Just Another Massage?

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Alice had been coming to Dave for three years for massage, sometimes once a week, more often once a fortnight but occasionally three times a week in the first year. She had been suffering from chronic pain, for which the doctors were unable to find any cause. Eventually they had sent her to the psychiatrists who were just as useless in helping. It was more out of desperation than any expectation that it would help that she had taken up Sarah’s suggestion of going to see Dave.

The first session, she had been in tears as Dave took a detailed history from her. Far more detailed than the medics or even the psychiatrists. He wanted to know everything from diet, the colour of her faeces and urine, diet, her emotional life, basically everything she had been asked before and a lot more besides. He also looked at her tongue, her nails, and took her pulse but did it in a funny way using three fingers along the artery.

Dave was honest as well, before starting the first massage, he said, “I don’t know if I will be able to reduce or get rid of your pain. Some of what I have learned points to blocked energy in more than one of your meridians according the the Chinese medical system and I am sure that if I can unblock that energy it will help you but whether it will actually help the pain I don’t know.”

Well that was better than the hypnosis bloke, a leery man that Alice instinctively distrusted who claimed that he would could stop her pain completely if she would do everything he asked. She later learned that he ended up in prison for taking advantage of patients. Her GP had been sceptical of the massage but agreed it was unlikely to do any harm.

The surprising thing was that after only three sessions, Alice really noticed the improvement. She could walk more than a few paces and while still in pain was able to get out and spend time with friends, not having to rely any more on those few who were still prepared to visit her at home regularly.

After a year, the pain in her spine and legs was gone, and Dave was able to work on reducing her menstrual pain to the point where it was no more than a mild inconvenience. Dave was modest, and didn’t claim that the massage, using aromatherapy oils chosen using Chinese medicine to enhance the work on the accupressure points that he worked on along with the meridian massage had made the difference but Alice was convinced. Indeed she was so convinced that Dave now had twelve regular clients that she had recommended. He had also started to get referrals from her GP whose support for her choice of treatment had been less than enthusiastic czech sharking porno to say the least at the start. In short business was booming. Perhaps it was time to raise his prices, at least for the, “worried well” most of whom had more money than sense.

On this day, Alice arrived for one of her regular sessions with Dave. She didn’t really have any pressing need for the massage any more, other than that she enjoyed them. Two weeks previously, she had surprised herself by masturbating till she had an incredibly powerful orgasm, imagining Dave breaking the professional boundaries he had always observed so strictly with not just herself, but all his clients. She had idly wondered if any of her friends whom she had recommended see Dave did the same and noted a twinge of jealousy at the thought.

It was only a day or two before her period was due to start but today that didn’t bother her at all. Dave asked Alice the usual questions as he always did before giving a massage. He then looked at her tongue, eyes, nails and felt her pulse before asking her to get ready while he prepared mixed some essential oils with the mixture of coconut and walnut oil he liked to use as a carrier oil. The only change to the blend he had used the last few times was the addition of two drops of lemon oil, its, clean sharp aroma helping indecision that he had picked up from her without really being able to pin down what it was about.

Alice had showered before starting the ten minute walk to Dave’s house where he had a practice room set up. However with the temperature over thirty degrees Celsius in the shade she still felt the need for a quick wash first. She carried out her ablutions, knowing that Dave wouldn’t ogle her and half hoping he would.

A couple of minutes later, she lay, naked on the massage table, deciding that in the heat a towel over her body would only exacerbate her tendency to sweat a little. As for the nudity, when she started she would always wear her best knickers. Now, she had built up a level of trust with Dave that she didn’t care what he did or didn’t see. Not only that, if she were naked, the oil would be absorbed into her skin by the time she got dressed and wouldn’t stain her underwear.

Forty-five minutes later, Dave having finished her back and the backs of her legs, she turned over. He proceeded to massage the fronts of her legs and then her abdomen, arms, shoulders, head and neck. Oh, and chest as well, he would massage down the sternum between her breasts, again not taking any liberties.

Throughout the massage, czech streets porno her indecision continued. Now as Dave was finishing off, Alice made her decision, “Will you massage my tits? They always get a bit tight just before my flow.”

This had been true in the past, ‘but now?” Dave wondered. Earlier despite the powerful mix of aromatherapy oils he had thought he smelled Alice’s arousal. Now he was sure. Time to make a decision himself. “you know that you won’t be able to be one of my clients any more if we do this?” He asked.

Alice laughed. “There I was, thinking that I would be able to seduce you before you realised what I was doing. Should I have just asked you to suck my tits and play with my clitoris?”

Dave didn’t answer, or not with words at any rate. Within a minute he was naked and his mouth clamped on a nipple. His right hand was stroking the other breast while his left thumb was gently massaging her nub while two fingers of the same hand pushed deep into her wetness. After a few minutes he picked her up, moved her down the table so Alice’s bum rested on the edge of the massage table and went to work on her sex with his tongue. Alice couldn’t believe the intensity of the feelings she had. Her breath came faster as the tension in her core rose. Dave reached inside her, massaging her G spot as his tongue worked it’s magic on her clit. Sensing her closeness he reached up to squeeze her already erect nipples, standing proud of her small, firm mounds. She felt her cunt spasm into wave after wave of pure pleasure.

If her ex had been willing to do this for her she would have forgiven him everything else, well almost everything. His refusal to believe that her pain was real was unforgivable.

Dave stood up, his tool standing proud with more than a hint of what was to cum leaking from the end. Placing Alice’s legs against his shoulders and taking hold of her breasts again he started to ease his way into her tightness.

Tight, Alice may have been, she was also, however, very well lubricated. This meant Dave was able to push inside her cunt with little difficulty. Alice gasped, “God that feels good! Give me a minute to get used to you though before you start fucking me.”

Dave started off with long slow strokes, pulling out till only the tip of his manhood in her entrance before pushing all the way back in. Alice revelled in the stimulation as the bulbous head of Dave’s cock plumbed her depths. She could feel his ridge all the way down her love tunnel and combined with her left hand gently playing with her czech super models porno clitoris she was well on the way to another massive orgasm.

Torn between her desire to make it last and to feel her cunt spasm around him Alice chose the latter and speeded up with her fingers. Dave realising how near she was took hold of her nipples and gently squeezed them. “Harder!” Alice breathed. Dave needed no further invitation. Driving himself as deep as he could go he twisted the nipples and felt Alice contract around him. That was all it took to trigger his own release. Their mutual climax seemed to go on for minutes before the final twitching died down.

Still inside her, Dave slid his arms around her back and lifted her petite form up from the couch. As their tongues entwined, Alice felt the comforting security of Dave’s strength as her upper body slid against him. He carried her over to a chair, covered in towels that clients could sit on while getting dressed after their massage. Feeling him start to grow inside her again she clenched her muscles in encouragement. As soon as Alice felt he was hard enough she started to move her hips, her arms locked around Dave’s neck for leverage.

Dave’s hands were squeezing her gluteal muscles, with two fingers pressing hard against what must have been an accupressure point for arousal, so quickly did it build her excitement. It was as well the chair was strong. Small she may have been but as soon as the pain had reduced to a bearable level she had started working out again and because all the fat had turned to muscle she actually weighed more than she had at the start of the process.

Alice’s oiled body slid against Dave’s as her hips drove backwards and forwards. Sensing she was close to cumming again, Dave drove his hips upwards to meet her thrusts, his hands under her buttocks, then lifting her up he withdrew till he felt the exquisite sensation of the tip of his manhood being massaged by her entrance before driving back into her willing vagina which spammed around his cock, insisting that it join in the orgasm, then milking it till they were both truly spent.

“I think we both need a shower.” Alice smiled, “Otherwise, Anna will know what we have been doing. Anna was one of the word of mouth clients Dave had gained through Alice.

Once in the shower, Alice immediately dropped to her knees to take Dave’s rod in her mouth. Later, she confided, “I never liked the taste of sperm on it’s own, but mixed with my own juices….”

Half an hour later, dressed back in the loose, comfortable cotton outfit he always wore for massage, Dave answered the doorbell. Alice got up to leave.

“I didn’t think you would still be here.” Anna Commented. “What have you been up to?”

“Just talking.” Alice smiled.

“Like hell! I know when someone has just been fucked!”

Anna walked through to the practice room and started to remove her clothes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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