Ideal Day 09

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As I stated in “Ideal Day One” there are many “ideal” days when one thinks about the various ways one can have sex with his or her partner. Following along on that theme, I give you a version of what might be “Ideal” if my wife was suddenly to be as horny constantly as is my normal state of being.

I had just returned to the bedroom after letting the dogs out for their morning rounds when Lynn suggested that we start out our day by taking a shower. At first I thought she was telling me that I smelled bad, but then figured out that she meant “we” should take a shower. Grabbing towels from the drawer, I was under that shower in 30 seconds flat!

Once we were under the nice warm water she pushed me to the corner while she sat back on the little bench that is built into our shower. With the water running down over her breasts and down to her pussy she started playing with her pussy by slowly rubbing her whole hand over herself. When she was starting to feel that she reached up for the hand-held shower head, turning it to a warmer temperature than the main shower head, and adjusting it to the “massage” setting. With the water only turned on to about half power she started playing the alternating streams of water over her pussy and opening her legs so they could hit her pussy directly.

Soon she had narrowed it to one stream aimed directly at her clit while holding her pussy brazzers porno lips out of the way with her other hand. After only a few minutes of this I could tell she was nearing climax. “Finger fuck me while I continue with the shower” she told me. Not one to have to be asked twice, my fingers were soon buried in her pussy and moving out in time with her humping against the shower spray. The next thing I knew the shower was hanging loose and she was shuddering in climax. My fingers were wet, but not from the water.

She played with me for awhile but did not take me to climax, keeping me hard and giving me hopes that there would be more to come later in the day. After drying off, we didn’t bother to dress before heading to the kitchen to fix breakfast. Deciding that French toast might be the safest thing to make while naked, we were soon putting away the breakfast dishes.

With that done we headed for the bedroom. When I got to the bedroom I discovered her on the bed, slowly playing with her pussy. Getting on the bed, but facing the other way I was able to enjoy the view of her pussy as she slowly brought herself to another climax. There is nothing like a woman wantonly rubbing her pussy to make a man’s cock hard as steel!

When she rolled over and got on her hands and knees I wasted no time getting behind her and sinking my cock deep in her pussy. clip4sale porno Holding still to allow myself time to get used to her tight and slick pussy was tough, but I knew if I moved it would be all over in seconds. Pulling out slowly and doing short thrusts helped get past the immediate sensations allowing me to pick up the pace until I was pounding her pussy. I knew when I felt her fingers touch my balls that she was playing with her clit and would soon come again. Picking up my pace to match her thrusts helped but she climaxed first and her convulsive thrusts combined with her pussy clamping down on my cock sent me over the edge.

It was only mid morning and she had come three times! This was something out of the ordinary, but I’m sure not complaining. After cleaning up, we dressed and went about our normal routine until lunch time.

When I asked her if she was ready for lunch she told me that she would BBQ us a couple hamburgers but I was to go and put in my favorite butt plug. While we have used butt plugs for a long time, it has always been me that initiated their use, not her.

With the plug held in place with my favorite thong I got dressed and went to fix the buns for our hamburgers. Enjoying a leisurely lunch allowed me to grow accustomed to the plug in my ass, but I was somewhat disappointed when she didn’t have me do anything else. colette porno

Heading out to our art studios after lunch I found it hard to concentrate on anything other than my ass while I pretended to work on other projects. Knowing that Lynn had climaxed three times before lunch told me that it would probably be tonight after bedtime before we did anything more, if then.

To my surprise though it was only a couple hours later when she poked her head in the door and asked me if I was ready for more. That has to be the silliest question in the world! I’m a guy I’m always ready for more!

Leading me to the office chair in her studio she undid my pants and pulled them down before pushing me into the chair. My thong stayed onto hold the butt plug in place, but she pulled my cock out and started sucking me. As I became more excited and leaned back in the chair she reached down and started pulling the butt plug part way out before letting my own actions pop it back in tight. The combination of her sucking me and the plug against my prostrate soon had me shooting my load, which she swallowed.

She allowed me to calm down before pulling me up out of her chair. When I started to remove the butt plug she told me to leave it in place, but to return to work.

Since we had both came twice today I didn’t think it even possible that we would do more, but hey, it’s a great sensation so I didn’t argue. The afternoon didn’t seem to take as long to go by, even when I had to go in the house to re-apply lube to the butt plug to keep things comfortable.

After dinner we had another new session of great sex, but that’s for another story!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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