My Incestuous Story Ch. 01

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Female Ejaculation

A few readers want to know about me and if the stories I write in the Incest / Taboo category have any basis in my own experience. Most of the situations are contrived but the stories are not all fantasies. So here’s how it actually happened for me, pretty much. My memory of events over forty years ago are as vivid today as they ever were. I did embellish a few things to make the story flow and more interesting. I also changed the names and places should any readers actually have known me.


It was the summer of 1971 and I just graduated High School and turned eighteen. I had planned on spending the summer at home on Long Island but when I had an awful break-up with my girlfriend, my mother suggested I spend the summer with the family at the cabin in the Catskills like we had done since I was a small child. It was probably a good idea since I would have most likely wasted the summer hanging out in bars, the drinking age in New York then was still eighteen, and getting in trouble.

My parents had rented the same cabin by a lake for years. My father took a two week vacation at the beginning of the summer, after which it was always my mother, sister and me during the week with my father spending the weekends for the remainder of the summer. My father was very conservative and from what I suspected, a philanderer. I’m sure he enjoyed his freedom during the week those summers.

I don’t think my father’s fooling around really bothered my mother. She embraced the Feminist movement and seemed very content not having my father around. Though she never burned her bras, she rarely wore one when my father wasn’t around. My mother was a strong, confident and sexy woman. She was the model for the woman I would eventually want to marry, though I confess I had some sexual yearnings for her which were sometimes hard to conceal, especially when she walked around the cabin scantily dressed.

My sister, Lisa, was finishing her first year of college and decided that she was also going to spend the summer with us at the cabin. Lisa had embraced my mother’s feminism and was a free soul. I had seen the pictures of Lisa and her boyfriend from a couple of years ago dancing naked at Woodstock. She inherited my mother’s curvy, vivacious body with her large firm breasts and perfectly rounded butt. What really had me aroused from those pictures was her thick sandy blonde bush. I imagined my mother’s was the same.

The first Sunday evening after my father left for our home on Long Island, my mother, Lisa and I went for a walk down by the lake. The air was thick with humidity. We sat down on a sandy patch along the shore of the lake.

“So, what caused the break-up with Susan?” Lisa asked me.

“We were at an after-prom party. We drank practically all night long,” I explained. “After a while I started to doze off. When I woke up, Susan wasn’t around so I went to look for her,” I told them. “I found her in one of the bedrooms in the house fucking my friend Joey.”

“Oh my god, that’s awful,” Lisa exclaimed.

“The worst part about it,” I went on. “Was that she insisted all along that we were going to save doing that until we were certain we were going to get married.”

“So, the bitch would fuck another guy while holding out on you?” Lisa commented.

“I always assumed you guys were having sex,” my mother said. “It sure sounded like it when you guys were alone in your room.”

My mother was never prudish about sex when we were growing up although my father was. If he was not around it was alright for me to have a girl in my room, and same for Lisa having a boy in her room.

“Well, you know, we were making out and touching each other,” I said timidly. “She always jerked me off. A couple of times she gave me a blowjob but we never did the thing,” I explained.

“Are you still a virgin?” Lisa asked with a giggle.

“No,” I said almost embarrassed. “There was that girl I met here a couple of summers ago,” I told them.

It was still very warm that evening, the humidity keeping the temperature up. I decided it was better for me to change the subject, not go any further into my sex life, or lack of it, so I asked Lisa about college. I was interested about campus life since I was going to attend the same school in the fall.

“God, I’m sweating,” Lisa stated. “Let’s cool off with a dip in the lake.”

“Ok,” I said getting up and starting to head back to the cabin to change into my swim trunks.

“Where are you going?” my mother asked. I turned around to see that both my mother and sister were taking off their clothes. “Let’s all go skinny dipping,” she said.

I stared at my mother’s large breasts and started to get aroused. My cock twitching in my shorts.

“Don’t be such a prude like your father,” my mother said. “Get over here and join us.”

I watched as my sister shook her butt as she waded into the water. My mother wasn’t going to have me not join them. She pulled my t-shirt over my head and then went to unfasten by shorts. My naked mom beşiktaş türbanlı escort knelt down in front of me and pulled my shorts and underwear down. My cock sprang loose pointing straight up in the air. My mother looked up at me and smiled. I stepped out of my shorts and ran into the lake, trying to hide my embarrassment.

Lisa began teasing me trying to reach and get a hold of my swollen penis. I felt like I was about to die from the torment. My mother just looked on and seemed to be chuckling inside. Lisa stopped going for my cock and grabbed my hand, placing it on her right breast. I tried pulling my hand away but Lisa held it firmly on her.

“Don’t you want to feel my nice titties?” Lisa laughed. “You can play with them if you want,” she teased. I did want to play with her gorgeous, large firm tits. I just was confused and embarrassed, I didn’t know how to react.

“Ok,” my mother said a bit sternly. “Leave your brother alone. Can’t you see how uncomfortable he is?”

We splashed around for a few more minutes keeping my distance from my sister. We got out of the lake and made our way to a large boulder where we sat down to drip dry, not having a towel. At least my cock had begun to deflate and hung semi soft despite being so close to my naked sister and mother. I tried not to look at them.

It was difficult to really dry off in the humidity but we managed to at least enough to be able to get back in our clothes. We walked back to the cabin where we sat around and drank a couple of beers.

The cabin had only two bedrooms. My parents were in one and I had to share one with my sister. Since we had been coming here, spending our summers for years, it seemed natural for us to share a room. But that night it seemed a little awkward after what happened at the lake. Usually I would lay awake until I could see that Lisa had fallen asleep before I would masturbate. That night, however, I went to bed with a raging hard-on that begged to be satisfied.

“You know you don’t have to wait until I fall asleep to take care of that,” Lisa said pointing to the tent in the sheet. “And you don’t have to be embarrassed,” she said.

I didn’t know how to respond so I just looked at her.

“Look, let me help you with that,” Lisa said getting out of bed pulling her night gown off. She sat down on my bed, naked, and pulled the sheet back revealing my throbbing erection. Lisa dribbled a little saliva on the head of my cock and started swirling her fingers around it.

“You have a really nice penis,” she said while stroking me. “I’ve seen a few and yours is by far the nicest one so far.”

It took only a minute before I was shooting ropes of cum in the air, splashing down on my chest and belly.

“Nice,” my sister cooed. Then she stood up, walked out to the bathroom and returned with a warm wet washcloth. She nonchalantly cleaned my mess off of me, put her nightgown back on and went back to bed. “Hope that helps you sleep better,” she said.


My mom, sister and I were sitting around the table eating breakfast the following morning. Nobody said anything about the night before, either the lake or my sister giving me a hand job.

“Do either of you have any plans for today?” my mother asked me and my sister.

“I was going to take a ride over to Newburgh,” Lisa piped up. “There’s a rally to clean up the Hudson. A couple of my friends from school are going to be there,” she explained.

“I don’t have anything planned,” I said.

“Good, Billy,” mom said. “You can help me with the shopping. We should stock up for the week,” she said to me.

An hour later we were driving into town to pick up some groceries. We also stocked up on beer and wine. On the way back to the cabin my mother put me on the spot.

“Are you a little frustrated, Billy?” she asked. “I mean sexually?”

What a thing to ask. What was my mother getting at. I looked at her forlornly.

“What I mean Billy, is that you have been visibly upset since you broke up with Susan,” she said. “Now that we know why, I was wondering if for some reason you are feeling inadequate,” my mother explained.

“I, uh, don’t know,” I said to my mother. “I don’t really have much experience sexually,” I confessed.

“That’s alright, Billy,” my mother consoled. “You know you shouldn’t have been embarrassed getting an erection last night at the lake,” she said. “It was a natural reaction. And I might say you have a very nice looking penis,” she added.

“That’s what Lisa said,” I offered without thinking.

“She did?” mom blurted out. “What else did she say?” my mother inquired.

“She said it was the nicest one she’s seen,” I told her.

“Well, it certainly is a lot nicer looking than your father’s,” my mother stated. “When did she say that to you?” my mother dug deeper.

“Last night when we went to bed,” I told her.

“Anything else about last night you want to share with me?” she said glancing over at me.

“Lisa beşiktaş ucuz escort gave me a hand job,” I confessed.

“Did you enjoy it?” my mother asked.

“I guess I needed it,” I was opening up more now. I was starting to feel more comfortable talking with my mom about sex. She had a way about putting me at ease. “I came really fast,” I told her.

“That’s alright,” she said. “You are probably all pent up and frustrated. I’m glad Lisa helped you out. Maybe the two of us can help you get over some of your anxieties this summer.”

I had no idea what she meant by that.

We put away the groceries and sat down outside on the deck and drank a beer. My mother then stood up and sat down on the lounge chair with me. She pulled her top off showing me her large, luscious breasts.

“You know Billy,” she started out saying. “Women’s breasts are sensitive, especially the nipples. I love it when they are rubbed and pinched lightly,” she said. “Will you feel them for me?” she asked.

I was a little nervous touching my mother’s tits but they were so inviting. I felt the soft skin and hardened nipple protruding from her pink areolas.

“That feels so good,” my mother cooed. “I wish your father would do that for me,” she said as I continued to enjoy feeling her globes, my cock stiffening as I did.

“Your father doesn’t know how to treat a woman,” she went on. “He just likes to stick his dick in a cunt and get off, not caring how the woman feels,” she lamented. “Do you want to suck on them?” mom asked rubbing my groin, squeezing my erection through the materiel of my shorts.

“Oh yes,” I answered.

“Let’s go inside where we can be more comfortable,” my mother said. She took me by the hand and led me her bedroom. When we got there she stopped and gave me a kiss. Her lips were soft and warm against mine. She parted mine with her tongue, slowly entering my mouth. I never felt this kind of passion in a kiss before. It wasn’t hurried or sloppy.

My mother went to help me out of my shorts and briefs, freeing my throbbing cock, just like she had done the night before by the lake. Only now she licked the pre-cum off the tip of my cock. Then she went to lick my balls.

A few licks up and down my shaft got me to a point where I felt I was about to explode. I did when my mother wrapped her lips around my rod and went down all the way. I was out of control, shooting streams of cum down my mother’s throat.

“I’m sorry,” I said as she continued to suck every bit from my cock.

“Oh baby,” my mom said. “I like that. I like the taste of cum. I like to feel it splashing on my throat.”

She stood up and finished undressing me, tugging my shirt over my head. Then she undressed herself. I gazed at her sandy blonde bush. She took my hand and had me feel it.

“Doesn’t that feel nice and soft?” she asked rhetorically while I was rubbing her mound. “Billy,” she said. “I am going to teach you how to treat a woman.”

My mother pulled the sheet down on the bed and gestured me to lie down with her. Once again she began kissing me passionately while I rubbed her dampening vulva. My mother was gently playing with my balls and stroking my quickly revived cock.

“Take your time, baby” she said. “Kiss me and caress me all over.”

I kissed her neck which sent shivers through her body. She moaned lightly. I went down to suck on her tit while my hand caressed the other one.

“Oh, oh, oh,” my mother moaned as I feasted on her breasts. “Bite me gently,” she instructed. “Oh yes,” she called out as I did. My mother was having an orgasm simply from my ravishing her breasts, sucking and biting on her nipples.

“Have you ever tasted a woman’s sex?” my mother asked.

“No,” I told her truthfully. One time I attempted to go down on Susan but she stopped me.

My mother spread her legs wide. “Start licking around my thighs,” she instructed. I could smell her warm musky pussy as I kissed and licked my around pelvic area. My tongue delighted at the taste of her creamy juice when I ran it up and down her slit.

Mom reached down and spread her lips, touching her protruding swollen knob. “See my swollen clit?” she asked as her finger rubbed it. “Lick me there,” she said to me.

“Oh god, yes,” she screamed as her pelvis bucked, my tongue pressed against her clit, her fluids gushing out covering my face. “Oh god. That was a wonderful orgasm Billy,” she said as her body gently shook. I looked at her face and saw an expression I had never seen in a woman before. I had never given a woman an orgasm before.

“Lay down on your back Billy,” my mother directed. I did with my cock standing straight up. Mom straddled me and took my cock in her hand to guide it into her dripping wet pussy. I felt the head of my cock slipping into my mother has she slowly lowered herself on me.

“Damn that feels good,” she cried out as she totally engulfed my shaft. I could feel her tight muscles gripping my cock. beşiktaş üniversiteli escort My mother began riding up and down on my shaft, her breasts bouncing. I could feel my cock touch her cervix has she slammed down on me.

My mother started rocking back and forth, grinding her pelvis against mine. I felt her numerous orgasms as she gushed her cum coating my balls. Mom leaned forward, her tits pressed against my chest. She took my head in her hands and pulled me in for a huge passionate kiss.

“Roll me over,” she said. “Stay inside me.”

I followed her instruction and was now on top of her. Instinctively I began pumping my cock in and out. Mom’s moans got increasingly louder. I felt my balls tighten. I was about to cum so I pulled out just like I had done the other two times in my life with the girl by the lake.

“No baby,” my mother cried. “Cum in me. Please cum in me,” she pleaded. I thrust my cock back in her and pumped five streams of my cum into my screaming mother. It felt amazing. I collapsed on the bed beside her.

“Billy,” she said to me with a smile. “You were wonderful. I really needed that. I haven’t been able to orgasm like that in years with your father,” my mother confessed.

“I’ve never felt anything like that,” I said to her.

We laid in bed for another hour just lightly touching each other and kissing.


“What’s going on here?” Lisa asked. “You’re not the same Billy I left this morning,” she said looking at me while we lounged around the deck drinking wine. “And there’s something different about you too, mom,” she stated emphatically.

I looked over at my mother who was grinning devilishly. Could Lisa sense what we’ve been up to? Neither mom nor I replied to her.

Later that night when we went to bed Lisa came over to me and sat on the edge of my bed. She pulled my top sheet down revealing my semi flaccid penis.

“Did you and mom make love?” she asked accusingly. “Don’t lie to me. I can tell. Both of you have been sexually frustrated and now when I come home this evening both of you act unusually content.”

I couldn’t believe my sister’s insight. Has she been paying that close attention to us? Lisa started fondling my cock and balls and I was becoming aroused again.

“I saw the way mom looked at you last night at the lake,” Lisa said. “I know she was lusting after you,” my sister went on. “I could tell because I was too. I was looking at your beautiful penis and fantasizing how nice that would feel inside me,” she confessed.

At this point I didn’t know what to do. I had a full blown erection now.

“Mom seduced you, didn’t she?” Lisa was becoming insistent I should confess. I shook my head ‘yes.’

“Well, fuck me,” she said. “What about me?”

I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know what to do. Lisa pulled off her night gown and started fingering herself with one hand and stroking my cock with her other one.

“You better tell me all about it,” she insisted.

I did. Blow by blow. Lisa was obviously being turned on by my recounting of our mother’s and my sexual adventure earlier in the day. Her eyes were almost closed and her vaginal fluid was pouring out of her leaving a large wet spot on my sheet. When I got to the part about mom straddling me and lowering herself on my cock, Lisa stopped fingering herself and looked at me glaringly. Next thing I knew she was climbing on top of me in bed doing exactly what our mother did early this afternoon.

“Holy fuck,” she screamed as she was really tight and my cock stretched the lining of her vagina. Lisa rode me with more vigor and energy than mom had. And she was very tight. It was several minutes before I once again couldn’t control myself and exploded inside her.

“Oh Fuck, Fuck YEA,” she screamed, her vaginal muscles clenching my draining cock. Lisa collapsed on me, hugging me and panting. I could feel her heartbeat racing as her chest laid on mine.

“Do you think we woke mom?” she asked me after catching her breath.

“I don’t see how we couldn’t have,” I told my sister.


Mom was making pancakes for breakfast when I sat down at the table for breakfast. She said good morning to me without any hint that something was unusual. Lisa also acted cheery. I might have expected to find the elephant in the room, but it was non-existent. We ate our pancakes and drank our coffee as if nothing happened the day and night before.

“Billy, Lisa, I know we should have a family discussion,” my mother spoke to my sister and me. “Let’s do that later this afternoon. I already reserved to rent a Sunfish for today so we can go sailing around the lake.”

A Sunfish was a small sailboat that could seat a maximum of four people. It was easy to handle and perfect for the lake. Motorized boats were not allowed on the lake which was small, about two miles long and maybe three-quarters of a mile wide. We have been sailing around the lake in these small boats for years and it was always a fun family activity.

My mother wore her typical conservative one-piece bathing suit, probably because my father would not allow her to be seen in public in a bikini. Lisa, on the other hand, wore a very revealing bikini, one that showed a considerable amount of her gorgeous butt. As we sailed around the lake we would stop occasionally to cool off with a dip in the water.

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