Good Girls Go to Heaven Ch. 03

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Thanks so much for all the feedback with this series! Remember feedback is what helps us writers decide which stories will continue and which are just destined to be a one-time fling. You guys are great!

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The cool night air had a fresh crispness about it that only came after a day of purging rains and brooding clouds. Wrapped in a fluffy hunter green towel, Christie sat on Jacob’s bed, legs curled beneath her as she watched the lithe nude form of her lover smoke on the balcony off his bedroom, his fair profile faintly lit by candle light yet silhouetted by the glow of parking lot light.

Words had failed to express the complexity of her sentiments over the last twenty-four hours. So, she and Jacob merely exchanged charged glances or knowing smiles over the course of the night, each wondering precisely what the other was thinking but not wanting to intrude on their private reflections.

The towel had been Christie’s instant need for comfort and modesty while she collected herself. After a steamy shower during which they had exchanged torrid kisses and humid embraces, Jacob had taken her hand, helping her out of the tub then proceeding to gently rub her dry, kissing every bit of her warm skin the towel touched in turn as he slowly peeled the damp fabric away from her perfumed body, her complexion radiant and a bit pink from the warm water, her eyes dazed with wine and recollection of the evening’s unpredictable events.

When his hand closed over hers as he moved toward his bedroom, she had been assailed by unbidden and unexpected diffidence, gently prying the towel from his grasp and hurriedly wrapping it around her luscious curves. Rather than growing cross with her sudden shyness, Jacob merely smiled, leading her into an elegantly furnished bedroom which, like the rest of his apartment tonight, was lit only by the golden points of candle flame.

However, though she kept a placid and demure façade, turmoil had taken root in her thoughts.

So far, the evening had been nothing short of decadent. From the stolen moments on the bathroom countertop to the hedonistic warmth of being pressed between two beautiful bodies, she had gone so far into the sultry mist-filled territory of unbridled lust that a tiny but vocal part of her feared she would lose her way.

How many arousing soft-core movies had she watched snuggled in her late lover Jake’s bed, giggling and rolling her eyes in turn at the impossibly silly plot? She had scoffed at the heroine’s pronounced naiveté that was torn to tatters along with her chaste garments by the roguish lead actor upon their first heated moments of carnal exploration. After that plot point had occurred, the pretense had simply evaporated as the inexperienced young lady character miraculously transformed into a lover who’d give any skilled courtesan a run for her money in only a matter of minutes.

Indeed, falling from grace was very liberating and promised pleasures she had only heard tell of via Amber. But while the descent was delicious, she feared the inevitable impact or getting lost in an abyss of ecstasy where she knew not which end was up or how far she might tumble.

A serpentine plume of smoke spiraled upward to spread then dissipate into the velvet blackness of the summer night as Jacob put out the smoldering end of his cigarette, tossing it into an elegant ash tray on an iron pedestal before opening the sliding screen door and joining Christie on his bed.

Though her kissable lips smiled with the promise of things to come, he saw storms of uncertainty coalescing in her unfathomable gray gaze. Sensing her need for silence, he crawled to her, gathering her in his arms to settle back on the ebony sheets, gently taking her chin in his fingers to tilt her face toward his as they rested amid a heap of feather down pillows, he letting the silence spin out between them since he felt her need for it at the moment.

Christie pursed her lips, her smooth brow furrowing in an effort to form the precise summarization of her feelings. But before she parted her lips to speak, Jacob’s warm embrace surrounded her, one hand tugging away the towel as if unwrapping a precious gift, his lips pressed to her throat.

“Has it been too much too fast, angel?” The question was a tender inquisition against her collarbone, and the firm rubbing and pressure of her erect nipples against his chest distracted her.

“I… I don’t know… There’s something about you. You’ve drawn me out of myself, and I can’t thank you enough for that. But I’m not used to…” Christie struggled for the right word, finally spreading her arms in an expansive gesture. “All these feelings and experiences. It’s not who I thought myself to be, and it’s different. Not in a bad way, but I guess I’m just a bit overwhelmed.”

The soft wet suction Jacob applied to her stiff right nipple was simultaneously escort ataşehir arousing and unnerving. He paused, moving to the edge of the large four-poster bed to open a night table drawer. The cream colored votive atop the piece of furniture lit his face so beautifully Christie couldn’t stop staring. His breath-taking emerald eyes appeared so multifaceted and vivid… She knew she’d never seen a green so perfect until the first time their eyes met last night.

“You can trust me, Christie. I know it’s been quite the adventure for both of us, but I’m just as breathless and amazed as you, my love.” As he spoke, she watched him remove a large bundle of black silk. “Maybe tonight, we could just take it slow.”

When he made no move to get up and draw the curtains over the patio doors, Christie sat up, starting toward the edge of the mattress. Jacob read her intent and smiled.

“Nothing but an office block across the street, angel. The only ones who might see us would be night security. And believe me. That is a job that could use a bit of provocative activity. One can only watch so much porn or smoke so many cigarettes to kill time. Now lay back.”

“Why?” The slight edge of nervousness in her question only made him more determined. He bent to place a gentle kiss on the instep of one tiny foot before stretching her shapely leg out, her toes pointing toward the bedpost.

“Trust.” Jacob murmured, running his fingers over her ankle. “Nothing else right now. Just feel and trust.”

Christie’s mind began to race as she offered her leg to the black silk binding Jacob created with the aid of a bedpost and long silk scarf. Perhaps mistaking the tremor in her limb for strain, he knotted the fabric firmly but not too tight, crawling over her bound leg to secure the other, the stiff nudge of his erect cock against her knee an instantaneous instrument of arousal as a blush crept into her cheeks.

By the time he’d reached her wrists, his desire was transparent, both from his expression and the tense way he moved over her as if with a Herculean effort to remain steady and calm.

“You look so beautiful bound,” Jacob whispered as he finished the knot at her left wrist and sat back to let his eyes drink their fill. Christie’s eyes flicked to the one remaining scarf he held. In response, he lifted it up for her inspection. “Are you comfortable?” He asked, testing the tension of the scarves.

“Yes…” Christie replied, and Jacob was inwardly thrilled to see the tentative Christie of the night before splayed across his bed. Her cheeks were flushed, her nipples appeared painfully erect, and she was biting her lower lip in what? Trepidation? Anxiety? Uncertainty?

“Don’t look so worried, my angel. It’s all right. I promise.”

And with that, Jacob moved up to sit beside her chest, folding the sheer scarf several times lengthwise until it was opaque, and then slowly easing the cool fabric down over her widening eyes.

With great care, Jacob fastened a knot behind Christie’s head, being sure none of her golden tendrils were tugged in the process. Once he was finished, he slipped out of bed and over to his stereo to select a play list of sultry songs he thought would enhance the mood, then left the room to retrieve a couple items he wanted to try.

Christie’s heart raced. Never before had she been tied down, and the disorienting addition of a lack of sight only heightened her nervousness.

“Jacob?” She asked in a small and tremulous tone. “Are you-“

“Right here, angel.” The words caressed her ears and thrilled her flesh. The tone was redolent with hunger and delivered softly, the undercurrent of lust and excitement obvious. “You’re safe. I’m right here.”

Warm lips brushed her left breast, the scratchy friction of a five o’clock shadow against the rounded flesh making her gasp. Jacob’s mouth traveled downward, burning a trail of need to her navel, where the warm flick of his tongue piercing fluttered against the silken depression… And then he was gone.

The blonde began to squirm in her bonds, her breaths an anxious rhythm that made her bosom rise and fall appealingly. She was drifting, her thoughts a jumble of desire as the music distracted her and made it more difficult to tell where Jacob had gone.

With a positively covetous expression, Jacob tipped the wine glass half full of sweet merlot, the fruity alcohol falling in a thin rivulet over first Christie’s right nipple, then her left, leaving faint glistening trails over her fair skin. She winced in surprise, her arm muscles tensing, toes and fingers curled.

“Shhh…” He crooned, his lips close to her left ear.

Jacob allowed the base of the glass to play lightly between Christie’s ribs. The glass was cool against her skin as it traveled downward to dip into her navel for an instant, and then pause just above the neatly trimmed golden floss of her pubic hair.

Ruby droplets clung to Christie’s mound while more wine trickled down the swollen outer lips of kadıköy escort bayan her pussy, some dripping onto the sheet beneath her splayed cheeks.

A violent shiver wracked Christie, and the sensation of liquid and cool air combined with the heat of Jacob’s presence was doing strange and wonderful things to her libido.

“What is that?” She asked, nearly breathless as Jacob dipped three fingertips in the remaining wine, then gently ran them over her honeyed folds. The heady fragrance of wine warmed on her skin, combining with her own freshly showered scent to make an intoxicating perfume.

“A Bacchanalian baptism,” Jacob smiled, tilting the glass to drain the remainder of wine in one sensual sip before returning the glass to the night table. Next, he selected the ivory rose he had given her earlier that evening.

The need to lie on top of her and be surrounded with her scent and presence was too powerful. With a soft sigh, Jacob knelt between her parted thighs, gently caressing the tender underside of Christie’s left arm with the cool petals of the bloom. She gasped, straining away from the sensation as a small smile curled the corners of her mouth.

“That tickles.” She breathed with a soft laugh. Jacob played the blossom down her underarm, and then curled it up around her breast in a tightening spiral until it tentatively brushed her nipple.

Jacob’s own breathing increased with a subtlety he hoped she had not heard as Christie moaned aloud, the edges of the rose petals now tinged pink from the wine on Christie’s flesh.

Jacob’s mind rewound the evening’s events to fucking Christie while Sophie held her in a sweet embrace. How the myriad of sensations had nearly overwhelmed him. The blend of the women’s perfumes, the heat and friction of Christie’s slippery sex, the sting of her nails as they’d raked his shoulders. And most tantalizing of all, the slight give of Christie’s body as he’d forced his cock deep inside her again and again, knowing that the battering he gave her was absorbed by Sophie as well, and that they three had established a synchronized rhythm as old as time and as natural and cyclical as ocean waves.

It was with these memories superimposed on the present that Jacob eased between her thighs, the rose still in his grasp, to probe her nether petals with the pierced tip of his tongue. The groan and gasp which issued from Christie heightened the erotic tension, and he was compelled to repeat the act, this time letting the flat of his tongue taste its ascent to her little pleasure bud, the combined taste of wine and her nectar positively mouth-watering as he stroked her thigh with the rose.

“What are you feeling right now, my good girl?” Jacob asked, dappling her right thigh with tiny kisses as he played the stem of the rose across her left, the leaves and thorns combining both cool verdant caresses and hot streaks of prickling sensation. “Tell me.”

“Hot as if the room were on fire.” Christie replied, her lashes fluttering against the blindfold. Oddly enough, the more she tried to surrender to the restraint of her bonds and simply take them as another part of this new sensory experience, the more a part of her felt an urge to try and free herself. “I feel trapped… But trapped and exposed like a mounted butterfly.”

“So eloquent…” Jacob breathed. “You’re beautiful in so many ways. Like a butterfly.” One of his fingertips gently drew up over her swollen sex, sliding up one side and down the other, deftly avoiding a touch where she craved him the most. He knew how she loved and loathed this, but wanted her to feel certainty and a clear desire for what he could give and how she wanted to receive it.

Laying the rose aside, Jacob sat up, carefully sliding the scarves up around the posts, thus raising Christie’s ankles. When her compact ass was well off the mattress, he cupped it with his palms, lost in the beauty and arousal of her pussy.

Sophie had been proud of how a woman’s most private of parts bore a resemblance to orchids; nature’s most prized and exotic flower. She had brought him an orchid on their first date, then pointed out the similarities while sitting nude on his lap hours later, and he had never been able to forget that sensual lesson on anatomy and botany, nor how correct she had been.

Again, he was reminded of the natural beauty of the feminine flower when he slowly leaned in to blow a warm breath against Christie’s aching flesh. She moaned in entreaty and he gave her mound a chaste kiss.

“You’re evil…” Christie laughed softly. “I will get you back for this, Jacob.”

“Threaten me with a good time.” Jacob murmured back, nibbling her thigh.

“I’m in pain from all your playing around.” Christie confessed in a wanton tone. “Please make it go away, Jacob.”

“Soon.” Jacob assured, returning his mouth to her sex.

Without any further teasing, he kissed her how she loved to be kissed and touched her the way she longed to be touched. When he slipped a finger escort bostancı inside her, it was met with the tight resistance of her throbbing muscles, his attention to her clit only heightening her response.

A cool breeze drifted in through the screen while a hypnotic song by Collide only added to the charged atmosphere around them. Christie was lost to sensation. From the cool sheet under her back to Jacob’s muscular forearm shoring up her ass as he savored her sweet swollen flesh, she was adrift on a sea of sensitivity. The smell of wine still lingered in the air, blending with the perfume of candles, and she could practically taste how badly she longed to come. Jacob’s soft moans of avarice vibrated her very being, and they fed off each other’s lust with insatiable need.

“I want to be inside you when you come.” Jacob confessed, pulling his mouth away from her dripping pussy, her pained moan nearly making him spill all over the bed. “Wait.”

Expecting his full weight to collapse onto her with his urgent need, Christie was surprised once again when he let her lay full on the bed once more, only leaning over her to pull a pillow from the head of the bed and prop it beneath her ass. With a slow and shaking inhalation, he gently brought the head of his cock to bear at her slick entrance, stopping when the tip was almost inside her drenched channel.

“Talk to me, Christie.” Jacob urged, watching her through long dark lashes as he tried to hold back. “What does your body need right now?” She moaned aloud, struggling in her bonds.

“Please fuck me, Jacob. I need to be filled up by you… To come around you while you fuck me.”

With a couple steady breaths, Jacob slid forward an inch at a time, feeling her hot wetness stretching to allow him inside her, a frustrated and anxious cry from Christie nearly destroying his resolve. Still less than a third of the way inside her, Jacob picked up the rose once more, slowly brushing it over the upper portion of her pussy.

Christie moaned more loudly, her pretty pink nipples impossibly erect and her muscles clenching his cock, trying to pull him deeper inside. Beneath the blindfold, her brow was misted with sweat, and she soon lost awareness of all other distractions, giving herself totally over to the ecstasy of being filled so slowly.

“What do you want, sugar?” She was panting, her moans louder and more throaty and urgent.

“I need to come please!” Christie whimpered, desperately trying to roll her hips. He increased the pressure of the flower over her clit as he finally pressed against her volcanic depths. “Mmm… Yeah. Harder.”

Jacob slowly withdrew almost completely before giving Christie another slow thrust, watching the telltale blush that was suffusing her cheeks. She was so close to an orgasm… It wouldn’t take much more. A couple more strokes with the flower and Christie gasped, arching up off the bed, her wrists and ankles bearing her weight as she practically screamed in explosive release.

No longer able to hold back, Jacob tossed the rose aside and fell on top of her, placing his hands on her shoulders as he slammed deep inside her, wrenching another cry from her as her tight sex pulsed with orgasmic contractions around his rock hard cock.

As he fucked her, Jacob pressed his lips to hers in a hungry kiss, and she desperately mashed her mouth to his, her tongue lashing his mouth as she moaned with pleasure and pain from his savage thrusts.

The sturdy bed betrayed none of their act, but Christie felt the pillow beneath her bottom slipping further up under the small of her back with each successively harder slam of Jacob’s hips against hers, the acute pleasure tinged with a bit of pain as his cock-head repeatedly pushed against her womb, their breathing frenzied and frantic as he neared his release.

With a sharp inhalation, Jacob froze, buried deep inside her juicy depths as his cock began to throb. Christie lay perfectly still to feel the wet burst of his climax inside her, the sensation astounding and intensely erotic. Jacob nipped her lower lip as his viscous fluid overflowed her tight pussy, his balls emptying another amazing load despite already doing so an hour earlier. She mewed in delight and discomfort as he gave a last couple thrusts, then pulled his mouth away from hers to kiss her throat.


“No way. I do remember how to draw a line and I’m drawing it right now!” Christie declared, wrapped in Jacob’s robe and standing on the patio beside her lover, the wooden slats feeling warm beneath her bare feet.

“Who said anything about a line?” Jacob grinned, brushing his hair out of his eyes. “It’s three in the morning, sweetness. Who’s going to even notice?” His grin widened. “Just imagine the look on your room mate’s face…”

“Yes, because we’re still in high school and peer pressure will totally work on me.” Christie smirked sardonically, the increasing breeze ruffling her hair and blowing a few tendrils in her face. “Seriously! Do you have a mental inventory of lascivious acts we need to try?”

“Honestly?” She laughed, sipping her glass of water.

“No. Never mind. But really, I’m not going to…” Her cheeks reddened. “Do that to you on this balcony. I didn’t have that much to drink.”

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