My Journal Ch. 01

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Day 1

I turn 19 tomorrow. I am home from college since it is the summer. I am an average student, and I am doing some minor summer jobs related to pass the time and earn some money. I guess you could say I am kind of nerdy because I love computers and technology, and I don’t go out drinking and partying all the time. I am not ugly though. In fact, I am usually seen as quite attractive by the opposite sex. I am 6 feet tall with short brown hair and blue eyes. I keep myself pretty fit.

I live with my mom and my two younger sisters. My mom is 40, and she has black hair and brown eyes. She is average height and average weight, but my friends always tease me about her most noticeable feature: her large perky breasts. My sisters are a year younger than me – 18. They are twins, but not identical. Kayla is a redhead with blue eyes. Jessi is a brunette with green eyes. They are both shorter than me. They are slim, yet tough and athletic. They play volleyball.

My sisters love to parade around the house in skimpy clothing or underwear. They do it just to tease me. Sometimes, after a shower, Kayla will just put on a towel and come into the living room while I am watching the television. She will stand right in front of the TV and pretend to be looking for something. She always has some excuse like… “I am looking for my hairbrush.” She makes a point to bend over very slowly when searching under tables for the particular lost item of the day.

I am a horny 19 year old guy, so of course this kind of stuff makes me hard, but I would never act on these urges. Also, I know they are just teasing me. They WANT to frustrate me, so I do my best to not let it get to me. I also haven’t had as much of a sex drive lately for some reason, so it is not as big of a problem as it otherwise would be.

Oh… there’s one other thing, but I am pretty sure it is no big deal. beylikdüzü escort ( At least I hope not) I have been waking up with strange feelings. My cock often feels sore, but I can’t figure out the reason why. I researched this on the Internet, and it seems I have the symptoms of a rash, but I am almost positive that is NOT what this is.

Day 2

It is my birthday, but it feels like any other day. I don’t think anyone even remembered it was my birthday. I slept until noon today, I am a very deep sleeper. I love sleep. Sometimes going to sleep is my favorite part of the day. I always feel so refreshed and I almost always have quite pleasant dreams.

Today was a boring weekend day, and nothing really exciting happened. I called some friends, chatted online, and did some chores. Mom made turkey sandwiches for lunch. Then, I watched some stand-up comedy on the TV.

I decided to go to bed early. Because of this, I probably didn’t sleep as deeply as usual. I woke up in the middle of the night, the bed was shaking. It was scary. I rubbed my eyes then opened them to see what was happening. I was SHOCKED! Jessi was naked and stroking my cock!! I looked to my left and saw that Kayla was also naked! She was bouncing up and down as she fondled Jessi’s breast and masturbated with her free hand!

“HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!” I screamed. I tried to move, but I couldn’t. I was tied up. Kayla immediately covered my mouth with the hand that she was masturbating with, I could smell the scent of her pussy juices and it was strong. Despite my shock, I was seriously aroused and the scent from her hand only added to this.

I kept trying to speak, but her hand muffled all my sounds. I kept trying to move, but I was tied up and I could not do anything. “Relax birthday boy,” Jessi told me as she let go of my hard cock. “I am going to beyoğlu escort make you feel real good” she told me. She was not lying. She immediately placed her hands on my thighs and put her head down by my crotch.

She took my cock in her warm, wet mouth and started to suck me. She seemed very skilled, and her tongue worked all over my cock as she deep throated me. All I could say was “Holy Shit!” and “What the Fuck!”

I would not stop protesting, and Kayla told me “Shut the hell up bro and suck on these!” as she placed her amazing breasts in front of my face. I was stunned into silence and my eyes widened. I placed my lips on her right nipple and began to suck and lick at it. I started kissing and licking all over each of her breasts.

It wasn’t long before I came. “OHH GOD SIS!!!” I cried. The orgasm was very powerful! I was thrashing about and moaning loudly. I laid there panting; I was out of breath. I could not believe what just happened. After I regained control of my breathing, I yelled at them “You… you can’t!!”

They just gave devilish grins. “Why not?” they asked.

“You are my sisters! It is incest!” I told them. It all made sense now. My cock was sore in the mornings and my sex drive was gone because they have been doing sexual things to me in my sleep! “You have been doing this to me often, haven’t you!?!?” I accused them

“Do you know what will happen if you tell anybody?” they asked threateningly.

“n…no” I responded nervously and stuttered. Jessi got a knife out of a drawer and Kayla pulled out a strap-on dildo. Jessi started to give me little cuts on my shoulders, and Kayla turned on the vibrating strap-on and started to rub it on my hips and near my cock. “You wouldn’t dare!” I shouted.

“Hahahah!” they chuckled, “We’ll see about that, bro!” Jessi commented defiantly.

Kayla bomonti escort made a gesture to Jessi, and Jessi nodded then put the knife to my throat. “Don’t move or I will cut you!” they told me in a cold and serious tone. Kayla started to untie me. Jessi then told me to flip over onto my stomach. I did as I was told and they tied me up again.

Kayla put on the strap-on dildo and set it to vibrate at full speed. She then coated the dildo in her spit and she positioned herself behind me. She proceeded to take the virginity of my ass. “Mmmm” she moaned “nice and tight, just how I like it!”

She kept pushing it in until it was completely inside me. She then began to thrust in and out of me without giving one thought to my comfort. It was more than I could take and I started to get louder and louder with my screams. Jessi figured she had to put a stop to this.

She positioned herself in front of my head and spread her legs. She commanded me to eat her hairless pussy. She shoved herself against my mouth and I reluctantly began to lick her slit. “Ohhhh God!!” she moaned and pulled my hair “Fuck yes!”

I began licking her all over, coating her mound with my saliva. I started to suck on her clit and I could hear her moan. I started moaning too, to the rhythm of Kayla’s thrusting into my ass. Kayla started slapping my ass and my back, and I grunted into Jessi’s pussy every time she hit me.

I then pushed my tongue into Jessi’s hole as hard as I could. I sensed that they were both on the verge of orgasm, so I covered Jessi’s pussy with my mouth and I could feel her start contracting. I was sucking down all of her juices as I heard Kayla start to scream out in pleasure as she thrusted one last time into my ass very forcefully.

They got off the bed, and Kalya slapped my butt and told me “You have such a sexy ass bro!” She untied me and then said “Now don’t go anywhere hun.”

I told them “Screw that!” and I began to get out of bed. Jessi came over to me and pushed me onto my back and the tied me up again. They left the room laughing, leaving me tied up and lying there on my back completely nude and exposed.

(Continued in Chapter 2)

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