Nanci’s Birthday Party Ch. 02

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Alex hands Nanci her clothes back as he gets back into the car. Will climbs in and they set off back the way they came, south along the Shaganappi Trail.

“Was it everything you wanted?” asks Lisa as Nanci fumbles to put her clothes back on.

“I loved it!” replies Nanci. “Although it might be a little weird going into work on Wednesday. Is it worth me asking where we’re going?”

“You’ll see when we get there.” answers Will.

They continue their journey and, as they reach the Bow, they turn back east and drive along the river side.

“Are we going back to Bottomlands park?” asks Nanci.

“Nope,” says Will as he turns right, taking the bridge over the Bow, past the two stone lions and onto Centre Street South. At the end of the road, flanked either side by skyscrapers, Nanci can see Calgary Tower standing tall and proud against the skyline.

They drive through the Chinese district and into the centre of the city. Will pulls the car over and parks up. He turns round in his seat and tells Nanci “Here’s where we say goodbye.” He hands her a swipe card and says “Room 732. Enjoy the rest of your birthday celebrations.”

Nanci steps out of the car and it speeds off. Nanci examines the card and sees that it bears the logo of the hotel she is stood outside. She steps through the elegant glass frontage of the hotel into the cool, stylish lobby. She enters the elevator and ascends through the building. Weaving her way through the corridors, Nanci finds herself in front of room 732.

Her heart pounding, she inserts the card into the door lock. The light turns green and the electronic bolt slides open. Taking a deep breath, Nanci pushes at the door and steps inside the room.

She peers round the door to find a large clean, empty hotel room. It is beautifully appointed, with a large double bed and a wonderful view out over the city. On the bed is a note which Nanci reads:


I trust you enjoyed your trip to the park. I expect you will need a shower following your exertions this afternoon.

Do so, then dress for this evening. You will wear the clothes provided for you. They are in the wardrobe.

Don’t dawdle as you will be expected in the hotel lobby at eight thirty.

Happy Birthday!”

The letters are typed and the note is not signed. Without an idea what is in store for her or who she will be meeting in the hotel lobby in just under an hour, Nanci considers leaving and going home. It seems like nobody is around to stop her and she is a little tired from being held up in the ropes for so long.

Out of curiosity, Nanci walks over to the wardrobe and opens the door. Hanging up is backless, halter neck dress. Nanci holds it up against herself and turns to the full length mirror to her right. It comes down to just above her knees and is a deep, rich blue. She smooths the fabric over her thighs and imagines how it will fit before hanging it back up.

Underneath where the dress hangs are three boxes of varying sizes. All stacked one on top of another. Nanci picks them up and places them on the bed. She opens the smallest to discover a elegant pair of gold earrings. Nanci picks one up and inspects it, assessing the way it dangles when she holds it by the clasp.

Replacing it, she then picks up the next box, which is clearly a shoe box. Inside is a beautiful pair of black, patent leather high heels. Nanci slides one over her right foot. It is new and a little stiff, but fits her perfectly. Bemused at this elaborate charade, she opens the final box.

This last box is only about an inch high, but is the longest and widest of the three. Inside are a pair of black hold up stockings, a small clutch bag to match the shoes and another typed note, which reads:

“Everything should be in order with your clothes. I hope you are pleased with them. You will have noticed that no underwear has been provided. None will be necessary.

Keep an eye on the clock!”

Nanci checks the time and moves quickly into the bathroom. She notices some mascara and a lipstick have been laid out next to the sink. She swiftly removes her clothes, before jumping into the shower and quickly soaping herself.

Whilst washing the last of the cake crumbs out of her hair, she ponders who might be waiting for her in the lobby. Whoever it might be has certainly gone to a lot of trouble and expense to see her comfortable and well dressed. The note saying she wouldn’t need underwear kurtköy escort was quite creepy though.

Nanci took some time to reflect on the episode in the park. She had enjoyed that immensely. The ropes, the fucking and the humiliation. She loved the thought of all those eyes on her naked body. Not to mention the feeling of all those dicks inside her.

Nanci suddenly realised that her hand had found its way between her thighs. As she recalled the memory of her afternoon of pleasure, she rubs at her clitoris with her middle finger, before inserting it inside herself. She touches herself frantically as the hot water runs over her, relaxing her tired body.

Gasping, she steadies herself against the tiled wall with her other hand as she brings herself to a powerful climax. Breathing heavily and regaining her composure and balance as her legs rediscover their solidity, she snaps back to the present. She finishes cleaning herself and steps out of the shower.

Quickly, she dries herself off and leaves the bathroom. Throwing the towel over a chair, she bends over the dressing table to get closer to the mirror as she applies her make up. Satisfied, she sits down on the bed and rolls her new stockings over her legs. She steps into her new dress and attaches her earrings before slipping on her shoes.

Nanci looks beautifully elegant as she looks at herself in the mirror one last time before leaving. She sighs to herself and wonders what she is doing going along with this step into the unknown. Who on earth could be waiting for her down in the lobby?

She stuffs the her keys and money from the pockets of her old clothes into her new bag and walks over to the door. Pulling the room key out of its slot, Nanci steps out into the corridor and makes for the lift.

Rationalising that the hotel is a public place and she can just walk away if she sees someone she doesn’t want to see downstairs, Nanci feels secure in what she is doing. However her heart is still racing as she descends in the elevator.

The doors slide apart to reveal the lobby. It is quite busy and Nanci walks into the middle of the bustle, looking to find a face she recognises.

She sees a man dressed smartly in a dark suit and peaked hat. He is standing next to the hotel entrance holding up a sign with her name on it. She doesn’t recognise him, but as she approaches him he notices her, smiles and addresses her.

“Good evening Nanci,” he begins. “Please follow me.”

“Where? Do I know you?”

“No, I am merely your driver for this evening. Your carriage awaits you outside.”

Nanci steps outside and the driver follows her, then hurries past to open the back door of the car. She climbs in and he closes the door behind her.

Nanci tries to make herself comfortable in the back of the car as he moves into the driver’s seat. They set off back north along Centre Street SW, taking the left past James Short Park and along 4 Ave SW. Travelling in silence through the dying embers of the evening’s traffic, Nanci’s mind races with thoughts of how events have suddenly started to race away from her. She tingles as she recalls her trip to the park and feels giddy with anticipation about what is to come.

They pass over the Louise bridge and park up outside a restaurant.

“That’ll be all, Miss.” announces the driver as he eyes Nanci through the rear view mirror. “Just give your name to the Maître-D.” he instructs. “Enjoy your meal,” he smiles as Nanci steps out of the vehicle. “I hear they do good cakes here!”

“Asshole.” whispers Nanci as he drives away. She wonders just how many people are going to know about what happened in the park earlier today.

Nanci walks into the restaurant. It appears very elegant and stylishly appointed. She introduces herself to the Maître-D, who leads her to a table in the middle of the room. Two places are set. With a practiced hand he pulls a chair away from the table to help Nanci to be seated.

Once she is settled at the table, the Maître-D announces that her dinner guest will soon be joining her and offers her a glass of Champagne. He opens the bottle in the ice bucket next to the table with a loud pop. A light mist of effervescence wisps out from the top of the bottle before it froths over and into Nanci’s glass.

He places the fluted glass in front of Nanci, replaces the bottle and then weaves away from her through the maze of tables.

Nanci looks around self consciously. malatya escort The restaurant is about two thirds full and there is a mild hubbub around her. She looks around to see if she can recognise anyone or perhaps pick up a clue about what is going on. Looking over to her left, she feels someone tapping on her right shoulder.

Jerking her head round, she discovers nobody there. She cranes her neck over her shoulder but sees no one. Turning back to the table, she notices a tall, dark stranger sitting down opposite her. He is wearing a dark navy suit which appears to be perfectly tailored over his masculine frame. He has a sharp, handsome face, light olive coloured skin and very dark hair.

“Sorry about that,” he apologies through a friendly smile as he takes his seat. “I’m afraid I really can’t help myself sometimes!” He lifts himself back up slightly to lean over the table as he offers out a hand in greeting. “You must be Nanci. I’m delighted to meet you.” Nanci extends a hand to meets his.

The stranger introduces himself as he sits back down. “My name is Stuart and I believe I will have the pleasure of your company this evening.”

With the driver’s mention of her birthday cake still in her mind, Nanci bristles slightly at some perceived implication by this stranger against the ease of her virtue, retorting with “What makes you think you deserve the pleasure of my company?”

“Well since you’re here we might as well enjoy our meal if nothing else. Hungry?” He picks up a menu from the table and hands one to Nanci. When they have each chosen their food, Stuart beckons a waiter. He takes their order and charges their glasses with the Champagne.

Stuart raises his glass and toasts “To your impending birthday!”. Nanci clinks glasses with him and they both take a sip of their drinks.

“Thank you,” she says. “Thank you for the dress too. It fits perfectly.”

“I can’t say I hadn’t noticed.” interrupts Stuart.

“We even match.” continues Nanci, indicating the complimentary colour schemes of their clothing.

“True, but that’s nothing to do with me, I’m afraid.” laughs Stuart.

“Well who then?”

“I’m afraid I’m sworn to secrecy.” he deadpans.

“I have ways of making you talk, you know.” jokes Nanci.

“Then I’m afraid you’ll have to do you worst with me.”

“Hmm. You know, you should be careful what you wish for….” Nanci says with a smile.

As the evening passes they enjoy each other’s company, along with some exquisite food and another bottle of Champagne. When they are finished, Stuart settles the bill and they leave the restaurant.

Stuart checks his watch. “We came out too early. Our car won’t arrive for another ten minutes.”

Nanci takes his hand. “Follow me, there’s something I want to show you.” She leads him to a nearby alleyway and then skips a few steps ahead of him. Standing underneath the illumination of a street light, she asks “So you like my dress?”

“Of course.”

She turns around to more fully display her dress to him. Facing away from him, she looks over her shoulder and asks “What about my underwear?” Before he can reply she starts to slowly hitch up her dress. Pushing her ass out as it reaches up to, then over, her bare cheeks.

“I like that even more.” he replies breathlessly as he steps towards her. She turns around to face him and grabs hold of his crotch, letting her dress fall back down. He looks around for somewhere more discreet. “Here, behind this wall.” he directs her.

She trots over to the wall and places her palms against it. Her legs apart and her back arched. Stuart walks up behind her and grabs her waist with each hand. Nanci pushes herself back towards him, rubbing herself against his hips.

As she feels him getting harder, she turns around and crouches down in front of him. She unzips his trousers and wraps her lips around his dick. She sucks him urgently until he is rock hard and then stands in front of him, her hand gripping his cock.

“I want you to fuck my ass. Just my ass, ok?” she commands.

“I think I can help you with that,” he says as she turns back to put her hands on the wall. He hitches up her dress and places his dick against her ass hole.

She pushes her hips back against him and the tip of his cock slides inside her. Holding back on to her waist, he thrusts the end of his cock gently into and out of her ass. As she relaxes more, he almost manages to work up kayseri escort to fitting half of his length inside her.

Suddenly there is the noise of some people further down the alleyway. Spooked, they pull away from each other and make their clothes respectable.

“I think we’d better go wait for our car before we get interrupted.” suggest Stuart.

“Good idea.” agrees Nanci as they head back round to the front of the restaurant. Their car is pulling in just as they turn the corner. They both jump into the back seat and Nanci tells the driver to take them back to the hotel.

Nanci reaches her hand over to Stuart’s lap and places her hand on his dick as it strains against the fabric of his trousers. She unzips them and reaches inside his trousers. He lifts himself from his seat slightly to allow her to take his cock back out.

She leans over and kisses the tip of his dick. Pursing her lips, she slides her mouth over the head and down the base of the shaft, then licks back up it with the flat of her tongue.

Taking it into her mouth, she bobs her head up and down frantically, fellating him greedily. This continues up until they near the hotel, when Stuart pulls her off him and fastens himself back up. They climb out of the car and hurry through the hotel lobby to the lift, Stuart walking awkwardly as he tries to hide the erection bulging in his trousers.

Their hands are all over each other as they ascend in the lift. They stumble into her room and Nanci moves over to the bed. She puts her hands down on it and bends over. Stuart walks over and hitches her dress back up over her ass. He spanks her. Letting his hand rest on her ass, he squeezes her cheek and spanks it again.

He drags her dress further up and over her head. Wearing only her hold up stockings and heels, Nanci turns to start undressing Stuart. She loosens his tie and undoes his top button.

“That’ll do for now.” he commands as he grabs her hands and puts them down by her sides. He finishes taking off his tie and puts it over Nanci’s shoulders. He ties one end of it loosely around her neck and holds the other end in his hands.

He walks her over to the mirror and tells her to get on her knees so he can knot the other end of the tie around the leg of the dressing table. With Nanci restrained, he unfastens his trousers and takes out his still erect dick. Nanci takes it in her mouth and pushes her throat down onto it as far as it will go.

Stuart places her hand on the back of her head and holds her in position against him as he gets onto his knees in front of her. Nanci adjusts herself onto all fours as she is pulled down. Stuart lets her go and she tries to take him deeper into her mouth briefly, before coming back up to breathe.

Stuart moves round behind her. Nanci feels his hand falling onto her ass as he spanks her. Holding her ass cheeks apart, he kneels behind her and penetrates her ass again.

He fucks her with fast, powerful thrusts, then pulls out. Nanci’s ass gapes at him as he pushes back into her. Again he pounds into her, before standing at walking round to untie her. Nanci moves her head to take his dick into her mouth as he kneels to remove the knot from around the table leg.

With the knot untied, he stands slowly as Nanci follows him up by getting onto her knees. Her hands gripping his belt to balance her.

Still holding the other end of the tie, he backs himself away from the dressing table. Still clinging on to his belt, Nanci renders her makeshift leash redundant as she gets to her feet. Her lips still clamped around his dick, she shuffles after Stuart as he leads her towards the bed.

Nanci disengages herself from him and prostrates herself over the edge of the bed. Stuart guides his dick back into her ass and fucks her methodically as he grabs her arms and bends them behind her back. Gathering them up together so they are horizontal across the middle of her back, he wraps the other end of the tie around her wrists. He ties another knot to fasten them behind her back.

With Nanci’s hands securely bound as she sprawls face down over the bed, Stuart grabs her waist and pushes himself deeper into her. He grinds himself into her ass until he can take it no longer. Stuart withdraws and takes a step back from her.

Cautiously, Nanci slides herself off the bed and onto her knees. Making sure to keep her balance with her arms tied, she shuffles around to face him.

Nanci opens her mouth and sucks on his cock until he floods her mouth with cum. She gathers all of his spunk in her mouth, then swallows it all down.

“That was a fun evening,” Nanci says looking up at him. “So what should we do next?”

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