I’m Happily Married…But Ch. 01

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At age 33 Mona’s life had become stable. She was about 5’7″ and 120 lbs. Her face and hair were attractive and her body was in good shape. Her most obvious physical attribute was her 34DD chest and that fact was a huge influence in her life. She’d found and married a man, Tim, who worshipped her chest. He had other strong points and Mona loved him but she knew her breasts were a major bond between them. She never could have married a guy who wasn’t a tit man. She’d been married for over 5 years and was generally content with Tim. They had a good marriage. The sex wasn’t as hot as it had been but she’d accepted that as a fact of married life.

Mona was a psychologist with a private practice in a suburban setting. Her typical clients were adolescents and adults who couldn’t cope with the problems of life. She enjoyed trying to help them.

The first client Mona had on her afternoon schedule was a good example of her client base. Gail was a suburban housewife of 26. This would be her second appointment. During her first session Gail had outlined her background and family and started to talk of her poor sex life. She’d recounted that her marriage of 5 years had started off with great lust and love but now seemed rather boring. She and her husband were each busy with work; he traveled several days each week and was frequently tired after arriving home or was preparing for his next trip. She described herself as ‘happily married, but…’ which was a sentiment Mona had heard many times before. In Gail’s case recent flirting by a prospective customer at work had turned her on. It had caused her to re-examine her sex life at home and it had come up wanting. She felt guilty about desiring more excitement. Gail’s first session with Mona had ended before they had much of a substantive discussion on the subject of her sex life.

Gail’s case had an unusual element as well. For one, Mona had been thinking about her off and on ever since their first appointment the prior week. Gail’s mention of her dissatisfaction with her sex life had triggered something in Mona. She’d spent the last half of their first session trying to get a better look at Gail’s body. It was well covered in a baggy business suit but there were hints of a very well endowed and attractive woman. Gail appeared to be about 5’7″ and weigh perhaps 115. She had a nice face and what appeared to be beautiful brown hair but since it was in a pony tail it was hard to fully evaluate. There was certainly the hint of a well shaped, busty body under the drab suit.

Mona had also noticed Gail’s calves seemed thin and well shaped. She assumed her thighs would reflect the same trim line. The woman had referred to herself as a bit of a gym rat; that suggested her overall fitness should be good. The little shape that could be discerned through the suit certainly looked feminine. In fact, it looked like she had a narrow waist and an oversized top. Mona smiled to herself as she imagined her own husband summing that image up as every guy’s perfect mate. He was a tit man just like countless other men. Mona concluded that, in male parlance, Gail would be ‘very fuckable’. For some reason Gail chose to hide the fact. Mona felt guilty at such crude thoughts but rationalized that the raw sexual appeal of Gail’s body was certainly relevant to how her problem might be resolved.

Mona grudgingly admitted to herself that a second part of her interest in Gail was that she could identify with her. Mona too had big natural tits and was generally fit. She probably had a thicker waist but she could definitely turn male heads. She was ‘very fuckable,’ too. When she’d been dating Tim and when they were first married he was on her tits continually. In the recent past he still enjoyed them but not frequently enough nor with the passion previously exhibited. They had an adequate sex life but it certainly had cooled. In a nutshell, she felt her body was more attractive than her husband seemed to realize and wondered if Gail had the same problem at home.

Mona was curious as to whether Gail would jump back into her primary concerns about her sex life at her second session or shy away from the focal subject as many nervous clients would. This was especially likely since few clients feel comfortable talking openly about sex. There was also a chance she’d talk about having a fling with the guy at her office and would be seeking Mona’s approval. Mona would never give that advice.

As she reviewed the notes in her file Mona reflected on her client’s concerns and how she would counsel her going forward. It seemed that Gail was suppressing her sensuality. She dressed like a woman 20 years older; Mona would need to probe into why this was the case. There could be deep trauma or a medical problem in her past that would need to be considered. It was more likely that the woman had become a little lazy in her dress and had allowed her self esteem to erode over time. She could also be another victim of the media’s focus on the youngest, most glamorous women which caused youporn porno others to wilt and withdraw as they felt inferior to the ideal. Mona placed herself in the lazy category. She’d have to be careful to not pre-suppose that this was Gail’s story; she’d need to keep an open mind.

In any case, most men would react favorably to a busty, fit woman dressed in more revealing clothes than those Gail had worn for her first session. Mona would have to determine if this was her standard dress and, if so, discuss alternatives. Though not very professional, Mona couldn’t help but think of her own everyday wardrobe and visualize how Tim might react to a sexier look. She tentatively planned to do some lingerie shopping on the Internet.

At their second session Gail was again dressed very conservatively. Mona continued her efforts to subtly discern her client’s curves. Her initial assessment remained the same; Gail had a voluptuous body. She’d definitely appeal to many men.

Mona started off with assurances about confidentially and that everyone’s sexual preferences and experiences varied. She noted that she’d heard lots of unusual sexual stories and wouldn’t be shocked by anything Gail might say. Finally she assured her client that there would be no moral judgment or religious standards applied to anything. Gail seemed flustered by the disclaimers and muttered that she didn’t have any shocking tales to tell but might admit to some jealousy of those that did. Mona laughed and said while therapy can be effective there aren’t any guarantees of fantasies fulfilled.

Through indirect questions Mona was able to rule out any hidden physical problems such as past surgeries and any psychological traumas such as a past sexual assault. No marital problems or financial disasters threatening the couple were revealed.

The session also confirmed that Gail’s husband, Bill, was a fully functioning heterosexual male. His personality was conservative but the couple had enjoyed lustful sex in the past and presumably could do so again. In sum, there seemed to be no impediment to Gail’s ability to have a great sex life.

Finally, Mona was able to discern timidity on Gail’s part that might be at least partially responsible for the couple’s sexual inertia. Mona sensed that Gail was sexually submissive and reluctant to initiate new sexual experiences. Conversely, if Mona instructed or ‘prescribed’ more aggressive behavior Gail would probably embrace it. Mona secretly found it arousing to visualize how she might plan sexual encounters that Gail would carry out and then tell her about.

Mona said, “Many couples experiment with women’s lingerie. Everyone’s body is different and sexual tastes vary so what one couple might deem sexy might not seem so to others. Is sexy lingerie anything you and Bill have tried?”

Gail blushed but then replied, “Well, in our first year of marriage I bought some special lingerie and Bill bought me some things for Valentine’s Day for a couple of years.”

“Did you both enjoy that?”

“Yes. I felt a little wicked and sexy and Bill definitely enjoyed himself.”

Mona said that with that in mind she had some ‘homework’ for Gail. Before their next session, when alone at home, Gail was to select her two or three sexiest bras and panties and reflect on when she’d worn them last. She was then to go through the same process with her shoes and dresses. Finally, for their next session Gail was to wear what she perceived as her sexiest lingerie. To the extent practical for a workday she was also to wear her sexiest dress or skirt and top and shoes. Mona noted that Gail seemed excited by her assignment.

As Gail was leaving Mona said, “With your homework assignment, if something no longer fits or doesn’t seem sexy to you any longer I’d suggest you go shopping and buy something sexy. At our next session I’m going to want to discuss your memories of your past times when you wore sexy lingerie so give that some thought.”

Following Gail’s appointment Mona made notes in the file. Thinking about the similarities in Gail’s and her bodies and their respective sex lives made Mona horny. Perhaps her sexual dissatisfaction should be addressed first; that might give her new ideas with which to help Gail. She decided to take action. After a half hour’s thought she called Tim at work and said, “Will you be home from work at the usual time this evening?” Tim said he would.

Mona then continued, “I have a proposal. Let me outline my thoughts. Then tell me if you’re enthusiastically on board or not. If not, well, they’ll be other nights. When you get home you have my permission to go into my lingerie drawer. Please try not to disrupt everything. Select whatever sexy lingerie you’d like me to wear for dinner. Depending on your selection I’ll pick a blatantly sexy outfit from our old ‘play clothes’ collection.

“When I get home you can pick one of the dinners I prepared on Sunday, set the table, pour some wine and start a fire in the zenci porno fireplace while I change. Don’t start heating the meal since I think we’ll want some sexual time before dinner.” Tim readily agreed. Mona hesitated and then continued in a sultry voice, “Let me give you a sense of my mood. I was thinking of our honeymoon. You sucked on my nipples so much on our first two days that you made me sore. I’d like to feel sore tomorrow morning.

“That’s my plan. Do I have your interest?”

“Oh yes. You’ve made my cock enthusiastic already. Should I ask what brought this on or just be quiet and enjoy it?

Mona replied, “It’s just a reaction to a big busted horny client I saw today. I think her body is like mine and her story reminded me how much I miss the sex we used to have.”

Arriving home Mona found a push up bra, thong, garter belt, stockings and a pair of 4″ heels laid out on the bed. She changed into the blatantly sexual lingerie and looked in her full length mirror. She smiled at how her breasts were displayed by the bra. It was for a man’s lustful eye. DD tits didn’t need the enhancement of a padded bra but if Tim wanted the obscene look she was happy to oblige.

She moved to her vanity and applied some new, darker make-up. It seemed appropriate for the show girl-hooker look her bra was offering. She then went to a garment bag hanging in the back of their closet and withdrew a leather mini skirt and black satin shirt. She put these on leaving several buttons on the tailored shirt open to reveal her deep cleavage. The 4″ heels completed the outfit-making her legs look long and sexy.

When Tim saw her enter the living room he stood and said, “Wow. You look great. I remember the skirt and top. It’s been awhile since you wore them for me and you look even better than in my memories. Your breasts look delicious.” He hugged her passionately and they kissed as his hands roamed over her body.

As they sat before the fire and kissed, Tim asked about Mona’s client. “I feel like I should send her flowers to thank her for my evening with you.”

Mona smiled and said the client was just an average sexy woman whose body was underappreciated by her husband. Mona said the client’s breasts were probably bigger than her own and her waist a little slimmer- but imagined their bodies were similar. “You’d love her body, I’m sure. Your crude phrase ‘very fuckable’ comes to mind when I visualize what she probably looks like under her baggy clothes. She wants more sex in her marriage.” Tim asked what Mona could do for her and was told that it was too soon to know. She summed up by saying, “Let’s put more sex in our marriage and maybe I’ll be better able to counsel her.”

The evening went exactly as Mona had envisioned it. They had great sex both before and after dinner. As they got ready for bed, Tim said, “I don’t think your nipples are sore yet. I’m setting the alarm for a half hour earlier than usual. I’d love to play with your tits and send you off to work with sore nipples so you’ll think of me all day.”

In the morning they had another round of intense sex. Mona assured Tim that she felt very well fucked and didn’t literally need sore nipples. They each said that they’d greatly enjoyed their evening and morning activities. They shared the desire to rekindle their sex life and agreed that for the upcoming Saturday Tim would plan something sexual.

Over the next week Mona wondered about what Gail would be wearing the next time they met. Mona wasn’t expecting to see the woman’s lingerie but she would ask for a description. Did she have anything sexy in her wardrobe? Would she recount bad experiences or good ones when thinking about past times wearing special lingerie?

On Saturday morning Tim reminded Mona that he’d been given the day to plan. He said he took that to mean her role was to cooperate fully and do as he requested. With that in mind, he’d planned what he wanted her to wear for the day and later for dinner. He reminded her of a light blue demi-bra, garter belt and panty set she hadn’t worn in a long time and said that set was his choice for her lingerie. Just the bra and panties would be needed for their daytime plans. He explained that he’d made reservations for a private crewed sail boat for the late morning and lunch. They’d have a three to four hour cruise on the local river with a light lunch provided. For this he wanted her to wear her choice of a snug tee style shirt and her tightest jeans. Sneakers or boat shoes were suggested for the boat.

Mona said the boat trip sounded wonderful. She promptly found the lingerie Tim had specified and put on the bra and panties. The bra was thin and didn’t give her heavy breasts too much support. Two large mounds swelled above the cups. She was pleased to see the cups were smooth so that there wouldn’t be lace or seams showing through her top. Erect nipples would probably show which caused her to blush; perhaps she could find a top that had a little heavier fabric. She located xhamster porno a form fitting top of average weight and jeans that were about a half size too small. Looking at herself in the mirror she could see the top accentuated her large breasts as it clung to her body. She was sure her nipples would make an appearance from time to time. Overall the look was much bolder than she usually liked but she took a deep breath and decided several hours of foreplay on a private sail boat would make for a great Saturday.

Tim complimented her on how sexy she looked. He said that after the cruise they’d be returning home for some afternoon sex; her sexy appearance made him not want to wait. He decided to explain a little more of his plans saying that on their return home he would be in charge. He was going to give her a slow and sensual experience. She’d be expected to lie back and enjoy the attention he planned to pay to her body. She said that sounded very appealing. Before they got ready to leave for the marina Tim held up a short skirt from Mona’s closet and said she would be replacing the jeans with the skirt, and add the garter belt, stockings and high heels for dinner. He’d made reservations at a specific restaurant they’d been meaning to try.

The sailboat was large- probably designed to carry about 10 people. As with most sailboats, however, the cockpit was relatively small. This meant at least one crew member was never more than 10ft away. The captain was in his 60s and paid Mona little attention. The mate was probably in his twenties and had hormones to match. He spent half of his time staring at Mona’s body. She found that unnerving at first but later was able to put it out of her mind. As Mona expected Tim had his eyes glued to her body all day with an occasional feel if no one was looking. She enjoyed his lust for her.

After a beautiful half day on the water they returned home. Tim brought Mona to the bedroom and stripped her totally while stripping himself down to his boxers. He gently placed her on her back in the middle of their bed. Using an old silk scarf he tied her wrists together and pulled them above her head. He didn’t tie her to the bed but made it clear her hands should stay out of the way as if she were bound.

Tim moved next to the bed and told Mona to relax. As his hands gently touched her shoulders and his eyes surveyed all of her body he told her how incredibly great she looked. He then caressed her body with roving hands. His touch varied from barely making contact on her upper body to firmly fondling her hips and thighs. Mona reveled in his loving touch and was turned on by the intimacy of the moment. Gradually Tim’s hands seemed to pay more and more attention to her exposed breasts. Light touches morphed into sensual fondling- still gentle but more overtly sexual. Mona’s breathing deepened as Tim’s hands kneaded her breasts and ran over her sensitive nipples. One of Tim’s hands found its way to Mona’s Venus Mound and gradually insinuated itself between her legs which she willingly spread for him. The other hand stayed focused on her breasts and paid increasing attention to her aching nipples.

Tim took his time and derived almost as much pleasure from touching Mona as she got from being the center of his attention. He told her how much he’d enjoyed their evening of prolonged foreplay and sex earlier in the week and how great her breasts felt in his hands. Mona became more and more aroused from his worship of her body. Gradually he built her arousal toward the point of orgasm. His mouth then descended to her left nipple. It was swollen and looked taut with arousal. His hand grasped her breast firmly and guided the inviting nipple to his mouth. His lips, tongue, and teeth sent sexual surges through his wife’s body as he teased and abused her nipple. His other hand became more aggressive with her pussy. The combination pushed Mona over the edge and she panted, groaned, and squirmed through a shattering climax.

As Mona’s passion resolved she started to lower her hands but Tim reached out and made it clear she was still to remain as if bound to the bed. Tim removed his boxers and spread his wife’s legs to accommodate his lower body. He moved between her welcoming thighs and sank his rock hard cock into her. She gasped as her hyper sensitized pussy was overwhelmed by the sensations that came with being penetrated. He thrust in and out of her in long slow strokes which rapidly brought Mona’s arousal back to the brink of another orgasm. As he started to lose control and pumped into her more forcefully they both grew much more excited. When his cock finally exploded Mona soon surrendered to the throes of another climax.

Tim collapsed onto the bed next to his wife and she brought her hands down to be untied. The couple embraced each other and remained on the bed in the after- glow of their sex. Tim’s fingers moved to gently caress Mona’s breast and he told her how he’d enjoyed ogling her breasts all day. “Your body looked great on the boat with the bright sun reflecting off the water. The subtle bumps of your nipples really got to me. If the crew hadn’t been there I would have dropped the anchor and ravished your naked body on the deck. There were several times I visualized you lying naked on the foredeck.”

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