My Kind of Sunday Breakfast

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Big Tits

I can’t believe I’m in this beautiful hotel room overlooking the ocean with a charming, naked man lying on a bed in front of me. We met at a party last night and hit it off immediately.

We had enjoyed our own little party…a quickie before we crashed. I think the libations got the best of us.

I woke up before him. I still had my black, thigh-high stockings on. The rest of my lingerie was strewn somewhere in the room. He was sleeping naked on his side, back to me. I snuggled up closer to him, my breasts pressed against his back. My head rested on one of my arms, the other arm was around his waist. I was lightly rubbing his stomach. I loved to feel his skin. He began to stir and rolled over on his back. I tucked myself under his arm and kissed his neck. He began rubbing my back. My hand moved down to his penis and I began stroking it gently. He began to harden, I moved down a little and caressed his balls in my hand. His penis was engorged. I moved to my knees, pendik escort straddled him, and lowered myself onto him…slowly moving up and down, squeezing him, feeling wet, and turned on. His hands are around my waist, helping me move. I feel him cum.

“Good morning, babe,” I thought.

I slipped off of him and knelt next to his waist. He rolled back on to his stomach. He had complained about shoulder pain last night, so now that he was a bit more relaxed I thought I would indulge him with a massage.

I took the body oil off the nightstand, poured some in my hands and then rubbed my hands together to warm up the oil. First a light glide of the hands spreading oil over the entire back and warming the skin. I straddle him again. Then I lean over him, gently grasp each shoulder and begin to purposefully massage the muscles; the fingers over the top of the shoulder and thumbs along the back of the muscle. I keep one hand on the shoulder closest maltepe escort to me and move the other hand to his neck, rubbing the muscles on each side of his neck vertebrae; fingers on one side and thumb on the other.

Next, I use the oiled palms of my hands to warm the muscles around the shoulder blades and down either side of the spine. Covering the same area, I add a little more pressure with the base of my palms and then forearms. I use my thumbs to massage the small of his back then, still straddled, slide down the back of his legs. My wet tongue sensuously traces the crack between his butt cheeks and I slide down further to tease the bottom of his balls and tip of his penis peeking out between his legs.

I slid off the end of the bed but still had my hands on his leg. My hands moved back and forth on his left thigh and then up and down with my thumbs along his calf muscle. My hands slid up to his butt, across his balls and penis tip again then kartal escort to his other leg. This time back and forth on his right thigh and then up and down with my thumbs along his calf muscle.

I urged him to turn over on his back and pulled him down to the end of the bed. His legs were bent at the knee, hanging over the edge. I was kneeling between his legs. Rubbing him all over really turned me on, got my juices flowing again.

I rose up on my knees and put his hardened dick in my mouth…moved my head back and forth, massaged his balls with my tongue, then back on his penis. At the same time, I was pleasuring myself, stroking my clit, moving my fingers in and out of my pussy, the juices building, creating a delicious lubricant.

At this point, I couldn’t help myself. I climbed back on the bed and on top of him forcing his moistened stiff dick into my soft, wet pussy, slamming him fast and hard. We came together. Each of us relished the wave of ecstasy, then I fell off of him as he moaned and slid out of me wet and limp. We were both spent.

We both fell asleep for a little while. He was already awake when I woke up.

“I’m famished,” I said.

“Me, too,” he agreed. “Let’s eat in.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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