My Sexy Sarita

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Hi…My name is Abhinav Mishra and I am 21.Today I am going to tell you an unbelievable incident that took place with me 2 years ago. I feel my life fulfilled whenever I recap those memories…

Everybody during their teenage fantasise about someone to have sex with that person anyhow. Well I too had the same feeling towards a woman of 32. She lived in our apartment two story above my flat. I dreamt about different ways of seducing her but never ever thought that one day I would really fuck her as many times I wanted with her cooperation…

I am the only son of my parents. My dad is in real estate business and my mom is a housewife. Mom is an LIC agent but hardly works for it.

It all began when I saw her for the first time…I was 19 and was in 12th class…

One day, while returning from school, I entered directly to my house and there I saw a fair lady in blue transparent silk saree. My mom introduced her to me. She was little taller than me. Her boobs were greeting me namaste as both were joining so tightly forming a line in between her lowcut blouse. Her tummy was neither flat nor skinny. Her navel was exposed. It was so deep that half of my thumb would enter it completely. She had long legs with massive thighs and a perfectly round ass. Her figure was like a bottle of coke. She literally had the exact body of Aishwarya Rai at present.

We shook hands and she said “I am Sarita, nice to meet you.”

Her voice was so sexy that it gave an electric flow through my dick for a moment.

I said “nice to meet you too” still holding her hands. I wanted to hold it for long but… anyways I did a formal talk and came to know that she was a bank employee. She got transferred to our area. She was a widow and had no children.

While talking I was looking at her dark brown eyes though my whole focus was on her busty boobs… Her eyes were round and big like kajal aggarwal…

Very often she used to call me for buying her homely products and I never missed a chance to have her glance. I would think all possible ways to have an overall check out of her incredible body.

From school boys to middle aged men, everybody would madly check out her whenever she came out of her room or went outside.

Her butts always played see-saw while she walked. The ups and downs of her butt were like calling for a hug. Her boobs jumped a little everytime she patted the ground with her feet.

Whenever she returned from her work, even our innocent watchman who is Mr clean in our society would explore her body with his eyes and end up by focusing on her nice round butts.

She was aware of everything and she enjoyed it very much. Though almost everyone fantacised her, she was well respected in our society too…

Days passed and after about one and half month, my final exams completed and vacations started…

I had a lot of free time and my most of the time was spent in imagining my Sarita dancing nude, sitting on my face, sucking my dick deep throat and lot more…

I wondered if ever I would get a chance to fuck her, I would prefer only doggie style…Her asset is her curvy well shaped ass… her hubby died happily…I mean Cmon… nobody would pass away unsatisfied after having enjoyed that amazing ass…

I used to be at her home every weekends during her office leave. At her home she wears a polyster type nighty… The entire geography of her body could be studied from that. It was like she is wearing a whole wet nighty stuck to every curves and corner of her body. Her body movements made my heart and stomach to feel the butterflies…

We would do small talks and gossips in her kitchen while she was cooking…I asked about her husband looking at her stomach as the nighty made a perfect round groove at her belly…

She told me that her husband had an accident. “He was very much caring. He loved me so much more than anything in the world” she said.

I wondered who would not love this sex goddess? It was quite obvious for me anyway.

She continued describing her husband blah blah blah and I pretended like listening to her focusing on her boobs though looking straight into her eyes…

She continued and suddenly started crying. I didn’t know what to do at that time. I went close to her and tried to calm her down saying something relieving then suddenly, OMG!!… she hugged me… I became stiff like a statue…Her boobs squeezed into my chest and her nipple was poking mine…our stomach were kissing each other…

I gently patted my hands on her back… I could feel her bra strips…She kept on crying and hugged me tightly…I was silent and was enjoying her warm soft body… My nose was resting on her shoulder and my left cheek was touching her neck and her thin golden chain. The fragrance of her sweat on her neck was adding pleasure to the moment for me…

After 5 minutes she calmed down and apologized me for being awkward.

“No no!… its ok… please don’t be sorry…” I exclaimed…

Keeping my hand on her shoulder fethiye escort I said, “Everything just happens…we all are bound to live through it…just let it go and live your life…”

My dick was hard solid.

She smiled and thanked me…

Next morning I woke up dreaming about the incident that took place with me yesterday…

I was smiling with a deep sigh. My cock was greeting me a salute. I went to bathroom and made him sit down…

Days passed and on a sunday morning, She called me to buy her packet of milk as the milk man didn’t come that day…I bought the milk and went to the kitchen. She was massaging her head with fingers applying oil. Her boobs were bouncing terribly as I could see she has not worn bra inside.

I kept the milk in the refridgerator and went to her bathroom for peeing.My last drop fallen in the closet and I saw her undergarments hanging on the side wall.I took those in my hands, buried my face in them and took a deep breath. The aroma of her panties were more pleasant than the flowers printed on it.

Suddenly something striked in my mind…

What if I made a bathing video clip of my sexy Sarita? Is it possible? Why not? Atleast I should try…

I took out my smartphone, luckily it was full charged. I turned on the camera keeping it in silent mode and adjusted it on the ventilation window. The window was covered with dusty old clothes. I hid my phone inside it such that only the camera lens was visible if looked properly.

“What if I got caught?” I wondered. But my lust for her made me blind enough and motivated me strongly to do it anyway.

I came out of bathroom and she was coming towards me. Her nighty was wet from her chest to her belly. Her left nipple was clearly visible.

“I am going to take bath” she said. My heartbeats were beating faster as if someone was punching on my left chest repeatedily…

Just before I was going to ask her if I can stay here for today, she said “Abhi, will you please stay here for some time. A postman may be coming now, you please collect the mail for me as soon as I am taking bath…”

“Ya sure” I replied. What a dam good luck. Today is my day.. I wondered.

“Have some snacks from the fridge and watch T.V… I will join you after a quick bath…” She said.

I told her to take a long relaxing bath. I have plenty of time.

She pinched my nose and said “thank you sweetie”.

She entered the bathroom, closed the door. I was worried and nervous about what is going to happen next. Will she notice the camera lens? Her bath will be recorded or not?

I tried to look through the key hole but nothing was clear. I listened the sound inside. She was striping her clothes. I could clearly hear the tingling sound of her bangles. She started bathing. She was singing “bheegi bheegi sadako pe me…” my favourite song.

I came to T.V room sitting on a sofa feeling very nervous.

After about 20 minutes, she came out in a light brown nighty wiping out her hair.

I rushed into the bathroom and closed the door. I took my phone, switched it off and took a deep breath to relax myself. As I came out she asked me “what happened to you?”

I said I had to pee. It was urgent. She laughed at me and went to the TV room.

It was a treat for my eyes to look at her ass from behind walking. Those perfect round curvy butts were holding her nighty very tight.

I spent the whole day with her till night and my phone was still switched off.

We had dinner together. I thanked her for dinner. We wished goodnight eachother and I stepped down to my flat. I ran to my room, locked the door, switched off the lights and turned on my phone inside my blanket. My heartbeat again started riding like a horse.

I opened the gallery, played the recording and there… I saw the full nude body of my sex Godesss Sarita. Video was crystal clear and was in proper frame. It was from top left angle so I could see her boobs and ass both together.

Her dark brown nipples on the white boobs were like indicator lights. Her underarms were clean shaved but her pussy was covered with bushy curly pubic hairs. The golden chain lying between her fair wet boobs looked dam sexy. Her nude body was like Zareen khan. During bathing she poked her fingers inside every hole in her body. She turned round about 4 times. It was a 18 minutes video…

From then that video was like food to me. I watch it during waking up, at noon time, at tea time and before sleeping. Every time I watched it, it gave me a different pleasure. It may be because I made it by myself. I never got bored by watching it so many times…

Things were going like this, everything was normal between me and her. One evening as usual I was sitting with her at her home teasing each other for fun. While talking, she tied her hair with both her hands back. It lifted up both her elbows which stretched her milky boobs forward. It chocked my heart for a moment. My hands were starving to press those fleshy large boobies.

I lost my escort fethiye control. I intended to hug her, but suddenly her phone rang. She rushed towards her phone and was talking. I scolded myself. What I was doing. I should control myself.

She was talking so I was just looking here and there. I entered her bedroom. Room had fragrance of rose.

There was a PC on the table. I opened the drawer And I was shocked… I saw some adult magazines. Full of dirty stories, erotic pics and phrases.

Well it was a normal thing I thought. She is single and young. She too have sexual desires. I was just about to leave my room but there she is!!… standing behind me, looking desperately at me…

“I am sorry… I was looking for a pen, I didn’t mean to look at your personal stuff” I explained with stammering. Actually I was not aware of what I was saying.

She stood silent, not knowing how to react or respond. I turned down my head. Her pallu was transparent. Her navel was clearly visible. I was staring so deeply on her navel. I wish I could smell it and lick it.

She went away without saying anything. As she turned around, her curvy round ass were waving at me.

I too escaped from there quietly…

For 2 days we didn’t meet as we both were uncomfortable facing eachother.

One day I was searching for my passbook, there in drawer of locker, I saw ID proof of my sexy Sarita.

She might have handed it to my mom for an insurance policy.

I never asked her about her age. She was born on 20/07/1982 I found it on her ID. She was 32 years old. As I calculated her age, something went up over my skin from my tummy to neck.

Then suddenly I was amazed… Her birthday is coming on this Sunday. I wanted to do something special for her. So I went to her room again to patch up everything.

I knocked the door twice. She opened the door, looked at me weirdly for a moment and then welcomed me smiling as if nothing has happened. I smiled back too and greeted her as normal.

She wore a light yellow nighty with white flowers on it. Her panty lining was visible at her bottom and her bra strips form behind. The sight of her ass from behind was a visual treat.

We sat on her dining table and talked a lot. We had some apples while talking.

I was constantly staring at her lips while talking. Apples made her lips wet and glossy. My tongue was begging to lick her apple flavoured juicy lips.

“What do you do at parties?” I asked her frankly.

“Well, we use to hangout and have some drink that’s it nothing more…” She said gracefully.

“You drink!!?” I over reacted.

She giggled and said “ya… what is the big deal in that? Almost every staff at my office drink. So at parties we obviously have some whisky and vodka…”

“Oh that’s great… I drink too occasionally…” I replied joyfully.

I heard my mom calling me shouting my name. I said her goodbye and left.

Then I waited for Sunday to come to give her a surprise at her birthday.

Finally the day has come. Today is Saturday and I was at my terrace waiting for my Sarita to come from work. It was 5:30 and there she comes. Her top view was also quiet seductive. Her curves could pull me down towards her.

I made a call to my mom and said that today I will be staying at my friend’s house for a party…

She agreed and I went to my friend’s house to pass time. Finally My watch showed me 11:30 and I went to buy some whisky and snacks.

My friend dropped me at my apartment and he went away. I reached 10 minutes earlier at her door and waited there. At sharp 12:00 am, I knocked her door. As she opened, I sang the birthday song…

She thanked me and gave me a warm hug… Oh my God!!… That feeling is not less than heaven to me.

I entered her room and shown her what I brought for her. She smiled happily and immediately set everything on the table.

“Time is so late. Your parents won’t say anything?” she asked.

“I took mom’s permission to party late night. Don’t worry.” I replied.

We were having peg slowly one by one and we both were making fun of eachother.

After having 4 pegs, she laughed unnecessarily saying stupid things.

I laughed with her too and asked suddenly “What were those magazines for?”

She paused. After a moment she said “Look dear, to be frank, I have desires too like any other woman.”

She added “I was very embarrassed that day when you looked at all those stuff. I should have hidden it properly.”

I said “Hey don’t worry about that. I understand. And it had not at all effected your impression on me. I know you are an awesome cool educated woman. Why don’t you wish for a second marriage? Any man would love to be with you.”

She said “I have applied for second marriage. So many proposals came but I didn’t liked anyone. Actually nobody can take the place of my husband. He was so much caring and loving.”

I said “You will surely get one. Wait for him to come. He will be very lucky to have you. You are well fethiye escort bayan natured with a decent job and very beautiful. You are an ideal wife for a man can imagine.”

She smiled and said “Thank you very much dear… Thank you for this treat. I always feel relaxed with you. You are so charming.”

We stared at each other’s eyes for a couple of minutes. I slowly moved my face towards her looking at her eyes. I gently kissed her soothing lips. I could feel her warm breath from her nose.

She closed her eyes and stayed calm. Her lips were sweet as straw berries and smooth as butterscotch.

I opened my mouth and grabbed her lips inside my mouth. I pulled my tongue into her mouth through her lips. My tongue first hit her upper teeth, then she opened her mouth and our tongue were sliding over each other. It tasted so good.

We were drunk and were high. We kissed passionately for about 5 minutes.

I pulled her lower lip with my teeth and then stopped. We again looked at each other. She was smiling. I grabbed her shoulders, stood her up and took her to the bedroom.

I was shivering very badly and my heartbeats were making sound of a running train.

She laid her on the bed and I kissed her again laying on her stomach. I slided my lips all over her face, ears, neck and shoulders repeatedly. She hugged me tightly rubbing her arms on my back.

I pressed her boobies from over her nighty. As usual, she didn’t wear bra. They were so soft and fleshy that it was like squeezing a hot wet sponge. I was driving my hands all over her body from her boobs, stomach, navel, the sensitive area, thighs and yes of course, her lovely round ass.

I took off my clothes within seconds. I was only on my jockey. I climbed on her, facing her and grabbed both her arms with mine and stretched her hands upwards. My chest pressed her boobs and my dick was lying just below her navel. She was still on her nighty.

I kissed her aggressively like animals. Running my hands from her arms to shoulder, I squeezed her boobs form over the nighty and pressed her underarms. Her underarms were wet which made my hands wet too while pressing those. From lips, I kissed her chin, neck, boob lining, stomach and reached her garam garam samosa… My hands slided from her underarms to side stomach and were holding her thighs from both sides.

I moved my hands down and lifted her nighty upwards to her knees, thighs, panty, navel till I could see her brownish nipples. Those were stiff and erect and her nipple rings were perfectly round like a coin.

I sucked her nipples left-right-left and wished if I had two mouths so that I could suck both her nipples together at a time. I moved down, reached her stomach and dug my tongue into her navel.

I licked, sucked and kissed her deep navel like it was a candy. I again moved down a little and rubbed my nose on her panty. I smelled it deeply closing my eyes. It was little wet at the bottom. I kissed on her sweaty panty. Then I holded her panty strips from both sides and gently pulled down till her knees.

Her pussy was covered with black curly bushy hairs. I liked it and smelled it again. The moment when my tongue touched her clit, her body vibrated for a second. Then I rigorously licked her hairy pussy and clitoris, she sounded ” eessssshh aaaaaaah haah”. She grabbed my hairs and pulled my head towards her cunt. I pulled down her panty from knees to foot and threw it away. She also put off her nighty lying on her neck and thrown under the bed. Now she was completely naked in front of me. I grabbed her both knees and stretched them aside which opened her pussy hole a little. Her clitoris, pussy lips, pubic hairs everything was clearly seen and was served for me tonight. I smooched her pussy lips and sucked her clitoris. While sucking, I moved my hands upwards and pinched both her tight nipples. She was moaning loudly.

It went for about 15 minutes. Then I moved my face upwards via her navel, stomach, boob valley and kissed her right neck. I kissed and licked all over her neck and shoulder. Our body parts were in a pair like my chest on her tits, stomach on stomach, my solid dick on her hot spot, thighs on thighs and foot on foot. She was drunk so her sweat had an alcoholic fragrance. The smell of her sweat were adding to my excitement. I rubbed my nose over her both tits and passionately had the smell of her both sweaty soft boobs. Her complete body was extremely hot and was covered with droplets of sweat. The aroma of her wet skin made me cruel and wild.

I took off my jockey and made her turn around. Her perfect round heart shaped ass was before me wihout any cloth on it. I was a big fan of her ass and my dick was saluting her ass. I hurrily grabbed her butt cheeks and buried my face into her butt line. I kissed all around her butt and played with it like a kid. I moved up and kissed her back neck grabbing her boobs from behind. My hard dick was sliding on her butt line.

After cuddling for about 20 minutes, I made her lay on her back as before. When she turned round, her boobs were dancing and shaking. I gave a light kiss at her left lower boob and turned my face down towards her thighs. Her face got trapped between my legs and my knees were close to her ears.

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