First Time Rough Sex

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Why on earth have i agreed to this??… all i wanted was a bit of a naughty thrill chatting to guys on the internet whilst my hubby was away on business and now this..

All girls like to have a play and I’m sure most women watch porn. It was only a few months ago I could happily get my rabbit out and watch normal porn with a good looking couple having sex and that was more than enough for me for 5 minutes and i was done.

Why on earth did i click on “Categories”?.. i was happy watching normal porn and a little curious about what a threesome would be like as most women are. Surely the obvious type of threesome I should like would be one woman with two guys. That would be amazing, having two guys to play with, where would i start??.. Would I get two cocks in my mouth?.. mmmmm I’ve only got a little mouth but id certainly try and id love feeling two hard throbbing cocks being bounced and slapped off my face but then what??.. one inside my pussy and one in my mouth??.. yeah i could do that, i’d love to do that. I’d rather do that than being double penetrated. As horny as it makes me i don’t think i’d be able to sit down for a week but worse still, what happens if I like it too much and one cock doesn’t satisfy me anymore?. how would I explain that to my husband?..

Threesomes with one guy and two women though?.. why does that give me such a flutter between my legs??.. I’m 100% straight and i love cock far too much but within a couple of minutes of watching two girls kissing softly and passionately whilst the guy is doing all sorts to both of them just gets me sooo excited and soaking wet. A woman’s body looks so beautiful with all the curves, bouncing boobs and soft skin, no wonder guys loves to smack their bums and the women are so turned on they don’t even seem to feel it or flinch in the slightest even when he leaves a huge bright red hand print.

I wonder if i would ever get to the point of being so turned on that i wouldn’t notice a guy smacking my bum or even pulling my hair. How do i even mention that to my hubby, Mr City Banker who the only thing he smacks are his lips at the dinner table whilst eating his breakfast and reading his newspaper whilst all i’m thinking about is how long will he take for him to leave so i can go upstairs and have some me time.

BUKKAKE… omg?!?! that woman absolutely loves having loads of hot guys shooting their load all over her. Its in her eyes, up her nose, everywhere!!.. now i do love a guy to cum over me seeing him pulling at his cock hard and fast until he explodes. I don’t mind a little bit of his cum in my mouth and I do like sucking the last drop out of him but thats it. No way would I want loads of guys drowning me with buckets of spunk. i’d be pushing them away covering my face as if I was playing “peekaboo” without peeking. They would have to tie me down to stand half a chance.

Anyway, play time. What shall I watch today?. I fancy a change. Big Dicks??.. bloody hell, they’re not dicks they’re telegraph poles. Big Ass’s? mmmm i bet a big ass could take a big hard smack. Big tits? why is everything all about BIG?? oooooooh BONDAGE??.. i haven’t had a look at these videos before.

Electrosex??.. what the hell?? being shocked between my legs??.. No thanks.

Dominatrix punishes slaveboy??.. really??.. and how is he going to lick my pussy tied up like that??..

Extreme nipple torture??… oh god!!.. my nipples can just about take a gentle little bite!!.

Rose being a submissive pet??.. being pinned against a wall by a cowboy?.. yeehaa i’ll have some of that as long as he keeps his hat on.

That bed looks so comfy that Rose is lying in. ohhhh there is the cowboy hat on the side. Where is the cowboy?.. ill skip this bit.

Here we go. Rose is walking towards the stables, that must be where the gorgeous cowboy will be hiding. Bingo!!.. here he is. Pinning her against the wall, running his hands through her long hair mmmmm as he pushes her against the wall ripping her clothes off with his hand around her throat. OMG that looks so horny. escort izmit forcing his hands between her legs, pushing his fingers down her throat, grabbing her by the hair smacking her breasts… Just stick your cock inside her!!… oh god he is pinning her around the throat again, slapping her face then pushes her face down to his cock. id be sucking that gorgeous thick cock of his right now. He is making her beg for his cock!!. .oh please cowboy let me suck your cock, he is pushing it down her throat!!, oh that is so horny, fuck my throat deep and make me gag. HE is slapping his big cock in her face, slap it in my face now, fuck my throat, make me gag. HE is pulling her hair, she is absolutely loving it. I’m going to explode. I soon need that cock down my throat now!!.. fuck my throat deep and hard. OOOOOHAHHHHHHH (Body shudders) OMG!!… my legs are shaking. What on earth did he just do??… I’ve never seen porn like that. It looked more like abuse than sex. strangling her, slapping her face. As long as i got to have his gorgeous thick cock in my mouth I wouldn’t care what he done to me.

Right time to get showered and get changed. I need to catch up on my housework and clean all the breakfast stuff from the dinner table. I wonder if the sexy cowboy wants to help me. God knows what he would do. Probably bend me over the table slapping my bum hard whilst getting me to beg for his cock. Why cant i stop thinking about him?. He can strangle me, pull my hair and do whatever he wishes. I wonder how deep I could take his big cock down my throat? I wonder what being gagged feels like??. I wonder if I have any local cowboys in my neighbourhood.

Following day.

“Bye hunni, have a fab day” right, now he’s gone and I’ve got the house to myself. Where is that sexy cowboy.

Lets have a look for that video again. Wish i could of saved it instead of having to clear my history all the time. My hubby would hit the roof, shame thats the only thing he enjoys hitting haha.

Whats this??.. “Local Swingers”.. Swingers??.. whats swingers??. 5,000,000 members??.. really??.. “No strings attached fun”.. “Register for FREE and start hooking up?”

OMG!!.. really??.. my heart is racing. Shall I join?.. well its FREE so it wont show up on any bank statements. “3 Easy steps” well i can have a quick look and cancel it afterwards.

Thats my profile done. What profile name shall I have??.. “Cowgirl” Approved.. yeehaa.

Upload verification photo. Verification photo?.. “Hold a piece of paper with your profile name in front of you” ok, Thats that done.

Sorted. Now lets just have a quick look and see whats its all about then i’ll close my profile.

Searching 5-10 miles. Single guys. The cowboy looked about 35yrs old. I don’t want a boy cowboy I want a MAN cowboy. 34-44yrs old. SEARCH

169 results?? What?? Really??.. 169 guys within 10 miles of me??..

I’ve never seen so many six packs before. Where are the cowboys?.. why can’t i just search for cowboys, it would make it a whole lot easier.

Firemen, soldiers, bodybuilders, posers,. look at all the photos of cocks?. Hang on. Has he got a cowboy hat on?. click to view profile.


Looking to meet any naughty cowgirls for some serious bucking bronco fun”

Yeehaa Cowboy Buck away you hot muscly stallion. OMG. He is online. What shall I say?. shall i send a message? I’ll just click the “Like” button then if he likes me then he can message me.

“PING” Hello cowgirl. From Cowboy

OMG OMG OMG he’s messaged me?.. now what? what shall i say? I need to play it cool. Don’t panic just breathe.

“Hi Cowboy. How are you?”

There. nice and cool.

“PING” “Im well thanks. have you got any pics?”

Pics??.. what pics??.. where am i suppose to get pics from?. the only pics I’ve got are with me and my hubby and I cant upload those. If only i had a cowboy hat then I could cover my face. I have got some boots that look similar to cowboy boots and if i wear my denim miniskirt with the white lacing around the bottom izmit darıca escort with one of my hubby’s checkered shirts.

I need to tie a knot in the bottom of this shirt then i can leave it unbuttoned and show off my boobs. That should put a smile on the cowboys face.

“PING” “Wow!!. You look hot Cowgirl. I want to catch you in my lasso”

Lasso?? he wouldn’t need to catch me. I certainly wouldn’t be running away or is he saying that because he wants to tie me up??.. mmmmm tie me up and pin me against the wall or bend me over so he can smack my bare bum with his leather gloved hand whilst holding my hair firmly with his other hand?.

“Lasso away cowboy, catch me if you can”

Not that i’d be running away. I cant exactly run in these boots anyway. I wonder what he would do if he was in my kitchen with me right now?. I bet he smells gorgeous of sweat and aftershave. mmmmm would love feeling his leather gloved hands running all over my body. Touching me between my legs as he kisses me. I think id explode in seconds. I can feel i’m getting soaking wet already just thinking about him.

“PING” I live 5mins away. Give me your address and i’ll come over so we can buck together”

WHAT?!?! really?? No way!!.. i cant do that. I don’t even know him?. Invite a stranger to my house?.. now that is far too dangerous and risky. What would I do? What would he do? Is it meant to be? within 5 mins of joining the site I find a cowboy who lives local to me whilst my hubby is away. In five mins time I could be kissing him, feeling his leathered gloved hands all over my body and tasting his cock… just the thought of it is making me tremble.

“156 Evergreen Place. Walk around the back and let yourself in. Don’t forget your hat and gloves Cowboy”

Sent!.. Oh you stupid stupid idiot… No No No No No.. what have i done??.. I’ve NEVER done anything like this before. The ONLY guy i have EVER had sex with is with my hubby. Our sex life is fine, he tries to make me cum but nothing will beat my rabbit. Every married couples sex life fades after a while. Thats the norm. Would be nice if he threw me on the bed once in a while but hey ho.

“Hello Cowgirl”..

OMG he’s here. right , grow up girl. Tell him you’ve made a big mistake and he needs to leave.

“Hi Cowboy” OMG!.. he is fit!. look how tight his jeans are and he looks so hot with his cowboy hat slightly tilted to the side, it even matches the colour of his gloves too. He looks like he has been in the fields all week with his tanned face and hasn’t shaved all week with his rough looking stubble.

Right girl, tell him to leave. Oh gosh, he is walking towards me.

“Ermm. you errrr, i need to, ermmm,” look at how blue his eyes are!.

Speak girl speak!!… quick!!.. mmmmm is that his aftershave?. he smells gorgeous.

he is inches away from me, oh god. he is pressing his body against mine, stop staring into my eyes you sexy hunk. Do NOT kiss me PLEASE do NOT kiss me… he is moving towards me, his lips are brushing mine, oh god his lips feel so soft. Move away, push him away.

Is that a gun in his pocket i can feel being pressed against me or he is very pleased to see me?.

He is holding my arms, i cant move. Im paralysed.

He starts slowly sucking my bottom lip, as he moves my arms behind my back. Im not going anywhere, i hope he doesn’t let go of my arms otherwise i will float into the sky.

I feel him holding both of my arms with one hand as i feel his other hand stroking my body, over my breasts then moves up to my neck as he nudges my face to the side, as i feel his lips kissing my neck with his leathered glove stroking my neck.

I’m going light headed, floating, full of helium and froze to the spot. I feel my head being pushed against the cupboard door as he squeezes my neck.

Oh god, im in heaven!!.. i cant take anymore. Thats more than enough for me. Im ready to burst.

I feel his grip relax from my neck as he runs his hand to the back of my head running izmit rus escort his fingers through my hair. YANK!!… Ouch.. my head is pulled back. My body starts sinking as I collapse slowly as he pushes me down with my face inches away from his body until I’m facing the bulge in his jeans.

He undo’s his button and unzips his fly sliding his tight jeans down as I notice he hasn’t got any underwear on as he slowly reveals his hard throbbing cock. OH MY GOD… stop teasing me. He is taking forever, lose my arms then i’ll be able to release you.

“OPEN YOUR MOUTH” ok, you’re the boss as I see his cock in all of his glory.

He lifts his cock directly in front of my mouth as i try moving my head forward to taste him but my head wont move. lose my hair!!..

YANK!.. he yanks my head back staring me straight in my eyes, stuff your gorgeous blue eyes, i want your cock in my mouth. SLAP!!.. ouch.. as i feel his hand slapping my face, you cheeky git!!.. just stick your cock in my mouth!!..

YANK!!… he yanks my head back!!.. stop it now, i NEED your cock in my mouth. then another SLAP!! but even harder across my face and before i can get my bearings back i feel his cock being pushed into my mouth unexpectedly.

He places his hands on either side of my head as he starts forcing his cock deep in my throat. OMG i cant breathe.. its right down the back of my throat!!.. he feels massive in my mouth making me gag as he thrusts it in my mouth over and over and over again.

All my saliva is dripping out of my mouth, my eyes bulging and watering as he pulls my face towards him.

I cant breathe, i cant see, i cant think??.. i feel like a rag doll as he fucks me throat hard and deep making me gag and wretch with every thrust.

Then he pushes me away as i fall onto the floor whilst i gasp for air.

What on earth was that?!?! he nearly killed me!!.. i couldn’t breathe!!.. my face is stinging!!.. and his cock felt massive!!

I then feel him grab me by my hair lifting me up as he throws me towards the dinner table pinning me down and pushing my face hard in the surface as he kicks my legs apart, lifts up my skirt and then SLAP!!… as i feel his leathered gloved hand slapping my ass cheek.

I need to feel his cock inside me..

SLAP!!.. ouch!.. as i feel him slap me right between my legs OMG my clit is throbbing and stinging.

them SLAM!!.. as i feel him thrust his hard throbbing cock in my pussy.

Deeper and deeper as he starts thrusting me hard, lifting my body off the floor with every thrust. feeling his balls slapping off my throbbing clit as my whole body goes numb in shock being slammed hard as his cock punches me deep inside my pussy.

My legs start to give way as he pins me down firmly, slapping my ass hard and fucking me even harder as a rush of electricity shoots through my violently shaking body as i explode nearly passing out in sheer pain pleasure speechless, motionless, numb and paralysed.

I can hear him grunting louder and faster then he yanks my head back with my hair as i slide onto the floor in a heap as he lifts my head up firmly in front of his cock whilst he pulls himself off hard and fast as he explodes shooting all his hot load all over me covering my face, up my nose and in my eyes as i open my mouth to breathe i feel his cock thrusted against my tongue as i feel him shooting down my throat as i manage to find some energy to suck his last few drops out of him then collapse on the floor with all of his cum dripping of my face as i feel his leather gloved hand wiping his cum off my face and pushing it all into my mouth as i feel my tongue being covered with his hot load.

Im done. i cant move. Am i dead? am i dreaming? what on earth just happened?. i’m numb from head to toe, paralysed and shaking in a heap on the floor trembling and aftershocks jolting my body.

I try to lift my eyes to look at him but i can only hold them for a second, catching quick glimpses of him pulling his jeans up as I catch his eyes looking at me as he gives me a smile, leans forward lifting my face up as he gives me a kiss on my forehead then on my lips, i try to kiss him back but my lips wont move as he looks at me, tips his hat, nods, smiles and lets himself out.

WOW!!… See you soon cowboy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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