It’s Not Love, Not Always

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Nicole, that bitch of my ex had cheated on me with a huge brute whose name I had never caught. So I did the only sensible thing a guy would’ve done. I hunted him down and found that he had a girlfriend. And I told her about what they were doing behind our backs. Her first reaction was anger, then she fucked me sore in revenge (I can’t truthfully say I fucked her, so hard she moved against me).

After breaking our relationships, we didn’t get together, other than to furiously fuck each other every now and then. Little by little, my life got back into balance after the blow of betrayal, and so did hers. We didn’t want any relationship with anyone, so we focused on our respective jobs and if we needed sex, we didn’t call others who wouldn’t understand our baggage.

My boss wanted our team to win a bonus before the second week of February, the asshole was riding all of us near the brink of madness with work overload. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want the extra money, but we were overdoing it. Which left me with the imperious need to blow off some serious steam. I called the best one to do that with.

Anna was more than happy to jump into my bed. She was so excited about my bad mood, she was dripping wet when I got to my tiny house out in the boonies (we stayed overnight so often we had given each other keys), she was waiting for me in the sexiest lingerie I had seen on her.

“Really, Anna? I’m going to fuck you to death tecavüz porno because you’re wearing this,” I growled, seeing her panties were crotchless.

Just like she used me sometimes, it was my turn to use her. I pinned her facedown down on the bed, rammed my cock inside of her and began to fuck her almost with murderous intent. A minute after entering her, I began to deliver hideous spanks on her lifted ass. I heard her muffled voice say something, my hand was pinning her face against the mattress.

“What?” I released some pressure so she’d be able to talk freely. My hips, however, didn’t slow down, I mercilessly slammed myself into her.

“I said -oh, fuck, YES- ‘is that the worst you can do?’,” I could imagine her cruel and playful smile, even if I had her face-down.

She unleashed something in me we had never experienced. My hand tightened around her neck, careful not to block her throat, but reducing the blood flow so she’d be dizzy shortly after. I readjusted my stance, already familiar with the angle I needed to reach her cervix and thrusted hard.

I began to fuck her like I wanted to destroy her pussy. I spanked her so hard, I knew she wouldn’t be able to sit properly the next day. Mrs. Allenwood had been spreading the rumor I filmed porn in my house, and with the way Anna began to scream, I was sure nobody would doubt her.

“Fuck me! Fuck ME! OH GOD, YES!” Anna’s voice broke in the teen porno end, her speech faltering even worse when she screamed something I couldn’t understand. Without any warning or signals beforehand, she began to cum like never before. She gasped, groaned, scratched the bed sheets, her hips moved madly with sensations that were evidently new to her, and she had no reign to guide them. Her screams of pleasure became sobs of ecstasy. The best of being each other’s exclusive release was that we’d discarded condoms as soon as we discovered her orgasms were more intense every time I came inside of her. And what man is against the delicious feeling of bareback sex?

Being inside of her at that time was overwhelming. Her pussy mercilessly clamped down on my cock and wouldn’t let go. I couldn’t even pull back, but she quivered with me inside so intensely I lost it.

It was in that ungodly orgasm that I had the revelation, like an out of body experience. I couldn’t stop myself from grunting as I overflowed her pussy with an amount of cum I wasn’t aware I could produce. And before I could register what was I doing, in a low voice, the words escaped me.

“Oh, fuck, Anna! Oh, fuck, I love you so much…”

It took me a few seconds of indescribable sexual fulfillment before I realized what had I just said to her ear. I pulled out, horrified with myself.

She sat up, her legs against her chest, and I saw my milky travesti porno cum drip slowly out of her. She was quiet, just as afraid as I was.

“…what?” Anna barely whispered.

I looked deep into her eyes and surprised both of us, “marry me.”

I had just realized that at some point I couldn’t put my finger on, our mad sex sessions had begun to include a dinner here and there, a movie night every now and then; hell, I knew her friends and she knew mine. I noticed that the balance I had achieved was because she had been there for me and I had been there for her… mushy feelings aside, I’d also be a fucking idiot if I let *that* kind of pussy go, truth be told. I hadn’t seen she was all I had ever wanted until right then.

And I was still hard.

“Sit,” she used the commanding tone she employed when she was about to use me.

I sat, my heart brittle with her absolute lack of response to what I had said. Had she had the same realization I had? Did she feel the same way? Why was she ignoring the question?

She got out of her lingerie, allowing me to admire the body I had gotten to see as flawless, then, she took my cock in her hand and sat on it, sighing contentedly as I went deep inside of her. Her back against my chest, she began to ride me with a patience she rarely showed.

“Anna?” I hated how pathetic my voice sounded.

“Hmm?” She looked at me for a few seconds, and said with the most natural tone ever, “what? Can’t I ride my fiance’s cock until one of us passes out?”

We kissed and began to make love in that slow (and still somehow aggressive) way of ours.

No wonder she can’t tell most of her friends the story of how we got engaged.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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