I Know Who You Did Last Summer Ch. 3

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Thank you to those of you who read the first two chapters and said how much you liked it. I hope you like this third chapter.

Comments very welcome at the email address in my profile. This contains material of an adult nature.

* * * * *

Mel and I lay there collapsed on the bed for what seemed like an eternity, still connected by the slippery double-dildo embedded in both of our pussies. I used my muscles to grip firmly around the plastic shaft, setting off little shrills of electricity throughout my body. As we both recovered from our earth shattering orgasms, Mel was the first to speak.

“Oh my god Ellie, you made me cum so fucking good!” As she said this she slowly moved her hips around in a circular motion, again stirring up delicious feelings deep inside of me. I swear that I could have gone again, riding and bucking against each other until we came time and time again but I think Mel had other ideas.

She slowly moved her hips away from me, gently pulling the dildo out of my pussy, stretching my lips in the process. Mel moved her head towards mine and began kissing me softly, letting her tongue roll over me lips which was a further turn on in itself.

“Don’t leave me,” I whispered to Mel as the dildo finally left me.

“Don’t worry Ellie, they’ll be plenty more from where that came from”, she replied as she stood up off the bed. I watched with lust as she slowly pulled the dildo out of her own pussy, seeing the glistening juices all the way down the whole length as it emerged. I could tell that Mel was fighting against her own will, inside I’m sure she was urging herself to replace the dildo, and a few times she motioned to push it back inside. Once the dildo was out Mel looked me straight in the eye as she rubbed the lubed up shaft against her swollen clit. “God, you’ve got me sooooooo horny.”

“Me too,” I replied and got up off the bed myself. I swayed over to Mel, all the while maintaining eye contact and gripped onto the straps that had held the double dildo in place. I moved the straps down and watched as Mel stepped out of them. Dildo in hand I returned to the bed and began to lick juices off the end that had been inside my boss.

Mel watched me for a few seconds as I gorged on her special toy, before she wondered canlı bahis across the room and into her en-suite bathroom. As I devoured the tangy juices I watched Mel begin to run a bath and I could see her as she looked into the huge mirror, admiring her glorious figure. I watched as her hand slowly moved up her body, running around her ample breasts, her fingers glancing across her erect nipples. One hand remained on the breasts whilst the other traced a path downwards towards her hairy mound.

As Mel’s hand reached towards her pussy I saw her stomach muscles contract, no doubt a reaction to her hand moving towards her pussy that, if it were anything like mine, was on fire. I watched in the mirror as her hand reached down towards her clit, and I could just make out the image of one of her slender fingers gently rubbing across her own clit. After a few strokes her fingers moved towards her pussy and she thrust two fingers into her wet hole, slowly moving them in and out. As she began to do this her hand moved from her breast and grabbed hold of the surface surrounding the wash basin. This blocked my view in the mirror but I had a full view from behind Mel as she now furiously began to thrust her fingers into her pussy, and at one point used a free finger to gently probe her anus. This gave me an idea.

I quietly moved off the bed, and as I did so I stepped into the straps of the strap-on dildo, quickly moved the straps up around my waist. I inserted the dildo that had originally been inside Mel, struggling to contain a deep moan as my pussy once again accepted the huge girth of the dildo, stretching my lips to a point I wouldn’t have thought possible several hours ago. My hand instinctively gave the dildo a few tugs and I was tempted to just bring myself off there, but I had plans, and I simply had to resist.

I approached the bathroom even quieter, which in itself felt fantastic, as I moved with a huge dildo inside of me. I could see that Mel had her eyes screwed shut and her head thrust back as her fingers busily moved in and out of her pussy. She was moaning under her own breath, maybe trying to hide what she was doing from me as I laid on the bed. Or so Mel thought.

I stood there behind Mel, holding the other end of the dildo in my hand, feeling my own juices bahis siteleri on the shaft. I closely watched and waited until the right moment. Just then Mel removed her fingers from her pussy and began running them across her clit. I could see the juices around Mel’s pussy as they glistened in the light of the bathroom and I knew that my plan would work perfectly.

Without any warning I quickly moved the dildo in my hand towards Mel’s pussy lips, and swiftly thrust all eight inches inside of my boss. The moans that Mel had been trying to contain suddenly erupted from her mouth and those eyes that had been tightly shut, sprang open.

“…. You nearly made me come from just doing that,” Mel panted, “Do you know you’re fucking your boss?”

“Yes, do you like me fucking you?”

“God yes, do it harder!” She shrieked.

And so I did. With each thrust I moved the dildo nearly the whole way out of Mel’s pussy, watching closely as her lips tried to refused to let go of the dildo, before I thrust the dildo back into her pussy. Each time that I did, I could hear Mel groan with delight, and with each movement the dildo in my pussy moved in a variety of ways, stirring up the juices within me and causing me to use a free hand to rub against my clit.

This continued for what seemed like minutes, the thrusting and the groaning, and I was sure that Mel was teasing herself as she played with her own clit. I know that I was. I used my finger to gently rub across the tip of my clit, sometimes around and around, other times up and down. Repeatedly I could feel myself cuming so I relented, only to again bring myself to the edge. I had a special plan for Mel though, something that I knew would tip her over the edge.

With my other free hand I reached down to my own pussy and covered my fingers in my own juices that seemed to be just pouring out of my pussy. Without any warning I put my thumb against Mel’s anus. As I did so I looked into the mirror and once again saw Mel’s eyes open.

“Please don’t Ellie, you have me passing out if you do that.”

I didn’t reply and in time with an extra big thrust of the dildo I eased my thumb into her ass, feeling the tight hole slowly open up and swallow the digit that I was now pleasuring Mel with.

Mel screamed bahis şirketleri a little before a long groan emanated from her, and her pussy seemed to become even wetter, giving away her feelings of delight at what I was doing. I knew then that Mel wouldn’t last much longer, and I was determined to make her cum like she never had before.

I began to thrust much more quickly, but now keeping the dildo inside of Mel, building the intense feelings that I was sure she must be feeling. As I began this I could feel the dildo inside of me begin to move quickly in and out, and I could feel just how wet I was. I forgot the teasing of my clit and was focused on tipping myself so far over the edge. The teasing of my clit had left me with the feelings of a huge impending orgasm deep within me, and my finger furiously rubbed over my clit. I struggled to maintain my balance as I focused on my thrusting and the small thrusts of my thumb in Mel’s ass, my own clit and the amazing feelings being caused by the huge dildo inside my pussy.

I have always masturbated by myself, even had a boyfriend do it for me once, but the intensity of the feelings that I was now experiencing was something I’d never felt. I knew that within seconds I was going to cum and I think Mel knew this as her breathing quickened and her moaning increased. Then her breathing and moaning came to an abrupt pause and I knew this was it, the quiet before the storm of orgasm that would tear through her body. A second later and with a few extra flicks of my clit and a movement of the dildo inside of me, the storm broke.

My breathing that had stopped without my knowledge suddenly ripped out of my lungs and several low groans broke from my mouth as I had what was definitely the most intense orgasm of my young life. The wave passed over the entire length of my body, beginning around my clit and then sprinting up my spine and through my legs. I struggled to maintain my stance, but somehow kept on thrusting into Mel. Her own orgasm had escaped me, but I heard her panting very hard and could feel a torrent of juices running down the dildo and then down the inside of my thighs.

Soon afterwards my memory seemed to fade, but I can remember sitting on the floor, my back against the wall, and Mel coming over and lowering herself down on top of the dildo that protruded upwards. And there we just sat, cuddling together, still feeling the pleasures that the dildo brought us, kissing each other deeply, all the while trying to recover from our orgasms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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