I Rub My New Banker the Right Way

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Solo Male

This is an adult sex story.

All the characters are of the age of consent or far over it!

Any children named or mentioned are not involved in anything sexual.

This is story number fifty six (56).

Please read story fifty five (55) first.

It is titled “I Seduce a MILF at The Adult Pool.”

This is the story of how I spent my summer vacation in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Enjoy and thanks for the views and votes.


Cheryl had a massage scheduled at 2pm the third day of her visit to Las Vegas and I had assigned myself the task of taking care of her aches and pains. She did not know I was to be her masseuse.

I am sure she was hoping it would be Lourdes. You know, Lourdes the licker; Lourdes The Carpet Cleaner.

I had made Lourdes unavailable after the night when Cheryl had a warm and willing pussy eater to order around.

Cheryl was, I knew, sexually frustrated after enjoying countless orgasms and then to have both sources of external pleasure disappear; well, that makes it worse.

The massage rooms at Las Vegas Fitness Challenge are private, the rooms are soundproof and the lights have dimmers. In addition, there are plenty of background music selections to choose from and our rooms are warm by design.

I designed them.

I wanted warm rooms because I wanted the female patients (or clients) to be nude, without covers. It’s not exactly professional but in Las Vegas, I am not sure how that word is defined.

What I wanted was for our female clients to be comfortable and I wanted them to have such a great experience that they would not only come back, year after year, but that they would tell their friends, relatives and business associates so that they would want to come and have a great experience as well.

I wanted the rooms soundproof. No need to hear the groans of a woman getting a massage through the walls. Or having a screaming orgasm either.

Before Cheryl arrived I visited my assigned room and got things set up before the appointment. I lit some candles and turned the lights down and selected the sound of a waterfall as the background music (no jungle sounds; no fucking singing birds).

Taking a look around to make sure everything was set, I left for the locker room to use the bathroom and to dress down a bit, meaning, getting into tee shirt and shorts for this massage.

Cheryl was waiting for me under a heavy blanket, the only thing in the room should could use to cover herself, when I slipped into the room after lightly knocking.

Quickly closing the door, I walked over to the massage table to say hello.

Putting my hand right on her ass, no surprise there as I was signaling my intentions, I said “Cheryl? Hi, it’s Jack.”

She didn’t lift her head up but she did say “Hi, where were you yesterday? I missed you.”

I mumbled something about being out of town on business and followed that with “We have a two hour session scheduled but we can go shorter or longer depending on you. Where does it hurt pretty lady?”


Things got going a little faster than I thought they would with Miss Conservative because the first thing she did was ask me to take the blanket off her because she was too warm.

If she only knew, I thought.

I didn’t do exactly what she wanted at first.

What I did do was pull the blanket down off of her back and shoulders, exposing her entire back and arms, which would help cool her off a bit.

Somehow the blanket had gotten under her sides so I gently tugged on it and Cheryl lifted herself up a bit to make it easier for me.

Then, with one of my hands now on her, I moved down to her feet and legs; they were still under the blanket.

I untucked the blanket from under her feet and lifted the blanket covering her left leg, exposing it fully up to the bottom of her ass cheek.

I moved to her right leg and pulled the blanket up to the back of her knee.

Those three moves should cool her off a bit.

I’d let nature take its course as far as removing the rest of the blanket.

Cheryl said she hurt all over so I started with my standard massage for aches, pains and strains.

Kissing the top of her head, and slipping my right hand down under the blanket covering her ass to fondle her bare butt, which caused her to giggle, I started in on her neck with both hands fully engaged, then I worked on her shoulders.

Her neck was tight with stress so I hit it lightly and made return visits to hopefully release that tension.

Moving my hands around, I discovered that she had a couple of huge knots under those blades, and that took some time to find them and rub them out.

It hurt when I did this, so I had to go slow.

Our personal trainers were doing a great job with Cheryl because I already started to see some muscle tone in her arms, shoulders and back.

I’d take a break from her shoulders and I’d sort of absently minded but not at all absently minded, rub her butt cheeks that were still hiding under the blanket.

Cheryl liked me touching her ass and sex izle the third time I started in on that MILF ass, she reached back and pulled the entire blanket off, declaring without saying a word that she was going to be totally nude for me.

I kissed the top of her head and whispered to her “Good girl” and she giggled and wiggled her butt for me.


I doubt if she’d had a massage in a long time because her body was tight. Tight with stress and her muscles were tight from the workouts she had been doing. Cheryl didn’t say much but she groaned if I caused pain.

Once I got past the shoulder blades, I started working on her lower back.

This is where you do those long sweeping motions from the top of the back down to, and including the flanks; the sides of her butt.

In the process, I did a fair amount of rubbing her ass, going down those taut flanks, staying away from her crack … for the moment.

Switching things up, and delaying working on the lower part of her body, I worked on her arms and fingers, then back to her neck and then I started in on her lower back a second time.

I used my weight to push and pull because I wanted Cheryl to get a solid massage. It wasn’t that Lourdes didn’t do a good massage, but I wanted Cheryl to know that I could push her sexual buttons better.

I had more tools to make her hum with sexual happiness: I was stronger, I had more experience, and in addition to all those things Lourdes brought to the table, I had one big one she didn’t: a cock, which I intended to use on this, our “third date.”

Was I competing with Lourdes for this lady’s attention?

No, I did want to fuck Cheryl however, and had made some progress after the welcome dinner.

During this massage session I was only wearing only a tee shirt, gym shorts (with a jockstrap), workout shoes and socks.

I don’t mind saying that getting my hands on this nude MILF got me aroused and even though I was working, hard, she kept me quite erect.

Shunning my shoes, I climbed up on the head of the massage table, kneeling with the back of her head between my thighs, bending over her so I could rub her from above, north to south.

I tried to avoid it, honestly, I did, but my little head and associated totem pole rubbed against the back of her head a few times and she didn’t say anything but as I rubbed from below her shoulder blades to the top of her bare ass, she spread her legs as if anticipating my cock was going to be in the area.

I had plans for it to be there, soon.

But bumping my cock on the back of her head got me even more erect than before. And she was loving it.


I finally finished and dismounted from the table.

As I moved down the table along her left side, my right hand drifted down her back and ended up firmly on Cheryl’s ass.

My index finger somehow, like magic, found its way to her crack.

I wasn’t leaving any doubt about what I was planning.

My intentions.

“How are you doing with all this?” I asked Cheryl.

My left hand was strategically placed on the top of her bare butt.

Before she could answer my hands started to slowly massage her cheeks in unison and I said “You have a great ass” which are the five words every woman wants to hear.

They looked more firm than just two days ago so maybe the fitness camp was working out for her.

Once again she spread her thighs, just slightly, indicating to me she liked what I was doing.

I could faintly smell her female aroma. Cheryl was getting aroused.

Then she replied “I like your hands Jack. I like your hands on me. Don’t stop honey, don’t stop.”

With that she wriggled her ass a bit as in “Bring It On.”

I did, with relish.


Grabbing some oil, I started on her feet, moving up her calves, rubbing out the stiff muscles up to behind her knees.

Cheryl started giggling, telling me it tickled there.

I jumped my hands over the backs of her knees to her thighs and as I moved up to her MILF butt, she spread her legs. Again.

Her bare pussy was just right there, puffy, a little moist, almost open for business. It would be a tasty treat for me to enjoy later.

It was just a little sign to me she was enjoying what I was doing and wanting more.

I didn’t disappoint her.

Then I did something that I felt would make the massage more erotic for her.

Grabbing a towel I first dried her ass, even reaching into her crack, and as she lifted her ass up in search of the source of the pleasure, because this felt really good to her, I reached under her with the towel and ran it over her bare pussy, my goal to “dry it” before I got started on the massage.

I didn’t linger, but I probably rubbed a few more times than was necessary.

Just to be sure it was dry.

Cheryl didn’t say a word, but her actions were telling me “I fucking love this!”

Silence means approval in my world.

Grabbing a second towel, quickly I folded it and covered only the top half of her back, making sure sexmex porno not to cover her hair, neck or head.

This heightens the sensation that the lower half of the body is exposed.

This all took place quickly, but I had signaled that her entire body was going to get massaged.


Warming the oil in my hands, I started in on her MILF ass.

I worked from the outside in, rubbing, soft and hard, trying to find the knots that I knew were there.

It took some time but I found one in each cheek, deep in her gluteus muscles.

She groaned a lot, and her hips lifted up on many of my stokes, so I knew she was getting into it.

A few times when I hit a hard spot she tried to move away from the pain but I grabbed her ankle and held her in place, restraining her, asked her to relax, to take a breath.

I wanted Miss Conservative to know I was in charge, fully in charge and she was going to bend to my will.

I didn’t do this overtly; but over the past few days she had accepted my dominance, with and without her clothes on.

When I started back in on her ass, I took my time and used less pressure, rubbing until I felt the knot disappear.

To celebrate I spanked both cheeks a couple of times which got her laughing, in relief I think.

Women don’t get butt massages because they are embarrassed to ask for them but there is a lot of tension to be rubbed out from that part of the body.

There were three more things I wanted to do around her bottom before I had her roll over.

The first was to massage around the points of connection between the thigh and the torso.

This is similar what my masseuses do for me, getting me up on all fours because it was so pleasurable.

So I did the same thing for Cheryl and she had the same positive, primal reaction I did.

She pulled the towel off of her back, and then, she rose up on her hands and knees in search of the pleasure source, Cheryl spread her legs to provide easier access for my warm, oiled, strong probing hands.

As I massaged the connection points, the top of each thigh, I could see her now puffy and glistening pussy and her swaying tits.

I was trying very hard not to rub her pussy, but my hands were moving quickly and the back of my hands brushed against her outer lips, and when I did it, Cheryl groaned.

Thank God for soundproof rooms I though.

The aroma of her sex reached my nose.

Her pussy was getting wet, from the inside.

She was making so much noise I was glad I had the waterfall music on, to muffle her sounds.

Cheryl hadn’t demonstrated to me out by the pool that she was a screamer; as Lourdes milked her tits and rubbed her almost nude body, Cheryl maintained pretty stoic, but her body gave away the telltale signs of complete sexual arousal.

But based on these groans, I knew Cheryl would be a very vocal sexual partner.

I slowly reduced my hand speed to the point where I could gently lay her back down on the massage table.

Taking a breath, I started in on her inner ass, focusing on what I refer to as the canyon rim, canyon walls, canyon floor (crack) and rosebud.

Using plenty of oil, I was slow, methodical and deliberate as I worked her canyon rim and walls from north to south. Then south to north. Then north to south again.

Cheryl was expressing how much she liked my rubbing with her deep and almost nonstop groans of pleasure.

She spread her legs which she hoped would widen her canyon (crack) to make it easier for me to massage.

(Who knew that Miss Conservative loved having her bunghole played with?)

Spreading her legs actually pushed Cheryl’s cheeks together which just allowed me to massage them more forcefully, which she fully enjoyed as her groans got even deeper.

I’m pretty sure this part of her body had not been massaged before. If it had, it had been a very long time.

There might not be any knots in the rim or the rim walls but there are a lot of nerve endings and getting massaged there feels unbelievably good.

A bit nasty too, but what the hell, when in Vegas, right?

Cheryl was in heaven and I was enjoying this massage too.

I had a large erection to prove it.

I am sure she wanted me to continue to do this until our appointment was up – that is how good it felt.

But I had a more pressing, personal agenda, making a sperm deposit or two in that tight, wet, hot pussy that hadn’t been penetrated in some time.

A professional masseuse never puts the oil on a client except by using their hands, but I violated that rule by letting some oil run down Cheryl’s crack because I wanted her to know what was coming.

Some of it ran right into her hairless pussy.

Her rosebud was going to get a total workout.

What did she do?

To my amazement, Cheryl dropped her head down on the table, her ass now up, and then she reached around with both hands, grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart to help me massage that hard to get to place.

A whiff of shit hit sikiş izle my nose but I continued on my mission.

She started growling as I massaged all up and down over the canyon floor and she pushed back in a fucking motion when I started rubbing around her rosebud.

Some women freak out at this, pulling away. Not Cheryl.

I continued to rub and swirl and she kept pushing back.

When I halted to get more oil I heard Cheryl say “Don’t stop. Please don’t stop Jack” I fucking love this.”

Pouring more oil down her crack, some of it dripped into her pussy.

Continuing to push her boundaries, I gently and slowly inserted a well oiled finger from my right hand into her ass and she started fucking it!

As I continued to finger fuck her ass, she pulled her hands away from her ass and reached under her body to rub her bare beaver.

After a few more strokes into her ass, with my left hand I slapped her left ass cheek and pulled up at her inner thigh indicating I wanted her to lift her ass and get up on her knees.

I also turned her so that she was somewhat sideways on the table.

I added a second finger to the anal intrusion, and she moaned her approval.

Between the gasps I am hearing her grunt in some foreign language.

So, here I am, finger fucking her ass, she’s loving it, and her fingers are engrossed in her bare wet pussy in search of an orgasm.

I took my free left hand, reached underneath her and pulled at her large left breast, quickly finding the very hard and erect nipple and I started massaging and tugging on it.

Cheryl was in sensory overload.

She moaned. Over and over again, it was almost constant.

Leaving her tit hanging, I pulled her hands away from her pussy, and said, “Let me do that.”

Her hands moved to the side of the table so she could hang on with all the movements and motion we had going on.

I started finger fucking her wet, hungry slit with my left hand.

I quickly found her enlarged clit, and began to nurture it with a combination of pushing, rubbing and swirling.

She was getting it in both holes from my fingers.

Cheryl’s head was down on the massage table, and her hands were now squeezing and pulling at her nipples.

She is moaning and bucking and thrusting telling me she is going to cum.

It didn’t take long.

When she came, she shook and I am sure the entire building heard her scream through the sound proof walls and over the waterfall music.

Cheryl shuddered over and over, wave after wave of pleasure sweeping through her body.

When she finally pushed my hand away from her pussy I guided her ass to the table, pushing on her lower back with my left hand with my two fingers still engaged in her now stretched out bung hole. hole.

I removed my fingers from her ass and she curled up in the fetal position on the table.

After quickly cleaning my hands in the bathroom I joined her on the table.

I spooned her, with my left arm under her head and my left hand aggressively fondling her left breast. My right arm completed the cover where my right hand was teasing and squeezing her right nipple and breast.

My gym shorts were still on. I was hard as the Washington Monument.

There was no doubt that Cheryl could feel me.

I just held her for a few minutes.

When she came down from her orgasmic rush, I got up and returned her to a face down position on the table.

The final thing I wanted to down was to massage her lower back into her buttocks.

This is a calming effect on the client, helping them to relax.

I put a clean towel on Cheryl’s upper back, again emphasizing her exposed bottom.

I spent a few minutes just rubbing her lower back into the top half of her buttocks.


I was soon ready for round two, so as a true professional, I separated those globes of hers and gave each a nice, separate workout.

Low and behold I found some additional knots deep in those glutes and got them out while she struggled to escape my hands from doing what she had paid me to do.

Once again I spanked her butt a few times, not in celebration but in punishment for trying to escape me.

Three whacks on each cheek got her attention quite quickly and changed the color from a light pink to a brighter red.

As I started back in, she responded a bit differently than before. This time, having had her ass violated, her reaction was to push her cheeks together which is an automatic, involuntary response as someone nears your most intimate area, an area you are most vulnerable.

Keeping one hand on her ass, I reminded her why she was here and that it was for her own benefit. She unclenched those cheeks when I started rubbing her ass in a very sensual way.


Cheryl Mills got the benefits of a nude massage alright. I deposited two thick loads into her at the fitness center.

Being lonely, and horny, I expected her to want me to mount her and take missionary, because I knew she was going to want kissing and hugging anf feeling close to her partner.

So, the first time I took her on the table, it was a variety of man on top positions, I ended up pushing her feet and legs over her head as I dropped a very heavy load deep into her tight wet and very hot cavern of love.

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