My Story Ch. 08

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It had been a good few weeks since I’d last met up with O. I’d been having so much naughty fun with Darius and, occasionally, involving H, that I was not sure if I had to use the services of O any more. Who am I kidding.

A small recap, O is an incredibly sexy, gay, black male escort in London that I had been meeting after I’d discovered my fascination and obsession with hung, black man and in particular, at first anyway, their huge black cocks. We’d originally met at his plush apartment in central London where he completely seduced me and although I had originally only wanted to suck some beautiful black, juicy cock, I ended up submitting to him totally and taking his full length inside me. We’d shared a very romantic night in a nice hotel that he recommended and he ended up making love to me that night and I was completely hooked on him. Another meeting fulfilled a massive fantasy of mine when we met at a gym he worked at. He gave me his own personal training session which led to us fucking in the gym sauna and again in the communal showers, all after hours of course, although, the way he had me feeling, I probably wouldn’t have minded had the gym been open and full of customers, I still would have submitted.

Safe to say, O had had a big impact on my life and in particular, my sex life as my sexual adventures had developed and adapted over the past couple of months leading to me meeting H and her hot, hung, black house mate, Darius. And we had had a lot of fun together. Read my previous chapters to discover the intimate details.

It was approaching Christmas and H had pulled a few extra shifts at work and so I’d once again been left at her place with the instructions, “just make yourself at home”. Darius was out for the night so I might actually be safe from any seduction attempts this evening, seduction attempts to which he massively excelled at. I was always on that ledge of submitting and he could always pull me over that ledge and have me fall head over heels in lust for him. Come to think of it, Darius and O had definitely made me question my sexuality over recent months. I don’t know if their magnificent black cocks had turned me gay, but I knew I could no longer consider myself straight. Was it bi-sexual? Did it even have a label? O had referred to me as a ‘stray’ previously which implies, straight-gay. All I know is that it just felt right and I was loving it. It was just sex, right? Absolutely mind blowing sex.

These were thoughts that consumed me when chubbing myself up and edging whilst watching black cock porn and sniffing poppers. How had it taken me so long to notice how attractive black cock is? The power and confidence of these two beautiful black men had led to me submitting completely to them and even having H witness it all, in all its glory, with Darius. And it left me just wanting more.

I’d been chilling at H’s place, switching between reading Literotica stories and watching black cock porn whilst relaxing and spreading out on H’s bed. I had a whole ritual, dimming the lights, propping myself up, poppers at hand. Safe to say, I was extremely horny on the night, which could go on to explain exactly what happened as the night developed.

Whilst making my way through suggested videos and stories and really edging and taking my time, I received a txt, completely out of the blue, from O.

O: I want you in my bed now!

Oh my god. This took me completely by surprise. I just looked at the txt for several minutes, trying to figure out how to reply or if to reply. O isn’t usually the first to initiate a conversation like this. I was horny and have to admit, I’d love to be in his bed too; getting to grips with his magnificent, black cock. Worshiping it, suckling and obeying it, submitting and bending completely for this hunk of a man. I replied,

Me: What would you do to me?

O replied almost immediately.

O: Devour you from head to toe.

Fuck, that image got me going. My horniness sky-rocketed.

Me: Mmmmmm…

I know it’s a lame reply but I wanted to see if he’d do some more ground work to really find out what he wanted.

O: I want to see you tonight!

Me: Oh, you do? (With a heart eyes emoji).

I was being flirty and was intrigued to know what he was thinking.

O: I’m calling you.

And with that, O face-timed me. I didn’t know what to do. This is the first time he’d ever facetimed me. I did not expect this. I panicked a little, trying to tidy the room up a bit, I didn’t know what I was doing actually. I propped myself up, made sure I looked OK in the mirror, and plucked up the courage to answer.

“Oh, urm. Hey.” I greeted him.

He appeared on face-time chat, top off, that chiseled chest on full show, looking very sexy and fuckable.

“Hi. So you fancy coming over or what?” O asked in his deep voice, sounding a little demanding. I liked it!

I had butterflies in my stomach. He actually wanted me to go to his? This close to Christmas? I almost felt a little honoured that he would think of me.

“Urmm, it’s a bit late, and I’m already in bed”. I attempted güvenilir bahis to play hard to get.

“Come on. We can have a Christmas drink together. I’ve even bought you a gift.” He panned his camera around and focused on a small gift wrapped box just lay on the edge of his bed. “But, hey. If you don’t want it…” He playfully teased.

“Oh, I like surprises,” I flirted. “But you didn’t have to buy me anything.” I felt like a dotting school girl with her first crush.

“I know I didn’t, but I wanted to. So you fancy that drink or what? I can send an Uber over.”

He was very insistent. After a little resistance, that even sounded unconvincing to me, I agreed and I txt him H’s address to send the Uber to.

I ran and jumped in the shower and got cleaned up and ready to head over. I hadn’t thought, what would H think when I’m not there in the morning? Fuck it, I’ll just send her a txt to say I couldn’t sleep so went home. This was too good an opportunity to see O, and he had initiated the meet, so I had to go over to see him, right?

I was feeling a little naughty and frisky, and probably still a little high from the poppers I’d been playing with. I had this delicious feeling that I wanted to be a little more feminine for him tonight. Maybe it was him buying me a gift, or him taking the initiative to invite me over, maybe because it was Christmas, I don’t know. I raided H’s pantie drawer to seek out a pair that would show off my round, pert ass for him. I slipped on a black, lacy number, hoping that O would approve when he saw them. I knew he liked me in panties from the second time we met, he had actually sent me suggestions on what style panties he would like me to wear for him. I had a split second thought; would H notice them missing? I’d have them back before she noticed, no problem.

The Uber arrived an hour later and took me to his place, a swanky apartment in London, near to the banks of the Thames. I was all of a sudden a little nervous again as O buzzed me in. Maybe it was just the effect he had on me but the familiar feelings of excitedness and nervousness consumed me.

O greeted me at the door looking as handsome and as hot as ever. Standing at 6’3″ and 95kgs, he was just perfect in every way. Rugged good looks, charm and charisma in abundance, a lean muscular frame and who can forget the 11 inch beautiful, black cock between his legs. I had to admit, I had missed him. He was dressed in some smart chinos and actually wearing a Christmas jumper for the occasion.

“Well good evening. Merry Christmas. You look good.” He greeted and pulled me in for a hug.

He was huge, bigger than I remembered and it had only been a few weeks.

“Hi handsome, I’ve missed you.” I replied, still a little nervous. I kissed him on the cheek and inhaled his intoxicating, sexy scent. That always got me going.

He led us into the living area and poured us two glasses of champagne. I was really pleased that it looked like he’d made a real effort inviting me around to his. The fire was on, there was a nice scent from the candles strategically placed around the room. It felt like quite a special occasion. Dare I say it, it actually felt like a little bit of a date night. I felt a sense of nervousness and a bit of pride that he would invite me on a date and I’d definitely landed the prom King, which made me think, does that make me the prom Queen?

We made small talk about how each other has been, what we had been doing since we last met, that sort of thing. Although, I couldn’t tell him everything, I did not know whether he’d be jealous of Darius seducing me and him and I hooking up. I decided not to mention it. I didn’t want it jeopordising our date night together.

We clinked our glasses again and O toasted Christmas and our special night together which I thought it was sweet. If he was trying to seduce me then it was working, but it never did take much for me to fall under his spell.

“Soooo, you want to see the gift I bought you?” He asked with a cheeky but confident smile. How could I resist?

“Oh, you didn’t have to. Thank you!” I replied as he handed me the small box he had showed me on facetime earlier that evening.

It was a small white box, around envelope size, with a red ribbon tied around it. The gift card said simply, “Merry Xmas, O.” He really had made an effort. I was excited. He suggested I opened the gift in the bathroom and directed me there. Ok, I was even more intrigued now.

I closed the door to the bathroom quietly and pulled at the small ribbon to untie the bow on top. I lifted the lid of the box to reveal white paper wrapping and lay on top, my favourite bottle of poppers. Nice, he knew me so well. I opened them to have a quick sniff and enjoyed the feeling of the warm rush wash over me. Wow, horniness just ramped up to 11. They were nice poppers, expensive as well from my experience. I pulled at the white paper wrapping to see what was hidden inside. I revealed a small bit of red silk as I pulled it out. It was silky and a little bit lacy and frilly. They were a sexy, very naughty pair türkçe bahis of bottomless panties, mainly red in colour with white, frilly tassels around the waistband and leg openings, especially made for Christmas. I could definitely be O’s Mrs Claus. They looked like they sat quite high on the hips, kind of like the bikini bottoms from Baywatch cut. I immediately thought, my ass is going to look great in these.

I wasted no time in stripping off, I was desperate to try these panties on. I hit the poppers again to pluck up my courage as I was was determined to exit this bathroom wearing nothing but these panties and a seductive smile. O was going to love them.

I put my clothes, including H’s panties in a pile in the corner and stepped into the legs, pulling my fresh, brand new panties up and making sure to pull them up high so that they hugged my round ass perfectly, to show off my assets for him. I checked myself in the mirror, examining how my ass looked in them. I only realised once they were on, the small diamonte opening at the back that would make for very easy access for whatever O had in mind. I raised up on my tippy toes to accentuate my leg and ass muscles. Perfect. I had one more hit of the poppers, feeling and enjoying that rush. I tucked the bottle into the waistband, something was telling me I’d need more of them as the night progressed.

I exited the bathroom and padded along the corridor to the living room, surprised to hear two voices coming from the room. I slowed down and peaked around the corner to see O and another black man sat on the couch, both with a glass of champagne in hand, quietly chatting.

O saw me peaking, “Come on in, come in, it’s fine. This is Gabe, a friend of mine from the gym.”

I pulled a face and sort of said ‘no’ with my eyes. I couldn’t go in just wearing these panties.

O approached me and took me by the hand “It’s okay, he’s a friend.” O led me into the room.

He paraded me onto a small rug in the centre of the room, leaning down to whisper in my ear and tell me how hot I was looking and that the panties fitted just perfect. I was incredibly nervous. He held me by the hand, encouraging me to do a little twirl for them. He aided my turn and also encouraged me in hitting some more poppers. It definitely helped.

O took the poppers from my hand and told me he’d take care of them and he handed me my flute of champagne. He sat down and left me standing.

“What’s going on?” I awkwardly whispered to O, in a small state of shock.

“It’s fine”, O whispered. “Just do your thing, you look amazing, so hot!”

“I can’t believe I’m doing this.” I murmured, nervously.

“Go ahead, model them for us, baby.” O encouraged gently.

Gabe sat at the other end of the sofa and I could feel his eyes watching me. I stood close to O, keeping a gentle hold of his hand. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I was so nervous, and incredibly shy. I didn’t know what to do or think. I sipped my champagne and giggled nervously.

“There’s no need to be bashful here.” Gabe said, trying to put me at ease.

“Don’t be shy baby, it’s okay.” O said, squeezing my hand.

He helped me turn around so that I was facing him, with my ass to Gabe. O slid his hand up the inside of my thigh, encouraging me to move. I found myself bending forward slightly, with my hands resting on O’s shoulders. O’s hands moved around to take a firm grip of my pantie clad ass cheeks. He groped me tenderly, squeezing my cheeks together before pulling them wide apart showing Gabe everything. I began moving my hips seductively, almost craving approval on these naughty, Mrs Claus, bottomless panties I was wearing for them. I was nervous but turned on to feel both these sexy black men’s eyes on me, drinking me in. I could sense the hunger and feel the tension and yearning in these dominant men. I swayed my hips seductively and occasionally glanced back over my shoulder at Gabe.

“What about your friend?” I whispered to O.

“Don’t worry about Gabe, he’s cool.” O replied.

“Yeah, don’t worry about me, you two do your thing.” Gabe interjected.

O gently held the poppers to my nose once more, instructing me to inhale deep. I did. I was so horny but this was not a situation I thought I’d find myself in tonight. O pulled me down to sit in his lap, his hand moving between my legs and he began kissing my neck. I couldn’t help but moan and spread my legs wider for him. He was very insistent. His fingers probed down between by legs, under my balls, rubbing my sensitive taint through my silky panties and gradually exploring and teasing further into my ass crack. O pulled me in and we kissed deep, making out on the sofa like high school lovers, my moans escaping into his mouth. I was like putty in his hands. He knew just how to work me.

He kept me high on the poppers and laid me back on the sofa with one leg straddling his to keep my legs spread wide open. My crotch aimed at Gabe so he could see everything. I held O tight as he continued to work his fingers up and down my ass crack, teasing me and making me want more. güvenilir bahis siteleri I heard Gabe shift on the couch and could feel his eyes burning into me as he witnessed O manhandle me. I looked him in the eyes, my moans escaping quietly, wordlessly imploring him to join in.

He watched us intently, with a hunger in his eyes. He moved across the couch to get closer to the action and I felt his hand on my thigh. He was testing me. This was the decision point. If I encouraged this, one thing would lead to the next and I’d be taking both of these hunky men. I can’t lie, it was a huge fantasy of mine, but I hadn’t thought this would happen tonight. I didn’t even foresee a meet with O at all just a couple of hours ago. Now things were progressing way too fast. Would I be able to handle it? As if O could sense my trepidation, he fed me more poppers and what inhibitions I had left, disappeared in that instant. This was going to happen.

Gabe’s hand slid up the inside of my thigh, pulling my other leg towards him, draping it over his thick thigh. His strong hand joining O’s in probing between my legs. It was ecstasy, having these two hunky men play with me like this, I was panting in lust, trying to spread my legs even wider to give them access to everything.

I don’t know which of them lubed me up but my ass crack was now slick with wetness. O one side and Gabe the other, I kissed O passionately, feeling them both exploring me. I couldn’t help but just lay back and pant and moan in pleasure and let them just tease and finger and play with me. Gabe would tease and rub my sensitive nipples, pinching them to hear me gasp and then lowering his lips to them to suck and lick them. I was in heaven. O’s fingers roamed around my tight pucker, just tapping his forefinger against me so we could hear how wet I was for them. I felt like I was on heat I was that overwhelmed with all these sensations engulfing me. I had to just submit to these two perfect black men and hand over all of my trust to them.

O kissed me and suggested we take this to the bedroom. He helped me to my feet as I was a bit unsteady when I stood up. I straightened my panties and wiped my mouth, I felt like such a naughty slut and I wanted more. O took me by the hand and led me up the stairs towards his bedroom, guiding me with a strong hand resting on my ass, his longest finger settling between my cheeks.

We kissed long and deep in the bedroom, gradually undressing his top half so I could see that fine specimen of a man. I couldn’t wait any longer. I slowly lowered to my knees, never breaking eye contact with him as I slid my hands down his tight torso, and tracing down over his bulge, taking him in and feeling his strength. O slowly unbuttoned his trousers and lowered them. I waited patiently, for his beautiful cock to spring free right in front of my face making me let out a hungry, lustful moan. I slid my hands up his thighs and reached up to take a hold of his impressive cock by the base. I held it to my nose inhaling his musky scent, another deep moan escaping my lips. I held it to my face and ran my nose up the entire length of the shaft, breathing him in. I’d missed that intoxicating scent.

I maintained eye contact with O and kissed the tip of his cock. That bulbous head, velvety and smooth on my lips.

“I’ve missed this cock. It’s so biiiiiig, it’s huge.” I exclaimed eagerly. “I’m in love with it.” I giggled, sheepishly.

I held it up and let the head drop onto my tongue before I accepted it into my mouth. I suckled on his shiny bell end, tasting his cock and thinking why I don’t do this more often. I need to. I stroked him into my mouth and sucked his cock with urgent desire. I ran the wet tip across my lips and lightly tapped it against my mouth spreading the saliva and precum. I worked my lips up and down the shaft, sucking him deeper, making me moan. Holding his muscular thighs as he rocked his hips back and forth to help me work his beautiful cock.

Gabe entered the room, unbuttoning his shirt to reveal his stocky torso. He packed a lot more muscle than O but was less lean, although still in incredible shape and looked hot and extremely strong. He stood next to O and loosened his belt on his trousers.

Sensing my hesitation, O encouraged me, “Just keep sucking baby, live out your fantasy.”

It had been an ultimate fantasy of mine and it was about to become reality. I knew I was going to get a lot more than I bargained for.

“I can’t believe you’re making me do this.” I said cheekily. Feeling like if I was being made to do it, I wouldn’t be classed as such a slut.

“I don’t see anything wrong.” Gabe pitched in and released a thick, manly dick from his trousers.

I groaned at the sight of it and reached up with my right hand to stroke him to full hardness. I felt his hand on my head as he stepped in closer, slowly turning my head so that O’s cock slipped from my mouth and was quickly replaced with Gabe’s. I moved my left hand to O’s cock to stroke him, I didn’t want to disappoint either of these two hunks. I was desperate to please them both. Gabe’s cock was thicker than O’s and a darker shade, I had to stretch my lips wider to accommodate him as he took control and nudged his cock head to the back of my throat making me choke a little as more saliva coated Gabe’s cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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