Ezra and Sam

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Sam had been missing from school for the last few days and now that he had returned he looked different. There was a confidence to him and a determination.

He had sat across from Ezra for the last year in art class and until now had not mustered the courage to say more than a few words to him. He usually settled for peering through his blonde hair at the boy who dazzled him.

Ezra was an introspective eighteen year old boy who had an understated beauty to him. He was unaware of the admiring eyes that passed over him, something that was happening more frequently since school had started again after summer. His tousled brown hair had lightened slightly in the sun and there were a few freckles peeking out from underneath his long black lashes. His emerald green eyes were piercing when he bothered to look up from his sketches. The delicious habit he had of biting his lip when he was concentrating drove Sam to distraction.

“Ez, I’m skipping gym. Cover for me?” a voice said. Xavier, Ezra’s twin brother was grinning into his phone. He had been gifted half the physical appeal of Ezra, but seemed to have collected all the self confidence of the pair.

Ezra barely looked up from his page as he shrugged. After a beat he tilted his head to the side and looked at his brother “Hope you get herpes”. The boys grinned at each other. As his eyes moved back to his page he noticed Sam staring at him, it flustered him a bit and drove him back into his silence. As the rest of the period ticked by Ezra glanced up periodically to see that Sam was still looking at him, a strange look on his face that unnerved him. He was relieved when the bell sounded, and made his way hurriedly to gym class.

Ezra changed into his shorts and converse as Mr Dillon told them they were doing cross country today. “Perfect” Ezra huffed to himself as he pulled off his shirt.

As the class lined up and the course was explained he began to wish he had the balls to cut class like his brother did. He put his earphones in and set off with the others, quickly falling behind and veering off the track to a secluded spot to wait out the torture and rejoin the group as they doubled back.

A couple of minutes later he felt somebody standing over him. He pulled out his earphones and looked up. It was Sam.

“I was wondering why you were ignoring me, what are you listening to?” Sam smiled. Ezra just looked at him, not replying. “I know we don’t really know each other, but can I hang with you for a bit, I hate running.”

“You’re on the track team” Ezra replied, bemused.

“Right…umm…Can I sit?”

Ezra shrugged and went to put his earphones back in when something stopped him. He wasn’t one for conversation, but something was bothering him. “Why were you staring at me today? It was really weird”

Sam went red “I…um…well, I….I like your eyes.” There was a pause, where Ezra’s eyebrows knitted together “Look, I’m sorry, I guess that is kind of weird, just forget it, please. I’m just gonna…go…” Sam said as he rose to his feet.

Ezra turned to look at the boy who was cringing into himself “It’s fine, stay, Mr Dillon will figure out we’re cutting if you go back now.” Ezra grabbed Sam’s wrist to pull him back down to sit with him.

Sam sat in front of Ezra, knees touching, and leaned toward him when Ezra offered one of his earphones. Leaning into each other, tethered together, Sam could feel Ezra’s breath on his face. They exchanged small talk for a while before falling into silence. Ezra looked down a lot, and Sam watched his eyelashes flutter with every blink. As time passed Ezra pulled a marker out of his pocket and set to work adding to the designs already crafted onto his sneakers. As he engrossed himself in his work Sam was going through different scenarios in his head, wondering if he would ever act on them, or if Ezra would be receptive.

Sam touched Ezra’s leg to get his attention and left his hand there as Ezra began to reply to his question. Ezra wasn’t sure what was happening, and stopped midway through his sentence, looking into Sam’s blue eyes. Sam leaned in further and very slowly touched his lips to Ezra’s. He parted and smiled a little to himself as Ezra began to unfreeze.

“What was that…?” Sam replied by pushing back into the kiss, with more passion this time. Ezra was still for a moment, and then without thinking, started to kiss back. He grabbed the back of Sam’s head and pulled him further into the kiss. He fell back onto the leaves, bringing Sam crashing down on top of him. Ezra instinctively wrapped his legs around Sam and pulled him closer as they writhed together. Sam could feel his hardness meet the pulsing member under Ezra’s shorts and he reached down to grab it.

As soon as Ezra felt Sam under his waistband, his eyes flew open and he pushed Sam off him, wiping his mouth. “Oh my God! I can’t do this. This never happened, do you understand? I’m not gay!” With that, he turned and ran, leaving Sam alone in the woods, a tear escaping casino siteleri as he curled into himself.


Ezra was known for keeping to his own company, he didn’t often go out at the weekends, preferring to stay in his room reading comics and messing about on the guitar.

Xavier knocked on his door “D’you want to come into town with me and the guys? We’re going to meet up with Abbie and her friends later.”

“I don’t really feel like it Xav, I’m just going to hang out here.”

“You’re such an emo” Xavier laughed.

“Don’t be a dick” Ez replied sharply.

“What’s up with you? You’ve been way more antisocial than usual, you’ve barely left your room all weekend. Come out, it’ll be fun, and Abbie told me to tell you that Jess was coming. I think she really likes you.”

“Nothing is up. And Jess isn’t my type, I wish your girlfriend would stop trying to set me up.”

“Is it because she doesn’t have a dick? That must be it because she is smokin’ and you are acting like a little bitch right now!” Xav taunted, not knowing how close to the bone that comment had cut. “I’ve got my phone if you decide to stop being a twat.” he called, laughing, as he left Ez’s room and made his way downstairs.

Ezra couldn’t think of anything to shout back after his brother as he left. His head was too full. He knew Xav was just messing about, he hadn’t told him what had happened with Sam. It was all Ezra could think about. True, he had been even more antisocial than usual, but he was having a hard time keeping a conversation going with anyone, especially with his family incase he blurted out what was going through his head. This was terrifying.

He liked Jess, he had always thought she was really pretty and was the only one of Abbie’s friends who actually had something interesting to say. The two of them always ended up being left together when the groups met up. So why had he just ducked out of meeting with her? Why was Sam in his head instead?

He was having a hard time figuring out why he had got into that kiss. He wasn’t gay. But every time he closed his eyes he saw Sam. He saw his blue eyes, his slightly lopsided grin and the dimple that formed on his right cheek, something he had never noticed before. He thought about kissing it. “Wow. Get a grip, Ez”.

He couldn’t get away from Sam. Every time Sam entered his head he felt his cock throb. He couldn’t put pen to paper without starting to draw him. He had to physically stop himself from thinking about him. It was starting to dawn on him that he had never had this feeling with a girl. Yeah, Jess was cute, but he liked her more because she talked to him, liked the same stuff he did, he had never obsessed over her.

By Sunday night Ezra was dreading going to school and having to face the boy who was featuring in his dreams, yet he longed for the continuation of their tryst. He was so confused.

As he walked into Art class Ezra was shaking, he didn’t know what to say to Sam. As he sat down his heart skipped a beat as he saw the blonde boy bent over his work. Sam didn’t look up and Ezra wracked his brain for something to say to get his attention, but with so many other students around he couldn’t articulate what he needed to.

Five minutes before the lunch bell went, Sam got up and peeled his eyes away from his paper for the first time in an hour to pack his things and walked out without looking at anyone. Ezra’s stomach flipped. he had been so busy worrying about discovering that he might like a guy that he hadn’t given a thought to how he had left Sam in the woods. When the bell went, he tore out of class, looking everywhere for Sam. Sam had disappeared and Ezra all of a sudden couldn’t bear to be around anyone. He needed space to think, to curse himself out.

He ran out of campus towards a place he knew he wouldn’t be found. The perfect spot in the woods.

As he approached, he could see a figure hugging his knees at the base of a large tree. He recognised him straight away. Sam.

Sam looked up as he heard someone approach, wiping his eye as he focused on the figure coming towards him. It was the last person he wanted to see.

“What are you doing here? I thought this was the last place you’d want to come.”

“I didn’t know you’d be here, but I’m glad you are, I want to talk to you about what happened.”

“There’s no need, I get it, you’re not gay. Just please, don’t tell anyone, I can’t handle the whole school knowing about me.” Sam stood up, wanting to get away from Ezra. He had only just come to accept that he was gay, and it was all because of the beautiful boy that sat across from him. Now here he was for the first time since he had kissed him and been rejected. It was too much.

He walked past Ezra, trying to hold it together, avoiding those dazzling emeralds that he knew were looking at him in revulsion.

Ezra held out his hand to catch Sam’s wrist. Sam wheeled round on his heel not knowing what was happening.

“Please, I want canlı casino to talk about it” Ezra whispered. “I need to…I…” he trailed off. He gently pulled Sam round to face him, reaching for his other hand.

The boys stood facing each other. Ezra continued to look down, staring at his hands and stroked the back of Sam’s hand with his thumb.

Sam’s features crumpled into confusion “What are you doing?”

Ezra took a furtive glance through his hair at Sam “I don’t….I mean….I just….I….” He took a deep breath. He shrugged his shoulders slightly and let out a sigh. “I’m sorry” he finally lifted his eyes to look at the boy in front of him “I just…I wanted to…”

“Say you’re sorry? Wow. I thought you would hate me.”

“No…I…” Ezra couldn’t think of anything to say that would make this easier. He let go of Sam and shrugged more openly, conveying he had no words. Sam gave a sad smile and made to turn away.

“No” Ezra’s voice cracked. He placed one of his hands on Sam’s hip bone and brought his other hand up to stroke his thumb over the dimple on Sam’s cheek. Ezra pulled a corner of his mouth into a smile and leaned forward to softly place his lips on Sam’s.

Both boys froze as they registered what was happening and at the same moment let out a breath and smiled into each others mouths. Ezra moved again, pressing into Sam more as he began to kiss him. He sucked on Sam’s bottom lip and let his tongue trace the outline of his mouth, willing Sam’s lips to part. Sam obliged and the two continued in a deep embrace, allowing each other to explore their mouths, and softly, tenderly introducing their tongue. The feeling was overwhelming. They entwined themselves in each other, stroking each other’s faces and necks and Sam pushed Ezra’s hair out of his face as they momentarily parted. They looked at each other then. Ezra rested his forehead against Sam’s and both smiled, their nervous energy dissolving into breathy giggles.

“I’ve wanted to do that all weekend” Ezra grinned as he pecked Sam on the lips before taking his hands again and looking directly at him. “I’ve never done anything like this before. I’ve never thought about a guy like I’ve been thinking about you. All of a sudden it felt so natural for you to kiss me and that really scared me. I’m sorry I ran out on you.”

Sam smiled “I guess I kind of pounced on you. I’ve been wanting to do it since we got back after summer. When you sat across from me in class I couldn’t stop looking at you. When you did speak, and it was always to Xavier, I wanted to listen to you all day.”

They both heard a bell in the distance. “Shit, we’re going to be late!” Sam fretted. Ez kissed him again. He couldn’t stop smiling.

“Xav cuts class all the time and gets away with it. Do you want to?”

“I can’t I’ve got math next and I need all the practice I can get before the exam. I suck at it.” Sam apologised “I’ve got to go” he smiled at Ezra. “Can I see you tonight?”

“My parents are out tonight and Xav is going to Abbie’s, you could come over about 8ish” Ezra said.

Sam ducked in to give Ezra a quick kiss on the lips, before stepping back, looking at him for a moment then turning and running back towards campus.


Ezra was nervously pacing his room when he heard a knock at the front door. He took a deep breath to try and calm himself as he opened the door to Sam. He had never seen him out of his school uniform. He looked cute in his band t-shirt and tight-ish jeans with a hint of boxer waistband peeking out over the top. Sam smiled nervously as Ezra beckoned him in.

“Hey.” Ezra was at a loss for how to start a visit from a – dare he think it – boyfriend. The term didn’t scare him as much as he thought it would. “Ummm….wanna see my room?”

They made their way upstairs not knowing what to say to each other.

As Ezra closed his door Sam looked around him, his room was exactly what he had expected – music posters everywhere and stacks of comics dotted about. He turned then to look at Ezra who was even more beautiful without his uniform. He was wearing skinny jeans and a checked shirt with a Spiderman t-shirt peeking out. He also noticed a couple of dark earrings in one ear and one through his tragus.

Ezra was shifting his weight awkwardly “What are you looking at?” he was suddenly self-concious.

“You” Sam grinned “you look awesome”. They fell into silence, looking from each other to their feet.

“Why is this so awkward?” Sam asked. He stepped forward and kissed Ezra lightly. Both boys seemed to relax instantly. “There, that’s better!”

Once the ice had been broken Ezra beckoned Sam to sit down and led him over to the bed. They started talking about normal stuff, music and things, both finding relief in common interests.

“I can’t tell you how great this is” Sam began, “I never thought this would actually happen. I mean, I can just lean over and kiss you now….” With that he moved in to kiss Ez’s neck – he smelled amazing. Sam kaçak casino moaned slightly and brought his lips to Ezra’s once more.

They kissed with passion, parting to look up at the other, teasing each other with delicate kisses alternated between soft bites. Finally giving into their feelings freely, Sam began to kiss Ezra’s neck again, while his hands began to roam his chest. The heat of the kiss ignited in them a fever and Ezra pulled back from the kiss to explore Sam’s body. He moved his hands over Sam’s chest, marking out the definition in his athletic torso, before reaching under his shirt and finding the sensitive nubs on his chest.

He nipped and teased him before dropping his hand down and tracing the waistband of his underwear. Sam’s breathing quickened as he ripped his t-shirt off and then pulled Ezra’s shirts off him. They looked at each other for a moment before joining together, feeling skin on skin for the first time and the gravity of their new found relationship.

An electricity sparked between them and they pulled each other down onto the bed, not wanting to lose contact for a moment. Their hands were wandering and appreciative. Again, Ezra began to play and tease the waistband of Sam’s underware, daring himself to go further. The situation seemed to pull him into focus and he withdrew suddenly, with a nervous look on his face.

“Are you OK?” Sam asked.

“Yeah, it’s just I’ve never been this far.” He dropped his gaze “With anyone.”

Sam tenderly touched Ezra’s face and gently rolled him onto his back and took over the explorations. He kissed and licked his way down Ezra before enveloping Ez’s jean covered bulge in his mouth, raising his eyebrows and focusing on the contented moan that emitted from his new boyfriend.

“Did you like that?” He asked replacing his mouth with stroking hands.

“Yeah” Ezra breathily replied.

“We don’t have to do anything else”

“Don’t stop” Ez urged.

Sam took no further direction, his nervousness was ebbed by Ezra’s vulnerability. He started to undo Ez’s flies, letting the sound of every tooth releasing fill the room and ready themselves for what would happen next. Gently, Sam gathered Ez’s jeans and boxers at the waistband, and with a smirk pulled them quickly down, exposing Ezra for the first time. Both boys were giggling with the unexpected vigour of Ezra’s de-robing. They began play wrestling, pushing each other into the bed, rolling, skin on skin, and in the process removing Sam’s lower garments.

Eventually Sam pinned Ezra down again, Ezra having surrendered in order to experience more bliss. Sam reached down once again and gripped Ezra’s smooth cock. Ezra reached up and began their embrace again, allowing his hands to move towards Sam’s hardness.

With a sudden burst of lust, Ezra flipped Sam onto his back and knelt between his legs, grabbing his penis. He took a moment to marvel at the beauty of Sam’s 7 inches and then slowly bent down to kiss the delicious purple head throbbing in front of him. He ran his tongue from the base of Sam’s cock to his leaking slit, tasting his excitement. He was intoxicated by Sam’s taste and smell. There was nothing he wanted more in that moment than to bury himself in Sam, and suck the rest of his sweet nectar from him.

He opened his mouth and took Sam into his mouth inch by inch. As Sam’s hands tangled themselves in his hair he started to move his tongue, massaging the underside of Sam. Beginning to gently squeeze his balls he could feel a tightness gather in his partner. He nibbled down his shaft and licked Sam’s balls before kissing his way back up to the stream of lust oozing from him and taking him back into his mouth. Faster he worked, bringing Sam close to the edge.

Gripping the bed sheets, Sam called out Ezra’s name. “Oh my God, I’m going to cum!”

Ezra quickened his pace adding pressure round the base of Sam’s cock.

“Ezra!” Sam warned, before he exploded into his mouth.

Ezra held as much of Sam’s cum as he could in his mouth, familiarising himself with the taste and texture of his lover.

Ezra swallowed as much as he could and wiped his face with the back of his hand, a smile spreading across his face. He lay on top of Sam, lining himself up perfectly on his lover’s body and kissing him deeply, sharing the taste of their sex. His head was spinning, but a clarity in the midst of this new experience told him this was what he was, was the reason he wasn’t out with the girls at every opportunity like his brother was.

Sam recovered quickly, stiffening again as Ezra’s hardness touched his. Their kissing became deeper with each of them pressing into each other as hard as possible, not wanting any space left between them.

Ezra could feel Sam’s dick slicken and slide against his, pressing into his stomach. The feeling was heady and Ez began to move his pelvis in rhythm, revelling in the throb of delight.

Sam opened his legs to gain more contact, wrapping his legs around Ezra and pulling him even closer before rolling him over once more and stradling Ez, pushing his hands above his head.

Working with fervour now, Sam ground his junk into Ez, circling his hips and teasing Ezra with his hands.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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