My Wife’s Trip

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Thank you for Hergasm for helping me correct the story.


She sat at the window watching the field passing by as the train rushed toward the little university town where she was heading for her research study. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the warm sun on her face.

The door opened and 4 young men walked in laughing noisily. They must have been in the dining section and were now just coming to find empty seats. There was a block of four unoccupied seats across her block. As they settled their luggage, one of them turned toward her and bobbed his head.

“Wonderful day, isn’t it?” he said.

“It is,” she replied and turned back toward the window.

3 of them sat down in their block, but the fellow talking to her earlier sat in her block.

“Name is Philippe,” he introduced himself and reached out his hand.

“Edit. Nice to meet you,” she replied politely as they shook hands.

His fingers gently grazed her hand before letting go.

“Nice, soft hands. I bet you are a professor at the university. We are heading there for our summer work as research assistants.

“Am I that old looking?” she said, pulling up one of her eyebrows.

“Oh, jumpy, aren’t we?” he retorted.

She held his gaze. It was young and strong. Piercing. She knew that look. She still remembered after a quarter of a century with her husband. That’s how he looked at her when they met the first time. She looked back at the window and let herself wander.

“Enjoy the trip,” he said and went to sit with his buddies. She looked back at him and smiled more to herself than to him.


She checked into the hotel and went up to her room. She was not thrilled that her room was right across from the elevator, it might be too noisy in the evenings, but it was not the end of world she hoped. Other than this inconvenience, it was the usual, double bed, TV on the commode, a small fridge, a wardrobe and the bathroom. However, this room was a bit different than the one she stayed in before, there was a large mirror on the wall right across the door.

As she stepped into the room she saw herself head to toe. She liked the look and she also felt amazing inside. 47 years old, slim MILF as they said. She always giggled when heard that word, in some way she found it naughty. She loved her life, her husband and daughter. Her husband loved her. She took care of her body well and she was happy with it, although she could see and feel her age, but she didn’t let it define her in any way. She was a researcher in the field that she was passionate about, they were not rich, but well financed, what else could she want?


Next morning she got up at 6am and after a quick warm up she went for a run in the nearby park. She loved running, alone, and the crisp air was a cherry on top. She saw somebody in the distant grassy opening doing Tai Chi type movements. The moves were elegant and gracious and they looked familiar to the movement she did almost every morning.

As she was getting closer she realized that it was the young stud from the train. What was he doing here? – she thought. Usually students are staying at cheaper accommodation.

Philippe also noticed her and he happened to be doing the bow and arrow exercise where with one hand he was holding an imaginary bow and pulling its string with the other. He shot the “arrow”. Turned almost 180 degrees toward her aiming at her and mimicking shooting by his finger letting the strings go.

She ducked from the invisible arrow, smiling inside.

He turned the other direction and another shot. When he turned back again he was aiming for her for longer and then shot it. She jumped high while running imitating avoiding the invisible arrow.

The third arrow she grabbed in the air and threw it to the ground. She was playing an amazon, she could do anything!

She run past him. 10 seconds later as she looked back she saw that he was aiming at her again. She stopped, threw her arms open and waited. He let the string go and she played that she was shot, dropping onto the grass, holding the arrow in her heart.

In a split of a second, she just jumped up and started running again waving to him couple of times, but not looking back. She was giggling inside. She didn’t know why, but this little interaction has made her day. Maybe the playfulness, maybe the connection with someone else in this foreign country. She felt one with the trees, the ground, the air. She was utterly happy.


Days passed with her usual routine. Morning exercise, shower, breakfast, walk to the university, research and meetings, walk back to the hotel, dinner, reading or studying and sleep. It was dreadful, not much joy, but she came here for work not for fun.

Couple of times she saw the young men from the train, but not Phillipe, not that she missed or cared about him, or anything. On her fourth day there, she literally ran into him at the university. They collided as she came out of the washroom rushing toward her next meeting and at the same time he was heading bursa escort for the men’s room. They bumped into each other right at the corner of the small hallway that lead to the washrooms. When they recovered from the shock, he started laughing and said:

“You need to stop stalking me. I’m not sure I can resist your advances on me much longer.”

“I can wrap you around my finger whenever I want to,” she said brazenly.

“Is this a threat or a promise?”

She didn’t answer just looked into his eyes and smiled. She has not been hit on her for a long time and the playfulness felt good. She remembered the feeling. Her husband pulled her leg sometimes funnily building sexual innuendo, but this was different. This was direct. There was a young man in front of her and he was hitting on her.

“See you later Mr Pray,” she said as she rushed away.

“It is a promise than,” he yelled after her.


Her meetings that day were difficult and by the time she got back to the hotel she was exhausted. The stress showed up in her upper back, she felt a knot under her left shoulder blade. After munching through some crackers and cheese, she sat down to read a book hoping that would take her mind off the daily activities. Soon enough she was entangled in the story about the French aristocracy and their politics, betrayals, and love affairs. She finished with a chapter about adultery that was unusually descriptive compared to other parts of the book. It left her slightly aroused.

She took a quick shower, brushed her teeth and called it a night. Even though she was tired sleep did not come easily. There was a buzzing in her that she could not place anywhere. Eventually the night took her.


She woke up. It was dark, very dark. She looked at the bedside clock and it showed 2am. Her head was foggy. There were slight noises, but nothing too loud. She tried to remember, maybe it was her dream, but couldn’t remember what it was.

Then she heard it. The sound of lovemaking very close. The familiar crackling sound of the bed. The heavy breath. All that was muffled by the sounds coming through the wall, but in the quiet of the night she could hear everything. The bed in the adjacent room must have been where her was just mirrored.

She knew she wouldn’t be able to fall asleep with these noises so close, so she decided to wait it out, dropped her head back on the pillow and listened. Whoever was on the other side of the wall was vocal.

“You feel amazing in me.”


“Oh, yes. That’s the spot. Oh, my god, yes.”


“Yes, yes,” she heard the woman yelp. Then just lots of heavy breathing.

“Fuck! The rubber broke,” the guy said.

“Do you have another one?”


“Oh, come on…”

She heard the door close and the sound of running from the hall. As that noise died down the moans were back. What is she doing? Is she masturbating while the guy is out trying to fetch a condom? In the same situation, she would be just lying there waiting, she would not play with herself. In fact, she didn’t even remember when was the last time she was in the need of self-pleasuring.

Her sex life was more than satisfactory and she never felt the need to play alone with herself. Her husband used to send her quotes, or images, encouraging her to play with herself, especially when she was away from home, but for her it was not the same. Much less actually. She liked to be devoured. She liked to be taken by a strong lover. Masturbation just didn’t cut it.

She heard the door open and close.

“The machine doesn’t work,” he stated.

“Fuck. I was looking forward something better than just my fingers. Do you want to 69?”

“Well, I’d like to finish somehow. Can’t I come into you without protection? I will pull out in time.”

“No. I’ve been burned. I’m all for sex, but it’s gotta be safe.”

Edit started laughing. This is exactly what her husband told her jokingly every time she went on a trip. “I’m all for sex, but it’s gotta be safe” Wait a sec. He used to put a condom in her bag. She jumped up, turned on the light and fumbled through her purse. There it was, in one of the little side pocket. She got her card for the door, left her room and she knocked on the neighbor’s door gently. No answer. In 10 seconds, she did it again.

The door opened a bit and the face of a twenty-something’s woman appeared. Without a word Edit held her hand out with the condom in it. She looked at it, and her face said; Who are you and how do you know? Then she got it. Smiled cutely, opened the door, stepped out stark naked, hugged Edit quickly, took the little package and she was a goner.

Edit was not prepared for the contact and just stood there for a second. As she was hugged, the thin layer of sweat on her body from love making transferred to her pajamas, her arms and her face wherever they touched. She headed back to her room and when lied down on her bed she still felt the faint smell of her. The pheromones were lingering in her nostrils. Quickly the original sound, that woke her, was back with full volume.

They didn’t last long and she came with quite a crescendo. A couple of minutes later there was a soft knock on the wall and a muffled thank you.

“You are welcome,” she said out loud.

Due to the strange circumstances sleepiness was gone from her eyes and she felt tingly. It was a confusing feeling. She could not put her finger on it. It was unfamiliar. Would this be arousal? It was not arousal in the usual sense. She never felt this with her husband. Would she be wet? She touched her panty covered pussy and it was soaked indeed.

She laughed, she felt like a teenager who just discovered her sex and was confused about her feelings.

She slipped one finger in her panties and hitting her clit felt amazing. She did couple of circles on it and was gasping for air.

“Oh, I need this,” she said out loud.

She pulled her panties off, spread her legs slightly and moved her fingers from her clit to her entrance and even beyond a bit. She felt really naughty.

“Feels amazing,” she whispered. Why was she vocal? She has never been vocal ever in her life? What was going on?

She kept rubbing up and down between her labia. There was no need for foreplay here, she was ready. With her other hand, she reached for her entrance and pushed in one finger while she kept rubbing her clit.

“Oh, my god,” whispered it, “Where are you my husband? I need you badly now.”

She kept circling her clit and moving in and out her other finger. Her orgasm was building quickly. She consciously brought an image into her mind. Her husband being above her, making love to her in a missionary position. She was melting. The sensation in her body was much less than when her hubby made love to her, but her mind was swimming in love.

She was breathing heavy now, being very close. As she was climaxing she heard the muffled sounds over the wall.

“Go for it. Come, come beautiful.”

She was lost in the post-orgasmic pleasure. Her mind drifted from image to image. There was her husband hugging her, kissing her, loving her. The naked girl from next door swam in and even Philippe appeared momentarily. She pushed them out of her mind. She just wanted her husband, but all three of them came back. She didn’t fight it any longer as she drifted off to sleep.


She woke up like she slept 10 hours and it was only 7am. She didn’t have enough time for the run she was planning, but she didn’t need it. She was ready for the day, although unusually she felt hungry. She headed for the hotel’s breakfast lounge.

As she was putting, some fruits, a hardboiled egg and some vegetables on her plate she felt the presence of someone behind her. She turned. It was Philippe.

“Good morning Mrs. Stalker,” he said smiling.

“Who is stalking who now?” Edit responded smiling ear to ear.

“Would you care joining us on this beautiful morning?” he asked pointing at his table where the girl from the neighboring room sat and waved at her.

She turned crimson red.

“Your embarrassment is so adorable,” he said quietly as he leaned toward her, “By the way, I wanted to express my gratitude for helping us out this morning. As I heard I missed your show though. I will regret that forever. Any chance I could attend live at the next one?”

If she was crimson red before she felt that she was beetroot now. She calmed herself. Looked at him and her and back at him.

“I accept the invitation. Thank you and you are welcome.”

He left her browsing for more food, but she was in a haze. How could she sit down with people who heard her masturbating? Not just heard, but encouraged her as she remembered.

Well life is interesting sometimes. She was sure that she will need to share this with her hubby. He would piss himself if she told this to him. Now she was smiling as she remembered; “I’m all for sex, but it’s gotta be safe”. She headed for their table.


“I’m Fiona,” she said as she stood up waiting for Edit to put her plates down.

“I’m Edit”

“I know,” said Fiona as she stepped closer and hugged her, “I know a lot about you. Mister here has the hots for you. He knows that you are working with the head professor on some not so public research. He knows that you are not from around, but he has not been able to figure out where you are from. Yet, he knows that you are playful, witty, you are emanating energy that would melt iron. Well, hell. I have hots for ya, although I don’t swing that way.”

“Oh, wow. Thank you, and I don’t swing that way either,” Edit responded.

“Wouldn’t mind sharing him though. If I can watch,” she said shrugging her shoulders and smiling wickedly.

This was not Edit’s usual morning small talk, however she felt that Fiona was absolutely sincere. She found her offer just as matter of fact like she was offering her to use her hairbrush. It was unsettling at least for Edit.

“I really appreciate your offer and thank you for your words. I’m just not used to this. I’ve been with my husband escort bursa for over 27 years and I love him dearly. I’ve been faithful to him during this time and I’m not planning to change that,” Edit said.

“Oh, sorry,” She said sincerely, “We misread you signals.”

“My signals?” Edit looked surprised.

“No ring, you had a condom on you, like you were open to the possibility of having a one-night stand. You were willing to help us out in our dire need. All of these point to, in my eyes, that you are available for a threesome,” she said hotly.

Edit looked down on her plate and smiled to herself.

“I guess you could read those like that. My hubby has been telling me for years “I’m all for sex, but it’s gotta be safe” and he’s been putting that condom in my purse. I just accepted as a silly innuendo from his part. When I heard, you say those words last night, I had an urge to help you guys. It was a call to me.”

“Funny guy. Would love to meet him one day,” Fiona said.

They ate and chatted about the university, and life in general. When it was time to leave, Fiona hugged Edit and whispered in her ear.

“If you change your mind we are here for you. From what you told us I believe your husband wouldn’t mind if you had a fling. Maybe you could even learn a thing or two and he could benefit. And thank you again for last night.”

“Thank you,” said Edit, “I enjoyed it too.”


The day turned out to be rather cold, windy and even rainy even though the forecast showed a warm and pleasant day in the morning. By the time Edit got back to the hotel she felt like a frozen ice cube. Her hands and feet were icy blocks and she shivered all over. She heard that there was sauna and she was determined to check it out.

She was lucky. It was turned on and nobody was inside. She didn’t know the local rules, but for her sauna was without bathing suits. She laid out her towel and lied down on it. It took more than 5 minutes before her limbs started to melt. Another 10 to start sweating, but after 20 minutes she had enough for the first session. She went out and showered with cold water. She wrapped herself in a second towel she brought with her and sat down to relax a bit in the lounge.

An older couple came into the lounge speaking some foreign language that she did not understand. They went into the sauna. In less than 10 minutes Edit started to cool down again and headed back for her second session. The folks inside were wrapped up so she asked if they were OK if she was naked. The woman said with broken English that they were fine.

As time passed the couple left and this time she really turned warm and mushy inside. Despite the cold day, she felt content and purring. Eventually she had enough and after another cold shower she headed back to her room to relax. In her room, she fell into her bed, covered her naked body with a warm blanket and in 2 minutes she was fast asleep regardless that it was hardly 6pm.


Knock! Knock! – There was a knock at the door.

She was shocked out of sleep by the loud sound and jumped up from the bed like she was lying on fire. Her heart was beating furiously from the adrenalin shock.

Knock! Knock! – sounded again

She felt like the knock was on the inside of her head and she just wanted it to stop or not repeat. The cold air reminded her about her nakedness, so she picked up the towel that she hung beside the door and she held it in place just above her breasts with her right arm and cracked the door open. There stood Fiona and Philippe wrapped into their towels steaming. They must have just come back from the sauna.

Fiona was holding her necklace in her hand.

“We found this in the sauna lounge on the floor. I remember seeing this on you in the morning. Is this yours?”

“Oh, yes,” Edit said. Opening the door further. She held the door in place with her left foot to be able to take the necklace. As she did so her left leg appeared from behind the towel hanging in front of her. Fiona looked at her leg.

“Did we just wake you up?” Fiona asked.

“She must have dozed off after the sauna. She is still naked,” Philippe said.

Both ladies looked at him. How could he know that she is naked? They saw that he was looking beyond Edit. They followed his gaze and as they did Edit needed to turn. To her horror, she saw her completely naked back, open legs and a bit of her side as well in the mirror on the wall. No matter what she did she was exposed. If she turned they would see her directly. She needed to get the door closed again. She let the door go with her foot, but Fiona’s hand reached out and kept it in place.

“Fiona!?” Edit yelped.

Fiona reached out and gently tugged on her towel. She didn’t let it go, she couldn’t. Fiona however did not want to remove it, she just lifted it away from her body exposing it. Her bare pussy was now on display.

It seemed that Fiona was determined to give the best view of her to Philippe. Edit was not happy about this, she did not consent to this. At the same time in the Sauna she was just naked with other people. Yet this was different, she felt that she was forced to do something against her own will.

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