I Join Up!

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Now my mind was made up that summer seemed to pass slower than ever. I had written to Alan and told him of my plans and his letters got fewer and fewer. He had moved back home after his school year ended, so I managed to take a few days off to go home and see him over one weekend.

Emma was off on her holiday to the continent somewhere, so I didn’t tell her about going home. I was able to go dancing with Alan on the Saturday night and had a wonderful time, we left the dance early to go and enjoy ourselves in private. The weather cooperated as it was a nice mild evening, so we were able to go to the park and lie down to enjoy ourselves. I particularly liked that as now I could please him using my mouth as well as my hands. I enjoyed licking and sucking his manhood, I was good at it, having learned how to deep throat a man to give him some awesome pleasure. He let me climb on top and shag him till the stars burst over me as I was able to have a most wonderful orgasm with him.

I saw him again the following afternoon, thank goodness there was no Emma to contend with and we talked about my plans to join the military. Alan wasn’t too thrilled about it as he had a low opinion of women in the military, but I tried to explain to him about Mother and how I felt it was a viable option for me at that time.

I had to leave to get back to my Job in Glasgow, so after that his letters got fewer and fewer as the summer went on, till I finally accepted the fact that except for the sex, he wasn’t really interested in me. It was the second rejection I received where they enjoyed the sex with me but that was all; the first had been Derek and now him, only I didn’t realize it at the time. In a way it made me more determined to go ahead with my plans to join the WRAF.

I got my call to arms in September of that year, and told where to report. I gave my notice at work and went home for a few days before leaving to join the Air force. On the day before I left I went to visit Emma and I was more vigorous that ever with her, after all I’d gone over two months without any sex and was surprised at myself as to how much I’d missed her. It was a tearful good bye but I promised to keep writing her as well as seeing her any time I came home on leave.

The first day were spent ‘arriving’ as they called it, we were issued bedding and shown to our barracks, there must have been about 20 of us in each one, two rows of beds down each side of a long room, and we each had what was called our own bed space. None of us knew anyone else as we came from all over the country, so we began to introduce ourselves to each other. Next we were ‘kitted out,’ issued our uniforms and began to get a feel for Military life.

First we were taught the most important things, like how to salute officers, not to talk to them unless we latina fuck tour porno were invited to, how to stand at attention and how to stand at ease, but only when invited to do so, then the real luxury, ‘stand easy.”

I began to wonder if I’d done the right thing by enlisting, the other thing too was it seemed necessary for Officers, and that included ‘Non Commissioned Officers’ to shout rather than talk, a strange lot really I thought.

We were ‘kitted out’ in our uniforms and had to spend time sewing our service number inside everything, so when things were sent to the laundry they would know what belonged to whom. Each morning we had to get up and fold our bedding in a certain way, get dressed for the day then go to the mess hall for breakfast. Then to the parade ground to begin learning how to march, that seemed to be a never ending exercise to get it right. We were forever being yelled at, “heads up shoulders back, chest out and open those legs, left right come on swing those arms” etc.. The drills were broken up with lectures on the service, explaining the different ranks, Aircraft recognition and other useless topics.

By the end of each day I was exhausted, and after supper would rest for a bit then write my letters or shine the buttons and cap badges with Brasso for the next day. One night a week was what was known as ‘bull night’ where we had to wax and polish the floor, dust everything, scrub the bathrooms and washrooms etc. ready for inspection the next morning. We had Saturday afternoons and Sundays off, and Sunday was the only day we really had to ourselves when we could sleep in and get up when we felt like it, go and do whatever we wanted.

By the end of the first week we were beginning to get to know each other and friendships were forming amongst us. I also wrote to Emma, she immediately replied asking me to tell her about the other girls in the barracks, what I thought of them and did I find any of them attractive.

I had to admit I did, as friendships were formed I found myself attracted to Julia, she was much like me, a little on the shy side and also bewildered by the military attitude. As we got to know each other our friendship deepened and soon we were going to the mess hall etc. together. On weekends we went into town to shop or have a few drinks and go to dances and pictures.

She was 18, a couple of years younger than me, a few pounds overweight yet well proportioned much like Emma in a way. Because of her shyness she had led a kind of sheltered life really, so we had much in common as far as our social lives had been at home. Instead of going on to college or University she had chosen to enlist in the service. As we got to know each other more and more she kind of came out of her shell and I found she had quite lezbiyen porno a strong character, and opened up to me more and more as time went on.

She was still a virgin and asked me if I was, I admitted I wasn’t and she quizzed me about how I came to lose my virginity, and did I like it, had I been with many men etc.. It was very embarrassing for me to talk about it but she was very inquisitive. One night when we were having a conversation, she brought the subject up again and asked how long it had been since I’d seen my boyfriend. I told her the truth about Alan, and that we were no longer together, but didn’t give out any more details, nor did I tell her about my relationship with Emma.

“Oh so it’s been a few weeks for you then?” she said, I just nodded my head. Now getting closer to me and lowering her voice whispered, “do you ever get those feelings you want to do it again?” or words to that effect. I knew what she was driving at and didn’t say anything. She went on to tell me how she felt ‘those feelings’ between her legs and admitted she had to go to the bathroom on occasion to relieve herself. Her eyes were kind of misty as we talked, as if she was sharing a great big secret with me. “Do you do that too?” she asked, again I nodded my head. She seemed relieved to share this with me and she asked me about my ‘habit’ and I admitted I preferred the bathtub whenever I could get the chance.

Hot water was always a problem in the barracks as there never seemed to be enough, so to have a nice bath I’d get up really early some mornings before most of the others were up and when the water would be piping hot so I could enjoy it. After reveille in the mornings and after supper was the worst time when almost everyone washed and bathed around the same time.

The more intimate our conversations became the more it played on my mind, in a way I kind of wished she’d shut up about it as it did bring back pleasant memories for me that didn’t help. I did tell Emma about her in my letters and she suggested that I should try to seduce her; she thought I had the opportunity to seduce a real virgin, but I was still too shy to make the first move.

In my letters to Emma I told her about some of the other girls too, and how the friendships were forming, there began to be a kind of click with some, they would use strong language, tell, dirty jokes etc. but other than that seemed to be OK… However there was one bad incident I witnessed. There was one girl who when it was bedtime didn’t make her bed properly like the rest of us did. She didn’t bother with the sheets just spread a couple of blankets on the bed, removed her tunic skirt and shoes, then loosened her tie and crawled under the blankets.

I don’t know what kind of home she came from; also she didn’t think it liseli porno necessary to change her underwear very often. So it wasn’t long before she began to smell when we were on parade, comments were made to her but they fell on deaf ears. After a few days some of the others decided enough was enough, and one evening they grabbed her and carried her struggling to a table in the middle of the room. There they stripped her completely and holding her down they blackened her from her tits to her knees with boot polish, then carried her to one of the bathrooms and dunked her into a bath filled with cold water.

She didn’t come back into the barracks till after lights out, and then snuck in to her bed. In the morning you could see she had tried to wash the boot polish off, but there was still evidence of it on her skin. Once she was dressed of course it didn’t show, so the day passed without incident. That night after supper in the room a bunch of the girls gathered around her bed space and gave her the option of taking a bath. She resisted at first but saw the wisdom of complying with the wishes of the majority. She was told to strip naked and they marched her down to the bathroom so she could take a bath.

By this time of course others had heard about the treatment she was subjected to, and dropped in to see her wash herself, this continued for a couple more nights before the girls lost interest and left her alone. The good news was she got the message, and she learned to keep herself reasonably clean after.

Another girl I’d like to tell about her is Sally; she was probably the oldest of our group, close to 30 I’d say at the time. She was a rather surly unattractive looking woman, tall about 5′ 9 or 10 inches and absolutely flat chested, with nipples that stood out like erasers on the end of pencils. A habitual masturbator, she would pound her pussy every night and often in the morning too.

She went to all the dances and sat around hoping to get asked for a dance. Occasionally she would get lucky and a man would walk her out after and give her shag, she was quite open about it when it did happen. Some of the other girls started to tease the shit out of her when it did, but quickly learned that it was best to keep their mouths shut as she had no qualms about beating on anyone she didn’t like. She had a bit of a bully mentality and could fight with the best of them. Some of us felt sorry for her, we were polite enough to one another, but usually gave her a wide berth.

Julia and I remained good friends; she never did give into her desires while I knew her, although she talked about it a lot. I lacked the courage to try anything with her, although the thought did cross my mind on more than one occasion. In hindsight I do wish she had tried with me, there were time when I thought she might have; I often wondered if I’d been honest with her and told her I had been with a woman as well as men would she have tried? I know I could have fallen for her, even after we were posted to other camps after our square bashing was over, we kept in touch for quite some time, but I never saw her again.

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