My Brothers’ Little Hideaway

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I grew up in a big family. My parents had both been married several times. My mom had two daughters from her first marriage, a son from her second marriage and me from her third marriage. Her third husband passed away before I was born and she married my dad. It was his fifth marriage. He had two sons from his first marriage. No children from his second and third marriage, two daughters from his fourth marriage and then he and mom had a son together after me. All in all there were 9 children living under the same roof so there was never a quiet moment.

Being the second youngest it wasn’t long before I started seeing my siblings go off to college, get jobs, get married and we soon moved to a smaller house. My story begins the day after my graduation from high school. The whole clan had descended on our little town and we’d had a fantastic graduation party. The next morning my mom was having a breakfast party in the backyard before everybody headed off home again. I’d been out partying with my friends all night, but I dragged myself out of bed, put on a pair of jeans cut-offs and a bikini bra and went outside.

When I got out there was nowhere left to sit so my oldest brother Dan jokingly pulled me down on his lap and bounced me just like he’d always done when I was a little girl. My tits had grown a lot in the last year. I now wore a 34D bra so there was a lot bouncing. I could feel Dan’s eyes on my tits in the bikini bra and he bounced me a bit more. Suddenly I felt something hard against my thigh and it scared me a little, but Dan had put his arm over my thighs so I was stuck in his lap and I didn’t want to create a scene. I looked up and looked straight into the eyes of Nick, my second oldest brother and he gave me a wry smile.

Soon the food was brought out and I escaped Dan’s lap and ended up sitting on the grass with my nieces and nephews. It was a good morning and then everybody started getting into their cars to drive home. The only people left at home at the end of the day were me, my third oldest brother Tom – who’d just finished his junior year in college, my youngest brother Sam and of course mom and dad. We were spending a quiet family evening together when the phone rang. Dad answered and I soon realised that it was one of my brothers. When he’d hung up dad came up to me.

“Jenny,” he said. “That was Dan on the phone. He’s thought about what we were discussing yesterday and he’s made some calls. A friend of his is willing to hire you for the summer.”

“Really?” I got really excited. I was going to become a nurse and all my training for that career would take place in our little town so I’d been begging mom and dad to let me go and work in the city for a couple of months, but they didn’t want to let me go on my own. Last night he’d asked Dan and Nick, who both lived in a city 200 miles from home, if they could help and Dan had obviously delivered.

“Will she be staying with Dan and Michelle?” my mom asked. “There’s not a lot of spare room in their house with three kids and another one on the way.”

“No,” dad replied. “Dan and Nick own that apartment building that they inherited from their mom. Apparently someone just moved out and the new tenant won’t move in until September and you’ll be back here to go to nursing school then.”

“Oh dad,” I said excitedly and hugged him. “Thank you so much for this. It’s gonna be great!”

“Thank your brothers instead,” he smiled and hugged me back. “They arranged it all.”

“What kind of a job is it?” my mom was the first one to think about practicalities.

“Dan said it was filling in for some secretaries while they go on their summer vacations. They just need an extra hand in the office.”

I thought it sounded great. I’d helped my dad out several times in the past so secretarial work was something I knew how to do. And then after 5 p.m. the city was mine to discover. My parents didn’t know this, but I was intent on losing my virginity that summer. I was entering the adult world so I wanted to experience adult pleasures. I was very relieved that I wasn’t going to be staying with either of my brothers. They were both married with kids and hanging out with them every evening would seriously cramp my style.

Two days later I packed my things in my car and drove off. I reached Dan’s house in the early afternoon and his wife gave me the key to my apartment and told me that Dan and Nick would be over after work that evening. I stopped by the store to pick up some essentials and then I arrived at the apartment building. It was pretty non-descript as far as apartment buildings go, but it had a tenants’ car park and it was fairly central. What more could I ask for?

It was a hot day so I was only wearing a t-shirt and shorts. My bra was feeling uncomfortable so I pulled it off as I was unloading the car. My tits were big, but still very firm, so I could quite happily walk around braless. I couldn’t help but wonder who’d decorated the apartment. The only bedroom was dominated by a huge cast iron bed and it was decorated in dark pinks and reds. The living room had a huge beylikdüzü escort fake animal skin rug in front of the TV stand and the couch was big and very soft. Again the room was decorated in very dark colours. The only reprieve was the tiny little kitchen that was all white and functional, but it was so small that two people could only just squeeze in there. I didn’t mind though. I thought I might offer to pain the place as a thank you for letting me stay there for free, but then again maybe I wouldn’t.

I met two other tenants that afternoon and they all looked at me in a funny way. I was wondering if it was obvious that I was a small town girl, or if I’d grown a big spot, or maybe they’d never seen a girl with big boobs without a bra before. Nick and Dan showed up in the evening and they hugged me and welcomed me. They decided to take me out for dinner so I had to change into something other than shorts. All the doors in the apartment had windows so I made them promise not to look when I went into the bedroom to change. I pulled on a bra again and a short cotton dress. They smiled when I came back.

“You looked better without a bra,” Dan said and I blushed. It felt weird to have my brother speak to me in that way.

Nick broke the silence a couple of seconds later. “Alright. Let’s get going. I’m hungry.”

We had a fantastic dinner and when they dropped me back at the apartment I asked them when I was starting my new job. They told me that I was starting in the morning. When I asked where my office was they told me that they’d be there for me at 10 in the morning and we’d talk about everything then. I thought it was a bit late, but I figured I wasn’t needed at the office yet so maybe it would be OK to come in a bit late the first day, to give people a chance to get the urgent stuff out of the way before I came.

The next morning I’d just showered when the doorbell rang. It was still only 9.30 so I was surprised to see my brothers there. They smiled and came inside; both casually dressed even though it was a workday.

“I wasn’t expecting you this early,” I said and pulled my towel tighter around myself. “If I’d known I would have been ready sooner.”

“You’re already ready, sis,” Dan whispered as he kissed my cheek and hugged me tight.

“Yes, you’re perfect,” Nick added. “Ready to start working?”

I didn’t understand what was going on. My hair was wet and I was wearing a towel. I told them this.

“She’s right,” Dan said to Nick. “She can’t work while wearing a towel.”

I was glad someone was seeing sense.

“You’re absolutely right,” Nick replied and with a quick movement he’d pulled the towel off me.

I stood naked in front of my brothers. The nipples on my d-cup tits went stiff and I could feel my 5’8 frame shivering under their gazes. They both seemed to note that I shaved my pussy, something I’d started doing just before this summer since I’d decided it was time to lose my virginity.

“What are you doing?” I shrieked. “Give that back.”

Dan pulled me into his arms and held me firmly in place. “As we said, you don’t need the towel – or any clothes – for what we want you to do this summer.”

I was nearly sobbing now. I regretted coming here and I just wanted to go home again. “What do you want from me?”

Nick came up and cupped my tits. “I thought it was obvious. We want your young, luscious body.”

“But what about the office job?”

“There is no office job. We invented it to get dad to agree to let you come here.” Dan smiled against my skin as he nibbled my neck.

“Our previous mistress graduated from college last week and moved out. We thought you’d be a delightful solution for the summer?” Nick leaned forward and kissed my erect nipples.

“Your previous mistress?” I couldn’t believe it. They seemed so devoted to their wives.

“Yes, this is our charity apartment,” Dan said. “We let a beautiful young girl live here rent free in return for sexual favours. This summer you’re the lucky one.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. And I couldn’t believe how my body was betraying me. I could feel it responding to Nick’s gentle teasing of my tits and Dan’s bulge that was pressing against my back. “But what if I don’t want to be the lucky one?”

“Oh you will,” Nick smiled. “By the end of today you’ll be begging us for more.”

I was amazed by his confidence in his skills as a lover.

“Now are you going to behave if I let you go?” Dan asked and I nodded my head.

Dan let me go and I moved to pick up the towel from the floor, but Nick put his foot on it. “Rule number one, sis. You are always naked when we’re in the apartment.”

“Unless we give you something special to wear,” Dan filled in.

I assumed the towel didn’t qualify under that rule.

“Now, undress us,” Nick commanded and I could tell that he meant business. I pulled off Nick’s shirt and unbuckled his jeans. I pulled his jeans down and was fascinated by the bulge in his shorts. He stepped out of his shoes and jeans and I beyoğlu escort moved on to Dan and did the same. They were both standing before me in their boxers.

“You seem to have forgotten something,” Dan said and I took a deep breath and pulled down their shorts. I gasped at the size of their cocks that were not yet fully erect.

“Do you play with yourself?” Nick asked and I didn’t need to answer, my blush was enough to give my secret away.

“Lie down on the rug and show us how you play with yourself,” Dan told me as my brothers went to sit down on the couch.

I took a deep breath and lay down on the rug. I felt so vulnerable. I closed my eyes and parted my legs. I let my fingers slide inside my snatch which was really wet. I was more excited by this development than I cared to admit. I ran my finger up and down my wet slit, touching my clit and then letting a finger slide into my tight cunt. I started sliding it in and out while my other hand caressed my tits.

“Two fingers,” Dan shouted out. “Stick two fingers inside that wet cunt.”

I did as I was told. I started finger fucking myself with two fingers. I started moaning. It felt so good to be pumping in and out of my wet cunt. I’d masturbated a lot before, but never in front of anyone, and my brothers’ eyes on my body were turning me on even more. Soon I felt that familiar shiver and I came, bathing my hand in my juices.

“Come here, sis,” Nick said to me and I walked up to him. He took my hand and sucked my juices off one finger. Then Dan sucked them off the other finger. They smiled at me and I gasped at the sight of their raging erections. I’d never seen hard cocks in my life and their massive 8 and 9 inch rods were thicker than my wrist. There was no way they were going to get those in my tight little hole.

Dan pulled me down on his lap and sucked on my tit. “That was wonderful. It got me and Nick in the right mood. Have you ever tasted a cock before?”

I shook my head. They made me get on my knees between the two of them and take one cock in each hand. I couldn’t reach around them completely. They told me to taste their cocks so I started licking the shiny head of Nick’s cock while my hand moved up and down Dan’s cock. Then I licked Dan’s cock head while jerking Nick. Dan encouraged me to put his cock in my mouth so I opened my lips and let is slide in and rest on my tongue. I could hear on his moan that he liked being in my mouth. Then I slid off it again and did the same to Nick. Nick pressed my head down further until his cock reached the back of my throat, causing a gagging reflection that he seemed to enjoy. Dan commanded me back to his cock where he did the same thing.

“Mmmm… you’re a great cock sucker, sis,” Nick said.

“Yeah, you’re a natural,” Dan added. “I can’t wait to cum inside your sweet mouth, but now we’ve got more important business. That cunt juice was delicious, I want to try some more.”

They got up and took me to the bed. I lay down and Nick and Dan pulled my legs apart. They smiled at the sight of my wet snatch.

“A shaved young snatch is such a turn-on,” Dan said and placed a kiss on my pussy lips.

Dan pulled my pussy lips apart and Nick ran his finger down the wet opening. He inserted a finger inside my cunt.

“Oh Dan, she’s so tight!” he exclaimed in utter delight.

Dan inserted his finger even deeper and felt around, making me squirm with pleasure.

“Oh fucking yes! Our little sis is still a virgin.”

My brothers looked at each other. “Who gets the cherry?” Nick asked.

“Tough decision,” Dan admitted.

“I’ll let you have her cherry if I can eat her first and then have her mouth,” Nick suggested.

“Deal!” Dan shook Nick’s hand.

Nick kneeled between my legs and placed his face against my pussy. He licked my slit slowly and deliberately. He licked from my asshole up to my clit and back down again. In the meantime Dan straddled across my stomach and placed his thick cock between my tits. He squeezed my tits together and started moving himself back and forth. He told me to try to lick his cock.

Nick had now found my clit with his lips and he was sucking on it hard, flicking it with his tongue. I moaned out with delight. His mouth was so good on my pussy. Then he moved off my clit and started sliding his tongue into my hole. I could hear the slurping sounds as his tongue fucked my tight cunt.

Dan kept kneading my tits around his engorged cock and every now and then my tongue met it, tasting his salty precum. Nick’s tongue was fucking me fast and furious now, sliding in and out at an amazing speed. His nose hit my clit, sending waves of pleasure into the pit of my stomach. Then I couldn’t hold myself off. I cried out, wrapping my legs around Nick’s head and grinding my cunt against his face.

When I’d stopped cumming Dan stepped off me and Nick moved up and kissed me deeply. I could taste my juices on his lips and devoured him. Dan moved between my legs and started running his cock up and down my dripping slit. I was soon wanting bomonti escort more and moved my hips against him. He knew that I was ready so he laughed and placed my legs across his shoulders. He placed his cock head against my slit and slowly pressed forward until his entire cock head was inside, opening me wider than I’d ever imagined possible. When I’d adjusted to his size he pressed in a bit further.

Nick moved up to my face, straddled it and pressed his cock against my lips. I opened my lips and he slid inside. As I was concentrating on fitting Nick’s cock in my mouth I felt Dan pull out a bit and then without warning he rammed himself inside me, ripping my hymen apart. I cried out against Nick’s cock. I was in such pain. Dan’s cock was ripping my cunt apart. Nick started moving his hips, fucking my mouth and I could feel his veins against my tongue. Then before I knew it, Dan started rocking in and out of my cunt and it wasn’t hurting anymore.

I was moaning around Nicks cock. Dan was leaning against me, pulling at my tits. He’d picked up the pace now. He was fucking me faster and faster, slamming into my clit each time. His long deliberate strokes filled my cunt completely. I moaned my pleasure around Nick’s cock and he just fucked my mouth even deeper. I could feel my orgasm building up inside me. It started in my stomach and slowly moved to my cunt, when I finally exploded my whole body shook and my cunt gripped Dan’s cock so tight and convulsed around him. My screams of pleasure were muffled by Nick’s cock.

My brothers didn’t waste any time. They hadn’t cum yet so they pulled out of me, moved me on my hands and knees and again I felt Dan’s cock sliding inside me. He was coming from behind this time, making it even deeper, being able to fuck me even harder. He slammed into me, making wet squish sounds every time his balls hit my clit. Nick was no slower. He started fucking my mouth again. He held my head by the hair and was sliding in and out, all the way down my throat every time. The constant pounding from both directions made my tits bounce freely.

I couldn’t believe what was happening. I’d been wanting to lose my virginity, but I could never have imagined that my big brothers’ juicy cocks would be doing the job. I also never knew how good it was to get fucked. Dan reached across and caressed my tits as he shafted my cunt. My juices were leaking out of my pussy and running down the inside of my thighs. My moans were muted by Nick’s cock. I wanted to stay like that forever.

But nothing that good will last forever. My body finally betrayed me and gave into the pleasure induced by my brothers’ wonderful cocks. I started shivering, then shaking and before I knew it I was convulsing, my cunt gripping Dan’s cock hard and my screams surrounding Nick’s cock in my mouth. That proved to be it for Nick. He groaned louder and louder and then he grabbed a tight hold of my hair to make sure he shot the entirety of his load straight down my throat. I could only swallow, which seemed to make him cum even harder.

As my cunt was tightening around Dan’s cock and I swallowed my first cum Dan let out a roar and shoved himself as deep inside my cunt as he could get, his balls squashed against my clit and he shot his first load inside me.

Nick was the first to move. He pulled out of my mouth and let me lick the last of his cum off his cock. Then Dan pulled out of my cunt and I could feel his cum trickling down my thighs along with my own juices. They lay back on the bed and pulled me between them.

“You have an awesome cunt, sis,” Dan said and bit and sucked on a nipple.

“Was she really tight?” Nick asked.

“The tightest I’ve had for a long time.”

“I can’t wait to feel it,” Nick kissed me on the lips. “But I have to go and get some work done.”

“Me too,” Dan admitted.

“Let’s meet back here at 3 for some more fun with little sis,” Dan suggested to Nick.

Then they were gone. They told me to clean myself off and be naked and ready for more fucking when they came back. I listened to them leave and I started getting weird feelings. I’d just fucked my brothers. Not just that. I’d loved fucking my brothers. My mind may be telling me that it was wrong, but my body betrayed me. My body wanted nothing more than to be filled by those lovely cocks again.

I cleaned myself off and decided to go for a run. When I came back I ran into another tenant downstairs.

“So you’re the new whore in the brothel?” she asked.

“What do you mean?” I answered.

“That apartment, the walls are paper thin. We all know that the girls who’ve lived there never pay any rent. We can hear what’s going on.”

“You’ve got it wrong,” I tried to defend myself. “The landlords are my brothers. That’s why I stay here rent-free.”

“Those girls are always their sisters…” the woman said and closed the door behind her.

It suddenly dawned on me. My two oldest sisters Debbie and Joanne had both lived here for a while during or after college. I didn’t think Carrie and Sue had lived here. Carrie had married her algebra teacher straight after graduation and caused a big scandal and Sue had moved to her mom on the west coast to go to college there. But three out of five were enough. My twisted brothers loved to fuck their sisters and had set up this place for no other purpose. It made me wet to think about it.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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