Pleasant Awakening

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I awake from my dreamy slumber to find you standing over me. Your gaze upon me, caressing my body with your eyes. I look up at you sleepily to notice the tethers you hold in one hand and your other gently stroking you now growing hardness. My body instinctively responds, nipples grow erect, smoothly shaved sex grows moist. I ease the sheets from my aroused body, my eyes never leaving yours. You gently grasp my wrists and bind them together tightly before raising them over my head and attaching them securely to the headboard. You part my legs, your hand slips between my thighs. My body warms at your touch as you slide a finger along my now wet slit. I softly gasp as my body tenses when your finger finds my hard swollen nub. You smile at me and withdraw your finger leaving me frustrated and wanting. You move quickly tying one ankle and then the other to the ends of the bed, leaving me spread wide before you. I tug gently on my restraints and feel my body tingle as it grows more aroused for want of use.

I watch you intently, loving you so very much, as your crawl upon the bed and take your place, straddling my waist. You tease my nipples causing them to grow even larger in size, gently tugging and pulling on the sensitive flesh. Your hands moves to gather the soft flesh of eryaman escort my tits within them, you squeeze gently at first but your caresses grow rougher as you handle them with more purpose reminding me that they belong to you. Your hard cock now lies upon my belly as you lean to take each nipple into your mouth. You suck them eagerly, grazing the engorged bud with your teeth. I moan softly, barely audible, closing my eyes as I give myself up to you for your use and pleasure. You slide higher on my aroused body. Your cock finds its way between my tits and you press the hot flesh together to envelope it’s hardness. Slowly you move, rocking gently upon me, your cock sliding between mounds of warm softness. I open my eyes slightly to look up at you, your face intense, eyes closed. I lower my eyes to see your cock before me, fucking my tits which now darken from your tight grasp upon them. Your cockhead glistens with desire as it pistons in and out of my cleavage. I slowly lower my head and part my lips. My mouth greedily tries to taste you as my tongue slides forward to reach the oozing head. I moan softly again, more audible this time, as I finally capture a taste of you. Your cockhead is caressed by my warm wet mouth as it slides upward between my breasts. I look up at you pleadingly sincan escort as you smile down at me. I want you but more so want to please you. You release your grasp from my tits and ease your way higher upon my chest. I close my eyes as you trace my lips with your sticky head. My tongue searches for more.

You look down at me intensely as you slowly entwine your fingers in my hair pulling it gently as you tilt my head upward slightly. My lips part instinctively as your head presses to my mouth. You grasp my hair tighter as you slide you cock into my warm wet mouth in one slow movement. I feel it slide deep, reaching the back of my throat. I resist, with some difficulty, the urge to gag as it presses more firmly to the soft flesh. I swallow slowly allowing you a bit deeper. I look at your intense expression then close my eyes as I try to relax. You will use me for your pleasure, in any way you wish as I submit myself to you, my Master. I inhale deeply taking in your scent. I feel your balls press to my chin before you slowly withdraw you cock from my mouth.

You plunge it once again into the warm wetness, pulling my hair more firmly. You slide your hard cock in and out now, rhythmically, purposefully. I feel my wetness as it oozes from my wanting batıkent escort cunt, YOUR wanting cunt. Your thrust grows quicker and more intense as you use my face, fucking it for your pleasure. I pull gently upon my restraints, bracing myself as my mouth is now pummeled with your thrusts. I feel you grow larger in the warm confines, you pull my hair hard now, making me painfully aware that my body is for you, your use and pleasure.

I hear your breathing quicken, your thrusts become faster, more powerful. You moan softly, barely audible as I taste the first drop of cum as it makes it way from your balls to my mouth. Your hot cream is released to it’s receptacle. I swallow your seed, tasting you and feeling pride and pleasure at knowing that your use of me has satisfied you. You withdraw your cock slightly as warm cum continues to gently pulse from it’s head. I feel the warmth as it splashes on my face and my hair. You relax now as the last drops kiss my lips. You trace them with your now softening cock coating them with your seed. I smile at you as I slowly open my eyes. My tongue slides between my cum coated lips as I slowly suck the remaining seed from you. I carefully lick your cock, cleaning you of the sticky cream.

Your smile down at me and release your grip of my hair. As you slowly slide from my body you leave me tied and spread. The sheets below me, I realize, are now soaked with my juices. As you disappear from our room without uttering a word, you leave me lying there, wondering, waiting, wanting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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