He’s Very Curious

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An ongoing encounter with a younger couple that I need to tell about.

First a description and info about me. I’m a white male in my mid forties mostly heterosexual but have done some bi sexual things with couples I’ve met over time.

I’m not some hot older stud, just an average guy decent shape nothing special. I do have a thing for voyeurism, I like to watch and be watched.

One day I was bored and checking out craigslist ads. I posted on there for a couple interested in catching me stroking in my car and watching. I got an answer from a guy near me said his girlfriend wants to watch me stoke off. We set up a time and place in a not so busy parking lot in the daytime. They parked next to me and I was surprised to see a much younger black couple in the car. They both looked to be late 20s and nice looking. She was curvy with nice breasts from what I could tell with her clothes on. He was thin athletic looking casino oyna in shape body. They parked so they could see into my car and I could see them. I began stroking my hard dick and noticed he was doing the same. She seemed to enjoy watching me. After awhile I couldn’t hold back my cum any longer and shot a huge stream all over my stomach. She smiled and said wow that’s a lot of cum. We then went our separate ways and I didnt hear from them again for a couple of weeks. Then one day I get a text from the guy asking if I want to come over to their place. His girl really liked seeing me shoot and wants me to join them. I of course was all for it and ready to jump at the chance to see and touch her.

I followed the directions gave me and an hour later knocked on their door. The guy let me in and said she was getting ready. He had a porn movie on the TV showing mmf threesomes, how appropriate. He had on some basketball shorts and canlı casino a tank. He sat on the sofa beside me and we both watched the movie for a minute. He said get comfortable and then he pulled off his shorts and started stroking his rather large dick. I pulled off my own shorts and shirt and sat back down beside him. After a couple of minutes of us both watching the porn movie and stroking he reached over and stroked my dick a couple of times. Of course that was when his girlfriend came out and he pulled his hand back immediately before she saw him. She was wearing a tshirt and panties only. She smiled at me and said hi and then sat right between us on the sofa. She then began to stroke him and then slowly reached over and began stroking me as well. Her hands were very soft and felt wonderful. She then leaned over and started sucking his dick while still stroking mine. This went on for a little while when he tells me to stand up kaçak casino in front of her. I stand up and move in front of her as she sits on the sofa. She strokes me some more then she moves forward and takes my dick into her mouth. She licks all around the shaft and then the balls and then she sucks the whole thing in and begins to give me an incredible blowjob.

She is sucking me perfectly and I’m having a hard time not to cum too quickly. He is watching and stroking himself beside her on the sofa. Soon I can’t hold back anymore and I let her know I’m cumming. He says cum on her face she loves it. Now I’ve never before met a woman who actually likes guys to shoot all over their face like in the porn movies, but she nods and agrees so I shoot one hell of a load and it completely covers her face from forehead to chin. I tried my best not to get any in her eyes. She got up and went to wash her face while he got dressed so I took that as my cue to do the same. She came back out as I was leaving and hugged me and actually thanked me. I was shocked a little but what the hell it was an awesome experience. I left hoping they’d call again sometime.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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