F.A.M.S. Addiction – Testimonials

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Author’s notes:

The following is a spin-off to the story “F.A.M.S. Addiction and Recovery” and has ties to “Birth Simulation Kit 01: Instructions” and “The Implant Pt. 02”

This piece is for reading amusement only. The business, website, products, and requests are all fiction.


FAMS (Female Addiction to Masturbation in Secret) is an incredibly serious disease. In women, self-gratification triggers the release of certain hormones. As few as one episode of secret masturbation is capable of creating an imbalance that can quickly spiral out of control. As she struggles to manage her addiction, her shame manifests as emotional distance, frequent outburst, and other unbecoming behaviors. Left to her own whims, infidelity, unemployment and even criminal behavior can result. We urge you to educate yourself about this alarming epidemic. Then, safeguard yourself and your family with quality products available from BSI.


“Candace”, FIVE STARS

I’ll admit I was skeptical at first that FAMS was a real thing, but my boyfriend insisted I try the Clit Caps for fun and I went along with it because the idea seemed enticing. After only 2 days I was begging him to find a way to remove it because I had to cum so bad it honestly hurt! He refused and was a such a sweetheart, comforting me through that difficult week. By the time the cap came off naturally (17 days later!) I was ready to accept that I had a problem and I gave him my blessing to continue with the barrier therapy. I discovered an online support community through BSI’s website and WOW, what a amazingly encouraging group of people! They have become like a second family to me. I feel like I am right where I belong and my relationship with my boyfriend has never been better! Thank you SO much BSI!!


I’ve been telling all my friends about BSI and the way they saved me. I confess I was a profusely addicted to defiling myself and needed serious help, but as a single woman I didn’t feel I had the ability to manage the problem on my own. Time and time again I desperately tried, but continued failures just made me feel so incompetent! Finally, a co-worker told me about BSI. I called them up crying and told them about my problem. Due to the severity of my addiction and my lower than average income, I qualified for a program which provided me 1 hour a month of free phone counseling and free monthly shipments of Clit Caps. In addition, a certified volunteer meets with me 3 times a week to make sure I have a cap on, and he even gives it a gentle little tug to confirm it is secure. He comes to my home or my work or wherever is convenient for both of us. He has even checked me right in my car! I am so thankful I found BSI!


Shortly after we brought our first daughter home, my husband found me hiding in the closet masturbating. I was so ashamed. I begged for his forgiveness and promised I would do anything to make it right. He called BSI and (for no additional charge) they overnighted a beautiful set of Kitty Paws to our home, which he immediately used to bind my hands. He sold my car, hired a nanny to take care of the baby (she brings the baby to my breast for feeding), and a maid for all the household chores. The Kitty Paws gave me such confidence! I am beyond thrilled to be liberated from selfish degradation, and I wear my Kitty Paws proudly whenever my wonderful husband takes me out in public. Every man should buy these for his wife!

“Brandi”, FOUR STARS

I really enjoy BSI’s line of pet-play products. I have the Crotchless Unitard in leopard print with openings that expose the breasts, tuzla escort Kitty Paws, the Kitty Hood with Muzzle, and a variety of Tails. I dress up sometimes when I’m home alone and sometimes when I meet up with an anonymous pet-play group in my area. Recently I wore a Clit Cap to a weekend-long play date with this group and now I am pregnant. I have no idea who was under all those animal masks! I love all of BSI’s products but I had to give four stars because the Clit Cap instructions didn’t mention that the cap would not prevent pregnancy. I’ve always heard that if you don’t orgasm, then you can’t become pregnant, but I guess that’s not right. I kind of feel like a dummy. Still, I love these products, and love the freedom I have to express myself with their pet-play line. I wouldn’t give that up for anything!

“Trixie”, FIVE STARS

My husband’s lovemaking is very…enthusiastic. I would appreciate this except that I have an overly sensitive clitoris. His rhythmic pounding forces orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. …It is too much! To make matters worse, my clitoris is always sore for days afterwards! I began making up excuses to avoid being intimate. I received New and Improved NO! Desensitizing Cream as a gift and it has been a godsend! With a cotton swab, I apply a tiny dab directly to my clitoris after every restroom visit. Voilà! Problem solved! For the first time in my life I enjoy making love with my husband. I am eternally grateful to BSI for this product!


I have a huge crush on a guy friend, but he is afraid of commitment because of FAMS. To ease his mind I ordered The Shield and let him set the combination. That was more than a year ago and The Shield is still in place. We are still just friends but I really hope he’ll come around since I’m doing this for him.


Guys, FAMS is a real disease that you MUST be on guard for! My wife had been acting up. She had an affair with a co-worker and managed to get fired from her job. I identified that FAMS had caused all the trouble and promptly ordered The Shield that barricaded her clit from further self-gratification. Believe me: things got worse before they got better! She turned into a real bitch while going through withdrawal. I considered ordering the Roulette Pill to help her through it, but I wasn’t willing to risk the side effects of that medicine because we were trying to conceive. It took 5 long weeks for the withdrawal pain to finally stop but when it did, she was like a whole new person, attentive and fun to be around. We fell in love all over again and soon thereafter, she became pregnant. Because our last name starts with “I” we even decided to name the child so his or her initials are BSI! If I could give BSI more than 5 stars, I would. The company and their products saved my marriage!

“Lola”, ONE STAR

I need to vent! I’ve been a loyal customer of BSI for years. I’ve bought and enjoyed the entire Pet-Play line as well as every one of the Birth Simulation Kits. I’m even a member of the “Best Birthers” Club. Now I’m onto the denial products. I’ve been using X’s and Oh’s Herbal Suppliment for 18 months, but now BSI says I’m at my limit and they refuse to sell it to me anymore. They claim long term use causes irreversible damage to the size and functionality of the clitoris but I don’t care! I want it! You see, I’ve traded one addiction for another. X’s and Oh’s Herbal Suppliment gives me one day a month of powerful spontaneous orgasms and I live for that day! The pleasure (and sometimes pain) that comes from this one day is beyond my wildest expectations. If anyone has some they are not using, let me know. I’ll pay pendik escort any price.


My girlfriend kept snooping through my things and was accusing me of seeing someone behind her back. I’m not. I knew her behavior was a sign of FAMS. I ordered Kitty Paws and got her straightened out. Excellent results!


I had been having an impossible time getting off when I discovered my husband was sneaking X’s and Oh’s Herbal Suppliment into my morning coffee to curb my masturbation habit. I was so angry with him! I went to work that day without drinking the coffee. Later, as my presentation to our biggest clients began, so did my spontaneous orgasms. I was so humiliated! I did not know that missed days of the drug had to be carefully scheduled to avoid such episodes. The next day I returned to the drug voluntarily and felt such relief to be free of the distraction of orgasm. I learned about the side effects but opted to continue with the regimen anyway, without off-days. Now, I’m sleeping better, my complection is fantastic, and I’ve even been promoted to Partner with my firm! I had no idea that orgasms were holding me back from having such a wonderful life!

“Harley”, FOUR STARS

My husband heard all the hype about FAMS and wanted to protect our family. He called for a free sample of New and Improved NO! Desensitizing Cream and applied it to my clitoris. Within minutes it was completely numb. I struggled to force orgasm, but BSI is right: it was impossible. My husband insisted that I continue using the cream but I wasn’t ready to quit masterbating in secret, so I lied and told him I was using it. Not long after that, he caught me rubbing one out and stopped me before I could cum. I begged him to let me have just one more, but he insisted that our family was too important. He attached a Clit Cap to my sweet pearl as I begged him not to take this away from me. The pain from withdrawal began almost immediately as my pearl ached and throbbed from incompletion. This went on for five days and when it finally subsided I was ready to admit I was an addict. I miss masturbation like a lost friend, but I know this is the right thing for my family.


My husband puts Kitty Paws on me the minute I get home from work and doesn’t take them off until it’s time to get ready to go back the next morning. I also wear them all weekend along with the matching collar and bell! Not only does this prevent me from defiling myself sexually, but it has enabled me to lose 50 pounds! I feel so much more attractive and confident with Kitty Paws! What a wonderful product! Thank you BSI!


I have four submissives, in various stages of training. I have decided to breed two of them with nice couples that want a family. I find BSI’s entire denial line essential in my line of work. I highly recommend these products! Five stars here.

And by the way, if you need a kid, contact me and I’ll see about getting one made for you.

“Felicity”, FOUR STARS

My husband keeps me in Kitty Paws but I’m not ready to admit I have a problem. Little does he know I’m still able to cum by grinding my crotch into a pillow, or in the tub with the water pounding against my pussy. Going to do that now…


I keep my girlfriend in Clit Caps and try to follow the orgasm schedule the app recommends. The caps work perfectly at preventing masturbation but the problem is when the app notifies me that she is due for an orgasm, first I have to wait for the current Cap to come off. Then her clit is calloused and hard. Sometimes it takes a week or aydınlı escort two for her to be able to cum. By then I’m off schedule and not sure I’m doing the best job I can at balancing her hormones. I recommend the app be adjusted to give a warning that the scheduled orgasm is approaching so I can switch her to The Shield while we wait.


I am a runner and use The Shield. I just want to say it is SO comfortable! Plus, the way it rubs inside me is a huge turn on! My boyfriend is very happy with The Shield because my sex drive is through the roof. Best of all, I don’t have to worry about messing up my hormones with orgasms that are off schedule because I can’t access my clit. Fantastic product!

“Jasmine”, FIVE STARS

I really wanted to have a baby but my husband wasn’t ready. He recommended I buy The Birth Simulation Kit from BSI, so I did. It says that after the “birth” you are supposed to reward yourself with an orgasm, but my husband explained that is not realistic and wanted to add a preventative. He did not like NO! Desensitizing Cream because he said I needed to feel the pain. He settled on Clit Caps. I proceeded with the kit instructions only to find out it was a bonus twin kit. I loved the birthing experience but I now agree with my husband that I am not ready for real children. The pain of the births and the demand of the nursing dolls was enough and I’m not in a hurry to repeat it. I very much appreciate that BSI’s products gave me the opportunity to realize this in advance!


I’m embarrassed to post this, but I have an oversized clit and none of the demos in the Clit Caps Starter Kit would give me the complete coverage I needed. I called BSI and they sent supplies to make a cast of my clit. Then, they fabricated custom caps just for me! What company would do such a thing except one that was serious about protecting people from the harmful effects of FAMS?! BSI really cares! I recommend them to all my friends.


I was touching myself all the time. Sometimes 20 or 30 orgasms a day. I had the addiction big time! I felt really bad as my addiction was effecting my self esteem. My psychiatrist recommended I continue masturbating, but do so with a gloved hand and New and Improved NO! Desensitizing Cream. He explained that I could overcome my addiction once my actions didn’t get the desired result. He was right! Now, I use the Cream round the clock, not just when I’m tempted to touch myself. This stuff works!

“Kimberly”, FIVE STARS

I was a secret orgasm addict. My husband was fed up with my sarcasm, mood swings, laziness, and promiscuity. One day he tied me up spread eagle on the bed. This turned me on like crazy… until he brought out The Clit Caps and I panicked. I begged him not to take this away from me. He promised it was just temporary until I shape up and start acting like a proper lady. He attached the barrier to me despite my cries and protests that it burned and felt too tight. My poor clit throbbed and ached inside it’s prison for days but he refused to help. I tried to remove it, but it wouldn’t budge. To make matters worse, I got bad withdrawal pains from not being able to cum. I begged my husband for X’s and Oh’s Herbal Suppliment to ease the pain, but he refused, saying the pain would teach me a lesson about what happens to wives that don’t act right. When the cap naturally fell off, he repeated the process, rendering my sad little clit obsolete. It took four months of pure rebellion on my part before I started coming around. Now I am glad to report that my attitude, my entire personality, and even my weight have improved and I am thankful to my husband for what he did. I say this to all men: if your wife is being bitch, do this for her. She will thank you for it!

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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