Imperfect Friends Ch. 02

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My beautiful, black girlfriend Tiffany and I didn’t see each other for two long days since she did her photo shoots with our fuckup of a friend, Michael. We worked opposite shifts and once in a while I had to go on the road for my job… basically driving equipment to a job site in a work truck, which had kept me away this entire time. In the end, though, it was worth it—because it allowed her to get a USB stick full of stills and videos from the shoot and begin teasing me with them before I got home.

I’ll save the story of how she selectively shared most but not all of the details of her shoot with our perpetual fuckup of a friend, Michael—but I actually loved the pics she showed me and let her know it. We had great sex several times around that but when Michael called her back to beg her to do another shoot, we had some hard choices to make.

One particular detail surprised me most, and when I asked her about it a second time, she coughed up a little more information than I got that first day.

“I’m surprised Michael didn’t make you suck him off during the shoot. I mean, it was a perfect time… perfect cover to do it. We basically even talked about it… you know… that it would be cool if he did it. Like, not please fuck my GF’s mouth, oh please oh please, but like… if he needed the set, to shoot the set.” I said to her later that week.

“Yeaaaaaahhhh here’s the thing with that. He uh… I told you he didn’t shoot it that day… but um… he called me two days later and said he needed two more sets to fill the order that came in after he sent teasers and I uh… I went over and did them at his place.” Tiffany replied, adding, “I hope you’re not mad? I don’t know why I was ultra literal with you there… I guess I didn’t want you being, you know… weird with Michael or anything.”

“Nahhhh I knew it! I would have. How could you not? Like, you had a free pass… how do you not use it? Things will always be cool with Mikey and I.” I replied.

“Okay, so here’s the thing… I told you that guys cocks kinda slipped in during those fake scenes here and there right? So like, one of his buyers liked some of the teases and made a rather specific ask with a promise of a regular buying schedule—you know, the kind of business Michael needs to really get out of debt and maybe earn an actually good living at it, you know?”

“Ah… and now I know why held back on the deets,” I said with a loving kiss. “Do you want to share?”

“Well it’s better you hear it from me than him drunk in a beer!” Tiffany said to me smiling sheepishly.

I took a seat and she sat by me and said, “Okay, so he had this friend over… you might know him? Guy named Ray.”

“Kept calling him Ray gun?” I asked.

“So you know him.” She said to me. “Well anyway, he says Ray is going to help with the two scenes… he asks me to strip for him… I do… your buddy Ray takes a few snaps with his cell phone that I told him to delete which I’m like 100% sure he didn’t, but he put it away, and then Michael asks me to suck Ray off. He films it, but he doesn’t seem to be working too hard like he did back at the studio… he says basically he wants to get Ray off fast so that he can last in the second scene. I’m like… but… don’t you want the PoV BJ with me and I realize it’s not two scenes, it’s three. Or it’s four. Or it’s, hey you’re here… let’s shoot until no one can cum anymore. Whatever, it’s Michael’s M.O. But I’m cool with it you know, it’s just sucking a dick.” She explained.

“You’re a pro, honey.” I reminded her.

“Yeah, so suck suck suck, pump pump pump, I work your buddy Ray over until he cums in my mouth for the camera. They took their time on the money shot, of course. But then MIchael goes and sits down and asks me to suck his cock while he’s laid back on the couch. No problem… I’m doing it… and it’s Michael right, so you can see he can’t hide his excitement over finally getting to get his dick sucked by me but then he’s like, ‘Hey can we do something in the bathroom real quick?’ and I’m like whatever… so I follow him into the bathroom and he has me stand over the banister and lean forward. I just assume he wants some kind of ass shots or whatever, and then he steps between my legs and he pushes into my pussy… of course I’m super wet, I’ve been sucking cock for 15 mins but I’m czech first video porno like, ‘dude, what are you doing?'”

“Is he just shooting pics of his cock in you or is he full on just pumping away?” I asked.

“Well kinda both… few moments of pics… a bit of fucking… then pics…so I turn around and he’s like ‘Sorry Tiffany… I just…’ and he doesn’t finish his sentence… he just puts his camera down, spins me around, and pumps my pussy hard and fast for like… ten strokes… then he pulls out and says ‘FUCK!’ and says, ‘I can’t do it. FUCK!’ and I’m like, ‘What? What can’t you do?'”

My girlfriend took a drink of her wine and fed some to me and continued, saying, “So he explains that he needed my help to actually get ahead… to shoot enough scenes in his preferred buyer’s desired genre to get ahead but he can’t front the money to other models yet… basically he needs me to do it one more time and this time to go further… you know… like, balls to the wall, all the way further. He said he couldn’t ask me that and knew I wouldn’t agree anyway, so he wanted to fuck me before cutting me loose, and then he gave up on that idea too. So you know, this is weirdly not sexy time now… he’s losing wood, he just tried fucking me without my permission, which he was going to do because he thought he’d lose me/us forever anyway… it’s all weird. But obviously, I’m weirder.”

“You tried to assuage his doubts.” I replied, patting her shoulder.

“So I try to let him know all isn’t lost… I asked him to go back to the beginning and explain what Ray was doing there and to see if there was any way I could really help him. So he told me his buyer was giving him basically pennies for the implied sets… but they liked -me- and they’d pay big money for scenes where they showed me getting fucked in various ways etc… and to come back to them with one example of what he can do in a more explicit scene. Ray was there to help him shoot that scene.”

“But why exactly did he need Ray?” I asked.

“Well he’s got one shot at it, Ray will do it for free, and he knows a DP / spit roast / MMF scene is more likely to make the impression he wants on his buyers… he’s got to nail it, right? Like, I’m seriously thinking why did I go through all of this if in the end the dude still can’t pay anyone off? So I know I’m going past what we talked about… but I thought you’d probably make the same decision… you know, if you were a hot black girl everyone wanted to fuck.” My beautiful girlfriend joked.

I would have. I guess. It’s a weird situation… remember, we live check to check, she’s a former stripper… she’s given loads of paid BJs and more… and received loads as part of it, wink wink. Anyway, we both committed in the beginning to trying to get Michael out of his jam and so maybe it was a bridge to far, but to not cross it seems even stupider.

“So… to be clear…” I began.

“They fucked me.” Tiffany finished bluntly. She paused for a moment and added, “In the ass.”

I raised my eyebrows at her because I knew the hint of hesitation in her voice… she wasn’t done.

“Twice.” She said.

A final eyebrow raise from me teased out the last bit of info…

“And so did Ray’s friend Stephan who came over after the first round. Michael got all the material he needed, that’s for sure.” Tiffany admitted.

“So we left the bathroom and went out to talk to a confused Ray and we told him it was time to do the first sex scene. Remember, this is the first time I’m getting filmed with cocks going in and out of holes other than my mouth…on purpose… and Michael suggests they tie me to the four legs of his dinner table where they’ll take turns fucking me. He’s methodical… gets back into photographer / professional mode and he’s filming a bit, changing angles, stopping Ray… taking his own turn shooting PoV style… then eventually handing Ray the camera for wide shots of him banging me… so then while Michael is fucking me, Ray grabs a bottle of lube and lubes his cock up… way up… Michael pulls out and grabs his camera and moves in front of me to catch a reaction shot… and Ray gets behind me and says, ‘You recording?’ and Michael says, ‘Got you’ and so he says, ‘Now I’m going to fuck you in your tight black ass!'” She told czech game porno me.

“Clearly something they had discussed earlier for the scene.” I remarked.

“Clearly.” Tiffany said with a smirk. “Well it became clear to me the moment he pulled my hair a bit and pushed his well-lubed cock about three inches into my unprepared back door. It hurt, no matter how much lube he used… and I struggled to not lose my cool over it—but it was obviously something they wanted for the shoot so I tried to stay with it. So he held me there like that for a moment and said something rough sounding for the camera I couldn’t hear over my own groans… then he said, ‘here’s a little more, baby!’ and he pulled out and pushed his cock deeper into me. It hurt more… I was shaking, but tethered at my wrists and ankles and just had to kind of take it. He kept telling me how tight I was… how hard he was going to fuck me… then they paused for a moment and told me that my reaction so far was perfect—that this was the specific content his buyer asked for and was I okay with it. For some reason I immediately said I was and so they got back to it, maybe even rougher than before.”

“Wow… so you’re an anal queen now, babe?” I asked.

“I’m a fucking pro, apparently.” She said. “You can try me for yourself anytime. But yeah, Ray was super into it, and apparently, he was taking it easy on me at first because when they started filming again he began choking me with one hand and pulling my hair with the other… and he began really not holding back—shoving his entire cock up my ass harder and harder each thrust. He’s pretty big too, to be honest… it hurt. It took a long time to really get used to him back there. And sucking him off first definitely caused him to last longer… eventually he pulled out and came on my back and then Michael and Ray switched and they basically just repeated the core of the previous scene… Michael spoke to me roughly, pushed his cock up my ass, and pumped me as long and as hard as he could, erupting onto my back in a huge cumshot that Ray filmed. Then they untied me and talked about how to shoot the next scene.”

“Threesome, one in your mouth, one from behind?” I asked.

“You guessed it. They were struggling with how different / not awesome the scene would look shot from a tripod instead of his steadycam mount they could pan and zoom and all that stuff with… and so Ray texted a couple of guys, but one of them—Stephan—needed no convincing whatsoever and fifteen minutes later I was on my knees sucking Michael’s dick while Ray fucked my pussy and Stephan filmed. They began the scene with some rough talk and then some rough stripping—I’m glad they had me bring a few outfits I didn’t care about because I understood they were going to tear them all up. They slapped me in the face a bit and had me beg them to stop hurting me—kind of a general role playing script we discussed before shooting—and so to stop the abuse I went down on Michael and then Ray began fucking me shortly afterwards. Ray said he wanted some of my mouth, so Michael swapped places with him but instead of fucking my pussy he said, ‘but now you gotta take it up the ass!'”

“More rough anal, huh?” I asked.

“All the rough anal.” My beautiful girlfriend said to me with a mock look of shock on her face. “So that scene kinda played out how you’d think… lots of different positions… some pretty rough treatment—at least one of them had their hands around my throat at all times it seemed like, and then they made me kneel in front of both of them while they jacked off onto my face together to end the scene. So I’m thinking we’re probably done but Michael is like, fresh cock? Let’s shoot one more… But there’s a knock at the door and another one of the dudes Ray texted is there so they’re like, ‘sit over there, you can watch… it’s going to be hot!'”

“So Stephan showed up first,” I said, thinking, “was this guy’s name Mauricio?”

“That’s the guy,” Tiffany confirmed before telling me about what happened next. “The idea for the next scene is kind of interesting… they dress me up in tear away clothes, send Stephan outside, and then have him knock on the door for me to answer. The objective is to shoot the entire scene with no cuts… You would have loved it babe, you sick fuck, because it’s czech gangbang porno shot like it’s not porn… it’s like… it’s like a straight up rape to be honest. Stephan pushes me into the house… I fall on my ass and scream when I hit because I’m surprised and it hurts… and he’s on me like a lion… he slaps my face backhanded and forehanded and tears open my cheap button down blouse, flips me over and tears my jeans to my knees, leaving them bunched up there… it kind keeps my legs immobilized for him right? And he grabs my hair, guides his hard cock to my pussy, then uses that hand to grab my throat and he just begins pumping away at my pussy while I howl and beg for help like they wanted me to do.”

“Wow… it sounds hot, honestly.” I admitted. I love forced sex fantasies… it’s a thing we role play sometimes. It’s fun!

“Yeah, I thought you’d like it… but he’s like super into it… he’s rough, he’s hurting me… it’s kindof scaring me a little which in the video just makes it look all more real… and he’s absolutely fucking pounding me as hard and as fast as I’ve ever been fucked before. And this one time he pulls out a little far and whammo, he’s straight up my ass without breaking his stride. Well I’ve had like a 20 minute break since my last dick in the ass, so I’m not exactly ready for this and I am howling. I’m legit… if it was later in the day and more people were home, we’d have been arrested, because I’m screaming in pain… it hurts. I mean, it fucking hurts… but one take, remember? He’s going to fuck me until he’s done and nobody’s stopping and I’m straight up crying at this point. Real tears. I’m freaked out and in real pain, and Stephan just bangs my ass like it’s his birthright and just when I think I’m going to lose my mind he’s grunting and groaning and he jerks out of my ass, climbs up to my head and shoots a massive load into my face and all through my hair. So I’m lying there shaking… crying… and I tell them ‘We’re done… we’re done.'”

“So that was the end of it then?” I asked half expecting there to be more.

“That’s pretty much the end of it except Michael and Ray are high fiving each other saying how hot the scene was… how it was the hottest thing they had ever seen in their lives… and in no time my water works have stopped and I’m joking about it with them and they’re all like standing around me with their cocks out and they’re both rock hard and then this guy Mauricio stands up, drops his pants in front of me and says ‘God I’m so hard’ and before you know it he’s on top of me holding me down, pushing his hard cock right up my ass.” Tiffany told me.

“And what do Michael and Ray do?” I asked

“Dude, they’re hard an horny too… and so they just, you know… they want it to happen too. So Mauricio pumps my ass a while… then he pumps my pussy a while… then he’s back to in my ass going as hard as he can until he finally cums on my back—me cursing him out and telling him to stop the entire time but with no break Ray is up my ass as hard as he can until he cums on my back, then Michael takes me anally again. At last, Stephan is hard again but he fucks my mouth until he cums in it and then we were done. Finally, completely, totally done.”

“Okay, honestly that was really hot. But the whole reason you wanted to talk to me today was to ask about the -next- shoot…” I said to her.

“Yeah… about that…” My girlfriend said sheepishly.

I gave her a kiss and told her I was about to fuck her in her ass myself after we talked about any potential ‘next shoot’ or not.

“So of course his buyer got back to him… and the news is a bit shocking… they paid him for 3 videos… he was able to pay back that fucking loan he shouldn’t have taken and pay his rent, but now he’s like even… or broke but not in debt. And so his buyer is willing to pay him where he could pay me like, $1,000 per scene… and they’d like to shoot five by next week. And you know, remember, this is all stuff only distributed in a few eastern European countries, right? You can’t even sign up for the websites from the US or anything… I mean, think about it, baby, what could we do with $5,000 in a single week?” She asked me.

Remember, this isn’t a story of 6 figure income middle aged WASP types… this is real life… we’re not the top of the food chain. For us, $5,000 is more than two months rent… it’s meaningful fucking dough… I told Tiffany her ass was definitely going to be sore.

“Today or next week?” she asked me.

“Both” I said as I pushed her face down on our bed and pulled her short shorts to her knees…

Continued in chapter 3!

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