Christine’s Pleasure

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Christine knew something was up, she had been feeling different lately and she was late. She made an appointment with her gynecologist for the following Tuesday to see if she was, in fact, pregnant. She and her husband Bruce had been going at it pretty heavily lately without any protection, so it wouldn’t surprise her if she was expecting.

As she sat in the waiting room, she started daydreaming about the nights when she and Bruce had really great sex, which was quite often. They had always had great sex throughout their 17-year marriage.

Lost in thought, she heard her name being called.


She followed the nurse into the exam room and took a seat.

The nurse asked Christine a few basic questions and then took her temperature and blood pressure. Everything was normal. The nurse apologized, and said the doctor was running late and that she would be within about half an hour. The nurse then asked her to disrobe and put on a gown. Having had a gynecological exam before, she knew the nurse meant everything. The nurse apologized again for the wait, then left the room.

The door closed and Christine started to undress. She had become horny while daydreaming about Bruce in the waiting room, and as she removed her top, she noticed that her nipples were hard. She cupped her tits, sighed and enjoyed how good it felt. Christine continued to undress, tuzla escort removing her shorts and underwear. She noticed that her panties were wet and reached down to touch her pussy. Her fingers were soaked with her juices as she brought them to her mouth and sucked as if they were a big hard cock. She was much hornier than she’d thought.

She stood in the exam room naked and very turned on, thinking of Bruce, his talented tongue and beautiful cock. Did she dare? Did she dare to masturbate in the exam room while waiting for the doctor? She usually only masturbated when she and Bruce had one of their sex marathons.

‘Yes,’ she thought with a smile. ‘The nurse had said it would be about a half hour, time enough to cum a couple of times.’

Christine began thinking about how to proceed. When she and Bruce had sex at home, part of the fun was masturbating with a massager while Bruce played with his cock. She did not have her toy with her today, so she started thinking of something in the exam room that she could use to get herself off. Then, something caught her eye – on the shelf were exam gloves. Reaching up she took a glove out of the box and placed it on her right hand.

‘Kinky,’ she thought.

Hopping on the exam table and laying back, she slowly slipped two fingers into her very wet pussy while her left hand played with her tits. She knew she didn’t pendik escort have all the time in the world, so she brought her wet fingers up and started rubbing her clit. Excitement ran though her body as she felt the rubber glove glide across her swollen button.

As she lay on the exam table, she thought of her favorite thing – Bruce’s tongue licking her clit. She loved the way he licked her. She thought of another item she could use to rub her clit. The cone-shaped plastic tip that doctors use to examine ears. Climbing off the table, she grabbed one and laid down again. Putting the plastic tip on her gloved forefinger, Christine carefully massaged her clit with the hard plastic.

She was lost in sexual bliss as she vigorously rubbed her pussy and pinched her hard nipples. The combination of the rubber glove and the tip was turning her on more than she thought. She was getting close to cumming when she thought of her ‘special talent.’ Christine could squirt her cum, and having had a couple of cups of coffee earlier in the day, she knew this could pose a problem. But she was too horny to stop now!

As Christine rubbed her clit harder and harder, she felt an orgasm approaching. With a muffled moan she started cumming, squirting her juices high into the air. Her warm, sweet juices splashed on her stomach and tits and she began rubbing it across her chest, pulling hard aydınlı escort at her nipples. This sent another wave of euphoria through her body, and she squirted more sticky sweetness this time with enough force to splash her own face!

She stuck her tongue out and licked her lips.

“Mmmm,” she moaned as she came for a third time.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door, and the nurse said her name, “Christine?”

She started to panic, she was well on her way to cumming again and did not want to stop playing with her soaked pussy.

“Yes?” she replied in a breathy voice, praying that the nurse would not enter the room.

“The doctor will be seeing you in about ten minutes,” said the nurse.

“Okay,” was all Christine could say when she started moaning as she came again, spraying her hot juices all over herself and the exam table.

Christine realized that the doctor would soon be entering the room. She weakly got off the table and looked in the mirror over the sink.

“You’re such a horny bitch,” she laughed and stuck her tongue out at herself.

As she finally put on the gown and began cleaned up the room, she couldn’t wait to tell Bruce about her “naughty time” at the doctor’s office. Christine knew he would become instantly hard and that they would have a another great night of sex.

Christine had just returned to the exam table when there was a knock on the door.

As the doctor entered, he asked, “Christine, it’s good to see you again. I’m sorry to keep you waiting.”

“It’s ok, Doc. I kept myself occupied,” she replied with a bright smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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