Heather’s Honeymoon Ch. 01

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My bride Heather and I were staying at an ocean-front resort on the island of St John’s, relaxing on an idyllic, crescent-shaped beach during the first day of our honeymoon. The sand was a fine white powder, palm trees bowed toward the horizon and the sun sparkled like diamonds on the light-blue waters. Adding to the scenery were many scantily clad bodies laying on towels or walking the beach. Going topless was optional, and although several of the female tourists partook in the local custom, my new wife wouldn’t go topless no matter how much I pleaded. She was however, open to the idea of wearing the skimpy, pale blue, string bikini I’d surprised her with earlier that morning, and that was a compromise I could live with.

The suit wasn’t one she’d typically wear. It was so tiny the whole thing would have fit comfortably in the hip pocket of her jeans. Two patches of material too small to hold her perfectly-shaped 34B breasts attached to spaghetti strings and tied behind her neck and back, and a third tiny triangle pressed tightly against her pussy and tied high on her hips. When she modeled it in the room I saw that the bikini complimented her dark hair and sparkling azure eyes perfectly. It was plain to see that my new bride would be the prize of the beach. After many compliments and much coaxing she decided to wear it. She would also wear it on four of the six subsequent days of our honeymoon.

We were laying on lounge chairs engrossed in novels when out of the corner of my eye I saw a woman several yards ahead of us removing her bathing suit top, exposing a pair of breasts far bigger than Heather’s. The woman reached down to her towel, retrieved a bottle of suntan lotion and squirted an ample amount of white liquid onto her chest, then rubbed the lotion into her breasts. I was taken aback, but not to the point where I didn’t put my thumb in my book and watch awhile.

After a few moments my wife saw what I was doing, kicked my leg with a sandy, red-toenailed foot and said, “All right, Mr. Deer-In-Headlights, back to your book!”

“What am I supposed to do?” I remember asking. “She’s right in our faces!”

“You don’t have to be so fascinated, is all,” came the short reply.

“What really fascinates me,” I said, turning on my side away from the woman, “is that your eyes are the same color as the water, and even more sparkly.”

Considering it wasn’t a pair of eyes that had held my attention for so long, Heather wasn’t convinced.

Trying to sound more sincere, I said, “Let’s go get something to drink, baby…cause I only want to be with you.”

I had been faithful to Heather during our two year courtship through college and she had no reason to doubt me; but she did get jealous from time to time, probably because I’d been much more experienced than she when we met. Walking over to the little lunch hut at the top of the beach I told her that I preferred her pert-and-perkies over the other woman’s large-for-large-sake boobs any day of the week, and there wasn’t anything for her to be jealous of.

In a kidding way she said, “Save it for the judge.”

We were sitting at a white plastic table in the little hut drinking fruit smoothies when who came strolling over but the big-boobed kocaeli escort lotion woman. With her bikini top back in place, she stopped at our table and started talking to us as if we were old friends. When I returned her small talk, Heather’s beautiful blue eyes started rolling like the waves.

The woman said she’d noticed I’d been looking at her on the beach.

“How could I not?” I said, with a hand-in-the-cookie-jar chuckle.

“Did you like what you saw?” the woman inquired.

I glanced at my wife and could see she’d had enough.

Hoping to save face, I looked at the woman and said, “There’re a lot of attractive women in the world, but only one for me. Fortunately, I married her.” I put my hand on Heather’s, the one that now displayed my shiny new wedding band, and said, “Let’s get out of here, honeybaby.”

We were walking somewhat aimlessly around the resort when my wife asked if I wanted to go back to the beach.

“We can in a few minutes,” I said. “But let’s go to the room for a bit first.”

While walking toward our room I told her again there wasn’t anything to be jealous of, that I loved her more than anything and had since the day we’d met. She admitted she did sometimes get jealous because she’d had so few sexual experiences before me while I’d had my share. She said she didn’t always know what I was thinking, and wanted me to be thinking only of her, because she was thinking only of me.

We got to our room, which was several floors up and had an amazing view of the ocean. It was a large room with rattan furnishings and pastel walls. A king-sized bed was its centerpiece, and a slow-whirling ceiling fan was stationed above it. There was a balcony overlooking the ocean to the other side of the bed, and through the open sliding-glass door we could hear the ocean waves crashing in, kissing the shore. We would get to know that room well over the next several days.

My innocent bride was standing by the bed with her back to the mattress. I was facing the bed, directly in front of her. With an adorably coquettish pout on her lips–a pout I’d never seen from her before–she said, “do you really like mine more than hers?” With that, she cupped her bikini-clad breasts in her hands, seemingly for inspection.

Heather had never been wanton like this while we dated. I wouldn’t have called her a prude; she was just proper. Before we married, our satisfaction had come mostly from rubbing against each other without actual penetration–or by hand manipulation. We hadn’t even had oral sex with each other, as Heather considered it even more intimate than intercourse. In a day when teenagers change sex partners weekly, she was determined to wait until our wedding night before going all the way.

I had always wanted more for us, but out of respect I never pushed. Well, I did push; but when she wouldn’t budge, I’d stop pushing. I just loved her, and wanted her to be comfortable before we did anything.

We finally made love on our wedding night and it was better than I could have possibly imagined. I thought Heather would be nervous but she wasn’t. To the contrary, she was receptive and eager. She had so much pent-up desire that when the day finally came she made love with abandon. kocaeli escort bayan Later in the night she went down on me for the first time ever, having no compunction to putting me in her mouth after I’d been inside her earlier. She even let me come in her mouth, though most of it ended up back on my stomach.

Back in our hotel room, Heather was still looking at me with her new-found pout and cupping her breasts while waiting for an answer to her question.

“I like your everything more than anybody’s anything,” I said, and reached around her back to untie her top. She then tucked her chin to her chest and I lifted the bikini strings over her head. Gazing at her, I could see the tan lines beginning to form, accentuating her milky breasts and highlighting her rosy nipples. I realized all over again how lucky I was and how amazing it was to finally be having such intimate interactions with the girl of my dreams.

Sliding my warm hands down from her soft shoulders I stopped at her pale breasts and ran my thumbs over her rising nipples. Heather put her arms on my shoulders to steady herself while I caressed her nipples gently between my thumbs and forefingers. She let out a moan and whispered that she loved me more than anything and wanted to do whatever I desired forever and ever. My fingers lingered for several moments, plucking her nipples tenderly into hard points before continuing their exploration of her soft skin, meandering south past her rib cage and flat stomach until reaching her slender hips. I nuzzled her neck and kissed behind her ear, whispering that I loved her too. I untied the bows of her bikini bottoms from both sides and released the stings, letting the suit fall silently to the floor. She was left standing naked before me, and even this was relatively new, as most of our pre-wedding adventures had been in darkened dorm rooms or late-night parked cars.

She was the prize of the beach for sure.

I asked her to sit on the bed and she complied. While sitting demurely she looked up to me and I pressed my fingers against her shoulders, easing her back further until she was laying on the mattress with her legs dangling over the side. She was looking up at the ceiling fan and the tips of her painted toes grazed the floor. I told her I was going to do something I had always wanted to do.

I got down on my knees in front of her and she lifted her head from the bed and said with a smile, “Are you going to pray?”

“No, baby,” I replied, “I’m going to make you come with my tongue.”

Heather lowered her head back to the mattress wordlessly and I gently parted her legs with my hands. I began kissing her lower thighs just above the knee, wetting her with soft pecks, moving from one leg to the other, working my way up both thighs slowly. Her legs parted involuntarily with my approach and my left hand moved up and grazed her nipple again, now fully awake and longing to be touched. I glanced up and saw that Heather’s gaze was still fixated on the ceiling fan.

The motor of the fan sighed an idle moan as the blades whirled, creating a mild puff of air on my neck and back. Outside the window, the waves continued their assault on the beach. And I stayed on my kocaeli escort knees, genuflecting before my bride, moving closer to the center of her world. She whispered, “…oh baby, oh baby, oh baby…” as my warm tongue inched closer, licking her inner thighs higher and higher. I loved knowing she was living the honeymoon she had always envisioned.

When I finally reached her oasis her scent was intoxicating. I wanted to dive right in for her clit, but I also wanted to make it last. It took all my willpower, but I held back and went slowly. Her pussy was the perfect flower, blooming before my eyes in dewy wetness. Her folds glistened as I licked them tenderly. I lightly traced her lips up and down with my tongue, wanting us both to languish in the moment. She was moaning softly with her legs spread. I loved the reaction she was giving. It signified trust and blissful appreciation, as well as sheer erotic pleasure.

My right hand moved from her breast down past her smooth stomach to the top of her mound. My thumb curled under and found her hard little button and rubbed light circles over it as I continued to lick and kiss and suck. I could feel her lips swelling on my tongue and her clit becoming turgid with desire under my thumb. At some point her eyes flickered closed and her thin fingers reached for my head, weaving silent thoughts into my hair. From my kneeling position I could hear her breathing becoming irregular. She whispered, “I’ve never had this before.”

I lowered my hand and slowly sank a finger deep into her well-lubricated pussy. She was moaning louder now, and my tongue glided up from her lips and caressed her throbbing love button. She was fully into the pleasure I was giving, tugging my head even tighter against her. I put her clit between my lips and sucked it gently into my mouth while twirling my tongue around it.

I’d performed oral sex on several girls before, but those times were nothing compared to what Heather and I were experiencing. The closeness and intimacy between us was profound, making the sex that much more important. I could hear Heather panting uninhibitedly as I bathed her clit with my mouth, and I knew she wasn’t far from going over the edge. Sensing the time was right for something even more daring I removed my wet finger from her pussy and slid it lazily toward her anal bud. Not knowing what her reaction would be, I pushed lightly at the entrance. She yelled, “Oh God…Oh my God…OH MY GOD!!!!”

Her hands clenched my hair tighter as her legs stiffened. I pushed my finger all the way in and she couldn’t help but shriek from the new pleasure she was receiving. Her body spasmed on the bed and her panting turned into a long sustained moan–a moan so loud it drowned out the sound of the waves licking the beach and the ceiling fan humming above. It was amazing to see my innocent bride coming harder than I’d ever seen a girl come before.

When her orgasm subsided and her breathing began to even out, she continued to cradle my head in her hands, which was now resting on her inner thigh. Laying quietly in this position, she opened her eyes with a flutter and stared contentedly up at the ceiling fan again. A smile covered her lips, and I knew that any thought of jealousy had disappeared from her mind.

I didn’t fully realize it then, but that one encounter was a harbinger of so many things, not only for the rest of our honeymoon, but for the months and years to come. Heather was ready. We were on our way to a world of sexual discoveries.

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