms too.”

“Other friends…” John sounded surprised.

“Yeah, John… other friends both male and female.” telling him.

“And I’ll tell you this too, John. She is… in love with me! And that’s why she’ll always come to me; because, I’m in her blood, as she is in mine. And where that goes, who knows.”

“Would you marry her, say…, if she got a divorce?” John’s asking me now.

“I don’t know John, and the reason is, I was married to a woman like Catherine. And that woman can’t stay away from me either!”

“Chick magnet, huh Swaggart?”

“No John, I’m just a really nice guy and the women in my life know that, and that is why they like me and trust me. And that John, I would never betray! But.., don’t ever get on my, non nice guy side; it’s not pretty. For example; there’s a country, with a town, with a house, with a wall, that may still have hair, blood, brains and pieces of skull bone still embedded in it.”

“What The Fuck!” John’s exclamation.

“Coffee, John?”

My phone vibrating in my back pocket stops me mid way from the coat rack to the break area — now what, looking at the screen.

“Hello me,”

“Hi it’s me.” Her reply.

“Okay, and what can I do for you; me?”

“You can have lunch with me?”

“I’d love to, but where?” Asking her.

“Gee.., I should have given that more thought.” She replies.

“Well, there’s a nice dining room in a building right across the street from where I am right now,” telling her.

“No, not there!” That sounded emphatic. “I ah.. would have to drive there,” she replies.

“Well, escort maltepe the Nineteenth Street Pub is about half way for both of us.” Telling her that now.

“No…, too noisy, plus a usual wait to get seated.” She replies.

“Bobby..,, um… how, about just a walk in the park… I ah… can be there in about a ten minute walk,” she says, after an extended silence.

“Sure, why not, it looks like a pretty nice day; especially hearing your voice. Which.., I hope, won’t be snapping at me.”

“Bobby, I’m sorry for that…, it was; I was surprised at what you were telling me.”

“Oh, like having another woman on the side?”

“WHAT?” Comes through loud in my ear.

“Yeah, you know, you have your fuck buddy’s. I have some nice girlfriends too. Plus… an ex-wife who still fucks my brains out when she can get me alone.”

“You really are a pig, Swaggart!” Getting in return.

“Catherine.., I’ll meet you near the ice skating pond; okay? I’ll even get some soft pretzels from the vendor on the corner so you won’t have to go hungry; alright?”

“Okay, bye.” she says.

“OH.. Catherine, are you still there?” Hoping I can catch her before she’s dropped the call.

“Yes, Bobby!” she replies.

“How will I know it’s you?”

“What the hell — how would you know it’s me!” I hear her laugh.

“Well, you know… I haven’t seen you in ah…”

“Swaggart… I’ll be wearing a long, boot length brown coat, a bulky scarf around my neck and a knit Tam style hat; okay?” She’s telling me.

“Sure Catherine, never a doubt; bye.”

“Hey, John ole buddy, sorry I can’t do lunch today,” seeing him standing at the coat rack.

“Oh, what’s up,” he sak.

“I’m meeting Catherine over in the park; I had an earlier phone call with her,” telling him.

“Well, nice day for a walk.” he replies.


“Yeah?” He replies. “That sounds a little…, you know?” He says.

“Just a feeling John, just a feeling.” And putting my jacket on, my scarf around my neck along with my ratty, frayed, and very beat up khaki baseball hat, The very one Catherine made fun of that night outside the Nineteenth Street Pub as icy sleet was bouncing off the palm of my hand.

“But John, I’ll still buy you a pretzel.” Telling him as I’m holding the door to the stairwell open.

Stuffing the bag containing two warm pretzels inside my jacket then a wave to John where it’s a brisk walk down the two blocks to wait for the traffic light to change so I can make it across the six traffic lanes and into the park. Then with the same pace I make my way along the blacktop walkway that encircles the storm and melt water impoundment basin to that portion the city sets aside every winter for ice skating.

And there she is, just as she described herself coming towards me.

“Hi!” She says, stopping just out of arm’s length of me.

“Hello to you too, and I like the coat; it looks good on you — is it new,” asking her.

“No,” she replies,” I’ve had it for a couple of years.

‘Okay,” replying. “So…, would you like a soft pretzel; they’re still warm.” Taking the bag containing them from inside my jacket.

“Thank you,” she replies, taking the pretzel from the bag I hold out to her. Then stepping around me as I turn to walk alongside her. Where we follow the same paved path I came along to meet her.

Where it’s neither saying anything more than what we exchanged back where we met. Which is not like her, and where my keen intuition is telling me she’s turning over something she wants to say and how to say it. Where my senses are good at telling me, when something doesn’t seem right, chances are, they aren’t; so step lightly.

“What’s on your mind Catherine,” Asking her now that we’ve walked some distance and now approaching the intersecting path that leads to the foot bridge that spans the impoundment where we follow the path up on to the footbridge. “I’ve been thinking,” she replies, “about us; you and me.” She says, suddenly stopping.

“Oh…, and?” Leaving that question open.

“The other night…, when I was at your house; after we had sex, and I said..,” her leaving that open.

“What you were saying about me, Catherine?” Asking her.

“It’s that I really Hate… You!” Where it’s the harshness of it this time that stuns me.

But suddenly she’s shoving me hard up against the wooden railing of the footbridge catching me by surprise at the swiftness and force of her shove which has me dreading her words I expect to come at me next; but instead of what I expect. “That you’re right,” she says, And you’ve been right from…from…, SHIT! I don’t KNOW.., you’ve had my head so screwed up since we met and I hate you for it!” All coming at me in rapid fire.

Alright Swaggart think quick — maybe best to keep quiet; let her unload whatever it is she once to unload, then nurse any wounds later; running through my head.

Surprising me even more though, is that she steps into me with her arms snaking around me as she lays heavily against me, her head maltepe escort bayan against my shoulder.

“I know Catherine, like I told you then and where I’ve known that about you too; right?” Telling her.

“Fuck you… you.., you, bastard!” Comes right back.

“So then, how about I treat you to dinner tonight; but it won’t be at the Old City Steak And Brew!” Telling her.

“Wherever it is, it will be fine with me!” She says. “But, nothing changes, okay! I’m still me, until I say it’s just you. So until then, I will still fuck who I want to fuck.”

“You’re killing me, girl!”

“Yeah.. and you love it too!” Followed by a kiss that could melt the ice on the pond.

“Now, where are you taking me for dinner.” she asks when breaking the kiss.

“How about my house,” telling her..

“And what have you got there; besides PB and J?” More sarcasm than a question.

“Ah…, you, Catherine!” Telling her.

“You wish! She laughs.

“Well then, I guess it’s the Nineteenth Street Pub instead,” telling her.

“Five-thirty,” she says,”I’ll meet you there… then, we’ll talk about dessert; along with other things. And now I have to get back to the offices; see you later.” With that it’s a quick hard kiss where she’s on her way across the footbridge until she’s out of sight,

“Other things.” she said. What other things? Mentally turning it overt.

“Hey Swaggart, how was lunch,” John asked, as he sat down next to me. “I bet the pretzels must have really impressed her,” he bombs on me.

“Not so much a lunch John, telling him, “More a melding of the minds.”

“What the fuck is that Swaggart… Star Trek In The Park, episode one,” he mocks me.

“Her admission to what I already knew; what I told you earlier. Plus reinforcing a understanding that she’ll fuck who she wants, as well as I fuck who I want, and we’ll fuck each other senseless as often as we can. How’s that for melding of minds.” Telling him.

“Fuck Swaggart,” Johns says, “I want a life like yours!”

“No you don’t, John! Because, by all rights, I shouldn’t even be here.”

“What are you talking about, Swaggart? This place, the job, the company?” John, his questions back to back.

“No John, none of the above!” Telling him. “What I mean, John is… I shouldn’t be… here!”

“You mean… here, like here and now; right?” He says.

“Yeah John; like the here and now!”

“Shit!” he says, looking away.

“John, one of these days we’ll have a drink together. And over that drink, I’ll tell you a story, maybe two. One of, I’ve told Catherine. It… ah, came out the day she and I had our first lunch together, You remember, the one where I gave you the bums rush so I could be alone with Catherine.” Telling him.

“Yeah, I remember,” he says. “I was so envious of you.”

“Don’t be John, because she’s been a whirlwind! But I wouldn’t want her any other way.”

The, “Nineteenth Street Pub,” emblazoned on the canopy hanging over the three steps up to the landing and the double door entrance into the lobby with a lectern like stand to a, “Good evening, sir.” from the lady standing behind it.

“Dining or the bar, sir?” She asked.

“I’d like one of the tall cocktail tables by a window if one is available; please,” replying.

“Of course,” she replies. Where she steps away to see if one is available. Then right back with her, “Yes there is; if you’ll follow me.”

“Perfect,” telling her, as I’m already taking my jacket off.

“Very good sir, and your server tonight will be Ilean,” she tells me, just before she leaves.

“Ilean… I wonder if that cute blond is still working here; Heather, I think it was her name; the one Catherine seduced.” Gets me laughing to myself over that.

“Hello, and good evening sir.” Those words from the pretty raven haired woman who’s just come up from behind me. “My name is Ilean, and can I get you something from the bar,” she asked.

“Hello and good evening to you too,” telling her. “And yes please — a Vodka and bitter lemon with a twist of lime, and a glass of Chablis, please. But hold off on the wine until my friend arrives, but the Vodka and bitter lemon you bring back.

“Very good, sir,” she replies then walks away taking the steps up to the bar area.

“Hey mister, looking for me?” A very familiar voice, her question coming from behind me.

‘Hey, how did you sneak in here?” Turning to see Catherine standing just to my left behind me? “And I was just thinking about calling you too; everything okay?”

“Oh yes.” Catherine replies. “I was late leaving the office, then I had to drive around the block three time before finding a parking spot.” She follows. “I’m sorry, and I should have called you when I realized I was going to be this late.”

All of what she was telling me as she was taking off her coat, placing it with her hat, scarf and purse on the empty chair on the window side of our table. Then coming up to me, and placing her hands on each side of my head is followed by a kiss, that if I had my drink glass in my hand the ice in the glass would be melted!

“Thank you,” telling her, after breaking the kiss and moving around to take the empty chair across the table from me. “And a glass of chablis should be here any minute.” telling her.

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