Danielle’s Discovery Ch. 01

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Double Penetration

This is a complete work of fiction, any resemblance to anyone alive, or dead is purely coincidental.


My name is Danielle Millward, and this is my story. I was raised in a very conservative Christian family. Sex was never mentioned, other than it was the duty of a woman to save herself for her husband. Virtue was everything. I went to a Christian school from K through 12, and my experiences with boys had been very limited, a few kisses, some clumsy groping, and that was about it. I attended a small bible college in the Midwest where I met my husband, Jacob. We dated for two years before our marriage, and during that time, we had kissed a few times. I had allowed him to slip his hand inside of my shirt on a few occasions, and he had touched my breasts through my bra. Once my hand brushed his erection, I was scared, and shocked, I didn’t know what it was, well I did, from biology, but I never expected it to be like that.

Just before our marriage my mother sat me down, and gave me her ‘What every woman needs to know’ speech. She told me that it was my womanly duty to see to my husband’s needs. She said that it was not a pleasant experience, but had found that by praying during the ‘Act’ it erased some of the unpleasantness. In her view the only purpose of the ‘Act’ was to procreate, and to bring one more servant of the Lord into the world.

After marriage I found the ‘Act’ somewhat disquieting at first, but not as distasteful as my mother had described. Foreplay was almost non-existent, I thought of it as four-play. About four minutes of him inserting his finger inside of me, and squeezing my breasts while I rubbed his erection. He would then mount me, and all too quickly it was over. Contrary to what my mother told me, I found that I enjoyed the feeling of his erection inside of me, but it always left me wanting, thinking that there should be more.

We had been married about four years when it started. Jacob had gone off to work, and I went out to get the mail. It was the usual assortment of bills, junk mail, and a manila envelope. I sat down and opened the manila envelope thinking it was from the Woman’s Group at the church.

There was a note at the top, “Hi Bri, Here’s the story with my last part, take a look at it, I think it’s ready to submit.” It was signed with just the initial J.

I thought that was odd, so I looked at the first page.

She was laying out by the pool, in her tiniest swimsuit, her large 36D breasts threatening to escape from the top.

I wondered what it would feel like having breasts that large, mine barely filled a B cup.

She could see him watching her across the pool, the bulge very evident in his tight swimsuit. She could even make out the outline of his helmet. She reached down and dribbled some suntan lotion on her breasts, rubbing it in slowly watching his reaction. The way he was squirming, she knew he was enjoying the show.

She motioned for him to come over, “Rub some of this on my back please.”

She rolled over, and then undid her top. He picked up the lotion and began to rub it into her back, moving down to her ass cheeks, he massaged her firm butt and then ran his finger between her legs, she was already wet in anticipation.

She purred, “Well baby what are your going to do now that you’ve gotten my pussy all wet.”

He grinned, and pulled down his swimsuit, revealing his swollen cock….

I was shocked, it was so dirty, who would want to read such things. My face was flushed. It was hard for me to imagine Jacob pulling down his bathing suit, and revealing his erection to me. While I had seen him in a flaccid state, I couldn’t remember the last time, or if I had ever seen him in a fully erect state.

…the tip slick with his precum. She smiled, and rolled over, her top fell to the side, revealing her large creamy tits, with large dark areola, and protruding nipples.

I had felt the wetness at the end of his penis before, but had never heard it described before.

“Mmm,” she purred seductively, “I like what I see, bring it closer.”

He straddled her lounger, putting his engorged cock to her lips, and in a husky voice, “Suck it baby, put it in your mouth and suck my cock.”

My cheeks flushed, the idea of a woman taking a man’s penis in her mouth, it was disgusting. I couldn’t imagine taking Jacob’s into my mouth.

She purred again, “Oh yeah stud, I’d love to suck you.”

She took him deep inside of her mouth, her tongue bathing his thick shaft, her head moving back and forth, her hand jacking him slowly in time with her sucking.

He moaned, “Oh yeah baby you suck cock like a pro.”

I wanted to stop reading, I felt dirty just holding the paper in my hands, but I couldn’t stop. I could feel a small fire igniting inside of me.

He reached back and slid his finger in her wet cunt, fucking it at first with one finger, and then two. His finger found her hard little clit waiting, and he began to rub it.

I blushed deeply, tuzla ukraynalı escort I remembered the day in the shower, I had found the hard little button, and had touched it, releasing instant waves of pleasure. I had felt very guilty, like a child caught by an adult doing something wrong. Suddenly I felt very warm, a strange feeling, and my nipples were getting hard. I couldn’t help myself, I went back to the page.

She felt the little electric shock course through her body as his finger frigged her clitty without. His cock tasted so good, she paused, pulled the pulsing organ from her mouth, “You are making my cunt so wet baby.”

She licked the salty pre-cum from his ballooning knob and then begin rubbing his cock against her rubbery nipples, slowly jacking him.

She grinned up at him, “Bet you would like to fuck my tits.”

I put my hands to my breasts, I couldn’t imagine putting a penis between them. A strange feeling came over me. I undid a couple of buttons on my blouse, and put my hand to my breast, and squeezed it. I slipped my hand under my bra, and gently played with my erect nipple. I knew I shouldn’t be doing this but it felt so good.

“You bet babe, I’d love to give you a pearl necklace, or paint your lips with my hot jizz.”

She squeezed his cock between her slippery tits, “Oh yeah baby, I love to take a load of cum on my face, fuck my tit bags.”

He began to pump his thick rod between her bilious breasts, each time the tip poked through her tits her tongue would dart out and stab at it. His fingers alternating between stroking her clit, and penetrating her sweet fuck hole.

I had to fan myself, the language, I couldn’t fathom it, let alone that people would even talk to each other during it. And to have him spill his seed on her face, and her wanting it. I wondered what Jacob’s seed looked like; I had never seen it before.

“Oh yeah baby, I’m going to shoot my hot load,” he moaned.

She raised up and took his thick cock in her hand and began to jack it quickly, “Cum for me, shoot on my face, I want to feel it.

He moaned, and blast of white jizz caught her on the lips, then on the cheek, he loved watching her take his load on her pretty tanned face. As his cock slowed it’s spasms he took her hand from his tool and begin rubbing the rubbery head over her lips and face, her tongue licking at it, and tasting his white man juice.

I was disgusted, but mesmerized, what woman would do something like that. My hand slipped under my skirt, I moved my panties aside, and I touched myself. I had visions in my mind of Jacobs penis in my face, erupting, I felt shame, but I couldn’t stop myself.

The phone rang, I ran to answer it. It was my husband, “Are you okay Danielle?”

“Yes, why?”

“You just sound out of breath,” he answered.

I lied. “I was outside and heard the phone ring, and ran in to answer it.”

“Okay, don’t forget, the bible study group is coming over tonight.”

“No, I haven’t forgotten, I’ve started getting things prepared.” That was the second lie. I hadn’t done a thing to prepare.

“Good, I’ll see you about five.”

I hung up the phone. I picked up the pages of the story, I wanted to throw them away, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I didn’t recognize the name on envelope, the street, and apartment number were the same as my, but the street name was the wrong street. I needed to hide them, ‘But where?’ I wondered.

All of sudden it hit me, I knew where to hide it. I ran into the bedroom and opened a drawer, and slid the envelope with its pornographic contents under my bras and panties. Jacob would die before touching my underclothes.

I was still feeling a little flustered when I went out to the kitchen to start preparing for the bible group. I opened the fridge and pulled out some cheese, pickles, and a ring of kielbasa. I placed it on the counter, and cut the sausage from its wrapper. My fingers shook as I held the sausage. It was about the same diameter as Jacob’s penis when it was stiff. That warm feeling came over me again. I slowly ran my hand up and down the sausage. With shaking hands, I cut a long piece off of the length of kielbasa, about seven or eight inches. I ran my hand up and down its length imagining that it was Jacob that I was touching.

“Cock,” I said aloud. I could feel my vagina getting very wet. I hated that word, vagina, ‘Sounds like a stupid name,’ I thought, ‘Vagina get over here, Vagina do this, Vagina do that.’

“Pussy,” again I said it aloud, I looked at the sausage and said, “My pussy needs some cock.” An electric thrill rushed through my body, I felt like a child who had discovered something they weren’t supposed to, and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

I ran into the bedroom and retrieved the envelope and papers, I quickly scanned the pages and found where I left off.

“Mmmm, I love the taste of your cum.”

“I loved giving it to you,” he smiled.

“Let’s tuzla rus escort go upstairs now,” she purred.

Up in her bedroom she had him sit on the edge of the bed while she sat in a large overstuffed chair in the corner.

“I’m going to give you a little show while you recover,” she said as she retrieved a large life- like dildo.

She spread her legs over the arms of the chair so that the pink folds of her wet cunt were wide open for her flesh colored dildo, and for him, she applied some lubricant to the rubber cock, and then begin to rub it slowly up and down, coating the whole cock. She then put it at the entrance of her hot, wet fuckhole and slid it slowly in.

He watched it slide in, “Oh yeah baby, fuck your pussy with that rubber dick, I love watching you cum with your toys, it make my cock so stiff for you.”

I didn’t notice the coarse language as I read. I squeezed my legs tightly together, and moved my thighs up and down. I reached under my dress and felt how wet I had become. I looked at the sausage, and wondered what it would feel like in my mouth. Slowly I slipped it in, pretending that there was a man there, pushing his manhood into my mouth. My finger found that little hard spot on my pussy, I began to rub it as the sausage entered my mouth. I had to open my mouth wider, my jaw almost hurt, surprisingly I liked how it filled my mouth. I closed my eyes, seeing a strange man pushing his cock into my mouth. I rubbed faster and faster.

A little voice in my head whispered, ‘You’re sucking a cock like the whore in the story, and you are liking it.’ My body began to shake, I needed something, I pulled the sausage from my mouth and stuck it in my pussy. I plunged it in and out as my finger rubbed the little nub faster and faster. My vision blurred, I had never felt anything like this before. Maybe I was dying for my sinful behavior. Finally it stopped, my breathing slowed, I looked down and saw the sausage sticking out from between my legs. Waves of guilt and shame washed over me. I quickly got up, and put my panties in the laundry basket and retrieved a clean, dry pair. I hid the papers in the drawer again.

The bible study dragged on, I don’t even remember what the subject of tonight’s study group was. There were four other couples there, all were about the same age as Jacob and myself. I wondered if any of the other women had ever played with their pussies the way I had played with mine this afternoon. I looked at the men, and kept wondering how big their cocks were. At times I wanted to shout, “Cock, cock, cock,” just to see what their reactions were. Did any of the women like taking their husband’s cock between their breasts? I looked at the women, and imagined them taking their husbands’ cocks into their mouths. I wondered if any of them would enjoy having their man plant his seed on their face like the woman in the story. I could feel my pussy growing wet thinking about these things. The wetter I got, the guiltier I felt.

That night in bed, I wasn’t going to wait for Jacob to make the move that signaled that he desired sex tonight. I reached over timidly, and slid my hand under the waistband of his pajama bottoms, and felt his flaccid member. I think he was surprised, but it didn’t take long for him to get an erection. I also think he was really surprised to find my pussy so wet. Instead of just rubbing his erection, I took it into my hand and stroked it up and down. I remembered in school hearing girls whispering about jacking guys off, and giving hand jobs. Was this what I was doing, jacking Jacob off? Giving him a hand job? It sent a thrill of excitement through my body. Jacob’s finger felt good, I just wished I could get him to touch that little button. Maybe if I tried to move down a little, his finger might find it.

It helped, moving down, every now and then his finger would find that magic spot, I think I moaned when he touched it. He must have liked what I was doing with his cock, his hips began to pump up and down while I stroked it. I wanted to feel him get off, I wanted to feel his seed on my hand. I think I would have tasted it.

Jacob was moaning, he pulled my hand off of his erection, and then got between my legs, I could feel him at my entrance. I thought I was going to fly when he slid inside of me, I have never felt so whole, so filled as I did at that moment. I think I said, “Fuck me Jacob.” The expression on his face was of complete surprise. My hips were rising up off the bed to meet him, when our bodies met, I could feel a shock on my clitoris. All of a sudden I felt a flooding inside of me, I knew what it was, Jacob had finished. I was disappointed, sad almost, I loved the feelings that had been going through me, now it was over. As always he pulled out, kissed me on the cheek and whispered, “I love you,” then rolled over and went to sleep.

I rolled over, I wanted more, and I knew there was more to sex than just this. I reached down and put my hand between my legs, gently escort bayan I began to rub that little spot, I had to bite the pillow to keep from moaning, I felt my body tense, then a wave of pleasure enveloped me, carrying me to where I had never been before, this was much more intense and pleasurable that this afternoon. Afterwards I lay there, a warmth around me, I knew, I just knew that I had just had my first orgasm.

Next morning, after Jacob after went to work, I kept looking at my drawer where the papers were hidden, both wanting to look at them, and at the same time feeling pangs of guilt. I was still amazed at what I had done to myself the night before. I didn’t feel the guilt that I had felt yesterday afternoon. I had masturbated. My youth pastor had taught me when I was a teenager that masturbation was wrong, that it was Satan working his evil ways. He had been especially harsh on the boys in the youth group, telling them that pornography, and masturbation were like drugs, that once started, it was a sure road to Hell. I wondered how something that felt so heavenly could be wrong.

As a matter of fact, I felt a little rebellious, to the point that I hadn’t put a bra on. For me, at that time, that was very rebellious. It was only after I was married that I had stopped wearing a bra to bed. To my mother ‘contain thyself’ was a directive from God that her daughter should have her breasts concealed and supported by a very sensible bra at all times lest any male members of my family should catch the slightest jiggle, or hint of an erect nipple. My mother told me that it might cause them to have ‘impure thoughts.’

I did the housework, I loved how my breasts would jiggle as I worked. I closed all the blinds in the apartment. I went to the bedroom and removed my blouse and looked in the mirror at my half naked form. I wondered if this would give a man an erection, I tingled inside at the sight of my erect nipples. I walked around the apartment, watching my breasts move as I moved. I could feel that tingling building inside of me again. I went to the fridge and got the piece of sausage that I had cut off yesterday. I warmed it in my hands. I went to the mirror, and placed the sausage between my breasts, imagining it was Jacob, I squeezed my breasts together, and wondered if he would like that, I lowered my head and flicked at the end of the sausage with my tongue. I was turned on by now, I went to my drawer and got the papers out. I sat them on the bed, and turned the tall mirror in the corner so that it faced the bed, I wanted to be able to watch myself this time.

“She slid the flesh colored sex toy in and out of her cunt while her finger rubbed her clit. Her face was flushed, and her half open eyes were seething for lust. He sat there on the corner of the bed, his pants off, slowing stroking his cock, his erection had returned. He was transfixed on the sight of the dildo plunging in and out of her wet pussy.

“You make me so fucking horny,” he moaned, “I love watching you fuck your cunt with your toys.”

She grinned, “You make me hot watching you stroke your big fat dick, I can’t wait for you to come over here and fuck me with it.”

I wished that I had a sex toy. I’d love to get one, I’d have to hide it. I wondered where I could buy one. I blushed at the thought of me actually buying one.

“Oh baby, that smooth bald pussy of yours drives me wild,” he moaned, he knew it would be soon time for him to go bury his shaft deep inside her.

I looked at my spread legs in the mirror, and the hair between them. I wondered what it would feel like to shave it off. What would Jacob say if he found me shaved down there? She was surprised at how much that it turned her on.

He got up from the bed and walked over to her, his cock sticking straight up in the air, “I need to fuck you, I don’t want to cum jacking off, not now, I want to cum inside of you.”

She pulled the dildo out from between her legs, stood up and bent over, holding on to the back of the chair, “Fuck me from behind.”

His cock slid easily into her well-lubricated slit, and began to pump in and out.

“Oh yeah baby, give it me slow, and hard, make that dick last,” she moaned as she began to stroke her clit.

I wanted to feel what she felt, so I got on my knees and began to slide the sausage into me, I was shocked at how slippery and wet I was, I used my other hand to play with my clit. Turning my head I could see myself in the mirror, the sausage fucking me while I played with myself. I wish Jacob would do this, take me from behind. I closed my eyes and pretended it was Jacob, his cock fucking me like this.

Slowly he began to build up steam, moving a little faster, but always ramming his cock hard into her, she liked it hard, it was impossible to fuck her too hard. He grunted with each hard thrust, almost trying to shove his cock clear through her. He could hear her whimpering, he knew this sound, the sound she made just before cumming.

Her body stiffened, and then began to shake, she was hitting her peak.

He loved it when she came while he fucked her, it made him feel like a real stud. Harder and faster, sweat was running down his face. He could feel the pressure building in his balls. “I’m gonna cum baby.”

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