Mystery Man Encounter

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Female Ejaculation

You are home alone one day and hear the doorbell ring. You go to the door, and there is a FedEx man delivering a package. You are bewildered, as you weren’t expecting anything. You open the door and sign for the package. Curious, you sit on the sofa and open the mystery package. On top, there is a single rose, an interesting, but nice touch from whoever. Underneath the rose you see a hot red leather mini-skirt, a red push up bra, a beautiful white blouse, a pair of red leather knee high boots, and a couple of other interesting items. There was a tube of bright red lipstick, a pair of lacy vibrating panties, a vibrating anal plug, and a bright red leather collar. Underneath all that is a pre-paid cell phone with a note.

The note is short and sweet. It just says be at the bar at the Hilton hotel Friday night at 8pm. Be all dressed out and take a seat at the bar and wait for my call. It was simply signed Secret Admirer. Secret Admirer? Then you remembered that was the screen name of someone you had been chatting with online. How did he know who I was? How did he know where I lived? Your mind was working overtime trying to figure that all out.

But you had been chatting for a couple of weeks, and you loved his letters, and really loved the outfit, and the thought of it all did get you just a bit wet, so you decided to have an adventure…you just weren’t sure what kind of adventure it would be.

Friday finally arrived. You tried to get your work done but your mind just kept drifting to that evening. You were nervous, very. . .but also excited. Your panties would get a bit moist every time you would think of it. You went home after you got off work and had a couple of hours to get ready. You took a long hot shower, washed your hair, shaved you pussy, then got out of the shower and started dressing. While you were naked you got some lube and put it on istanbul escort the plug then gently inserted in up in your ass. It took a minute to get used to it but you knew it was just part of the game. You put on your panties next, then the rest of the outfit, saving the collar for last. Once you had all the rest of your makeup on, you finished up with the red lipstick he had given you.

You leave in plenty of time to get to the hotel by 8 and walk in the bar about ten til. When you walk in you notice every eye in the place is staring at you. With your red outfit and lipstick. They can’t take their eyes off you. You order a drink and the cell phone rings at exactly 8pm. You answer and before you say anything he says Good Evening…I see you have done what you were told. Now go into the ladies room and take off your bra. Come back out with the top two buttons of your blouse unbuttoned. You leave and do as he says although it makes you just a bit uncomfortable as your nipples are hard as a rock, and you know people will be staring at you more…but at this point, you just don’t care.

You come back out and sit at the bar again. The phone rings again and he tells you to sit very still and not make one peep. You feel the vibrator in the butt plug go off. Sitting on the bar stool is pushing it up your ass even more. You want to scream out but remember your instructions. The phone rings again. He tell you this time you have done well, and that he is going to turn the panty vibrator on and he wants you to cum right there in the bar. He tells you again not to make a sound. You feel the vibrator buzzing right up against your clit. It is driving you crazy. You have been so horny the last few days thinking about the encounter it doesn’t take you long. He is watching you and sees you tense up, then relax, avcılar escort and he knows you exploded right there in the bar.

He calls again and tells you this time to go into the bathroom again and take your panties off. You do and come back in the bar. The phone rings again and he tells you he wants you to flash him. You wonder how you are going to do that but you pretend to drop something on the floor, then get off the bar stool to pick it up. Since you don’t know where he is you flash in several directions while you pretend to fumble picking your item off the floor.

He calls again…and again tells you what a good girl you have been. He tells you there is an envelope for you at the front desk. You go and get it and open it. There is a room key and another note telling you to go to room 815 and go in, and not to turn on any lights. You go up and go in and it is dark except one candle burning. You move in the room further and feel him come up from behind you and pushes you face down on the bed. With his weight on you can’t move very well. You feel him grab your arms and tie your wrists behind your back. First he ties one of your ankles to one corner of the bed, then the other ankle to the other corner. He then ties each of your wrists to the other two corners of the bed. Then more rope ties the dog collar to the bed frame as well. He wraps your eyes tight so you can’t see a thing.

You hear the sound of his zipper unzipping. You are getting wetter and wetter. You feel him lift up your skirt then feel his hot breath on your cunt. He licks your twat up and down and all around. He sucks on your cunt and on clit and licks up all the juices from when you came before. He fucks your slit with his tongue until you cum on his face. While you are cumming you feel his weight on you. Then you feel his stiff cock slide up your şirinevler escort wet, dripping pussy. He fucks you long, deep, and hard like an animal. Thrusting his cock deeper and deeper up in you. When he is close you feel him pull your butt plug out of your ass and spread your cheeks apart. He remembers from your conversations you had told him that getting fucked up your ass was not one of your favorite things to but he is thinking that is too fucking bad. You are tied up, and can’t move, and can’t do a damned thing about it. He slides his stiff cock up your ass and listens to your muffled screams. Over and over he rapes your ass, then your pussy again, then your ass, then your pussy. You feel him go balls deep up your ass again, while he shoots his hot creamy load far up there.

He pulls out, leaving a trail of cum down the crack of your ass. He eats your cunt one more time and makes you cum hard again. He tends to your bindings again. More rope for your ankles and wrists and collar. More duct tape for your eyes. You hear the door open, then shut behind him.

Your mind races. You are spent having cum a few times and feel so good. But wonder about being left in the hotel room. You wonder if the maid service will find you the next day, alone and tied up, or if he has rented the room for a long time and left the Do Not Disturb notice on the door. Your mind is still racing as you drift off to sleep.

The next morning you are awakened by the door opening. He undresses again and comes up behind you. There is no pussy licking today. He lifts your skirt up again and takes you from behind. Fucking you long and deep. Pounding your cunt over and over. You feel his hot cum gush inside your swollen pussy. You hear him get dressed again. He unties one arm and one leg. He wants you to be able to free yourself but wants it to take a few minutes so you can’t follow him.

You get free and sit on the bed for a few minutes, pondering the whole encounter. You hear the phone ring, you answer, and he says Good Morning to you. And asks if you enjoyed yourself. Of course you tell him yes. He tells you to be on the lookout for another FedEx package one day.

You can’t wait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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