Picnic By The Lake

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I would love to be with you, on a hot summer day, by the lake, surrounded by trees, just you & I, with no one else around for miles. We’ve brought cheese, crackers, grapes, sandwiches and chocolate dipped strawberries, along with chilled wine. We’re lying side by looking into each other’s eyes , enjoying each others company, laughing & talking, playfully feeding each other. The juice squirts & runs down your lips as I feed you the strawberries, slowly. Your lips looking deliciously sweet, and you’re looking so beautiful to me, on a bright summer day under a cloudless sky. I yearn to kiss you right now, wrap you up in my arms, my hand on the back of your neck, pulling you slowly towards me & pressing my lips against yours, gently but firmly.

Everything around us suddenly fades away, and it’s just us, lost in each other, kissing deeply, passionately!

Our hands exploring, running all over each other’s bodies, fondling & caressing.

My tongue enveloped around yours, not wanting to stop. I love the feel of your lips and body pressed against me. My hands tugging at your shorts, pulling your shirt up & out, as i run my hands under, and up your bare back. Your skin silky smooth, warm & soft. I can’t bear to keep my hands off of you for one second.

I feel your hands under my shirt, running up my stomach and to my chest. Your fingertips delicately running around my chest, as I unhook your bra. Undone, I pull it up over your breasts, and off of you.

Your nipples hard already, and knowing you’re moist already as i cup your breast in my hand & find your stiffening nipples, pinching them between my fingers, and pulling, massaging your breasts, and aching for you.

The heat turning up between us, as your hands run back down to my shorts, undoing my belt and pulling it off. I move you onto your back so I can pull your shirt up, to suck and tease and lick your nipples.

You unbutton my shorts, pull the zipper down, and slide your hand in to find my cock growing hard, and throbbing to feel your fingers wrapped around it, as they slide inside my boxers.

As i’m eryaman escort crouched between your thighs, my shorts pulled further down to let you take a firm grip, i’m tugging and sucking your nipples, one & then the other, my tongue circling around them, as my boxers are nearly pulled off now. My cock growing harder & longer by the second as you stroke it, up and down, nice & slow.

I unbutton your shorts now, my hands in your waistband, pulling them down your thighs as far as I can, already feeling your panties moist as i do.

I want to feel you, sliding my hand into your panties. You’re so wet and warm, as my hand slowly runs all the way down, between your thighs, spreading your juicy lips apart, and moaning as you have my aching cock tight in your grip, stroking it slowly and massaging my balls.

My finger sliding inside your hot pussy, mmmmmmmm it feels sooo good. The deeper it is, the juicier you are, and I want you, right there and then!

It’s hard to control the temptation to rip your panties off immediately, and give you everything I have, hard and deep inside your sweet sweet pussy. You have me so hot, as I hear you moaning, 2 fingers inside you now, pumping deeper & deeper!

Hearing as well as feeling how wet you are for me, drives me wild!

I take your panties, pull them up at your waist, and take them in my teeth, as I slowly deliberately pull them down your thighs, your pussy glistening with your juices.

Your panties down and off, I want to taste your honey sweet pussy, and hope no one happens to stumble upon us, as I want to take you, out here in the open, holding nothing back, as I run my hands under your ass, taking it firmly in both, raising and pulling your pussy towards my tongue. I go down between your thighs, spread wide open for me, and slowly lick up your soaking wet slit, savoring your flavor, with only the tip of my tongue spreading your lips apart as I lick up and down, from your ass, to your clit, back & forth, as your juices are coating my tongue and lips and chin. Your pussy tasting incredibly good, as your hands run through sincan escort my hair, pulling my head in, and grinding!

Your hips rising & falling as you follow my tongue, and moan, louder & louder. I don’t want to give up until I feel your body tremble & tighten, and your thighs shake.

I engulf your clit into my mouth and suck on it, never letting it leave my lips, pulling and sucking, as i fuck you deep and slow and then hard and fast, with my fingers, picking up the pace, as you’re running out & down my fingers.

My cock hard this entire time! Throbbing to be shoved inside you, but you taste so good! I want to take my time with you! I want to make your body tingle from head to toe. I want to make your pussy swell & your toes curl.

Your feet on my back, as I lie between your thighs. I want to make you cum once, twice, 3 times possibly!

The moment I feel you cumming, as your breath quickens, and your back arches in pleasure! I rise up, take your ankles in my hands, put both of your feet on one shoulder, and give you every inch of my long thick cock. You’re sooo tight in that position! I want to feel you squirting all over my cock as I enter you! Your body convulsing as I feel your juices flowing out, covering my cock. I don’t want to let up though, until I explode inside of you, and give you the good proper fucking you deserve!

Your ankles in my hand, pumping your pussy deeply. My balls mashed against you, as I’m driving my cock hard inside you! Your breasts bouncing up & down with each thrust, and the look in your eyes making me want you all the more.

Your look telling me everything, and knowing that you’re enjoying every sensation, I slow down a bit and give it to you, slow and deliberately. All the way in and out, so hard and so easily sliding back inside you.

You tell me how good it makes you feel, and how you love to get your pussy fucked! I want to be inside your mouth though too, before i cum deep inside your hot little pussy. I slide out as you get up & on all fours, with me kneeling in front of you.

You batıkent escort take my cock, coated in your pussy juices, and very slowly, looking up into my eyes, with your head in my hands, take my cock as deeply down your throat as you can, feeling it graze the back of your throat, holding it in there, then sliding back up. Your lips look so good wrapped around it. Your eyes never leaving mine as I guide your head up and down my cock, slowly at first, and then furiously fucking your mouth. deeper and deeper, sucking & slobbering on it. Ooooooo it’s unbelievably hard, but i do my very best not to cum! You suck my cock like no one else ever has and know exactly what makes me feel good and hot, as you take one ball and then the other, fully into your mouth, sucking & licking as your fingers are working my cock, up and down my shaft, feeling every throbbing vein in your hand.

I can’t take it any longer and need your pussy! I want to fuck you on your hands and knees, before me. I turn you around, taking a handful of your hair, and gently tugging as your back arches. Your ass raised up, as I pull you back, onto my cock! The feeling of sliding inside you again, almost more then I can take. I have to give you all of it, holding it inside you, as you squeeze it with your pussy!

Running your hand between your thighs, reaching back and finding my balls. Caressing and slightly pulling on them, bouncing you off of my cock, and feeling the urge to release my white-hot cum inside of you. My cock as hard and thick as can be inside of you, I fuck you as hard as you can take it, moaning your name loudly Ooo Ooo oooooo!

I cum for what feels like an eternity, the feeling is overwhelming as I fill your pink pussy up, still hard and throbbing after cumming, I pull it, out and release the last of it on your sweet ass!

My body relaxed, and the adrenaline wearing off, I take you in my arms, kissing the back of your neck, catching my breath, and then lying down on my back, with your head on my chest, and thigh draped over mine!

A warm blanket covering our naked bodies, with a smile across my face that won’t fade until we fall soundly asleep in each others arms. I’m in heaven on earth, with you close to me, and wanting to relive this experience over and over again with you, but now, our bodies need rest & time to recuperate.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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