Four Silk Scarves

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I had it all planned. I played it out a thousand times in my head. After all, I hadn’t seen you in about three weeks and I wanted to do something extra special for you. I was going to greet you at the door, wrap my arms around you and make my sole purpose on earth at that moment pleasuring you.

You drop the bag you are holding, grab my shoulders as your lips meet mine and pin me against the door with your body, one hand holding both my wrists above my head, the other roaming free. Your fingers run over my hardening nipples, down my waist to my hips, down to my knee. You pull my leg up, wrapping it around your waist, my skirt riding up exposing my clean-shaven pussy. You drop my wrists as your tongue swirls around mine, your hand moving to my nipple, rolling the hard bud between your fingers while the other holds my leg in place.

Your mouth moves to my neck, gently nipping with your teeth and placing soft kisses there. I rest my head against the door, lost in the sensations you are creating, eyes glazed with lust as I surrender. Your hand moves from my nipple to my mound. Slowly, you take your finger and run up the length of my slit, flicking my clit. My fingernails grip your shoulders as a moan escapes my lips. “You are so wet, baby” you growl next to my ear as you take your finger and suck my juices from it. I moan again as you release my leg from your grasp and steady me as I start to sway. You gently kiss me, forcing me to calm, bringing back the world around me.

You pick up the bag and we sit. Reaching in, you pull out four silk scarves holding them in your hand. “What a nice gift” I think as I run my hands over the soft, smooth material. I smile as istanbul escort you look at me somewhat oddly. Taking the scarves, you lead me by the hand to the bedroom where you drop them on the bed. My eyes widen as I realize what my gift is for, the fantasy. Your hands run through my hair as you pull my head back, leaning down to place your lips on mine. I can feel your hardening cock with my hand as our tongues mate and dance.

Breaking our kiss, I place my hands on your shoulders and push you down on the bed. Slowly my hips start to grind, my hands cup my breasts, run down to my thighs, and back up to slowly unbutton my blouse, revealing my lacy black bra. My skirt is next as I slowly turn and bend over to slid it down my hips, letting you see the lips of my pussy as I turn my head back to look at you. I can see the lust in your green eyes, your arousal plainly evident. I slip my hand between my thighs and run my finger up and down my slit. I hear your moan as I stand back up and turn around, putting my finger in my mouth and sucking. Both hands cup my breasts and then release the catch that reveals my light pink nipples. Slipping out of my heels, I stand before you in the garter belt and hose letting my hands roam my body.

You stand up and place your hands on my breasts, flicking the nipples with your thumbs. I lean into you, wanting to feel your closeness. You gently place me on the bed, whispering, “Do you trust me?” You know my answer before the “yes” can escape my lips. You take the scarves and deftly secure my wrists and ankles to the bed, my body now displayed in an X. You stand at the foot of the avcılar escort bed, admiring your handiwork. I realize how I must look to you; my long hair splayed on the pillow beneath my head, my hard pink tinted nipples and my long legs, between them my pussy, which glistens with moisture.

You rub your cock through your pants, telling me “You are mine, I will do with you what I want, and you cannot escape me.” Your words send a tingle through my pussy; making me wetter as I realize what you say is true as I test my bonds. Your clothes removed, you position yourself between my legs. Lying on your stomach you touch the lips of my pussy with your tongue. My breath hisses between my teeth as I draw a sip of air. Your eyes meet mine as you slowly grin. You know exactly what I want and what I need as you lick the length of my slit, the tip of your tongue flicking on my swollen clit. My hands are clenched, fingernails digging into the palms, the silk taut as it holds my arms above my head. My hips rise as you insert a finger, unintelligible moans escape as my head thrashes about on the pillow. As my body tenses, you continue to lick and suck, slowly your movements intensify as you insert the second finger. My moans give you verbal confirmation that you have hit the spot.

“Look at me, I want to see your eyes when you cum.” Your words send tingles down my body as I open my eyes. The exquisite sensations you create send me over the edge, looking at you as you thrust your fingers into my spasming cunt. You have the power to do this to me, make me liquid with desire, make me cum. You know this to be true as I see the satisfied look on your face. şirinevler escort

I can feel your cock full on my stomach as your tongue licks my lips. I can smell my sex on you; taste myself as you kiss me. You straddle me, as your cock swings heavy between your legs. With the tip of my tongue, I lick off the drop of precum gathered there. I take you in my mouth, swirling my tongue around the head. You press forward as I suck and lick your shaft with my tongue. I can feel the head slide in and out of my mouth, each time my tongue curls around it, moving side to side. Your hands grasp the headboard as you throw your head back, enjoying the sensations. Your hips thrust, moving your cock in and out of my mouth. I love this feeling, your hard cock between my lips, my tongue caressing your shaft as the muscles cord on your neck and arms. I can feel you grow harder as you pull your dick out with an audible pop.

You kiss me, moving down to my tits you take my nipple into your mouth, sucking, nipping. I can feel your cock and I want you inside me. Reaching back, you untie my legs, grasping them at the knees and bringing them forward. Your hips thrust forward, burying your cock to the hilt inside me. My pussy clenches you as I scream in ecstasy. You pull back and thrust again, grinding my clit with the base of your cock. I can feel your balls slap against my ass as you move in me. My legs wrap around your waist as you place your hands at my sides, one hand reaching back to stroke my clit as your hips thrust. I can feel it start in the pit of my stomach, waves radiating out until it reaches my pussy. My body tenses as my cunt grips your cock, milking it, as you grow impossibly hard. I feel your hot cum spurting in me, bathing me inside. We lie still, coming down from the high. I kiss your forehead gently and you untie my hands. We rest in each others arms completely sated.

My plans were very pleasantly interrupted, but then again, the night is young. Now, I get to play with the scarves.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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