Husband is Short, Wife goes Long

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My wife and I were traveling across country. To pass the time, we talked and “explored” each others’ thoughts and opinions. When the topic of sexual fantasies came up, we were both a little reluctant to completely confess our deepest and darkest desires.

I turned about 3 shades of red when she asked me what my kinkiest fantasy was. This was met with lots of laughter from her.

“Well it must be VERY good if you are too embarrassed to tell me.” she teased.

I kept it close to my chest because I just felt she would be put off with my deepest and darkest desires.

We stopped for gas, and an early lunch – my suggestion.

“Oh THIS is not over Dear… ” my wife warned me.

I pumped some gas and took care of the car while she went in and emptied her tank. We got some drive through food and got back on the open road. We ate and pointed out different cars, far off license plates, unusual bill boards and road signs.

When I finished my last fry, it was like a starting gun went off.

“So are you Bi?” she inquired.

I scowled at her, “No.”

“Want to dress up in my clothes?” she hammered away at me.

“No… but I would like to get between YOU and your clothes…” I said suggestively.

She laughed. “Tell me and I will take them ALL off right here… RIGHT NOW.”

“REALLY?” I asked – completely surprised.

“Tell me before I count down to one… TEN…” she said seductively.

“Nine…” she teased a little more.

I blurted out, “I want to watch YOU with another woman!!”

“WHAT?” she cried out.

“Just WATCH… Nothing more.” I said in an apologetic tone.

“That’s it?” she said.

“Well… for now.” I teased.

“Tell me MORE Honey.” she coaxed me.

“Tell me why your clothes are still ON… Dear.” I shot back.

With a bit of a scowl, she kicked off her flip flops, pulled her shirt off, popped off the bra and slid out of her shorts.

“Happy?” she snapped.

“Panties too!!” I demanded.

HUMMPPFF… she mumbled as the thong panties made their way onto the pile on the floor.

“Seat belt Dear…” I said.

She was not pissed but she was not as cheerful as she was 15 minutes ago. We cruised through Monument Valley on our way to Las Vegas.

“I like this new arrangement.” I said in a smart ass tone.

“How long do I have to sit here naked?” she abruptly asked.

“This was YOUR idea… ” I reminded her.

“Well all bets are off if you keep speeding…” she yelled at me.

I slowed down to the posted speed limit. A few cars passed us and she would duck down but NEVER tried to cover up. She was a good sport about things, and that was ONE character trait I did admire about her. The sun was going down, so the risk of exposure was diminishing.

She rode naked for almost 2 hours before we had car trouble.

A puff of steam rolled out from under the hood and the temperature light came on. She scrambled to put her shirt and shorts on before the car came to a stop on the shoulder.

We both had the same cell phone carrier and the coverage in this area was horrible. She got out of the car to try for a better signal in the ditch of the road and I scooped up her bra and panties and stuffed them in the glove box.

“One of life’s little bonuses” I told myself.

While she was in the ditch yelling into her phone I popped the hood to see if there was anything within my skill level that I could repair.


As I was surveying the engine and looking for something obvious, a greasy tow truck pulled up in front of the car. A portly older man got out and greeted us. I noticed he made no effort to hide the fact that he was eye-fucking my wife right in front of me. The fact that she was not wearing a bra (or panties) helped me realize that he was doing the same thing I would be if the roles were reversed. I took on the attitude that maybe we could get better service from a horny mechanic with her around so I didn’t make a scene. Its not like we were willing to wait for the next tow truck…

Our “Savior” was Chet. He was just coming from a call where he delivered a car to an auto dealer. He was on his way back to the garage when he happened upon us.

“I’m pretty sure he saw Andrea in the ditch on her phone with hardly anything on and decided to stop BEFORE he saw me under the hood.” I told myself.

But it didn’t matter… we were no longer stranded.

As Chet hooked up the rigging we watched from the ditch. Once the car was locked into place, he motioned for us to get in the truck and away we went.

Andrea sat in the middle and I rode “shotgun”. We made small talk with Chet but the radio kept squawking.

“The shop is open ’til 6 tonight. I will pull in and drop your car along a chain link fence with the rest of the customers’ cars. Chances are we will get to it first thing in the morning. We lock the yard and we have security cameras through the week. We pay for a security guard but only on the weekends. You’ll wanna talk to Alex in the office. Once gangbang porno I have the car on the ground, I will bring the keys in so you can get your things, lock it up and then call a cab for the nearest hotel.” Chet told us.

“I really appreciate you stopping on your way back… I know you could get into a little trouble because of that.” I said.

“Ah… I’m not too worried about it. I’m related to the owner.” I replied.

“Job Security!!” I jokingly stated.

Chet chuckled but that was about all I got out of the crowd. Andrea was still pissed at me and completely uncomfortable riding so close to a complete stranger with nothing more than a thin sheet of cotton between her warm moist pussy and his imagination.

A few minutes later, Chet brought the old truck to a rest in front of a greasy shop with a sun faded door that had “OFFICE” stenciled on it years ago. I helped Andrea out of the truck and slipped Chet a $20.

“THANK YOU SIR!!” he said as he gave me a nod before easing the truck to the far side of the lot.

“I’m sure naked pictures of my wife would have gotten you to FIX the damn car on the side of the road… but this will do.” I told myself.

Andrea glared at me. “REAL FUCKING FUNNY… You ASS hole!!”

I played dumb. “What?” I replied.

“You KNOW what you sonofabitch!!” she growled.

I opened the door and held it open for Andrea. Inside the “Office” was a couple of stained couches and some folding chairs. On the chairs there were small piles of old car magazines. Framed photos of race cars filled the walls. Chet was a champion of sorts and judging by the number of trophies that filled the shelves, he was very good. There was no carpeting. The concrete floor had been painted and the wall mounted AC units were blowing full blast. There was an older TV set that had the news on. It felt 30 degrees cooler inside and Andrea instantly felt the change. She crossed her arms in front of her hardened nipples and scowled at me.

“Don’t frown Baby… ” I teased.

She mouthed “FUCK YOU” to me.

Alex was nowhere to be found. We waited patiently for someone to appear. We could hear the radio squawking.

The toilet flushed behind a closed door and we heard the water from the sink running.

“Ah… That makes sense.” I told myself.

Andrea took a stance behind me with her back to the counter.

I looked at the clock on the wall. It was 6:05.

The door opened and a tall red headed woman with a grease smudge on her cheek appeared. Her hair was pulled back in a bun and she had on a pair of light blue coveralls. A white and dark blue tag on her chest read “Alex”.

“Sorry Folks… we closed at six… if the door was unlocked its because I am waiting for my tow truck driver to get back.” she said.

“Would that be Chet?” I asked.

She gave us both a different look.

“You must be the couple he found on the side of the road.” she said.

“Yes” Andrea spoke up.

“He is dropping the car right now. Our phones do not work, could you call us a cab?” I asked.

“No… You all have been through enough today. I drive by half a dozen hotels on my way home… I can give you all a lift.” Alex told us.

I couldn’t help but notice how she gave Andrea a second look while talking to her and while listening to me.

A few seconds later, Chet slipped through the door and dropped the keys in my hands.

Alex had slipped in the back to grab some work orders.

“Did Alex take care of you all?” he asked.

Andrea spoke up, “Yes… even offered us a ride as soon as we are done with the work order business.”

Chet smiled, “Good… I guess we’ll see you all tomorrow some time. G’Night!!”

Alex returned and gave Chet a scornful look. I hoped there wouldn’t be a scene.

As I filled out the paperwork, Andrea looked around the office at the photos.

“Why don’t you all grab what you need out of the car for the night and I will lock up. I will just take the keys with me and then we will get it in first thing in the morning.” Alex suggested.

We walked out to the car and grabbed a few things and stuffed them into one bag.

“You may want to check out the glove box when we get to the car…” I teased Andrea.

“ASSHOLE” she replied.

Alex met us at the car and then drove us to the hotel. “This place has a shuttle that WILL take you to the shop in the morning. I know their number, so make sure you let them know you are expecting a call from me. If it is more than $150 I will call before we do any work. Fair enough?”

“Yes… THANK YOU very much.” Andrea replied.

We checked in and had to get a more expensive room than we had planned on. With no car, our choices were limited.

Andrea was still pissed over my little stunt. She settled in, brushed her teeth and went to bed wearing an old T-shirt. When I started to rub her shoulder, she shut me down with just a few words, “Unless you want to walk to the ER to have them sew your fingers back on, I suggest czech harem porno you just go to sleep.”

“OUCH” I thought to myself.

Around 10:00 the next morning Alex called us with some bad news.

“The repairs are going to be $400. The radiator needs $230 worth of repair work, or I can get a new one for $220. I suggest going with the new radiator. The upper hose ruptured, so we have to replace that one and driving in this Nevada heat, you will want the lower one replaced NOW as well. With all of that, a new thermostat, temp sending unit, flushing the system and the antifreeze, we are at $415.00.” she gravely stated.

“Do you want us to proceed?” Alex asked.

“FUCK ME” I thought to myself… we don’t have that kind of money… but we had no choice.

“How soon can the work be done?” I asked.

“We could have you back on the road by 4:00 today.” she said.

“Okay… lets do it.” I replied.

“Great… We will see you around 3:30 / 4:00 this afternoon.” CLICK

I pulled Andrea aside and let her know the news about the car. Then I told her how much it was going to cost… and how much I had with me.

“I have some cash stashed in a hidden compartment in my purse.” she said.

She pulled her purse off the back of the chair and split the Velcro.

“FUCK” she snapped… “I loaned it to my sister and never got it back before the trip.”

“I have a PLAN B…” I said in a monotone voice.

“We are NOT going to gamble with our car repair money.” she reasoned. “We’ll just turn back and go home after we get the car fixed.”

“I have a PLAN B that doesn’t involve gambling…” I stated.

Andrea stared at me with a blank look on her face. “WELL?? Spill it!!”

“Did you notice how Chet looked at you?” I asked.

“Yes… fucking crept me the hell out too!!” she replied.

“Well I thou-” Andrea interrupted me with her finger in the air

“FUCK NO!!” Andrea yelled.

“You go down there and YOU suck his cock!!” she yelled.

“NO. NO. NO. Not even CLOSE!!” I shot back.

She calmed down, slightly and glared at me. She wanted to know where this was going.

“So did you notice how ALEX looked at you?” I asked.

The scowl on her face ran away. She even blushed a little.

“It was very cold in that office… and some FUCK HEAD hid my panties and my bra.” she yelled at me.

“So maybe you go back down there… Commando and see if you can get us a discount of some kind?” I suggested.

“WHAT?” Andrea yelled. “THAT is the DUMBEST idea I have EVER heard you say…”

“Think about it…” I said in a calm and even voice.

“I’m not even going to consider this dumb-assed idea…” she replied.

Silence filled the room.

“I’m Hungry” she said (almost pouting)

“Me too… I wish we could eat.” I joked.

We had JUST enough cash to get the car repaired and get home if we drove straight through.

Andrea looked at a brochure. “Hey… Free Breakfast with a room card next door.”

We bolted out of the room and got a booth. We sat and had coffee with our “free breakfast”. We didn’t talk too much.

After the second cup of coffee, Andrea broke the ice, “Soooo… How does this little sick scenario play out in your head?”

I started in with the “Grand Plan” that I had hatched in my head, “You get dressed in the skimpiest thing you have with you right now… even if we have to cut up a good shirt to make it even sexier than it already is… we do it. No panties. No bra. You take cash with you to pick up the car and you go a little late (close to quitting time).” I opened up.

“With any luck, all the other customers will be gone and that will leave you and Alex there to settle up.” I concluded.

“Okay… and HOW do I suggest that I trade my body for a discount?” Andrea asked.

I continued, “You count out $250… pick it all up and count it out again. Then you blame ME for not giving you enough cash to cover the bill.”

“And she will just magically say “OKAY” and let me walk out?” Andrea asked (pissed off).

“No…” I replied. “You look at her with those sexy eyes of yours and you ask if there is any way you can make up the difference.”

Andrea blushed a little. “I don’t know…”

“You have the rest of the cash in a different compartment in your purse.” I smiled as I said this to her. “You will have to read her to see if things are going to happen or if they are NOT going to work out. If she is willing to take YOU in exchange, then you keep the rest of the money and have some fun with Alex. Get the car, come back here and pick me up… then we go home.”

“And if she doesn’t want to “Play with Me”? she asked.

I replied, “She’d be a damn FOOL to pass up such a hot body that belongs to such a giving lover…”


We finished our Danishes in silence and then left.

Check-out was 2:00. The shuttle service stopped running at 3:30. Andrea and I showered and got dressed for the day. We made our way to the czech mega swingers porno lobby and checked out a little late. At 3:30 Andrea got on the last shuttle and went to the shop.

She was wearing an old ZZ Top Concert Tour shirt that we had cut the neck out of and then “V cut” the neck line to show off her cleavage. She wore cut off jean shorts that were faded and had a few separation holes in the back pockets. I ripped one a little more so her thigh would show even more. She had put on some perfume and a pair of high heeled cork sandals. She was nervous as hell.

In her purse, I had stuffed $255 in small bills in the main compartment of her purse. In a side pocket, I put another $150. I kissed her goodbye and waited in the lobby for what would be the LONGEST afternoon of my life.

Andrea got to the shop about 3:45 / 4:00. She walked into the office and there were a few other customers there patiently waiting.

Alex looked up from the desk and smiled, “Hey Andrea… Its not quite ready yet… be about another hour. Do you want to wait here or can I take you someplace? I was just getting ready to go grab some lunch.”

Andrea looked around. “I could use a change of scenery…”

Alex smiled and nervously grabbed some keys. She slipped out of her coveralls and hung them on a peg next to the desk. As she walked through the office, her clothing revealed a very trim and fit body. Alex had a tall frame to her, so she intimidated a lot of people. “C’mon then!!”

Andrea felt like a little sister.

They walked outside and Alex chirped the alarm on a vintage muscle car parked under an overhang. Andrea got in and the seat felt like it was hugging her. Alex hit the key and it roared to life. Andrea felt her clit get a small “tickle” as Alex put the car in gear and eased out of the stall.

“Nice car.” Andrea said.

Alex smiled, “Thank you!! I LOVE driving this thing… It REALLY crushes egos. Especially when they see a Red Headed Woman driving it!!”

Andrea reached for the padded bar next to her as Alex took her for a small thrill ride through the back streets of North Las Vegas.

“What’s the fastest you have even driven in a car?” Alex asked Andrea.

“110 mph… in my cousin’s Mustang.” Andrea blurted out.

Alex looked at Andrea, “Wanna break that record?”

Andrea looked at Alex, “Sure… I’m always up for an adventure.”

“GOOD…” Alex yelled.

Alex dropped the hammer and the car lunged to life. The thrust forced Andrea back into her seat. The G-force made it impossible for her to move her head. She watched as Alex maneuvered in and out of traffic headed out of town. The road opened up and Alex punched the accelerator even harder. Andrea TRIED to look at the speedometer but couldn’t see it.

Alex let off and started laughing. “Tell your cousin you have seen 165mph in a Classic Camaro.”

“Holy SHIT.” Andrea screamed. “Are you serious?”

“Honey… I do not fuck around when it comes to cars, cash or…” Alex stopped herself.

“OR?” Andrea pressed.

Alex downshifted the car and pulled to a scenic overlook. She waited for the dust to settle before she shut the engine off. She turned and looked at Andrea.

“Honey… Tell me why your husband didn’t come to the shop to pay the bill for the car repairs this afternoon.” Alex asked sternly.

Andrea was embarrassed. She sighed heavily. “He wanted me to try and seduce you so that you would take $150 off of the bill. We came out here on a shoestring budget and the repairs have put us in a bind.” Andrea confessed.

“I knew it.” Alex answered.

Andrea looked at Alex. “I’m sorry… We are NOT the type to take advantage of anyone. We are just in a bind and…” Andrea stopped explaining.

Alex leaned in for a kiss and it stopped the confession in its tracks.

Andrea was in shock at first… then she started running her fingers through Alex’s hair and all bets were OFF.

Alex ran her fingers though Andrea’s hair and slipped her second hand up her ZZ Top shirt. She pinched Andrea’s nipples and it made her cry out. Andrea jumped a little and Alex reassured her, “Ain’t nobody out here Darling… Don’t hold back on my account.”

Andrea let the seat fall back and Alex pulled her shorts off. Andrea’s cleanly shaven pussy stared Alex in the face. Alex kissed the outer lips and inhaled her scent.

Alex tasted Andrea and it took less than a minute for her first climax to surface.

“OH ALEX… Oh Alex… MMMMMMM… OH FUCK YESS” Andrea hissed as Alex tongued her pussy. Andrea came 4 more times in the car seat on Alex’s face.

Alex came up for air and grabbed Andrea’s head. She kissed her passionately and let her taste herself on Alex’s face. Alex wiggled her way out of her shorts.

“Have you ever been with a woman Honey?” Alex asked Andrea.

All Andrea could do was shake her head no.

“Ohhh My… Then this IS special.” Alex told her.

“Don’t be nervous… I like the same things YOU like. Just do what you like to me and we’ll see how well it works out, Okay?” Alex reassured her.

Andrea nodded.

Alex guided her head between her legs and moaned as she got close. Andrea opened her mouth, closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue. She found Alex’s clit (swollen and throbbing). Alex was also clean shaven and “hygiene aware”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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