I Didn’t Know She Could Do That

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I tried to control the impulse. No, it wasn’t an impulse. It was the slow buildup of sexual steam inside me. It had been three days since I had been with Lilly. I’ve been with her four times now. Each time is better than the ones before. Each time she gives more of herself to me.

And she cums when I make love to her. I know it is my vanity that makes this important to me. But I do also want her to genuinely enjoy our time together. I suppose there is always the possibility that she is acting. Why would she? I believe, based on all the experiences I’ve ever had in my life with women, in and out of bed, that I can identify the perceivable consequences of real pleasure in a woman. The pleasures I gave Lilly were real. Intense. Vocal. The recoveries were loving and languid. Being with her when she came was a delight, every time, and I’ve tried to burn those videos into my memory.

I loved it even more when she came while I was actively giving her pleasure. She loved for me to suck her cunt. And I loved to suck her. Like every other aspect of making love to woman, there is an infinity of ways to suck her cunt. Sucking her is not just a physical act with me, like walking. It is an emotional connection to my lover, my woman. The one whose scent I breathe, the blackness of her hair, which she releases, for me, because she knows I want it loose.

The last time I was with her, her hair was loose. She was sitting on my lap, naked except for the last six inches or so of one leg of her shorts, where her panties were hanging, which she insists keeping on. So she can answer the door quickly if necessary.

She rubs her cunt against me, giving both of us pleasure. I rub her shoulders, and run my splayed fingers down over her breasts, feeling her warm skin, absorbing the vision of her in my mind. I trace a spiral around her breast, ascending to her nipple. Her nipple is plump and firm, searching for my touch. And so tempting to me. I squeeze her breasts lovingly. My mouth takes her in, tonguing her breast, taking as much of her as I can into my mouth, teasing the nipple. She sighs, looking up briefly, with closed eyes, lips parted. She looks at me. She has a small smile now, and turns her head to the side a little. Silently questioning me, teasing me.

Looking into my lover’s eyes is like diving off a very high cliff. You can fall and fall and fall. I caress her face with the tips of my fingers, slowly running them over her mouth, my fingers kissing her lips, which part and capture one finger, drawing it into her mouth, where she tongues and sucks me. I caress her cheek, along her shoulder, holding the ends of her hair in my palm, brushing it gently back from her face. What name can I give the feeling I have for her? Is it only lust? Something more? I remember the ones I wanted to stay with me, and who were now lost in time and space. I remembered the ones I was married to, and had children with.

Now fake hospital porno Lilly is with me. She wants me. She is offering herself to me, holding nothing back. I want her. It’s so simple. It’s here, and now. It’s being alive.

I lean toward her and press her hair against my face, inhaling the perfume of her. I love her fragrance. It is entirely her natural scent. There is no cosmetic perfume. It is Lilly. A warm and willing woman. I enjoy following the curves of her body with my eyes and my hands.

When I use the word cunt I do not convey any disrespect. It is unfortunate that there is a faint odor of opprobrium in English on the word. If I were the shaman of an ancient tribe, I would have personalized womens’ cunts into a deity, Goddess of all Creation. The mystical fountain of all human life. Women. Why do you make us want you so much? Every day I see beautiful women and I do wonder what it would be like to make love to them.

Lilly calls intercourse boom boom. Initially she would take off her top and push her pants and panties down. And I could caress her and give her pleasure. I asked her, maybe the second time I was with her, if I could give her a massage. She agreed, and laid face down on the massage table. She is beautiful from any angle. Many women are. It is only the present cultural prejudice which relies upon emaciated babies to sell things. They look unnatural and unhealthy. The principal emotion they were have evoked in the recent past is sympathy, not desire. Lilly is forty-two. That’s just a number, and means nothing compared to the naked reality of her, lying under me. I enjoy both youth and maturity in women. I think that’s fair of me. Youth has its attractions for observers. But no woman is just a shell of appearance. I do not understand women. They are so different from men. They fascinate me. And when they give themselves to me, I know they give a most precious gift.

Maybe it was mostly my need for sex, but I felt that there was more to it. Lilly was becoming the most enjoyable lover I have ever experienced. Everything she did with me was passionate.

I had had a lover in Amsterdam, a twenty-two year old escort, who was lithe and curvy and electric with youth and energy and endurance. A child who could easily have appeared on a magazine cover.

She was tight. Getting me deep within her was a beautiful trial. A few strokes, and she gave herself completely to the rhythm of plunging me into her, then rising again to hold me at her opening, touching, kissing, timing the next impalement, anticipating the rush of pleasure tinged with the perfect spice of a little pain, as she forced my cock into her, her juice running out over her pudendum, down into a puddle under us, using her whole body, her whole consciousness, to suck my cock with her body.

I’ve become too consistent in the sequence of my lovemaking. Maybe it’s some fake taxi porno ethereal projection from a willing woman’s cunt, some form of undiscovered sexual magnetism. Maybe it’s the sweet fragrance of a fresh, soft sponge bathed cunt, fresh from warm, perfumed water. But when these entrap my senses, I cannot resist any one of them, and I surrender gracefully, smiling. A graceful surrender is a useful skill for all of life, because you will not win all the time.

So my habit is, my lover is lying on her back, naked, gently caressing her with the fingers of one hand, while the other is stroking and pulling her breast. I kneel beside her, and open her legs, one at a time, lifting her knees and pushing them up, to slowly reveal the pink and red flesh of her beautiful pussy. The center of her pussy, the opening, is spring rose red which betrays the heat which is inside. The opening is ringed by a small, gently puckered oval rounded ridge of the most sensitive flesh, and her juice collects at the opening. The lips of her cunt are moist from the stimulation she gives herself, by her softly stroking fingers, which she repeatedly sucks as she enjoys her own taste, and leisurely refreshes with her saliva to moisten the delicate flesh of her pussy.

It is just here that I cannot control my desire any longer. All my senses are filled with the hypnotic, exquisite reality of her pussy. I want to be closer, to fill all my senses with her, the sight, the perfume, the erotic whispers of the moist flesh of her cunt lips clinging together, then separating by the slow sliding tip of her finger again.

I lie down between her legs and caress her thighs with my face. My eyes close, because I want to concentrate on one sense at a time, and now it is her scent. I breathe in slowly, as deeply as I can as I hover over her cunt, turning my head so slowly from side to side, homing in on the stronger, sweeter scent below me, closer and closer.

My lips graze her. I stop, and enjoy the sensation of the touch of her, breathing her in. I press down lightly against her flesh. My lips part just a little, and I close them again, holding a small line of her flesh in my lips. I pull back, and the sensation makes her quiver. I release her flesh, open my lips wider, press down on her, taking more of her tender flesh between my lips and in my mouth, where I can caress her with the tip of my tongue.

I believe many pleasures are better given to a woman slowly. I’m not saying that when the heat and passion and urgency of the moment all boil over, that taking a woman with the abandon of a sophisticated animal, the resulting orgasm is not sublime. Thank God we are equipped with the capability of this variability.

I explore the labia with my mouth. The flesh feels and tastes so good, I have to exercise control to be soft, hold myself back from pressing in to her.

My tongue explores from family stroke porno her anus to sometimes shy mound of her clit. It swells now. It is the most sensitive bud in this erotic garden which is her body.

My tongue gathers her juice. I hold it in the center of my tongue, and I close my eyes and focus on it. There is no sugar, but it is sweet to my taste. And there is much more. The taste of her is hard to define, like defining a color. The taste of her cunt is rich, nuanced. The taste before she cums is lighter. When she cums in my mouth it is sometimes of flood of perfection. Have you ever been very hungry and thirsty, and you know exactly what you want? It happens to me frequently that I am hungry and thirsty for the liquid essence of a woman. I want to drink from her, everything she will offer. I want all of her wine, all of her essences.

I turn her over, so she is face down, and raise her ass. I stroke her back, my fingers lingering in the cleft where her dark circle sometimes hides. Now she is open, her cheeks spread, and I easily see where her sweet spot is. I bend down, feeling with my tongue, enjoying probing, tickling and pressing. My tongue grazes the spot, slows, stops, and enjoys the feel of her there. I lick the sides of the sensitive little crater, starting at the center, pressing down there, wishing she would open and swallow my tongue.

I caress her cleft with my fingers, pulling gently but firmly to open her. She responds to my touch. I lick her opening, flicking my tongue over the area, pushing the tip into her, going a little deeper each time. I feel her anus closing behind the tip. To encourage her to take more of me, I push in and I extend my tongue, trying to make it longer by force.

My tongue slips deeper, and her anus holds me in. My hands rove her back and breasts and cunt. I find the opening. It is dripping her juice. I straighten up. I aim my cock at her cunt, nuzzling the wet flesh there. My cock slides into her with a whisper. We begin to fuck. All the way out. All the way in, against the top of her. “Fuck me” she asks. I comply. She has me turn on my back so

She moistens her fingers in her mouth, then anoints my anus, massaging her saliva around my anus. She slowly sucks my taste from her fingers, makes them wet, and lubricates my ass again.

When she judges that I am wet enough, she inserts her finger into me, then two, then three, then her hand.

I never knew there was pleasure like this.

I turned over on my back. She took my cock in her cunt. She was part of me again.

I brought her naked foot against my anus. She understood what I wanted, and began to wriggle her foot into my ass. She was gentle, and with the help of the massage oil lubrication she inserted herself. It was an erotic surprise, like when your partner does something unanticipated and erotic and loving and pleasurable and it’s the first time ever for you.

What other surprises does she have in mind?

The wriggling of her toes in my ass, and the sucking of her cunt on my cock, made me come like I did when I was twenty.

I didn’t I didn’t know, I didn’t imagine that she could make love to me that way. How will she delight me the next time?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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