Just Another Costume Party

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How long must you wait for it? I did not know the answer but the question pounded my thoughts until that was all that lingered in my mind that night. It was one of those times in my life where I tore off the cloths of guilt, shedding them behind me as I ran into the darken streets releasing the scream held in my lungs all too long. I was no longer just in my place, spinning in a world of chaotic emotions and too lost to find my way out. I had a mission.

Erratic was the weather too warm to be believable yet the leaves spoke of autumn as they tumbled down the branches. Steam curled out of the open grates misted the air and leaving a scent of wet cement. He, he was beauty wrapped in a cloak of friendship that I tore into each night in my dreams. I wanted rapture. I wanted him.

The welcomed darkness fell and the music over-flowed out of open windows from the buildings I passed by. Bombarded, my senses were alive with the city. Please, please, do not hesitate, it is now the time that I had waited for so long. Flickering street lamps dotted the way and a warm smile spread on my lips as nervousness dripped off of me leaving a trail behind.

Someone was playing the piano that night as the door opened and the feathers masked ones turned to devour me with their eyes. Laughter came and left with the melody and he was there standing in the distance with the sparkling women pirouetting around him. Martinis wobbled on their long stemmed bases on trays that floated by and I slipped one between my fingers. Sipping casually leaving lipstick traces around the rim I snaked through the joyous crowds that had don on their festive costumes. The kerchief I had chosen had been perfectly nestled in his lapel pocket. He was amorously sampling kisses from the woman next to him. Dressed as a peacock she cooed as he whispered promises in her ears. Her slender fingers traced her skin from her jaw line down to her collar bone and clutched onto the trim of her sequined top. She had resisted under his hands as they started the game. The game was of what czech harem porno lovers played in anticipation. Had I waited to long?

A sigh escaped his lips as she hesitantly played on with a blush that told of her apprehension. Seizing my chance, I slid behind him, tucking my hand into his jacket stealing a kiss from his exposed skin above his crisp white collar. I nipped at his ear lobe with my lips leaving evidence of my kiss as he strained to turn. Cautiously I hid my familiarity with his body. I could see his reaction on his skin as goose-bumps rose. I released his body and disappeared amongst the crowd as he turned about to find an empty space. He touched his necked at the site that was warmed by my lips with his white gloved hand. Hidden in the body of the writhing mass moving in rhythm I watched his search. Tonight the witches and goblins were out casting spells onto each other and I had cast mine.

His face still half veiled by his white mask, turned scanning the collection of bodies flooding the room. He was on a chase and now I was the fox. Slithering, sexy, smooth, I waited for him in the dimmed corner. Leaving behind the questioning girl he peered, struggling to see behind the cloaked mass in search of me. I waited there. Sleek he was, moving about the crowd with tension mounting. Pressed against the cool wall with my hips slightly pushed forward, I stood licking the cocktail.

Time trickled yet the building tension only escalated my desires for this man that I could only crave until now. Could he feel my stare that beckoned him to me? The throng parted as he appeared before me. Paused he stood absorbing me into his vision and I waited. Closer his body moved towards me as I felt the heat growing inside. Focused, our eyes met and I felt the tug of my body drawn to him, but I waited. He was close now, so close his breath was on my lips. He stood suspended. Had he recognized me behind my feathered mask? Had he come to grips with who I was beneath the glittering dress I was poured swingers porno into? Tender was the kiss so familiar to my lips yet then he took something from me that was unknown. The heat from his body pressed against mine, his mouth searching, his hands hunting me for information, drove me insane with desire. Withdrawing, he looked into my eyes desperately searching and wanting. I bit his lower lip lightly, clawing at it with my teeth faintly as I let go of him.

The only word I could manage was, “Now”.

I was in his grasp and madly we searched passing the masses finding a desolate place somewhere hidden from the crowd. Desperately I found his lips again tearing the layers of clothes off his body as his hands frantically pulled off what was left on me. Pressed against the door my chest heaved as he reached for my mask. I laughed pulling his fingers that had started to hook under the feathered piece. I shook my head and smiled and he questioned but then understood. Solace was found there behind our masks, although I knew of his identity, this fact he did not know. His kisses became more brazen demanding my body to respond.

My fingers laced around his neck as he lifted me with his hands around my hips. There was no need for talk or foreplay my intent was clear and his desire spoke plainly. Without hesitation he plunged into me sending a shiver up my spine that came out as a moan through my lips. So long had I yearned for him that I threw any qualms out the window and thrusted myself into the moment. He forced me hard against the door balancing my body with his hands as he pounded over and over into my wetness that was streaming down my legs. He filled me completely with each thrust. I was shaking in lust. I bit my lower lip to keep from screaming in ecstasy. His trusts were violent and commanding as he forced himself deeper and deeper inside. Sweat formed on my brow and I could no longer keep my eyes opened as the intensity rose. I could smell the sex that was filling the air and czech pool porno my breaths were becoming quicker each second. I felt a shudder hit me in the first wave of pleasure. I could not hold back my body insisted and thrashed under his pressure. Starting from the pit of my stomach, an indescribable sensation began to spread through me. Almost like warm molasses at moments and like electricity and fireworks in another, I could not hold back and a cry escaped my lips.

My body was frozen in pleasure; I clutched onto his body as he continued to ram into me again and again. He started to grunt grasping me heavily losing himself in his own orgasm. Rolling my pleasure ebbed and echoed. I bit onto his shoulder holding back a scream that threaten to burst revealing ourselves to everyone. At that moment his head was thrown back, his fingers gripping my soft skin and he exploded inside of me. I felt each of his spasms as rope after rope of his orgasm filled me. Deafen by my own heart-beat I was stiff and motionless until his legs became weak and we slid onto the floor together. Resting my head on his chest I could feel the throbbing pleasure waning from my own sex. Time stood still until finally the streams of music and voices filled the room again from behind the door.

He was lost to the world as I ease myself from his grasp. I sat up looking at this divine creature that I sought out for so many years and to have him this night was worth the toil. I reached, grabbing my wrinkled costume off the floor and slipped it on trying not to disturb him. As I pulled on my last shoe and attempted towards the door to slide out, he reach for my hand. He tried pulling me towards him until he felt the all too familiar ring on my finger, last year’s Christmas present from my best friend. He had always had great taste. Smiling I pulled my hand free from him and shook my head giggled a little as I was now caught. He was shaking his head in disbelief, but I remained cool and collected, still beaming from the moments before. I was able to leave him there naked and puzzled slipping out before he could come to grips with what had occurred.

The cool air felt amazing that night and it was as if my lungs had their first breath of fresh air. I could not stop grinning at what I had done. And now that he knew, what would we become of now? The new chapter had begun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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