John , Rhiannon Ch. 2

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Author’s note – this continues from my previous submission, John & Rhiannon, Ch.1. You really should read the other story first to set the stage for this one. – John

His breath is hot as it flows down over her bare breasts. His hands are warmer still, cupping her skin and softly kneading, letting her nipples bounce around against the inside of his fingers, against his palm, wherever they rub. He turns his head and gently kisses Rhiannon on the mouth, before his tongue slips through into her mouth and the kiss heats up.

As he breaks the kiss, he smiles into her dark, dark eyes, and says, “No, Rhiannon. Not yet.” His nails lightly scrape across her ribs, just below her sweet breasts. Then he tickles her, knowing just how ticklish she is.

She laughs, shaking, trying to seriously get out of the silk. “Johnnnn!!!” she cries, and he just laughs, and keeps tickling. After a minute, he stops, and just wraps her in his arms and squeezes, pulling her back into his chest.

After a few moments more, her laughter stops and she catches her breath. “That was evil, John.”

“I know, Rhiannon,” he chuckles, “but what are you going to do about it?”

“H’rmm, you’ve got a point, hon,” she giggles. “I think I’m sitting on it!”

John laughs. “No, my dear, you’re sitting on my cock. Which is plenty hard, but not too sharp.”

His hands begin to slowly stroke the backs of her thighs as they talk, from just above her knees, heading towards her ass. Rhiannon sucks in a sudden breath, blushes, and snuggles back. His hands are large, easily cupping teach that-bitch porno the backs of her thighs, thumbs rubbing the outside, fingers wrapping around the inner edge to caress the inside as well.

He keeps kneading away at her soft, hot skin, each time taking his hands a little closer to her ass. Rhiannon wiggled a bit in his lap, her breathing starting to get shallower again. Finally, his hands cup her muscular butt, and squeeze. The smile on his face broadens as she sighs. “You like that, do you?” he whispers into her ear.

Her breathy moan is her only reply as his hand knead her ass cheeks firmly, causing her to squirm more in his lap. A finger streaks up the back of either thigh, fingernail scraping as it goes, and the palms slide back down. He chuckles as she tries to jump, and fails.

Around and around his hands go, rubbing the woman’s firm butt, fingers edging inward a fraction at a time, closing slowly together, focussing on the heat pouring from her pussy. His fingers sweep softly across her inner thighs, over her taught cheeks, moving ever closer – until his fingers are lightly brushing through her pubes.

He whispers ticklishly into her ear, “What do you want me to do next, Rhiannon?” He knows she’s not really listening to him, merely feeling the need, blissed out on sex. He repeats the question, lips just brushing her ear, fingers still.

“Oh, you evil, evil man,” Rhiannon eventually whispers. “Fuck me, John!”

“Yes, Rhiannon. But first, I’ve got something for you. A little piece teamskeet porno of jewelry,” he said as he chuckled. “But I don’t want you peeking! So, let’s do this…”

John pulled the back of Rhiannon’s robe over her head, and tucked it into the sash wrapped around her upper chest, leaving her bare from her breasts down, and unable to see.

“John!” she cried.

“Hush, Rhiannon. It’s just for a moment,” he said, as he lifted her to one side, laying her on the bed on her back. He got up and went over to a cupboard.

Rhiannon heard him opening a drawer, and then a faint rustling noise. She heard him walk back to the bed, and then felt something cool resting on her belly, surrounding her navel. It felt like the lid for a jar or a small bracelet, and was cooler than the air. Next she felt John firmly press her legs wider apart, and his mouth surround her left nipple.

She groaned softly as he wetly sucked on her nipple, causing the throbbing in that hard, sensitive flesh to spike. Ripples of lust bounced through her body, causing echoes in her other nipple and her moistening pussy. She felt him do something to that round whatever-it-was at her navel, and then felt an odd sensation, a cool trail of something working its way up from her navel towards her left breast.

The trail felt cool, but there wasn’t much if any weight behind the contact, nor was it wetness. She couldn’t place the sensation, not that she was trying too hard – John had her worked up to a fever pitch as he raised his head, still sucking, letting her breast tecavuz porno and nipple stretch…. stretch.. and pop out of his mouth.

Immediately, she felt John do something to her nipple, almost as if he were wrapping a very thin, very cool finger around and around her nipple and holding it very firmly.

His mouth descended on her right nipple as this happened, giving her very little time to think about the sensation as echoes spread through her body again, bouncing back harder from whatever was going on with her left nipple than before. Again, she felt the cool trail slide up her belly from her navel after he did something with the round whatzit.

Again, he sucked hard on her breast, stretching it… stretching it … until it popped out of his mouth and another thin, cool finger wrapped around her right nipple this time.

John sat back down on the bed, and lifted Rhiannon back into his lap. He could feel the moisture from her pussy starting to soak through his robe as he placed her carefully, so his hard cock lay under her ass, rubbing gently through the silk.

Rhiannon knew something was different, something was odd. Then John asked, “Do you want to see your new jewelry?” with an evil grin in his voice. He lifted the silk from her face, revealing a 3” ring at her navel with ten inch long silver chains clamped to it stretching up to silver ties wrapped around her hard nipples.

John held her as her back arched as she realized what he’d done, tying the nipple chains onto her. She watched, wide-eyed, as he reached between her left arm and leg towards her navel. She moaned quietly as his fingertip slipped around her navel, then louder when he brushed the ring, tugging it gently down.

“Do you like your new jewelry, Rhiannon?” he asked. She could just nod, voicelessly, as he continued to play with the ring.

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