Christmas Vixens

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Christmas time is a lonely time for people like me. All work and no play seem to fill my day. Being a woman in the work force and trying to get ahead is difficult enough, being gay makes it even tougher. That’s what working for myself gives me the advantage, I have no one to answer to.

When my niece called to ask if she could spend sometime with me during her Christmas vacation I was glad for the company. She was bringing a friend as well and she asked me to plan some things to do. It would be nice having family around even if for only a little while.

Friday night I shut down the office early and went to do some shopping, Amy and her friend Sue were due to arrive around 7 o’clock. I didn’t ask if they were going to eat first so I was going to prepare a snack tray and then order out if they were still hungry.

The door chime sounded at 7:15 and when I opened the door my eyes were filled with a vision of beauty. I hadn’t seen Amy since she was 13, back then she was a skinny little teenager all legs and arms. Now she was 19 and strikingly beautiful. Her hair was auburn and flowing off her shoulders, she had the look of being care free with a broad happy smile across her face. When she came through the door and wrapped her arms around me pressing her body to me I could feel her breast against mine. A pang of guilt struck me as I felt desire for her.

Sue followed Amy in and she two gave me a hug. She was slightly taller than Amy was but just as lovely. She seemed to have no waist and her large casino oyna breast bulged out of her blouse. I had to avert my eyes before she thought I was staring, which I was; she pressed against me and kissed my lips. My surprise must have shown as Amy said, ” What’s the matter Aunt Lily, were you expecting the little girl I was. I’ve grown up and I’m a woman now.” Talk about an understatement.

I showed them to my guestroom, there was only one bed and I commented, “I guess I was thinking you could share the bed, but If you like I can pull out the couch and one of you can sleep there.” Amy replied, ” That won’t be necessary, we sleep together all the time.”

Had my niece just told me she and Sue were lovers or were they just good friends, this could be a better Christmas than I had expected.

While they settled in I went to the kitchen and got out the snacks and a bottle of wine with glasses. They joined me in the living room and we chatted about family, school and work. What seemed like minutes was hours and before we knew it Midnight. Everyone had begun to yawn so I announced it was bedtime for me, but they were welcome to stay up if they wanted. Then I went in to shower before turning in.

The hot spray felt good on my skin and as I washed myself I thought of how lovely the girls were and before I knew it I found myself touching my clit, and messaging my breast. A voice startled me back to reality, it was Amy. She had come in to the bathroom and heard me moaning with pleasure, ” If you want some canlı casino help with your problem turn off the water and come out and play.”

Not sure that I had heard her correctly I opened the door to find her standing naked at the sink. She was brushing her teeth. She was a vision of loveliness. Her breast were firm and stood pointedly, her flat belly was accentuated with a belly ring. The cheeks of her ass were firm as if she had worked out. Her long legs tight with muscle but yet soft. She turned her head to look at me and said, ” Hurry and dry off, Sue is waiting for us.” Then she rinsed her mouth and left me standing with my mouth fallen open.

I quickly dried off and wrapped the towel around me and went to the guestroom. Sue lay on her back on the bed her one leg pulled up the other turned to the side. Her love nest was being fingered by Amy as Amy licked at the hardened nipples of Sue’s large breast. Sue was moaning with pleasure.

Amy looked to me and offered, “Come on Aunt Lily join us, there is plenty to go around.” Niece or not I was too worked up by the sight to stop myself. I began with Amy’s ass, She was on her knees and it was so inviting.

I let my tongue part her cheeks, as my hand sought her cunt. I ran a finger through the lips and teased her inner wetness. She sighed with the touch and as I nipple her cheeks I began to finger fuck her hot pussy. She squirmed from the pleasure I was giving her so I stopped fingering her and got behind her and began to tongue her wetness. She tasted kaçak casino of youth, sweet and salty, soon she tasted of sex as she orgasmed and I tasted her hot juices.

The positions on the bed changed and now Sue had her head buried in my hot pussy. She had her arms wrapped around my legs and parted my pussy lips as her tongue darted in and out flicking against my clit sending wave after wave of joy surging up my body. Amy was suckling at my breast her teeth gently nipping the hard swollen aureoles. My body rose up and I groaned with the pleasures as orgasms exploded from me. Amy watched as Sue ministered to my pussy first with her tongue and then with her fingers sliding them in out until my pussy was sopping wet.

I found myself fingering Amy’s hot little pussy then she moved around so she could ride my hand as I cupped my fingers together and pressed them between her lips. Once inside her wetness I wiggled my fingers against the walls of her cunt. She squirmed and groaned with pleasure as I began to drive my fisted hand in and out faster and faster. I felt the orgasms as her juices washed over my hand.

I wanted to taste them both so I broke free and had them lay side by side, their wet pulsating pussies before me. I went from one to the other, licking at the sticky sweet tasting juices until I had them both rising up to greet me. I fingered one while I licked and tongued the other and then back and forth. They each enjoyed another orgasm and I was pleased with my work.

I left them wrapped in each other’s arms as I went to my bed. This could turn out to be the best Christmas I had ever had. They were going to stay for two weeks. I went to sleep thinking of all the possibilities ahead.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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