Never Let Me Go

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A story for my lover – caught between cultures where one’s own desires sometimes have to take a second place to other considerations. He will always have my heart.


Oil and towel in hand we make our way to the beach.

Not a soul to disturb us

The breeze blows gently….

The sun shines softly, kissing our skin.

The water shimmers, reflecting the clear blue sky.

The sand warm and golden.


My darling,

Let me feel the contours of your body.

As I rub the oil tenderly, lovingly, the air swells in your chest.

Rising and falling…

Slow and deep, rhythmic like those nights long long ago.

My rock in the tempest.

We’ve aged sweety.

Older, life hasn’t always been kind – to either of us.

Stress in your shoulders begins melting as I trace circles with my fingers, pressing deeply.

It’s been too long since I have kissed your neck.

your ears,

your chest,

Let me make up for lost time.

Kiss you, touch you,

Looking into your eyes, golden brown.

They still sparkle.

Still full of light.

Still deep, and intense, penetrating my depths.


Long ago in the hotel foyer, istanbul escort your smile was sweet and shy.

It still is

You look into my eyes and a huge smile breaks out across your face.

We’ve waited so long…

The energy inside you is rising.

My darling. My darling K.

Massaging your chest, feeling the rise and fall.

I make circles on your nipples.

Your arms around me feel so safe, so loved.

Touching your face,

Your eyes pull me in.

I kiss your forehead.

I have missed you so much.

Sweeping the hair from your forehead,

smooth strokes.

Smiling lovingly.

You’re stiffening.

Let me take him into my mouth.

You know he’s the biggest I have seen.

He’s reached places inside me otherwise untouched.

Kneeling before you.

Touch to my nipples, touch to my tongue.

Making circles.

Taking him deep inside me, your eyes follow me closely

and you moan.

Holding your balls, they’re heavy, big and heavy.

Your eyes widen as I suck them gently and stroke behind them.

Lying back you drink in the sunshine, the love, the energy.

Smiling. avcılar escort you raise yourself,

You need to take control

And I need to feel your strength.

You know I am wet, so wet, dripping wet,,,

for years your green light in my contact list has been my sustenance.

My sweet sweet K…, to see you, hold you, touch you, after so many years…

it’s a dream I dared not dream…

You know I love it from behind,

we’ve rehearsed it in our minds for years…

My arse in the air lets you into the deepest reaches of my hole,

Lets you push deeply,

Slick from anticipation….you glide into me.

I tighten around you… I never want to let you go again.

Hold my hips tight as you power your cock into me.

You know that today, more than that, I need to see your face.

See you again after so long.

I want to look into your eyes with each push.

Smile and see your intensity building.

I want you to see the fire in me.

see my face as I cry out your name.

Grab my breasts, squeeze my nipples.

Be strong, be hard.

I need to feel you, so badly.

Hold me as your thrusts slam your cock into my şirinevler escort wall.

My arms around you, fingernails clawing your back.

Deeper sweety, deeper,

fill the ache that time couldn’t dull.

Pulling you onto me into me.

Press your weight onto me.

Let me feel you.

Fill me.

Grind into me.

My hips rising to meet you.

My back arching..

falling back the world turns white

Hold me sweety, hold me.

Empty your balls big and heavy inside me.

Let your cum fill me, nourish me,

As it trickles out and down… stay inside me.

Don’t move, don’t leave me,

Stay inside me.

Stroking your face. Looking up at you.

My heart wants to burst.

Smiling you kiss my lips, kiss my forehead,

Looking deep into my eyes you nod your head,

take my hand and say ‘come’.

You take my hand and lead me to the water’s edge..

to the place we have always said we would make love.

Looking into your eyes, the sadness weighs heavy.

Your arms engulf me,

but sweety now is not the time for tears.

Just treasure the moment.

If only time would stop still…

Fate has not been so kind.

Drawing us together, but never letting it stay that way.

Your new life starts next week.

Sweety, be good to her, she deserves that.

Timing wasn’t on our side, our time is the next life.

Promise me to make a new life with love and laughter.

But please dear K, never let me die in your heart.

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