In The Loft

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Patrick brought me up to the loft of the barn. The scent of hay, sawdust, and summer hung heavily in the air. The hay doors were open and the exiting sunlight highlighted the particles floating around us, causing everything to seen slightly surreal. Everything was so breathtakingly simple and beautiful. The rose hues of the sunset, the fragrance of the air, the warmth of Patrick’s body against mine; everything felt so good that a shiver of delight ran up my spine. Patrick wrapped his arms around me as we watched the dusk settle. I wanted to feel this way forever. I was just so comfortable. Completely and absolutely comfortable with everything, with me and with Patrick. I was happy. The ease of these feelings surprised me, and I had a small epiphany that true happiness was not achieved through things, but with comfort. And for the first time in my adult life I felt truly relaxed with another person.

When the sky had darkened into dusky shades of violet, Patrick pulled me away from the open doors. “Come here.” He led me over to the corner of the loft. As I stumbled in the waning light, he lit an old fashioned lamp that was hanging from one of the support beams, illuminating a mound of carefully arranged sleeping bags and blankets. Patrick rearranged some of the blankets and a smile crept up as I realized what he had planned.

“Well, you’ve certainly thought of almost everything.” I said as the smile grew into a grin. Patrick stood up, “Actually, I thought of everything.”

He motioned to a backpack I had not noticed, and as I opened my mouth to ask him what was in it, he pulled me close and started to slowly kiss me. His arms, chest, and lips were so warm I shivered and leaned into him, the backpack temporarily forgotten. Our kisses became longer and his arms tighter until we were both dizzy and out of breath. His fingers slipped under my shirt and rubbed the small of my back, stroking my muscles until my legs began to buckle from his intensity. Then his hand found the edge of my jeans and slipped down until he was caressing my hip. I felt as though I could not breathe because my attention was split between his kisses and his fingers. For a moment movement was not possible, and then suddenly I was released and my hands were pulling at his shirt with an intensity that matched his own. We looked at each other in the flickering lamp light for a moment and I had a fleeting wish that I had worn something sexier than my white cotton bra and panties.

But that was quickly pushed aside as I traced with my finger the lines his muscles made in his arms. Watching his tan skin respond to my touch and his eyes darken as I slid my hands over his shoulders to his chest, I felt myself grow warm all over. mofos porno He tucked a stray hair behind my ear and traced a path down my neck to my shoulder, following the lines of my collar bone and finally stopping at the hollow of my neck. I had to wrap my arms around his waist for support as he slowly ran his finger down between my breasts to my bra. His fingers left electrical pulses on my skin, my nipples immediately hardened and I could feel the warmth that his fingertips left behind. Gently brushing over the cotton of the bra, following the curve of my breasts, his touch created an immediate response in my body of desiring more. Easily, he pulled my shirt over my head.

A small smile that played on his lips distracted me for a moment as he said, “You are so beautiful,” and his smile widened as he dropped his eyes to my chest, “and white cotton is my favorite.”

His finger traced the edge of the material where my breast slightly spilled over. I could not move, but I wanted to. Looking into his eyes I saw the same passion rising. I wanted to grab him and kiss him as hard as I could. I wanted to press my body against his until I could not tell where I ended and he began. I let out a small moan, which broke his spell. Suddenly we were crushed together and falling onto the blankets and sleeping bags. Pulling at each other’s clothes, desperate to feel more of each other’s skin, I stopped thinking coherently. I was working on pure instinct. I wanted to touch every inch of him simultaneously. I wanted his mouth to cover my entire being, I just wanted. I wanted to touch, to feel. I wanted him. Now. Our bodies slipped around on the sleeping bags, our hands desperate to touch and please each other. Our desire was fierce and powerful. His cock was instantly hard and urgent against his jeans. Fumbling fingers found zippers and buttons and belts. We pulled our remaining clothes with no thought of wearing them ever again. Releasing his cock from confinement, I was amazing at his hardness. Pausing for one moment, I took his cock in my hands, cherishing its strength. Admiring its beauty. My fingers traced the ridges, finding the softer spots. Moans escaped from his throat, his body tense as my fingers explored. His eyes darkened into a deeper shade of brown, his pupils lost in the intensity of his gaze. With a small smile, I pulled hard against his cock while fondling his balls with my other hand. With a low growl, Patrick immediately grabbed me and crushed me against him. His mouth feeding on my lips, his hands finding my pussy and spreading my nether lips wide. I was instantly drenched, and a low laugh from Patrick made me even wetter. I could not take it anymore. I whispered against his neck, naughty america porno “Fuck me.” Without missing a beat, he slipped his fingers out and his cock in. The feeling of him filling me made me lightheaded, my body started writhing against him, desperate to take him in deeper, harder. Our bodies bucked wildly against each other, our desire building out of control. Before I wanted it to end, I felt the heat rising from my thighs, and my fingers were gripping his arms as I came hard and fast and high. And as I orgasmed, my pussy tightened around his cock, making him come and spill into me. Collapsing, we held onto each other, breathing together, letting the air chill the sweat on our bodies. Patrick’s hands drowsily ran up and down my back. As I slipped into sleep a smile played on my lips and I drowsed contentedly.

I awoke a few hours later, the lamp was the only source of light in the barn. I rolled back to look up at Patrick, he was already awake and smiled at me.

“Hello gorgeous.” He kissed me softly, “And now for the ‘everything’ I thought of.”

He sat up and grabbed the backpack. He pulled out a bottle of water, two apples, and some cheese. I laughed as I sat up.

“Now my dear, we shall dine ‘al fresco’,” he said as he pulled out a knife and began slicing the apples and cheese.

We sat naked and cross legged together in our small pool of light and fed each other slices of apple with cheese. It was possibly the best meal I had ever had. I was ravenous and the tartness of the apples coupled with the sharpness of the cheese tasted heavenly. He was just so damned adorable munching his apple naked that I could not help but grin like a Cheshire Cat.

“What is so funny?” He asked. “Share the joke.”

I began laughing, “I don’t know, there is just something amusing about watching a naked man eat an apple. I am not sure why, it’s just a great visual.”

He stood up in mock offense “What? You do not see this every day?” He posed with an apple wedge in his mouth. “Are you telling me that this is not the hottest thing you have ever witnessed?”

I dissolved into laughter as he sat down and proceeded to cover himself with the discarded cheese wrapper. “Is this better? Do you feel more comfortable with what you perceive as comedic covered?”

That made me laugh even harder, so hard in fact that I snorted. I clasped my hand over my mouth, but it was too late, the hideous noise had been made. He started laughing too and soon we were laying down, holding our sides and gasping for air.

“Well, I don’t know about you,” he wheezed, “but I am finished.”

He then reached over and tousled my hair. As I watched him clean public agent porno up, the light from the lamp created intriguing shadows across his back and rear end. I began to feel a bit mischievous and I crawled over on all fours to his turned back and began kissing his thighs and hips. He turned around quickly in surprise and promptly fell on his derriere. I quickly moved over him so my arms were on either side of his torso and his legs were on either side of my knees. He started laughing and I bent down to kiss his chest. I softly kissed and licked his nipples, gently biting them until they were as hard as pebbles. His laughter quickly turned into ragged gasps as I worked my way down, kissing and licking him all over. Biting him every once in awhile for fun, just to hear him moan. He laid back, able to do nothing but moan and grasp my arms. I teased him for a few moments before I moved south and began kissing his hips and the soft area between his hips and private hair. I ignored his obvious arousal for awhile, concentrating on his hip and thigh. I became a bit more aggressive and he began to beg me.

“Please, please, please.”

I stopped and looked up at his face, arching an eyebrow I whispered “Please what?”

He looked at me, his face contorted, “Please anything.” he rasped, his voice too choked with desire to work properly. I took my arm out of his grasp and ran my hand lightly up his thigh, laughing quietly. Teasingly, I played with the tip of his cock, rubbing my thumb over the top smoothing the pre-cum all around. Then, bending down slowly, keeping my eyes on his face, I took his cock into my mouth. Letting my tongue play with him, causing him to harden, I let my mouth flirt with his cock. Teasing it with the temptation of my mouth. Letting my tongue flick all around, never staying in one place for too long. Then, without warning, I took him completely in my mouth. His body tensed as a startled groan seeped out. I took him fast and deep, using my tongue to tease the tip, all the while watching his face contort with pleasure. Allowing his hips to raise up to meet my downward thrust, I sucked in his cock, using the heat and wetness of my mouth to bring him to the brink.

Then, just as abruptly, I stopped my onslaught, and slowed down, licking the base of his shaft, and kissing the ridge of the tip. Watching his face, I could not help but laugh, and the feeling of my laughter against his cock in my mouth released something in him. Grabbing my arms, Patrick pulled me up to him, kissing me bruisingly hard, his hands moving feverishly over my body. Grasping my ass, he plunged me onto his rigid cock. As he drove in deep from below, I circled my hips around his cock. Leaning down, I whispered in his ear “Let my pussy suck your cock off now.” That little phrase pushed us both over the edge as we came harder and stronger than before. Collapsing into each other, our bodies shivering as the orgasms ebbed out of our limbs, I knew that I was going to have a great summer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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