Lucky with the Landlords

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Danny could remember when he first met Wendy. His jaw had dropped. This beautiful woman had entered his building (where his apartment was one of three), and he could not believe it when he found out that she was the new owner.

She was a part time model, and had even appeared in a metropolitan newspaper as their girl of the day. She had shoulder length dirty blonde hair, which she often wore in a small ponytail. Her tanned skin looked so soft, and so beautiful. She was approximately 5’6, 120 pounds. All those details about Wendy, Danny could gather immediately. The other details he picked up over the course of the one year that she was his landlord.

She was low maintenance, despite her part time modeling. She was the type of woman that would prefer a burger and fries to a fancy night out. She looked to be a little on the dirty side, as well. Her legs were so incredibly sexy. Perfectly formed, and nicely tanned. Her ass was amazing, too. He noted both of those things when she came by on one hot summer day. She was wearing cutoff white jean shorts – nearly Daisy Dukes, they were cut so short.

Wendy also had a wonderful set of tits. She loved wearing tight little tops, and in the summer her tanned cleavage was always on display. He figured that she was a C-cup.

When he was forced to move further into the city after getting another job, Danny’s one regret was not having that hot woman as his landlord. In the end, it didn’t matter for two reasons. Firstly, he would see Wendy again. Secondly, the wife of the couple whose basement apartment that he moved into, Sharon was also quite attractive. He couldn’t believe his luck, but he hadn’t seen anything yet.

Over the past few months, he had a couple of conversations with Wendy over the phone regarding a fire extinguisher that his friend had accidentally packed, and he had taken with him. They had been trying to find a mutually convenient way to return it to her, but up until then had failed to so. On this day, however, Wendy was in his part of town and had stopped by as per his directions. He hadn’t seen her in a few months, but the impact that she had on him remained the same. Wow. Despite the fact that he had a girlfriend, he found himself suggesting that they go out for drinks. She accepted.

Wendy was wearing tight, faded jeans and a white sweater. It was a snowy day in December, yet she wore a brown suede coat that was more for style, then for warmth.

She was a talkative woman, so breaking the ice was unnecessary. For over two hours, they had some food and some drinks at a nearby pub. When he pulled in front of his house behind her car, he offered to have another drink with her in his place. She accepted.

She had five beers at the bar, and her head was buzzing a little. A horny girl by nature, the alcohol was making the slight tingling in her pussy grow that much more intense. She had fantasized about Danny before. He was an attractive man, and a big man, too. He was tall – about 6’1 – and had a solid build, weighing about 200 pounds. He also had short blonde hair, which she found attractive.

They walked into his apartment and he went to the fridge and grabbed a couple of beers. When he walked into the living room, his eyes nearly popped out of his head. Not only had Wendy taken off her coat, but she had taken off her sweater, as well. She was wearing a little crop top, black, that showed off both her tanned belly as well as her amazing cleavage. He tried not to stare, but she caught his quick look and smiled inwardly. Her pussy tingled a little at the thought of the impact that she had on him. When she took the beer from him, she made sure that he sat down first. When he did, she was able to sit down beside him, seeing to it that her leg was pressed against his. Now it was just a matter of making eye contact and reeling him in for the kiss.

He wouldn’t look at her. He didn’t know if he was nervous and intimidated by her hotness, or guilty about his girlfriend, but throughout the conversation his eyes drifted towards the TV or around the room. They were almost done their beer before she was finally able to make eye contact with him!

Wendy held his gaze, falling silent in mid sentence. She was smiling, her lips parted slightly as she looked into his eyes. She glanced down at his mouth as she leaned forward a little, all but forcing his hand. He leaned towards her and kissed her softly, pulling her upper lip outward a little. He pulled back for a second, as this turn of events sunk in. This woman was incredibly beautiful. Her face was as pretty as they come. He had to have more. He kissed her again, this time a little harder. He felt her mouth open and his tongue darted inside.

She reached up with her hand and held the back of his head as she sent her own tongue into his mouth. Their lips were smacking loudly as their kiss became more passionate, and their breathing was growing laborious. When she felt his hand land on her thigh, tingles shot up her body. She returned the favor, placing her hand on his thigh and squeezing it excitedly.

Hesitantly, still intimidated pendik escort by her beauty, Danny ran his hand up her thigh over her jeans. Her pussy buzzed like crazy when she felt his hand approach. He wouldn’t touch her, though. As soon as his hand got close, he moved it away, caressing back down her thigh to her knee. Again Wendy took matters into her own hands. Her small hand reached up to his crotch and traced the bulge that was apparent there. This was the ultimate “go” signal for him. He slid his hand back up the inside of her thigh until it cupped her pussy through the denim. As his tongue darted far into her mouth, his hand rubbed her sensitive crotch.

“Mmmmph!” She moaned into his mouth as bolts of pleasure shot up her body. Her hand gently squeezed his manhood through his jeans as she subtly writhed her cunt against his hand.

He could feel her tongue rub against his as her hand rubbed his hardness up and down slowly. He put more pressure on her pussy through her pants, rubbing it just a little harder. She was kissing him sloppily, eagerly as his hand manipulated her horny cunt. She was disappointed when she felt his hand leave her crotch. He slowly slid it up her body, feeling her warm, soft belly below her crop top. She felt him grow even harder in her hand as his hand slid over her large, firm breast over her shirt. He squeezed it gently and she sighed in his mouth. He felt her nipple harder through the material of her bra and shirt. He had never before felt such a firm, perfect breast! He kissed her a little harder as he slid his hand back down her body. It went down between her legs again, rubbing her needy pussy over her pants. Tingles shot up her body when she felt his fingers undo her button and slowly slide down her zipper.

Wendy was again disappointed when she felt his hand slide back up her body, this time sliding underneath her shirt. After cupping her breast over her bra for a moment, Danny slipped his hand underneath. He felt her bare breast for the first time, and it was fantastic! It was so firm, yet so soft. Her nipple was a rock hard nub in the palm of his hand as he squeezed her tit gently.

“Ohhhh…” she sighed, breaking the kiss, briefly. As she kissed him again, her nimble fingers scrambled to undo the button and fly on his jeans. She had them undone in no time, and her hand immediately dove into his underwear. He felt her fingers wrap around his hard organ, and she pulled it partway out. Their lips were smacking loudly as she slowly stroked his mighty pole. She was squirming in her seat beside him as she pictured him sliding that fat cock inside her needy pussy.

He kneaded her breast erotically as his tongue danced against hers. He slid his hand out of her bra and back down her body, almost eagerly sliding it into her panties. He could feel what must have been a thin line of pubic hair marking the trail to her treasure, and then he felt silky wetness. She moaned into his mouth as she felt his fingers trail gently down the moist sensitive lips of her vagina. She kissed him a little harder as she felt his fingers slowly run up and down her needy slit. When he dipped a finger into her snug tunnel, he felt her hand grip his manhood a little more tightly.

“Mmmmm…” she sighed into his mouth excitedly. With a couple of little pecks, Wendy gradually broke the kiss. Danny looked into her beautiful brown eyes and could see nothing but lust in them. He pulled his finger out of her tight cunt, and his hand out of her pants, as he watched her bend down towards his lap.

Wendy pulled his dick further out into the open as her face approached. He looked down at the back of her head as he felt her tongue lightly lap at the sensitive crown. He sucked in his breath, still not believing the events that have transpired. She held his manhood straight up into the air and tilted her head to the side, tongue darting out. She slowly licked from the base of his dick, all the way up the taut skin of his shaft. Her tongue circled just underneath the mushroom head of his penis. His hand softly stroked up and down her back over her shirt as she ran her lips over the top of his member. She sucked the top of his cock into her warm mouth.

He sighed, slowly running his hand over her body and underneath her, cupping her soft breast over her shirt. As she slid her lips down the sensitive shaft of his manhood, he gently squeezed her breast. When he did so, he could feel her mouth suck inward on his dick, and he couldn’t help but allow a moan to escape. Wendy cupped Danny’s balls as she slowly ran her lips up and down his shaft. ‘Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!’ She sucked hungrily on his pole as his hand kneaded her tit. ‘Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!’ The slurping noises grew louder as her blowjob grew more intense. She slid her lips all the way down to the base of his penis, and held him there for a moment, her mouth warming its entirety. She slowly slid her lips back up, her tongue teasing over the top as she did so. When she reached the top, she pulled him out of her mouth with a ‘pop’. He lifted her head up by her chin with his hand gently, looking into maltepe escort her pretty dark eyes. He kissed her passionately, his tongue immediately darting into her mouth. After only a few seconds, she broke the kiss.

“This would be more comfortable in your bed.” She said, breathing laboriously. He nodded, smiling a little, still not believing. He slipped his hard cock back into his underwear, but his pants remained open as they stood up. He put his arms around her and pulled her close. He bent to kiss her, and she eagerly opened her mouth for him, feeling his hardness pressing against her stomach. His hands slid down to her ass over her jeans and each locked onto a soft cheek, squeezing it passionately. As he kissed her, Danny wanted to realize a fantasy. He desperately wanted to touch Wendy’s bare ass! A simple desire, to be sure, and only the tip of the iceberg…but he had stared at that gorgeous bum so often that touching it would be realizing a fantasy.

Her button and fly were still down, so he knew her jeans would be loose enough. He caressed his hands up over her ass and slid them back down into her jeans. He slid them into what he immediately identified as silk panties, and cradled her wonderful ass with both hands. He squeezed her cheeks roughly, pulling her closer to him as they kissed even more urgently. They weren’t getting any closer to the bed, though, so Wendy began to slowly back him up. He took the hint and swung her around roughly, backing her up. In no time she was at the foot of his bed, still kissing him. Danny had his hands on the sides of her exposed stomach, just beneath her crop top. He slowly slid his hands up her body, taking her shirt with them. He pulled them up over her breasts, exposing her black bra. She broke the kiss and raised her arms, allowing him to pull her top off. He dropped it on the floor, growing even harder at the sight of this beautiful woman before him in her bra. Her wonderful tits were straining against that bra, and she was looking at him with lust in her eyes.

He leaned forward and kissed her hard, pushing her back onto the bed in the process. He lay beside her, his lips still pressed against hers as his hand caressed her soft, taut belly. Their lips smacked loudly as he trailed his fingers all around her stomach, teasing over her belly button. He kissed her hard again as he brought his hand up to her breast, squeezing it gently over her bra. Thrills shot up her body when she felt his hand leave her breast, and slide back down her stomach. This time it didn’t stop until it slipped into her panties. He felt the wisps of pubic hair slide under his hand as he searched for her treasure. She gasped in his mouth at the same time that he felt the hot moistness of her needy slit. He slid his middle finger into her steamy cunt, and he savored the feeling of her tight little pussy gripping his digit to the second knuckle.

”Mmmm…” she moaned into his mouth as she felt his finger probe the inside of her sensitive cunt. She felt it slowly slide in and out of her, and she could feel every micrometer of it gliding along the walls of her pussy. She began to subtly writhe her crotch up against his hand, as she sent her tongue even further into his mouth. His strong hand was pressed against her clit, and the incidental rubbing that he was doing to it added to wonderful sensation of his finger inside her. Within a couple of minutes, he had her on the verge of an orgasm!

Danny loved how crazy she was going as his finger eased in and out of her sopping wet tightness. She was rubbing her cunt against his hand a little more urgently, and her tongue was dancing all around his mouth. Eventually, she just couldn’t take any more! He had her on the verge of orgasm for a few minutes now, but his finger just was not enough to push her over that edge. She had to stop the torture. She rolled onto her side, breaking the kiss. She began to kiss down his neck to his chest, forcing him to slide his hand out of her panties and jeans. He watched as Wendy briefly sucked his nipple, before kissing on down his stomach. Her hands grabbed his jeans and underwear, and she tugged eagerly.

He was more than happy to raise his ass up off the bed and allow her to slide his clothes down his legs, completely freeing his rock hard manhood. She pulled them off his feet, taking his socks off with them, and suddenly he was completely naked for his former landlord.

She looked up his naked body to where his cock was sticking straight upward, and she slowly crawled up the bed towards it. She grabbed his white penis in her tanned hand and held it upward as her tongue snaked out. She slowly licked from the base of his organ up to the top. When she reached the mushroom head, her eyes locked on his. He watched her beautiful lips part and slowly absorb him inside. When she had him all the way in her mouth, she held him there for a moment, taking in his look of bliss. Then she went nuts. That’s the only way to describe the blowjob that Wendy gave him. She went absolutely crazy on his knob. She pulled his dick most of the way out of her mouth, and then shoved kartal escort it back in hungrily. Lightening quick, her lips slid up and down his manhood. ‘Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!’ She sucked loudly on Danny’s penis, and the slurps could be heard throughout the entire apartment. ‘Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!’

It got to the point where he didn’t think he could hold out much longer. Sensing this, Wendy pulled his cock out of her mouth with an audible ‘pop’. She smiled up at him. She crawled up the bed and as she did so, he slid his hand down her smooth back and into her loosened jeans. His hand slid straight into her panties and held her soft, smooth ass as her lips searched for his. He kissed her passionately, squeezing her ass cheek as her hand grabbed his pole. He rolled her back onto her back, his hands grabbing her jeans. He pulled downward and Wendy eagerly raised her ass off the bed. He slid them down her tanned, sexy legs, revealing her silk, purple panties. She quickly pulled a foot out of them, not caring that she turned them inside out. He took her sock off with them, and then focused on her other leg. After some trouble, he finally ripped them inside out off her leg, grabbing her sock off that one, as well. She had small, pretty feet, he noted, and her toenails were painted a chestnut brown. He slid his right hand up the outside of her smooth leg as he crawled up between her legs. She reached up and put her arms around his neck, pulling him down on top of her. His lips were on hers, and he felt her feet slide up his bare legs as her tongue shot into his mouth. Their lips smacked loudly, and they were breathing laboriously as he grinded against her. She was very conscious of his hard pole pressing against her thinly protected cunt, and each rub against it sent bolts of pleasure firing up her body. Her hands were caressing up and down his back as she grinded upward as if trying to suck him inside her through her panties. He broke the kiss and began kissing over her soft cheek towards her ear. He sucked her earlobe into his mouth briefly before releasing it.

Danny began to kiss down her neck to her chest. As he kissed down her chest, he raised his body up off of her a little, and she suddenly lost the sensation of that hard pole of his rubbing against her. He reached up with his hand and grabbed her bra strap as she reached down between them and grabbed his dick. He could hear her gasping for breath above him as he slowly slipped her bra strap down off her shoulder. Her hand squeezed his cock a little harder as he slowly pulled the cup of her bra down off her breast. His heart was beating faster as he slowly exposed his former landlord’s beautiful tit. She didn’t have any tan lines, and her brownish red areola surrounded a very hard nipple. This was Wendy’s tit! He still couldn’t believe he was doing this!

He bent and lightly licked at the tiny nub, and she ran both hands through his short hair, urging him on. He softly sucked the nipple into his mouth, his other hand reaching up and grasping her other breast, squeezing it over her bra. He released her nipple, kissing down the swell of her breast to her cleavage. He slipped the cup of her bra down off her other tit as he kissed and licked towards it. He watched as that nipple popped out of her bra, and his mouth quickly engulfed it. Wendy sighed, opening her sexy legs even wider around him as her cunt buzzed like crazy.

Danny began to kiss down her smooth, tanned belly, briefly sucking the skin around her belly button. She didn’t think she could be any wetter! As he kissed closer and closer to the top of her panties, he could smell the strong scent of her arousal. He slowly, gently kissed down the silk of her dark purple panties. He kissed her pussy lips over the wet material, and she shuddered as bolts of lightning fired up her body. He could taste her through the silk, and her wonderful flavor had his cock throbbing with desire. He kissed the inside of her soft thigh, sucking her smooth skin in his mouth a little. He kissed the inside of her other thigh, this time a little closer to her crotch. She was quivering beneath him, desperately needing him to attend to her aching pussy. He kissed the top of her thigh, immediately beside her panties. He kissed her swollen lips over her silk panties again, and she twitched a little. He then placed his mouth overtop the wet material and began to open and close his mouth, rubbing his lips up and down her sensitive slit as he did so. She reached down with one hand and held the back of his head, subtly writhing her crotch up off the bed and into his face.

He sucked her panties into his mouth, taking her pussy lips along with them. He sucked gently on everything that he held trapped between his lips, and the resulting sensation caused her to gasp. She looked down at him between her thighs, turned on by the sight of his mouth over her crotch. Danny finally released her, lifting up a little from between her legs. He brought his hand up between her thighs and placed his fingers at the side of her panties. He slipped them under the elastic a little, and then slowly pulled them to one side. Bit by bit, he was revealing more of her smooth tanned skin. Dark pink, swollen lips were revealed next – pressed tightly together, quivering a little. He had found her treasure! He was finally staring at the lips of Wendy’s vagina!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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