Look, But Don’t Touch

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Look, but don’t touch

Let’s play a game… The goal is to tease and arouse each other without actually touching. This includes yourself, at least not sexually. You may not speak. Anything else goes. You may remain clothed or strip. You may dance, undulate, or simulate. Eye contact is encouraged. To actually touch ends the game. No winner or loser, just the end. You may not play again for 24 hours. Self control is important.

We enter the room from opposite sides.

You are dressed in business attire. A white silk blouse, short pencil skirt, seamed stockings and patent leather stilettos. Everything on it’s own is completely appropriate, but the way you move in it isn’t. Perfect posture, your slender neck taut and elegant. The way you arch your back and pop one hip out to the side is seductive and alluring.

Your makeup is smooth and unblemished. Your eyes are smoky. Your lips red and slick.

I drink you in.

I am dressed in my suit from work. It is a dark 3 piece suit. Bespoke to fit my height, my wide shoulders, and narrow waist. I have left my tie tied. My shoes are polished. My cuff links remain. I stand up straighter as I drink you in.

We make eye contact and communicate more deeply than words. We are here for each other. To do things not for ourselves, but to seduce the other.

We begin walking clockwise around the room. Never breaking eye contact, we walk to opposite ends. Opposite ends so there is no furniture between us. I walk proudly. You sway your hips and drag a perfectly manicured nail along the back of the lounge as you walk past it.

You pull your hair to one side exposing your neck to me. You take one step closer to me.

I begin untying my tie. Not just loosening it and pulling it over my head, but loosening the knot with my fingers. You enjoy watching my strong hands deftly manipulate the silk. Such strength in my hands restrained to be so delicate. I pull one end of the tie and it slides along my neck and is released from my tailored shirt collar. I take one step closer to you.

You begin to sway in sultry circles with your hips. The fabric of your skirt clings to your thighs and begins to ride up. You reach up to your collar and delicately unbutton one of your blouse buttons.

I bursa escort remove my jacket. I shrug my shoulders and let it slide down my arms. My crisp white shirt clings to my shoulders and biceps. You can see my tank top framing my chest through the thinness of the fabric. You see my shirt smoothly disappear into the waistband of my trousers. I remove my cuff links. I look into your eyes as I begin unbuttoning my vest and take one step towards you.

The skin of your thighs peeks out as your skirt continues to ride up. You know how much I like the border where stocking and skin collide. You look up at me as you lick your lips. Both front garters pop as you release them. You slowly spin and look over your shoulder as you release the two rear garters. As you squat and grind your skirt rides up to the bottom of your cheeks. You slowly pull your zipper down as you stand. You kick your skirt at me as you turn to face me. I am mesmerized as you tie the tails of your blouse. You smirk as I survey your smooth cleft and take one step forward.

We are close enough to touch if we reached out.

I remove my vest with a little more urgency than I’d like. I pull out my dress shirt and unbutton all the buttons. We never break eye contact. I remove my shirt. I’m standing in front of you in just my tank top, slacks, and shoes. You watch my muscles flex as I lower myself to the floor. I slowly unlace each shoe and remove my socks one at a time. I return to my feet. I’m flexing, but you don’t mind. You stare at my broad chest. My muscular arms. My flat stomach. I walk around you. You feel me drink you in from behind and shudder. You look over your shoulder but can’t quite make me out. You hear my breathing has quickened. You can barely make out your favorite cologne.

I am intoxicated by your perfume. You stand up straighter. I see you are moving and I imagine you are unbuttoning your blouse. You slowly shift your weight from one leg to the other. I watch your bottom, thighs, and calves flex. You roll your blouse off your shoulders and spin… almost falling into me. That was close. Your arms are wrapped around your waist, arms locked in your sleeves. Your breasts rise and fall with your breathing. You look up at me seductively as bursa escort bayan you lower your arms and let your blouse fall.

You enjoy watching my eyes caress every inch of you. You like the face of the man who can’t quite believe what is happening. You stand there loving the adoration. You cock your head to the side inviting the kiss to your neck you know is against the rules. You raise your eyebrows and shrug when you see it isn’t coming. You’ve shown me your chest and you want to see mine. I reach down and pull the bottom of my shirt upwards. Slowly. You watch as each set of abs is revealed. The tank stretches at it reaches my chest. My arms cross and flex as I pull the tank over my head. I toss it at your feet. I take one step closer.

We are now close enough we need to be careful. Any careless extension or loss of balance would be disastrous.

I slowly drop to my knees. You look down on my shoulders. My tousled hair. You feel my breath on your tummy. I drop a little farther and you can feel my breath on your vulva. I hear you suck in a breath as I was the goose bumps appear on your inner thighs. I look up into your eyes that have glazed over. I can see your breathing has quickened. I lick my lips sliding my tongue out and flicking the tip in the air. Instinctively you spread your legs a little wider. I bow at your feet and glide my face and tongue up each leg. Never touching, but tantalizingly close. You can feel my breath and begin rolling your hips. You slowly grind your mound towards my face. So careful. I move back a little and flick my tongue out rapidly. You imagine what that would feel like if we could touch. As I watch you grind I can see you swelling. The soft petals of your flower blooming. Extending. Trying to reach me. You squat before me as your bra falls to the floor. You align your stiffened nipples with my mouth. You slither, serpent like to try and catch my breath on your body. The only stimulus allowed.

You lower your face to mine and we stare into each other’s eyes. We are hungry for each other

As I stand, you stay on your knees. You look up at me as I remove my belt. I unbutton my trousers and push them to the floor. Stepping out of them, you look into the swelling you’ve created. You can smell escort bursa the cologne I’ve placed strategically on my muscular thighs. I reach into my waistband asking you with my eyes if you approve. Your mouth falls open and you nod your head in the affirmative. I slide my boxers down. My manhood stands parallel to the floor. You could read my pulse from the throbbing. You raise an eyebrow. Flirting with me you put your lips together and blow on it. Turnabout is fair play. You open your mouth and align it with my shaft. You pull your hair back, stick your tongue out, and start rocking back and forth. Never touching, but simulating. You smile wide as you watch me overpower the urge to end the game right here.

I step to the side and brace myself on the sofa. One foot on the floor, the other on the cushion. One hand on the back of the sofa. I look over my shoulder and begin rolling my hips forward and backward. Rolling my hips in an elliptical motion. You watch my quads flex. The sides of my cheeks tighten when I thrust forward and relax as I roll back. My ass rises and falls gently mimicking how I would move if I were behind you. You watch my back muscles undulate as perspiration starts to make my skin glisten. Moving precisely as if I were entering and withdrawing from the exact same spot each time.

You are focused. No hint of humor. You climb onto the sofa. I maintain my rhythm, looking you in the eyes. Breathing heavily as my body goes through the motions with no satisfaction. You glide in beneath me. Tentative and careful not to make contact but to entwine our bodies. You spread your legs wide in front of my legs. You snake one leg between my leg on the cushion and my hand on the back of the sofa. You thrust your hips upward toward my thrusting member. You arch your back until I can feel the heat of your skin. I look down to view the writhing dance going on between us. Our bodies intertwined, but not touching. Lusting with no release.

You look up to watch me above you. My abs rolling as I bring my pelvis forward. My muscular hips rising as I pull back. The sweat rolling down my forehead. THe air is electric around us. We are so focused. So hungry for each other…

I stand abruptly. I can take no more. To continue risks losing tomorrow night. The night we can touch and lose ourselves in each other’s arms.

Biting your lip knowingly you stand as well. We share a loving stare as we both pad off to our separate showers and separate beds. Only until tomorrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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